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Bite Size Vegan

50 episodes in the feed.

Hi there! I'm Emily, creator of Bite Size Vegan, and a bite-size-vegan myself! I'm here to educate you about veganism in a fun, spunky sarcastic way! Each power-packed, pint-sized "vegan nugget" video addresses various aspects of veganism in 5 minutes or less! Look around, watch, share, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Where We Go From Here: The Future of Bite Size Vegan
24 Mar 2017
So what happens now? I wanted to answer some of your questions about the future of Bite Size Vegan. And to thank each and every one of you who've left [...]

Who I REALLY Am & What I Have To Do
20 Mar 2017
I want to let you know a little bit about what’s been happening in my life, what will be happening with the channel and why, as well as tell you something [...]

Vegan Ruins School Lunch
4 Mar 2017
Nothing will ruin lunch period quite like hearing what the government does to your food. See what happens when high school students question a vegan animal [...]

Inside My Vegan Nerd Brain!
22 Feb 2017
Welcome to my vegan nerd brain! Ever wondered what the heck I'm doing between videos? Or why it can take so long to bust one out? I thought I’d take [...]

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Cadry's Kitchen

50 episodes in the feed.

Cadry's Kitchen is a vegan cooking/food blog, she also produces a series of comedy videos parodying veganism.

Delicata squash salad with persimmons (Vegan & gluten-free)
13 Nov 2017
This sweet and savory salad is a regular favorite at holiday gatherings. It features the autumnal flavors of persimmons and squash plus the nuttiness of [...]

Easy baked tofu with lemon & rosemary
11 Nov 2017
This baked tofu with lemon and rosemary is a cinch to make. It works as a main course with roasted vegetables and rice. It's also delicious cold, straight [...]

Fully loaded vegan baked potato soup
10 Nov 2017
This hearty & warming vegan baked potato soup is piled high with seitan bacon, non-dairy cheese, and green onions. When the weather outside is frightful, [...]

Roasted delicata squash with rosemary - Vegan & gluten-free
3 Nov 2017
Roasted delicata squash is a breeze to make, and it's a wonderful fall side dish. Serve it on its own, with salads, or even as a pizza topping. FULL [...]

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Christina Cooks

50 episodes in the feed.

Christina Pirello is an Emmy Award-winning television host, chef, vegan, and cookbook author...Living the WELL Life!

Mac and Cheese
12 Feb 2018
A healthier version of classic comfort food! [...]

Lentil Waldorf Salad
5 Feb 2018
A heart healthy version of a classic salad. [...]

English Muffins
28 Jan 2018
A quick how to do you can make your own English muffins from scratch! [...]

Cleaning Artichokes
23 Jan 2018
These delicious veggies are so great when you know how to clean them. [...]

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Delicious TV: VegEZ

33 episodes in the feed.

Watch host Toni Fiore as she whips up some of her favorites, like Creamy Chard Wontons, Hot Jamaican Jerk Tofu, a savory Tempeh Club Sandwich, and Creamy Tofu Pot Pies. Come and savor the flavor. Find the ecoookbooks at or BUY THE NEW iPHONE APP 'VegEZ' and bring 50 of Toni's favorite recipes on your next grocery shopping trip.

Killer Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
2 Oct 2017
If you love buffalo wings this healthy meat-free version will blow your mind. Don't just WATCH videos get the WRITTEN recipes too. Head to Vegez.TV to [...]

VegEZ E-cookbook
21 Sep 2017
Toni Fiore shares fabulous dishes in our new VegEZ e-cookbook. Watch videos & then follow the written recipes. Chat with Toni on our community forums. And [...]

Best Korean BBQ Sauce for Kabobs
30 Jun 2016
Don't buy bbq sauce. Make your own! If you love Toni's recipes get the written recipe and 90+ more at VegEZ.TV [...]

Vegan Parm
28 May 2016
Toni is back on VegEZ. Get her weekly episode and recipe by subscribing to [...]

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Eco Vegan Gal

50 episodes in the feed.

Whitney Lauritsen is a journalist, environmentalist, and vegan who promotes healthy living and sustainability on her site She shares tips on how to be kind to your body and the earth via video, photography, and writing.

Surprise Vegan Vacation
16 Feb 2018
Get a care package: Central Coast VegFest: Nicole Derseweh: Debi [...]

