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"I have a strong passion for learning how food can improve our well-being and educating others on the benefits of a plant-based diet. My hope is that by presenting reliable, objective and a research-driven information on current trends in health and wellness, I can educate my readers on a diverse subject matter to help improve dietary decision making and empower individuals to create abundant, happy and healthy lives." - Matthew

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  • Hahaha "Which is sadder, factory-farmed animals or the carnivores who eat them? The Onion weighs in" 31 min 47 sec ago
  • Breakfast IS the Most Important Meal of the¬†Day 12 hrs 51 min ago
  • The power of sleep never ceases to amaze me. Feel, think, operate on another level after 8 hours in bed. 12 hrs 54 min ago
  • Treating Depression with Diet and Lifestyle via @veggiematthew 1 days 8 hrs ago
  • Want to integrate more plant-based meals into your routine? Check out Thrive Energy Cookbook to see if its for you! 1 days 8 hrs ago
  • Book Review: Thrive Energy Cookbook by Brendan Brazier via @VibrantWellJour 1 days 12 hrs ago
  • This can't be a good thing "Powdered Liquor: Now Legal But Won't Be In Your Margarita Soon" 3 days 0 hrs ago
  • Nutritionist Easter baskets: books, blu ray, cast iron, raw cheesecake and the finest dark chocolate.'¶ 4 days 8 hrs ago
  • Easter bunny stopped by the Lovitt household a little early this year :) 4 days 21 hrs ago
  • Three cheers!!! "Applause for Avocados -" 5 days 7 hrs ago
  • Wow. Oodles of black beans the night before a long run is not a good idea. Lesson learned. 5 days 7 hrs ago
  • A lesson in holism: "Brazil's New Dietary Guidelines: Cook and Eat Whole Foods, Be Wary of Ads" 6 days 7 hrs ago
  • @maverickshaw Thanks, friend! 7 days 22 hrs ago
  • @Kyczy thanks for spreading the love! Cheers! 7 days 22 hrs ago
  • The day may be coming to a close, but NOW is the best time to get $hit done!!! Do it! 7 days 22 hrs ago
  • Not the most visually appealing frittata in the world, but HOLY COW a nutritionist/athlete's post'¶ 8 days 20 hrs ago
  • Whole grain or not, I don't know if bread should be included in a healthy, therapeutic diet. 9 days 6 hrs ago
  • Is it weird that disappointment, "failure" motivate me to work harder? Or is that normal and my life perspective has been skewed? 9 days 10 hrs ago
  • A story similar to my own. Minus the having a baby piece. #addiction #recovery 11 days 12 hrs ago
  • Done! Sans bread! '@MotherJones: Don't feel bad. Go ahead and butter your bread. days 2 hrs ago
  • My experience: Bad > Good: "Alcohol and the Brain: The Good and the Bad" 15 days 8 hrs ago
  • @RightHealth Because man is smarter than Mother Nature. Duh. :/ 15 days 11 hrs ago
  • I'm a huge fan of anything micro-sized, including #meditation . Are you staying present and aware today? 16 days 7 hrs ago
  • Gotta have a little fun every once in a while :) 16 days 7 hrs ago
  • Knew I was on to something :) 16 days 21 hrs ago
  • Tisk tisk @HuffPostTaste. Veg oils, smoke point aside, r high in omega-6 that harm the body "The Cooking Oils You... 19 days 12 hrs ago
  • Super Greens to Revitalize (Liver) Health via @veggiematthew 20 days 1 hrs ago
  • I spend Fridays on business dev. Here is todays lesson: Are You a Holistic or a Specific Thinker? - @HarvardBiz 20 days 1 hrs ago
  • Curious to know more about me & my work as a #addiction nutritionist? Today is your lucky day, my friend! Check it -> 21 days 1 hrs ago
  • @FrankGLopez check it out, yo! believe this one is my best one yet! 21 days 1 hrs ago

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