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VegNews TV

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VegNews brings you videos featuring various cooks, field trips, tips, interviews and more.

VegNews TV: Vegan Blondies
13 Jun 2013
The secret to these delightful sweet treats is white beans! Aylin Erman from Glow Kitchen ( shows you how to make these simple blondies. [...]

VegNews TV: Behind the Scenes of Mercy for Animals' Justice for All Event
20 May 2013
VN reporter Heidi Rayden takes you to the beautiful Hollywood Hills to talk about compassionate choices with Emily Deschanel, Steve-O, James Costa at the Mercy for Animals' Justice for All event. [...]

VegNews TV: Behind the Scenes: Farm Sanctuary's Celebrity Poker Fundraiser
22 Apr 2013
Meet some of the compassionate stars—Kevin Nealon, Jennifer Coolidge, and Colbie Caillat, working to help raise money for Farm Sanctuary. VN correspondent Heidi Rayden takes you behind the scenes of FS' Celebrity Poker Tournament. [...]

VegNews TV: Chickpea Burger
8 Apr 2013
A simple veggie burger packed with chickpeas will be your new favorite sandwich. Join Aylin Erman from Glow Kitchen ( as she bakes up these delicious patties. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Tiramisu
4 Mar 2013
Learn how to make a simple vegan version of tiramisu. Aylin Erman from Glow Kitchen whips us this classic dessert within minimal ingredients. For a vegan recipe for ladyfingers: [...]

VegNews TV: Cabbage Wedge Salad
4 Feb 2013
For a big salad, Jaime Karpovich from Save the Kales shows you how to make a cabbage wedge salad with apples, sweet potatoes, tempeh bacon, and candied sunflower seeds. [...]

VegNews TV: Low-Fat Maple Almond Granola
28 Jan 2013
Instead of buying prepackaged granola, make your own low-fat maple almond granola with some simple ingredients. Aylin Erman of Glow Kitchen ( shows you how. [...]

VegNews TV: Sweet Potato Casserole
14 Jan 2013
For a warm winter side dish, Katherine Lawrence shows you how to make a sweet potato casserole with a few simple ingredients. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Burrito
21 Dec 2012
For a quick, simple dinner or lunch, make your own vegan bean and cheese burrito. Aylin Erman of Glow Kitchen ( shows you how to create this wholesome burrito. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Pizza Dip
10 Dec 2012
This super simple, nearly raw vegan pizza dip is a perfect party appetizer. Jaime Karpovich from Save the Kales shows you how to quickly whip up this dish. [...]

VegNews TV: The Connection Between Yoga and a Plant-Based Diet
3 Dec 2012
Vegan and vegetarian yogis discuss with Heidi Rayden the connection between the practice of yoga and eating a plant-based diet. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegetable Zucchini Lasagna
26 Nov 2012
Make a delicious pasta-less lasagna using zucchini noodles! Aylin Erman shows you how to create this simple dish. For the recipe, visit [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Pumpkin Pudding
19 Nov 2012
Searching for a simple dessert? Katherine Lawrence shows you how to make a pumpkin pudding with a vegan whipped cream. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Pumpkin Chili
5 Nov 2012
Warm up this winter season with a big bowl of spicy pumpkin chili. Katherine Lawrence shows you to make this delicious dish. [...]

VegNews TV: Minestrone Soup
24 Oct 2012
Warm up this winter with a big bowl of minestrone soup. Katherine Lawrence shows you how to make this simple supper. [...]

VegNews TV: Low-Fat Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
8 Oct 2012
This simple recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies is delicious—with a secret ingredient, bananas. Make your own batch tonight with Aylin Erman. For the complete recipe, visit: [...]

VegNews TV: How to Make a Green Smoothie
24 Sep 2012
Learn the basics of how to make your own green smoothie with Sara Jane Mercer for a delicious, healthy drink. [...]

VegNews TV: Stuffed Bell Peppers
11 Sep 2012
For a healthy and delicious side dish for dinner, learn how to make wholesome stuffed bell peppers with VegNews correspondent Katherine Lawrence. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese
27 Aug 2012
For a whole-foods version of this classic comfort dish, Aylin Erman shows you how to create a baked vegan mac 'n' cheese using a surprising ingredient—sweet potato. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Maple Bacon Cupcakes
23 Aug 2012
Learn how to make a vegan maple bacon cupcakes with the team behind the Australian-based vegan bakery Mister Nice Guy. For the full recipe, visit: [...]

VegNews TV: Meet the Animals at Farm Sanctuary
13 Aug 2012
Get to know the amazing, beautiful farmed animals living at Farm Sanctuary in Acton, CA. VN reporter Heidi Rayden and FS' National Shelter Director Susie Coston introduce you to some new furry friends. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Caramel Sauce with Banana Ice Cream
23 Jul 2012
Make your own vegan ice cream sundae using coconut milk, dates, and bananas for a quick and simple dessert. Aylin Erman shows you how to whip up this frosty treat. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Cheese Arepas
16 Jul 2012
Learn to make arepas, corncakes filled with vegan cheese, a traditional snack from Central America. Carolyn Scott-Hamilton takes you step-by-step through this easy bread. [...]

VegNews TV: How to Make Almond Milk
10 Jul 2012
Sara Jane Mercer shows you how to quickly and simply make your own almond milk for a refreshing dairy-free drink. [...]

VegNews TV: Dining Out with John Salley
18 Jun 2012
Join former NBA basketball star John Salley and VN correspondent Heidi Rayden at one of John's favorite LA restaurants, Sun Cafe, a raw vegan eatery. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Sour Cream
8 Jun 2012
Whip up a homemade vegan sour cream with Spork Foods' Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg. Serve it with fresh vegetables for a perfect party appetizer. For the complete recipe: [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie
4 Jun 2012
Learn how to make a mile-high vegan lemon meringue pie with the team behind the Australian-based vegan bakery Mister Nice Guy. For the full recipe, visit: [...]