If you feel like no one cares...
14 Feb 2018
Get a care package: ► Join the Eco-Vegan Pal community: ▷ Vegan Meetup in Anaheim:[...]

Deodorant For Your Teeth
9 Feb 2018
MENTIONED: - Schmidt’s Toothpaste: - Tiesta Tea: - Soda Stream: - [...]

Where to eat vegan with your friends
2 Feb 2018
► Join the Eco-Vegan Pal community: MENTIONED: VeganBurg: Cat Cafe LA Lounge: Coffee [...]

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Erin Janus

13 episodes in the feed.

My name is Erin. I'm a passionate vegan, activist, writer, journalist, video producer and aspiring musician. This is my personal channel for my thoughts, opinions, what's going on in my life, and any miscellaneous videos I decide to upload. Some videos are lengthy, but I do my absolute best to make the editing as creative and spot-on as possible. So get a nice cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy some videos! To help fund my upcoming projects, visit: You can also find me on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thanks for stopping by!

Turkey day.
23 Oct 2016
Thanksgiving is... quite the holiday. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and the second Monday of October [...]

A lesson on oxymorons.
26 Apr 2016
You can not kindly kill an animal that doesn't want to die. ★ Support This Work ★ Facebook[...]

The Wool Industry EXPOSED (What They Don't Want You To Know)
15 Jan 2016
Please share this video with anyone and everyone who doesn't know what's wrong with the wool industry. ★ Support This Work[...]

DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes
27 Dec 2015
Dairy is scary. Please share this video with anyone and everyone who still thinks dairy is just fine! ★ Patreon ★ Facebook [...]

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Everyday Dish TV

50 episodes in the feed.

Everyday Dish is an online cooking show. Go check it out at!

Vegan Smoked Gouda Sauce
22 Jan 2018
This is a super easy and delicious recipe for vegan smoked gouda cheese sauce. You make the sauce in the blender, and then toss with cooked pasta, steamed [...]

Vegan Taquitos With Shredded Soy Curls
26 Feb 2015
Taquitos are one of my favorite dishes and I veganized this one with shredded Soy Curls and the results are spot on. You should try this ! you'll be making [...]

Shredded Soy Curls
3 Feb 2015
Shredded Soy Curls are going to change your life forever! They have the texture of shredded meat, and can be used in any recipe where you want the shredded [...]

Homemade Chili Powder
31 Jan 2015
Julie Hasson pulls a recipe from her popular cookbook Vegan Casseroles to show us how to prepare your own chili powder. This will keep in your spice cabinet [...]

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Fit For Two TV

50 episodes in the feed.

Happily married Marta & Brock Picken are home workout nuts, animal lovers and video bloggers with exercise, recipes, interviews and tips about health & fitness.

How To Make Vegan Overnight Oats
12 Feb 2018
Subscribe to our channel: Brock makes overnight oats that he and his son Nolan enjoy for breakfast the following morning. Vegan, [...]

Best Water Bottle On The Market? | Atlasware REVIEW
9 Feb 2018
Subscribe to our channel: Buy your Atlasware bottle here: Check out Atlasware: Brock [...]

Orange Banana Holy Basil Smoothie
7 Feb 2018
Subscribe to our channel: Brock & Marta partner with their friends at Vista Magazine to share their healthy recipes. Check our their [...]

10 Minute Weighted Leg Workout
31 Jan 2018
Brock does a circuit of squats, lateral lunges, stationary lunges, and good mornings, all while holding a 15 lb weight (his daughter!). Grab a weight and [...]

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Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking

17 episodes in the feed.

Follow the comedic cooking adventures of Tim as he guides you through the steps to making delicious dishes.

Idiot breaks sprinkler pipe while trying to do a pull-up
25 Apr 2014
Sporting capri shorts, a camelbak, and a ponytail bun this guy decided to try to do a pull up on an unsupported sprinkler pipe at an apartment building. [...]

Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking - Jalapeño Poppers
24 May 2011
How to prepare vegan jalapeño poppers. Become a fan on Facebook -- Visit for [...]

Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking - Ode To My Fans
22 May 2011
Feeling the love from the interwebs. Keep the positive vibes coming! Become a fan on Facebook - Visit [...]

Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking on "The Veg Edge"
10 Dec 2010
An excerpt from The Cooking Channel's vegetarian/vegan special called "The Veg Edge" featuring Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking. For full recipes, videos, [...]

