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This page will soon offer vegan job listings aggregated from the vegan job aggregator and free listing provider, a project of Vegan Feed! Please take a moment to visit and view the growing listings AND add your resume if you wish. Everything is free.

Vegan oriented businesses offering vegan products and services are undoubtedly essential to furthering a vegan world and are clearly increasing in number. Vegans are cheering these developments but importantly these offerings demonstrate to vegetarians and omnivores that they can get tasty palate pleasing alternatives to traditional foods that comission the death and suffering of animals.

Not only are vegan employees inclined to share the same drive and goals of the job creator, they don't spend their income commissioning the suffering of animals for food, clothing and entertainment. aims to help link vegan employment with vegan team members and vegan career seekers by offering a 100% free vegan jobs board and resume posting platform to all vegan oriented businesses and individuals.

Vegan internships, vegan volunteer positions, part-time and full-time vegan employment are growing options allowing vegans to work in areas that match their ethos, however you do not have to have vegan employment to be an effective vegan. You could very well be more effective in furthering the cause for animals if you pursue another line of work you have gift for, and contribute part of your earnings and/or off-time hours to animal rights efforts that you find worthy. You can also develop a skill or persue a vocation that has cross-over demand, for example a career in marketing could land you a standard job but leave the door open for hire by a vegan or "plant-based" products or service company, or allow you to provide your work pro-bono to a vegan campaign that you find effective. If you can make time for vegan related volunteering, also consider that you don't have to find an organization you agree with - rather you can then start your own vegan educational effort! The impact you can have just tabling vegan material and engaging in conversation with every-day people are arguably one of the most effective ways to inspire people to go vegan. No matter your inclination, head over to view vegan Job listings and please help spread the word by sharing the site on your socials.

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