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Cut Out Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies – Vegan in the Fr
Vegan in the Freezer - 2 hours ago
   These Cut Out Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies are soft, fluffy, and oh-so-yummy, plus they're made entirely with plant-based ingredients. In addition to being delicious, these sweet treats are also festive and colorful, making them...get the full recipe ... Click on the blue recipe title above :) »     [...]

Lentil Loaf
Simple Vegan Blog - 1 day ago
Lentil loaf, an extra delicious and filling main dish that you can serve on any holiday. It is actually perfect to enjoy for Christmas! This lentil loaf is absolutely delicious! It is thick but tender, as well as filling, nutritious, and vegan. Truly a wonderful main dish to enjoy on holidays like Christmas or even Thanksgiving! To make this lentil[...]

Gingerbread Chocolate Fudge Vegan
Vegan Richa - 2 days ago
Soft and Fudgy Vegan Gingerbread Chocolate Fudge perfect for Christmas. Made with pumpkin puree, molasses, chocolate and topped with candied ginger and brown sugar, it's a simple but oh-so-tasty festive vegan treat. Gluten-free. Nutfree 8 Ingredients! This Easy Vegan Gingerbread Fudge is filled with warming spices along with a good dollop of molasses[...]

Vegan Stuffed Peppers
Yup... it's Vegan! - 4 days ago
I’m so excited about these vegan stuffed peppers and I can’t wait for you to try them. They’re colorful, nutritious, baked to al dente perfection, and stuffed with the most incredible spicy cauliflower-walnut filling. I’m in love. What’s that? It’s December and you’re looking for cookie recipes? Too bad, this[...]

Crispy Baked Tofu Nuggets
Running On Real Food - 5 days ago
Delicious, healthier baked tofu nuggets that are perfect served with your favourite dip for a yummy snack or appetizer. The post Baked Tofu Nuggets appeared first on Running on Real Food. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [...]

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Dip (Sikil P'ak)
Brand New Vegan - 1 week ago
This ancient dish from the Yucatan Peninsula is the perfect crowd pleaser for your Holiday Parties. It’s basically a Roasted Pumpkin Seed Dip with charred tomatoes, onions, and my favorite – chiles! I first saw this on YouTube last week and I KNEW I had to try it because not only was it from my favorite Celebrity Chef –[...]

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Our Hen House
Episode 616: Why is Vegan Media Essential? w/ Richie Bowie
▶ PLAY THIS EPISODE Our Hen House welcomes Richie Bowie, Senior Editor of VegNews Magazine, for an engaging, critical conversation about what vegan media is and what it needs to be in order to change the world. Richie joins Jasmin […]
30 Oct 2021
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NZ Vegan Podcast
(no title)
This is the article I mentioned about pets: https:/ / / pets-the-inherent-problems-of-domestication/ Please read it. This is a link to the famous debate with Erik Marcus, highly recommended listen: https:/ / / my-dinner-at-eriks-happy-meat-diner/ Thanks for listening
20 Jun 2021
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Brown Vegan
Here's Why All Essential Oils Aren't Created Equally with Kimberly of Creole Secrets
Order any Organifi product today and you'll get 15% off at http:/ / brownvegan Check out Creole Secret here and save 15% using the discount code "brownvegan15" at checkout Follow Kimberly on Instagram
14 May 2020
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Food For Thought
Zero Waste: It Ain't About Recycling (REBROADCAST)
In this episode about my zero waste journey, I share the principles that have absolutely changed my thinking and way of living. Zero Waste is not simply about my making YouTube videos about how to make zero-waste almond milk (although I do that!), it's a way of thinking that profoundly changes our approach to [...]
12 May 2020
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The Vegan Option
Spillover Diseases: Covid 19 and other Zoonoses. With Jonna Mazet and Aysha Akhtar
How does animal exploitation increase the emergence of new diseases? With the world fighting a vicious new pandemic, Ian asks a front-line physician, an epidemiologist, a public health expert and activists about how new diseases spill over from other animals, and how factory farming and the wildlife trade raise [...]
29 Apr 2020
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Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!
265 A Whiskey Goodbye to VWPA: A Retrospective.
In typical VWPA fashion, we made the sudden decision to launch "Bitchy Shitshow" next week, so this week we are here with our very last VWPA episode, looking back at our first episode and examining how our thinking has changed over the years; also talking politics and SJW bullshit. The post 265 A Whiskey Goodbye [...]
4 Feb 2020
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VegNews Daily - 9 hours ago
 Nothing is more of a crowd pleaser than a fluffy, sprinkled birthday cake and this vegan version is sure to be a hit.  [...]
VegNews Daily - 1 day ago
 All of the salty, spicy, aromatic flavors of Thai red curry are captured in this simple, plant-forward soup. [...]
VegNews Daily - 2 days ago
 Drippy, slightly bitter tahini with dark chocolate and flaky salt makes for a combination that is hard to beat. [...]
Plant Based News - 1 year ago
 Good nutrition especially important when you are ill or recovering in hospital. Sadly, too many vegan hospital patients are still not being catered to [...]
One Green Planet - 1 year ago
 Animal rights groups are excited about a new electronic dolphin has been designed for humans to swim with, to avoid the harm of swimming with real dolphins. The post Robotic Dolphins Could Soon Replace Real Ones at Tourists Attractions! appeared first on One Green Planet. [...]
One Green Planet - 1 year ago
 Last year, during the urgent and necessary media attention covering fires and deforestation in the Amazon, one company kept resurfacing in the news: JBS. The post How the Largest Meat Company JBS is Destroying the Amazon Rainforest appeared first on One Green Planet. [...]
One Green Planet - 1 year ago
 From consuming plant-based foods rich in nutrients to focusing on natural agents that boost our immune system. This where vitamin C can truly shine! The post 15 Vitamin C-Rich Recipes to Support Your Immune System appeared first on One Green Planet. [...]
One Green Planet - 1 year ago
 Sign this petition to tell New Zealand's Priminister, Jacinda Ardern, to protect Hector's and Māui dolphins before it's too late! The post Petition: Save Critically Endangered Species of Dolphins Native to New Zealand appeared first on One Green Planet. [...]
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Chewy Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
The Full Helping - 1 week ago
An old-fashioned oatmeal raisin cookie can’t be beat! These vegan oatmeal raisin cookies have perfect, chewy texture. They’re made with wholesome rolled oats, and they’re perfect with a glass of non-dairy milk. The holiday season is often a time for elaborate cooking and baking. It’s my busiest time of year in the kitchen[...]