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Hot For Food

50 episodes in the feed.

We're Lauren and John and we're hot for food... as long as it's vegan! We're cooking up vegan love and breaking all the misconceptions of what it means to be vegan one drool worthy recipe at a time. We post NEW VIDEOS every Wednesday!

14 Feb 2018
Bake up a batch of these easy vegan double chocolate cookies for Valentine's Day or any other occasion you might be celebrating! Made with simple ingredients, [...]

7 Feb 2018
These gluten-free breaded tofu nuggets are highly addictive... you've been warned! They make the perfect pairing with this fresh cobb style salad and a [...]

#hotforfoodcookbook PANTRY INGREDIENTS | hot for food
21 Feb 2018
The #hotforfoodcookbook is a week away from being out in the world and to get you prepped to make all your vegan comfort food dreams come true I'm divulging [...]

VEGAN SPINACH DIP | hot for food
31 Jan 2018
This is a classic spinach dip made vegan with just a few ingredient swaps! Instead of using fat laden sour cream and mayo you can make it just as satisfying [...]

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Mimi Kirk

50 episodes in the feed.

Mimi Kirk is the author of the raw vegan cookbook "Raw Live" and runs a website at where she says "Feeling like you're in your 20's at age 73, is quite an amazing thing... I accredit this youthful look and spirit not only to my attitude, but really to my way of eating which is a raw vegan - living foods lifestyle."

Hello from my garden...
8 Feb 2018
If you would like more information on the Mallorca, Spain retreat I mentioned in the video, please go to or email [...]

How to make incredible raw vegan nut cheese
17 Mar 2017
Mimi KIrk makes vegan nut cheese in her kitcen. [...]

Make almond milk in 3 minutes
18 Feb 2017
Mimi Kirk shows off her new toy, a Soyabella, that makes smooth rich almond milk in 3 minutes. You can order one here [...]

Basil Pesto!
9 Feb 2017
Mimi Kirk makes her version of Basil pesto that is of course raw vegan. You can find the recipe in her books Live Raw and Raw-Vitalize. [...]

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50 episodes in the feed.

Michael Greger, M.D. blogs at "The goal of this website is to present you with the results of the latest in nutrition and health research, presented in a way that is easy to understand."

Understanding the Mammogram Paradox
16 Feb 2018
The mammogram paradox is that women who are harmed the most are the ones who claim the greatest benefit. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter [...]

Is Marijuana Addictive?
19 Feb 2018
The evidence clearly indicates that long-term marijuana use can lead to addiction, but are there negative consequences? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free [...]

The Role of Dairy and Gluten in Canker Sores
12 Feb 2018
Does excluding dairy products, food additives, and gluten-containing grains from one’s diet help those with recurring canker sores (aphthous ulcers)? Subscribe [...]

Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: My New Favorite Dessert (with bonus footage!)
4 Jan 2018
Dr. Greger whips up some matcha ice cream inspired by a recipe in his How Not to Die Cookbook - now with bonus footage! Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free [...]

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22 episodes in the feed.

"oppressTHIS is the digital treehouse of animal rights activist, social equalist, political annoyance, and determined bright colour wearer, Shelley Williams. Here's a hammer. - You're just in time to help us build a better world."

All You've Ever Known
29 Jan 2013
This a video I made with Canadian Vegan activist, John Sakars. John and I have been friends for years and it was a real thrill for me to work with him [...]

30 Sep 2012
Vegans can't eat ANYTHING! What the hell's with THAT?! Where do they get calcium if not from COWS? You gotta see this! My VEGAN necklace was generously [...]

GOD Created Animals For FOOD!
14 Apr 2012
"Vegans are STUPID! Don't they know God created animals for us to EAT?" Really? Let's consult the Bible and just see about that, hmm? Get Connected! Website [...]

Snoring Is GAY!
9 Feb 2012
Because what people do in their bedrooms is not only MY business, :) but if I don't approve of it, :) I'm going to make it so as they don't have the same [...]

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Our Hen House TV

11 episodes in the feed.

"Our Hen Houses TV show, a co-production with Brooklyn Independent Media, ventures into the under-explored world of animals rights with a sense of humor, a passionate heart, and more than a few opinions on the state of animal rights. Whether youre a seasoned vegan, a part-time vegetarian, a fiery social justice activist, or simply love your dog, Our Hen Houses TV show will embolden you to think in new directions, to question assumptions, and to sample some fabulous food along the way. The show is an extension of the popular podcast under the same name." - Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan

Our Hen House also has a Podcast and an Online Magazine.

