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Woodstock Sanctuary Videos

50 episodes in the feed.
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Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Video Channel features video introductions to their rescues, clips of their unique personalities, and more.

Physical therapy for Vivian
12 Oct 2017
Caregiver Dawnell provides physical therapy to Vivian, one of the 14 recently rescued Beloved Birds. Sling-time helps develop the muscles in her legs that are underdeveloped due to the excessive weight these babies are bred to gain in a very short period [...]

The Lucky Ducklings move into their new coop
12 Oct 2017
The ten Lucky “Ducklings” moved into their new duck coop! Thank you to all our supporters who donated earlier this year to help us build a new predator-proof coop. Winnie, Eeyore, Tigger, Roo, Kanga, Charlotte, Wilbur, Templeton, Ferdinand, and Horton [...]

Trident meets his new bff Atlas for the very first time.
20 Sep 2017
There is a new beautiful resident here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Atlas the horse. Atlas wears the scars of pulling a plow on his chest and back and isn’t used to being treated with kindness. But now that he's found sanctuary, he no longer carries [...]

The story of Hurley and his family
5 Jul 2017
We couldn’t save Hurley, but we did save his family. Here’s their story. To contribute toward their rescue and care and read the full rescue story, visit A huge thank you to George Brooks for his work on this video and helping [...]

Newly rescued lambs Tammy and Jolene meet the rest of the herd
23 Jun 2017
Newly rescued lambs Tammy and Jolene meet the rest of the herd! These two sweet babies came from a hoarding and abuse case, but are now safe and forever loved. To read more about their story and make a gift in their honor, visit [...]

Lambs Tammy & Jolene explore their new home for the first time
23 Jun 2017
There are two sweet little lambs at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! Tammy and Jolene came from a hoarding and abuse case, but are now safe and forever loved. For the first time in their lives, they can freely graze and taste all the sweet grasses they can find. To [...]

Executive Director Rachel spends time with the Lucky Ducklings
10 May 2017
To learn more about their rescue and donate towards their care, visit [...]

10 Lucky Ducklings take their first steps into their new home
8 May 2017
Ten Lucky Ducklings take their first steps into their new home. Rescued from a local hoarding and neglect case, they are now forever safe and forever loved. To make a donation towards their care and shelter, visit [...]

Looking Back on 2016: A Year of Lifesaving Change at Woodstock Sanctuary
28 Dec 2016
2016 was a year of lifesaving change at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Because of you, we accomplished even more than we thought possible and have so much to be grateful for as we reflect on a year of new milestones and ground-breaking firsts.   And now [...]

Woodstock's first horse! Meet Trident the colt.
19 Dec 2016
Help us pay for his care and that of our other rescued farmed animals. Give today and your gift will be matched! Visit Video by George Brooks. [...]

Baby Trident gets a new hoof for the holidays
19 Dec 2016
Trident the colt got a new hoof for the holidays and couldn't be happier! Visit for updates on Trident the colt and the other 350 rescued farmed animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Music by Kevin MacLeod [...]

Trident takes his first steps
9 Dec 2016
Trident the colt takes his first steps with his new prosthetic! We’ve been working with one of the best prosthetists in the country to give Trident what he deserves. Help us provide him, and all of our rescued animals, with the care they need. Visit [...]

Due to the cold, snowy weather, today has been canceled. Go back to bed.
9 Dec 2016
It's getting cold in New York, and Ari the piglet isn't having it! [...]

Just days before Thanksgiving, a baby turkey’s life was saved.
23 Nov 2016
Meet the newest resident at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Antoine the baby turkey! [...]

Welcome, Ari the piglet!
18 Nov 2016
A fraternal lodge in New Jersey was raising Ari to be killed for a “pig roast.” Luckily, he escaped and is now safe with us. Watch his first moments after arriving at the Sanctuary. Ari's full rescue story can be read at [...]

Ceremonial feast for the rescued turkeys
17 Nov 2016
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary's 11th annual ThanksLiving gala took place on Sunday, November 13. The guests of honor, our rescued turkeys, took part in the festivities and enjoyed a feast of pumpkin pies made just for them. [...]

Meet the rescued turkeys at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
17 Nov 2016
Caregiver Gabriella introduces us to a few of the rescued turkey residents at the Sanctuary. [...]

Running towards the weekend like...
4 Nov 2016
Or in Kayli and Elvis' case, towards alfalfa cubes. [...]

Andy and the Cherry Tree
4 Sep 2016
Andy plays it cool when he's discovered to be complicit in a crime. [...]

"A little to the right, Bert."
10 Aug 2016
Bert the goat helps Felix the sheep out with that hard to reach itch. [...]

Prince went for lunch and had a really hard time opening his bag of sunflower...
28 Jul 2016

Prince plays soccer
8 Jul 2016

Birthday Girl: Lexi the Pig is One Year Old
25 Jun 2016
Today we celebrate Lexi’s first birthday! Pigs bred for meat are typically slaughtered at just six months of age, but thanks to former culinary student Matthew Figueira, Lexi now gets to enjoy the first of many birthday “cakes” here with her friends. [...]

Bunnies explore their new rabbitat
6 Apr 2016
Months in the making, we finally got our new area for our rescued bunnies completed. In this video the rabbits were introduced that morning, and they're having fun exploring the new "digs." Speak of digging, we had to bury all the fencing to prevent [...]

Baby goats learn to play
6 Apr 2016
In the Fall of 2015 Woodstock Farm Sanctuary rescued many goats from a large neglect case. It turns out many of the females were already quite pregnant. A goat named Tova was the first to give birth, and here they are just hours old, then a week later [...]

