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"I'm obsessed with all things plant based, delicious and beautiful. I make videos about cooking, eating out and travel. When I grow up, I want to have wings."

17 Aug 2014 at 3:43pm
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Aloha friends! I’m sharing the story of how I got started on YouTube, channels that inspire me and details about

some secret projects I’ve been working on.

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Mentioned in this video:

My super embarrassing first YouTube video:

Brian Patton-The Sexy Vegan

Whitney Lauritsen- EcoVeganGal

I tag ALL of you to do this video. I'd love to hear your YouTube story!

Also tagging:

Whitney of EcoVeganGal

Mary of MarysTestKitchen

Michelle of VeganCookingWith Love

Lainey of SimplyBakings

Veg·gie·tor·i·als (noun) - Kinda like a tutorial but with more veggies.Whether you're vegan,vegetarian or just plant-based curious,my channel offers you a comfortable entry point to learn,discover and explore how delicious vegan food can be.I also share plant-based product reviews and my favorite places to eat when you're Vegging Out!

Created,shot and edited by Cobi Kim {El Solo Lobo}::Veggietorials

Business Inquiries only: veggietorials@gmail(dot)com

Shot with my Canon 7d-

Edited in FCP X


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