Our Hen House Episode 21: Best of Food
29 Jul 2014

Our Hen House: Episode 22 | Best of Music
4 Aug 2014

OHH Episode 23
17 Nov 2014

OHH Episode 24
25 Nov 2014

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Save The Kales!

50 episodes in the feed.

Save The Kales! is a popular blog and half-hour cooking show airing locally on cable (RCN), Channel 4, in Lehigh Valley, PA. Tag along with Jaime Karpovich on vegan field trips and join her as she cooks delicious vegan food!

Chubby Dog GoFundMe video :)
11 Dec 2016

Favorite website for 2015
20 Jan 2015
Check out some of Jaime's favorite places to go to web. [...]

Delicata Squash Taco
18 Nov 2014

Apple Ginger Crumble
18 Nov 2014

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Sky Raven The Vegan Poet

50 episodes in the feed.

Vegan blacktivist, spoken word poet, hip hop artist, producer and sound engineer.

Chubby Dog GoFundMe video :)
11 Dec 2016

Favorite website for 2015
20 Jan 2015
Check out some of Jaime's favorite places to go to web. [...]

Delicata Squash Taco
18 Nov 2014

Apple Ginger Crumble
18 Nov 2014

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Sweet Potato Soul

50 episodes in the feed.

I'm Jenne Claiborne! Join me in my kitchen and learn how to create delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make vegan recipes! In addition to the tantalizing vegan goodies, I also share my tips for living a healthy plant-based life. If you want to eat better, have more fun in the kitchen, learn to cook, get healthy, lose weight, improve your digestion, have clear skin, boost your energy, and feel more confident, then you are going to love Sweet Potato Soul. In the videos you'll see how easy it can be to eat a vegan diet that is incredibly delicious, nutritious, and beautiful. In my channel I will show you how to make fantastic vegan breakfast, vegan desserts and baked goods, vegan holiday recipes, vegan salads, easy vegan meals, 5 ingredient vegan meals, and exotic vegan dishes from around the world. In my Q&A videos you'll learn things like how to get enough protein as a vegan, how to get beautiful skin and hair, and how to lose weight as a vegan. Subscribe to my channel!

MEAL PREP LIKE A BOSS! | quick & easy vegan bowls + shopping list download
16 Feb 2018
This video is sponsored by Audible. Visit for a FREE audiobook and 30-day trial membership! Or text "sweetpotatosoul" [...]

EASY VEGAN LUNCH | Black Eyed Pea Gumbo
2 Feb 2018
Get the recipe for this dish in the free bonus pack for my new cookbook: Only those who order the book [...]

3 HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN RECIPES | a full day of meals 💪🏾
27 Jan 2018
Get $60 of FREE and organic groceries + Free shipping from Thrive Market! (Also, free 30 day trial included). Click How [...]

Beginner's Guide to Going VEGAN 🍠🌿
19 Jan 2018
Check out the fantastic food based supplements from Megafood: Zinc Vegan b12 Blood [...]

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The Edgy Veg

50 episodes in the feed.

Candice Hutchings is the Edgy Veg, "a vegan and raw food lifestyle blogger that does things a little differently." Tune into this amusingly hosted show to see creative dish ideas, flavorful twists on classics, and be wowed by decadent raw delights.

Q&A: How to plan a Vegan Wedding | The Edgy Veg
21 Feb 2018
Today we are going to answer all of your burning questions about our 100% vegan wedding! We will be answering question on how we planned it, what it cost, [...]

OUR WEDDING | Our Vegan Wedding | The Edgy Veg
14 Feb 2018
This is our chic vegan wedding. Every aspect of this surrealist unconventional wedding was designed and handpicked by us to be exactly what we wanted. [...]

VEGAN CUPCAKES | Pink Velvet Cupcakes | Valentines Day Ideas | The Edgy Veg
12 Feb 2018
These vegan cupcakes are delicious and easy to make! Perfect for Valentine's Day, baby showers, or whenever you need pink cupcakes! These are traditional [...]

DEEP FRIED PICKLES | Vegan Party Snacks | The Edgy Veg
7 Feb 2018
Today on The Edgy Veg I am going to show you how to make vegan deep-fried pickles with a creamy dill dipping sauce! They are an addictive finger food perfect [...]