(no title)
21 May 2012
For a simple dinner, VegNews TV correspondent Katherine Lawrence makes a batch of quinoa and black bean enchiladas, packed with sauteéd veggies, and topped with a red sauce. For the complete recipe, [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Blueberry Tofu Ricotta Pancakes
7 May 2012
For Mother's Day or a great brunch, the Spork Foods sisters whip up these fluffy blueberry tofu ricotta pancakes that are simple to make and easy to devour. Stay tuned at end of video for special VegNews reader savings on! [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Thai Noodles
24 Apr 2012
For a quick meal, perfect for those nights when you might turn to a takeout menu, VN correspondent Katherine Lawrence shows you how to whip up this simple Thai noodle dish with veggies and peanut sauce. [...]

VegNews TV: Inside Veggie Grill
9 Apr 2012
Take a foodie tour of Southern California's vegan fast casual chain, Veggie Grill, with VN correspondent Heidi Rayden and Co-founder Kevin Boylan. [...]

(no title)
19 Mar 2012
If you're craving a simple vegan version of mac & cheese, VN correspondent Katherine Lawrence shows you how to easily whip up this comfort food favorite. For the complete recipe, check out [...]

VegNews TV: A Tour of Seed Bistro
22 Feb 2012
VN Editor Update: We are sad to report that Seed Bistro has now closed. Take a tour of LA's Seed Bistro restaurant. VN correspondent Heidi Rayden takes you into the kitchen with Chef Eric Lechasseur for artisanal organic vegan cuisine. [...]

VegNews TV: Inside Native Foods Café
9 Jan 2012
Take a behind-the-scenes tour of vegan restaurant chain Native Foods Café, VegNews' 2011 Restaurant of the Year with VN correspondent Heidi Rayden. [...]

VegNews TV: Red Cabbage Salad
3 Jan 2012
Start the new year right with a healthy, vitamin-C rich red cabbage salad. Join VN correspondent Nicky Moona as she teaches you how to make this simple side dish. [...]

(no title)
13 Dec 2011
The lovely gals behind Spork Foods whip up the perfect holiday appetizer—a wine-based cheeseball with a glass of wine. Join them as they pair the right wine for any celebratory occasion. [...]

VegNews TV: A Vegan Tour of Toronto
1 Dec 2011
It's a vegan food crawl through Toronto with VN correspondent Jasmin Singer with stops at a veggie café, Carribean-style eats, vegan diner/juice bar, vegan chicken and waffles—ending at a high-end restaurant. [...]

VegNews TV: Indian-Style Green Beans
17 Nov 2011
For an Indian-inspired holiday side dish, try VN correspondent Nicky Moona's Green Beans with Coconut. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Knitting 101
1 Nov 2011
It's time to get crafty. New to knitting? Don't worry, so is our correspondent Jasmin Singer. Take a tour of a yarn store and learn the basic stitches. [...]

VegNews TV: Low-Fat Veggie Muffins
3 Oct 2011
Watch VN correspondent Katherine Lawrence make fall-inspired veggie muffins, packed with carrots and zucchini for the perfect breakfast or snack. For the recipe, visit [...]

VegNews TV: Quick Kale Tofu Pasta
19 Sep 2011
Need an easy dinner in a hurry? VN Correspondent Kim Garr whips up a simple peanut pasta sauce with kale and tofu for a hearty meal in minutes. For the recipe, please visit Kim Garr's website: [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Apple Phyllo Pastry
6 Sep 2011
Watch as VN correspondent Katherine Lawrence whips up easy desserts using crisp apples and light-as-air phyllo dough. For the recipe, visit [...]

VegNews TV: Veg Fests 2011
16 Aug 2011
Travel to four vegetarian festivals all across the country in NYC; Madison, Wisc.; Portland, Maine; and New Orleans with VN Correspondent Jasmin Singer. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Ranch Dressing
1 Aug 2011
Watch VN Correspondent Katherine Lawrence whip up this simple low-fat vegan ranch dressing for salads, vegetable platters, or even on top of veggie burgers. For the recipe, visit [...]

VegNews TV: Popsicles
18 Jul 2011
For an instant, healthy way to cool down this summer, join VN Correspondent Katherine Lawrence as she blends up fruity popsicles. For the recipes, visit Orange Creamsicle: Chocolate [...]

VegNews TV: LA Vegan Ice Cream Tour
5 Jul 2011
Cool off from the sizzling summer heat with a tour of the best vegan ice cream shops in Los Angeles with VN Correspondent Carolyn Scott. [...]

VegNews TV: Vegan Chocolate Mousse
20 Jun 2011
When you're craving chocolate, VN Correspondent Katherine Lawrence shows you how to make a healthy and quick dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. For the recipe, visit [...]

(no title)
13 Jun 2011
Need a quick, easy meal to cook during the week? Join VN Correspondent Kim Garr as she whips a delicious vegan meat sauce with pasta and a side of garlic bread. [...]

VegNews TV: NYC On A Budget
1 Jun 2011
Join VN Correspondent Jasmin Singer as she takes you on a tantalizing vegan tour of NYC on a budget for the perfect weekend of great eats, shopping, and entertainment in the Big Apple. [...]

VegNews TV: Broccoli Stalk Salad
23 May 2011
For a simple picnic salad this summer, join VN Correspondent Katherine Lawrence as she whips up a healthy Broccoli Stalk Salad. For the recipe, visit [...]

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