A Very Balmy Xmas at Woodstock Sanctuary
27 Dec 2015
Our silly Periscope stream with the animals bopping around, enjoying an absurdly warm Christmas Day. As always you can support our work at [...]

Year in Review: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
24 Dec 2015
From Fawn the soccer-playing cow, to moving 200+ animals to a new location, to rescuing 150 more... 2015 was a year for the record books. Hear about a few of the rescues in this video, and, as always, more information is available on our website: [...]

Watching the Human
9 Dec 2015
Our rescued hens were workshopping an interpretive dance called "Watching the Human." (Music by Chris Root-Juju Music) [...]

Young turkeys are super-curious [wait for it]
11 Nov 2015
These guys were recently rescued from a factory farm, and will live out their lives at our sanctuary and others in the region. They are really into technology and want to see how our iphone works... [...]

Animals Rescued from Backyard Butcher Operation
12 Oct 2015
[More details on our website at Thanks to George Brooks for filming.] On October 10th, 2015, we stood in the doorways of the ramshackle barns and by barren pastures, overwhelmed by the smell of ammonia [...]

Goats Arrive at their New Home
9 Sep 2015
In 2015 Woodstock Farm Sanctuary moved from 23 acres to 150, and slowly over the summer moved all the animals to their new digs. Here some of the herd arrived in a trailer, and it only took a few minutes for them to get excited about their new home. [...]

Lexi the Rescued Piglet Has a Lust For Life!
16 Jul 2015
Lexi was born at a small farm in New Jersey that raises pigs and other animals for meat for farm-to-table-type restaurants. Matthew, a caring college student, had worked at this farm during his culinary studies to learn animal rearing and slaughter. That [...]

Woodstock Sanctuary's Original Location is for Sale!
7 Jun 2015
Own a piece of history! The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is moving to a larger space in High Falls, NY, in the spring of 2015. The sanctuary grounds comes with a 3100 square foot residence, 4 barns and lots of outbuildings. Also available is a restored [...]

Miss Piggy Purrs
7 Apr 2015
When Miss Piggy sees a friend, she makes the sweetest soft, gentle grunting sounds. This is her way of saying “hello,” and is not so different from a cat purring... except you probably wouldn't want Miss Piggy on your lap! Read her full rescue story [...]

Cow Toys 'R' Us
7 Apr 2015
Rescued bovines Maribeth, Maybelle and Mike enjoy a recycled toy. Learn more about their stories and our work at [...]

Fawn the Cow Bopping Around on a Muddy Spring Day
30 Mar 2015
While volunteers cleaned out one of the barns, and snow still covering a lot of the pastures, animals enjoyed exploring the grounds... including Fawn, whose new braces help her get around. Read more about Fawn at [...]

The (Cow) Boots Were Made For Walking
12 Mar 2015
(March 3, 2015) Fawn wears these braces for a few hours each day as part of her physical therapy, and she loves them! They really help with her mobility. She'll never walk completely normal, but the progress she's made in the last year is astonishing. [...]

Woodstock Sanctuary is Moving
5 Mar 2015
After ten years in Woodstock, we are so excited to announce that we are moving from our current location to a FABULOUS new 150 acre property in High Falls, NY. (Thanks to Jonathan Garin of for the drone footage!) This move will [...]

Valentine's Day in the Pig Barn
10 Feb 2015
Tucking the piggies into their (hay) beds! [...]

Farm Critters Playing in Heavy Snow
2 Feb 2015
We got belted with heavy snow and most of the animals stayed inside their cozy barns, but the pigs and cows wanted to see what all the excitement was about! In one shot you can see Maybelle the cow slipping--but she gets right back up, just her pride [...]

A message from Tony Kanal and Cat Greenleaf
9 Jan 2015
Tony Kanal (from the band "No Doubt") and Cat Greenleaf (from NBC's "Talk Stoop") are on the Host Committee for our "SANCTUARY IN THE CITY" cocktail benefit. More info at [...]

Pumpkins vs Pigs
31 Dec 2014
12 rescued pigs. 30 pumpkins. You do the math! [...]

Goats Just Want to Have Fun
30 Dec 2014
Anatomy of a Goat Playground [...]

Maribeth the Cow: Hay's Point of View Being Eaten
30 Dec 2014

Felix Scratches Against a Picnic Bench
21 Dec 2014
Sometimes a sheep needs a back scratch and can't find a human around to satisfy that itch. Felix took matters into his own hands. [...]

Fawn's Amazing Recovery
19 Dec 2014
*OVER 1.1 million views on our Facebook page!* At a dairy farm a calf fell out of her mother at birth and onto hard concrete, badly injuring her legs. She made her [...]

A Private Pumpkin Moment Disturbed
9 Nov 2014
Pogo the kitty was enjoying a zen moment when all of a sudden... Jack enters the scene. [...]

Albie the Goat's New Wheels
8 Oct 2014
In August, 2007, the Brooklyn branch of Animal Care and Control contacted Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary about a young goat found wandering in Prospect Park. These calls are surprisingly common – there are over 100 live-kill markets (aka slaughterhouses) [...]

Beatrice the turkey craves attention
7 Aug 2014
Beatrice came from a commercial turkey farm, but was spared the usual fate when she was purchased live and given as a Thanksgiving gift to a man on Staten Island, NY. Unable to care for this rapidly-growing bird, he passed her to Carolyn, a local wildlife [...]

Bovine Music Appreciation Society
16 Jul 2014
Cleveland-based musicians Amy Lee, Frank Rosenwein, and Joanna & Mike Zakany decided to test the musical sophistication of cows Kayli, Maybelle, Mike and Maribeth. The results: you'll have to watch to see! [...]

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