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The Healthy Voyager

50 episodes in the feed.

Join Carolyn Scott-Hamilton for "Your one-stop-shop for all things healthy, vegan and green lifestyle, cooking and travel!"

Best Things to Do and Eat in Iceland
19 Feb 2018
Join Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager, on a foodie and fun filled trip to Iceland! I share my experiences and go on a quest to find adventure [...]

Best Road Trips in Southern Australia and The Great Ocean Road
22 Jan 2018
Join Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager, on a foodie and fun filled trip to Castlemaine, Australia! I share my experiences and go on a road [...]

Best Things to Do, Eat and Where to Stay in Toronto
2 Oct 2017
Join Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager, on a foodie and fun filled trip to Toronto, Canada! Carolyn shares her experience and goes on a quest [...]

Join me LIVE from the Einstein legacy project VIP reception in Montreal! #HVo...
9 Sep 2017

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The J-Wro Show

50 episodes in the feed.

"Jason Wrobel, aka J-Wro, is a celebrity raw food & organic vegan chef, health entertainer, wellness warrior, TV and DVD host taking over the world one tastebud at a time with sweet superfood recipes and rockin' rhymes!". In addition to his Youtube show, he has a show on The Cooking Channel, titled How to Live To 100.

Perfect Protein Pancakes Recipe (Gluten-free, Sugar-free and Vegan)
29 Jan 2018
Celebrity chef and Cooking Channel TV host Jason Wrobel shows you how to make his Perfect Protein Pancakes with Lakanto and Sunwarrior protein. Full of [...]

The Silent Killer of Vegans and Vegetarians?
16 Jan 2018
Is this common everyday household ingredient slowly killing not only meat eaters... but vegans and vegetarians as well? Let's explore the growing link [...]

How to Conquer Your Sugar Addiction
2 Jan 2018
Celebrity chef and Wellness Educator Jason Wrobel talks about his lifelong struggle to overcome sugar addiction and the daily strategies, products and [...]

Ending the Vegan Protein Myth Forever
30 Nov 2017
In his newest live vegan vlog, celebrity chef, wellness expert and Cooking Channel TV host Jason Wrobel shows you the variety of protein-rich foods in [...]

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The Sweetest Vegan

50 episodes in the feed.

"When a Southern Belle goes vegan, she takes her soul food with her. Learn how to cook everything vegan from Buttermilk Biscuits to Sweet Potato Pie."

Sublime Lime Fruit Dip with WomenHeart
11 Feb 2017
For more resources about Heart Health, visit To get involved with Burlington and find Heart Disease screening events, visit Sublime [...]

Chocolate Strawberry Tart Recipe for WomenHeart
13 Feb 2016
Just in time for Valentine's Day. This recipe is proudly sponsored by WomenHeart in celebration of American Heart Month. For more information and to participate [...]

Vegan Santa Cookies | Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie Recipe
20 Dec 2015
What if Santa was vegan or lactose intolerant or allergic to eggs? He would have to pass on all those cookies . . . .except mine! Best Buy #HintingSeason [...]

Vegan Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
21 Nov 2015
Now that Pattie LaBelle has brought Sweet Potato pie to the forefront, move over Pumpkin Pie. We never liked you, lol. It is Sweet Potato Pie's time to [...]

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The Tofu Guru

50 episodes in the feed.

The Tofu Guru is a one girl vegan cooking show. Tune into my kitchen for eclectic indie music & entry-level recipes that rarely involve tofu. Promise.

The Holy Grail of Veggie Burgers
25 Aug 2011
By jove, I think I've done it. A tasty egg-free burger that actually holds together... even on the grill. Music by The Ride Theory Visit: [...]

(Vegan) Chili & (Gluten-free) Cornbread
4 Aug 2011
SO MUCH PROTEIN. Sorry for the slight delay, but it took me a few tries to get this one right! Quite proud of it though. Just sayin. Music by Sylvie [...]

Vegan Lasagna
14 Jul 2011
The people have spoken! Here's my recipe for true veggie-lover's lasagna. Not for the faint of heart. (And yes, we're still working with the iPhone here...) Music [...]

iPhone Pancakes
4 Jul 2011
Who ever decided these are a breakfast food...? Just sayin'. Keep those requests rolling in... the summer is far from over! Music by Sick of Sarah Visit: [...]