Vegan Cream of Potato Soup » I LOVE VEGAN
I Love Vegan - 8 months ago
This post is sponsored by The Little Potato Company. This vegan cream of potato soup is lush, satisfying, and full of hearty chunks of potato. It's everything a great bowl of cream of potato soup should be, vegan or not! Its simplicity lets the flavour and velvety texture of Creamer potatoes shine. Enhancing simple ingredients is key to a cream of[...]

Vegan Banana Nut Pancakes
Crazy Vegan Kitchen - 1 year ago
Pancakes. I have a love hate relationship with them. Half of me wants to stuff my face with a fat stack of syrup laden carb frisbees, whilst the other half of me wants to stay far away from it. Today I gave in to sin and allowed myself these Vegan Banana Nut Pancakes because why the heck not! Banana Bread is one of my favorite snacks, and I’m[...]

Easy Homemade Almond & Maple Granola
Trinity's Kitchen - 3 years ago
Finally! I have been meaning to share a granola recipe for quite some time. People love granola at breakfast time as a sprinkle on top of fruit, yogurt, chia pudding, smoothie bowl or just as a big bowl full of the stuff with plant-based milk. Granola has a little more je ne sais quoi than [...] [...]

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The Peace I Needed
Gentle World - 1 day ago
 Although I was aware of it, you have made me connect with veganism in a different way. I'm going back home even more sure, convinced, and aware of my decision, as well as my responsibility and the impact that it can have in the future in the world. [...]

100 VEGAN & Animal Rights Posters sized for Twitter
Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come - 3 months ago
 Freely share these posters (sized for Twitter). [...]

In Memory of Regan Russell: “I don’t know if it does any good. But I know doing nothing does...
The Thinking Vegan - 1 year ago
 Family of slain animal activist says “We will not rest until justice is served” Regan Russell, a pioneer of Canada’s animal rights movement, was tragically killed June 19 while attending a vigil with Animal Save Movement at a Fearmans/Sofina Foods [...]

A Hurricane of Distortions Surrounding Animals and Veganism
Free From Harm - 4 years ago
 Somehow, during the recent hurricanes, a perfect storm was created for glorifying animal exploitation and ridiculing veganism (of all things). Letting these distortions go unchallenged would be a great injustice, both to the animals and those who truly defend them. No related content found. [...]


Learn More Than 97% of Doctors About Lead-Time Bias - 4 days ago
 After reading this, you’ll know more than an estimated 97 percent of doctors about a critical concept called lead-time bias.  While running for president of […] [...]

Finding the Best Vegan Diet (And Why It’s Not Low-Fat)
The Vegan RD - 7 months ago
 It’s been quiet on this website for a long time while I’ve had my attention on several all-consuming projects. One was the new edition of Vegan for Life. By the time that book was published last May, I was already immersed in an even bigger endeavor which was a 10-year update to The Dietitian’s Guide to Vegetarian Diets, scheduled for publication [...]

Supersized Vegan Olive Oil Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vegan Muscle and Fitness - 10 months ago
 Healthier than the butter-sugar-and-white flour variety, but still definitely a special treat rather than health food 😄. They are the everlasting gobstoppers of cookies, according to our 8 year old, because every bite tastes like a different delicious food: cookie, halvah, olive oil crust pie, the works. Each cookie consists of 1/2 cup of cookie… The [...]

Response to Chris Kesser’s “Why You Should Think Twice About Vegetarian and Vegan Diets”
Jack Norris RD - 7 years ago
 Chris Kesser is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine who promotes animal products as a way to optimal health. Kesser recently wrote an article where he expresses his concern for the health of those considering vegetarianism: Why You Should Think Twice About Vegetarian and Vegan Diets. I don’t think it is a terrible [...]


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Stella McCartney Thinks This Technology Will Save The World
The Discerning Brute - 4 years ago
   The moment Stella McCartney said, “this is the future… this will save our planet, this approach that Bolt Threads has is the approach we’re going to have to take to everything,” I knew that this went beyond just marketing the rich-brown, Microsilk™ bodysuit and parachute-pant on display. We were on the top floor of her new … [...]

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