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The Vegan Athiest

50 episodes in the feed.

"I am a vegan and an atheist. I am passionate about animal rights, human rights and being rational."

Quran #3 - A Skeptical Analysis (Child Marriage, Monkeys + More!)
29 Mar 2017
In this video I bring back, by popular demand, my critique of the passages found in the Quran. For those new to the series, each video exposes 3 outrageous [...]

27 Mar 2017
Hi everyone. Today I officially announce the launch of my second Youtube Channel which will be devoted to veganism. Make sure to head on over and subscribe [...]

STUPID HINDU comments #1 - why GOD allows SUFFERING
22 Mar 2017
The premiere episode of Stupid Hindu Comments. This video series deconstructs a stupid comment or argument made by a Hindu ( Jay Lakhani ) on the internet. [...]

HELP me... TheVeganAtheist
13 Mar 2017
I'm excited to be creating videos again for you my fans, and I have a lot of great content planned for the future. I do however need your help to make [...]

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The Vegan Corner

50 episodes in the feed.

Description Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner- a cookery YouTube channel devoted to delicious food with no compromise. The kind of cuisine we offer is the one we like to consider to be the healthiest, which is based on a very low use of fats as recommended in many famous books such as "The China study" or "The starch solution". We are convinced that the less you mess with ingredients, the healthier the final dish will be. But this doesn't mean that we don't like to treat ourselves with more elaborate or gourmet dishes- we don't have the power of super-resistance after all! After being chefs for many years, we are proud to be the first professional cookery YouTube channel dedicated entirely to low-fat vegan cuisine. We are absolutely delighted to provide you with healthy and tasty options that will turn every meal into a mouth-watering feast. We hope that you find our channel helpful and wish you all the best exploring our recipes. Thanks for visiting us!

Lemon Meringue Pie
2 Aug 2017
Get a copy of our recipe e-book here INGREDIENTS FOR A 23cm (9 inch) PIE: For the crust: 190g all-purpose/plain flour 40g [...]

Lemon Meringue Pie | ASMR Cooking Sounds
2 Aug 2017
Get a copy of our recipe e-book here INGREDIENTS FOR A 23cm (9 inch) PIE: For the crust: 190g all-purpose/plain flour 40g [...]

Jammy Butter Biscuits
12 Jun 2017
Get a copy of our recipe e-book here INGREDIENTS FOR 30 BISCUITS: 300g all-purpose/plain flour 60g icing sugar 55g apple sauce 160g [...]

Jammy Butter Biscuits | ASMR Cooking Sounds
12 Jun 2017
Get a copy of our recipe e-book here INGREDIENTS FOR 30 BISCUITS: 300g all-purpose/plain flour 60g icing sugar 55g apple sauce 160g [...]

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The Vegan Zombie

50 episodes in the feed.

"We do a post apocalyptic vegan cooking show. Oh, and we might give out tips how to stay safe from zombies. Infection began through the consumption of animal products. Being vegan was the only sure way to stay safe...that is, unless you let a zombie get you."

Vegan Mac N Cheese Taste Test 5 Kinds (Mukbang)
20 Feb 2018
We taste test 5 flavors of vegan mac and cheeses and give our thoughts. Which is our favorite? Our E-Book here Patreon: Apparel: [...]

Where I Buy Cheap Produce & Vegan Meetup #OnABudget
18 Feb 2018
Buying cheap produce and other vegan items. Going to my local vegan meetup. Our E-Book here Patreon: Apparel: [...]

The Perfect Pizza - My Tips and Secrets (VEGAN)
14 Feb 2018
I show you how to make the perfect pizza. How to make a delicious crust and what vegan cheese to use. Tips and secrets to making my best pizzas. Our E-Book [...]

Opening VEGAN TREATS Chocolates & Other Mail
13 Feb 2018
I open some more packages in this unboxing video. Check out some of the awesome vegan goodies I got. Our E-Book here Hard Copy [...]

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Thriving On Plants

50 episodes in the feed.

Cherie Tu is Thriving On Plants

Q&A || My Vegan Story, How I Edit My Photos, Gym Advice (Part 2)
28 Oct 2017
Hey everyone, here’s part 2 of the Q&A! :) Enjoy x When did you become vegan and was it hard turning into one? 0:07 When you became a vegan did you [...]

What I Eat In A Day #82 || Vegan
25 Oct 2017
For 10% off your first Squarespace purchase, head to :) Really hope you enjoy this one, SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL RECIPES! [...]

Q&A || Vegan Boyfriend, Tracking Macros, My Morning Routine (Part 1)
5 Oct 2017
⇢ For 10% off your first Squarespace purchase, head to I thought it would be great to do a Q&A so you could get [...]

4 Oct 2017
Hi everyone!! Welcome back to my channel :) Here’s a video that has been really highly requested by you all. Like I mentioned my routine is quite simple, [...]

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Veg Girl

18 episodes in the feed.

Here you'll find a holistic life and style resource for all things vegan! My goal is to never let being vegan become consuming nor overwhelming. Vegans living peacefully and in balance is some of the best advocacy we can do. Let me help you navigate through these waters to make vegan life abundant, balanced, and enjoyable! Please leave comments, questions, and suggestions, so that this resource is tailored to the Veg Peep in you!

Stitch Fix Unboxing/Try-On February 2018 l Vegan
16 Feb 2018
To see the full details of the items mentioned, go check out my blog post: ► Please Subscribe! 🙃 [...]

Petit Vour vs Ipsy January 2018 l Vegan Unboxing
10 Feb 2018
To see the full list of items, check out the blog post: ► Please Subscribe! 🙃 LET'S BE FRIENDS!!! Blog: [...]

24 Jan 2018
► Please Subscribe! Did anyone tell you today that you're AMAZING? Well, you are!! To see the full recipe, go check out my blog post at: 🙃 [...]

Stitch Fix Unboxing and Try-On January 2018 / Vegan Style
19 Jan 2018
► Please Subscribe! and Try Stitch Fix for yourself here: To see the full list of items, check out my blog post at: [...]

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Vegan Black Metal Chef

32 episodes in the feed.

Viral sensation, Black Metal chef composes his own music and recipes with a "dash of mysticism."

Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 21: Breakfast Massacre
2 May 2017

VBMC Epic Vlog 6 - Ultimate Vegan Poutine
7 Dec 2016

VBMC Epic Vlog - TVP Tacos With Metal Sanaz
1 Jul 2016
Get The Seitanic Spellbook Here: Making Some TVP Tacos With Metal Sanaz in unfriendly studios. Quick, [...]

The Seitanic Spellbook
9 Apr 2016
Direct Link: Or : Click on the merch tab Worldwide shipping. For wholesale [...]

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Vegan Break

50 episodes in the feed.

Vegan Break is a series of bite-sized videos about all things vegan. The show, hosted by Michelle Taylor, includes vegan cooking ideas, vegan food news, reviews of vegan books and cookbooks, new vegan products on the market, vegan restaurants, interviews with awesome vegans, and much more!

5 Things You Thought Were Vegan (But Aren't)
19 Feb 2018
For a long time I assumed these 5 things were vegan, but they actually aren't. Were you surprised by any? Let me know below! ♥ Subscribe to World of [...]

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Pollination Project 🌱
16 Feb 2018
Today I'm highlighting a wonderful nonprofit organization—The Pollination Project. You can learn more about The Pollination Project, apply for a grant [...]

My Favorite Vegan Things Haul | 2018 Edition
11 Feb 2018
Here are a few of my favorite vegan things! Full list below :) ♥ Subscribe to World of Vegan: ♥ Budget Vegan Meal Plan:[...]

Vegan Super Bowl Party 🏈 Dips Galore!
8 Feb 2018
We took a break from our usual all-out superbowl parties this year and had a low key gathering with LOTS of dips :) ♥ Subscribe to World of Vegan:[...]

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Vegetarian Librarian

43 episodes in the feed.

The Vegetarian Librarian -- online DIY husband/wife vegan cooking show with How To webisodes, recipes and more. Returning for a 2012 season soon!

Harlem Shake -- Vegetarian Librarian VS Zombies
22 Feb 2013
Harlem Shake Zombies with The VL and friends. Music by Baauer. [...]

X-treme Banana Bread
26 Feb 2012
VL Season 4 Kickoff! RECIPE - X-treme Banana Bread The Vegetarian Librarian 2 cups flour 1 tsp. Baking soda 1/2 tsp. Salt 1 [...]

Sh** the Vegetarian Librarian says
26 Jan 2012
Fun times from seasons 1, 2, and 3. The VL Season 4 coming soon in Feb./March 2012! [...]

Vegetarian Librarian Gumbo Zombies - Director's Cut
12 Jul 2010
The scarier director's cut of VL GUMBO ZOMBIES!! In June 2010 we were excited to have this video screened at the 1st Well Slept Film Fest inside the [...]

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50 episodes in the feed.

"I'm obsessed with all things plant based, delicious and beautiful. I make videos about cooking, eating out and travel. When I grow up, I want to have wings."

How to Make Asparagus Quiche || Veggemo
12 May 2017
Hellllllooooo! I love all the seasons but must confess, BRUNCH season is the best! You can use any of your favorite veggies + vegan cheese with this simple [...]

Mexican Fiesta || Eating When I'm Board Ep. 3
1 Nov 2016
Errbody else is all “pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin” but I’m feeling Fiesta! Two week countdown til me and my crew are in Puerto Vallarta . I cannot wait [...]

Easy Breakfast Ideas || Eating When I'm Board Ep. 2
23 Sep 2016
Need a super quick breakfast plan of action? Try this easy vegan breakfast board! You can assemble it in about 15 minutes or less. Pop the hashbrowns [...]

How to Make a Mezze Platter || Eating When I'm Board Ep. 1
8 Sep 2016
Hungry friends, I've got you covered. This vegan mezze board is ideal for those days when you want a serious nosh but don't really want to cook anything, [...]

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VegNews TV

50 episodes in the feed.

VegNews brings you videos featuring various cooks, field trips, tips, interviews and more.

VegNews TV: Vegan Blondies
13 Jun 2013
The secret to these delightful sweet treats is white beans! Aylin Erman from Glow Kitchen ( shows you how to make these simple [...]

VegNews TV: Behind the Scenes of Mercy for Animals' Justice for All Event
20 May 2013
VN reporter Heidi Rayden takes you to the beautiful Hollywood Hills to talk about compassionate choices with Emily Deschanel, Steve-O, James Costa at the [...]

VegNews TV: Behind the Scenes: Farm Sanctuary's Celebrity Poker Fundraiser
22 Apr 2013
Meet some of the compassionate stars—Kevin Nealon, Jennifer Coolidge, and Colbie Caillat, working to help raise money for Farm Sanctuary. VN correspondent [...]

VegNews TV: Chickpea Burger
8 Apr 2013
A simple veggie burger packed with chickpeas will be your new favorite sandwich. Join Aylin Erman from Glow Kitchen ( as she [...]

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Viva La Vegan

50 episodes in the feed.

Leigh-Chantelle's Viva La Vegan is a "multimedia community for vegans focusing on positive education, information and vegan outreach." She produces vegan cooking videos with the occasional crafting tutorial.

Dealing with Negativity Online with Leigh-Chantelle at Vegucation Brisbane
22 Dec 2017‬ Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! gives her Dealing with Negativity Online talk at Vegucation Brisbane. Leigh-Chantelle [...]

International Activism and Engaging Abroad talk at Liverpool Viva Vegan Festival
4 Sep 2017
‪‪‬ Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! gives her International Activism & Engaging Abroad talk at Liverpool Viva! Vegan [...]

Promoting Veganism Online talk at Bournemouth Vegan Fair with Leigh-Chantelle
26 Jun 2017‬ Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! gives her Promoting Veganism Online talk at Bournemouth Vegan Fair. Sunday 18 June Bournemouth, [...]

Dealing with Negativity Online talk at Bournemouth Vegan Fair with Leigh-Chan...
26 Jun 2017‬ Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! gives her Dealing with Negativity Online talk at Bournemouth Vegan Fair. Saturday [...]

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Woodstock Sanctuary Videos

50 episodes in the feed.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Video Channel features video introductions to their rescues, clips of their unique personalities, and more.

I woke up like this
12 Feb 2018
"I woke up like this." -- Stevie the goat [...]

Snow day treats for Ari and Rudy 🐷
12 Feb 2018

Molly and Charlie come home to sanctuary
9 Feb 2018
When Molly and Charlie were brought home to the Sanctuary, Charlie arrived first and missed her friend so much that when Molly arrived shortly after, snorts [...]

Looking back on 2017
25 Dec 2017
As 2017 comes to a close, we look back on the lifesaving work we accomplished with your support. But now more than ever, we need your help. Please give [...]

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