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Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!

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Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! is a podcast with in-depth, unapologetic discussions of vegan issues by two modern day vegan warrior princesses!

The show is meant to be a source of support and community for people already dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, but we also welcome new vegans and those who are veg-curious to get a peek behind the curtain of vegan life. We're hoping to cultivate a sense of community so that VWPs with no support can feel like they are connected to their vegan brethren and have a space to vent or feel understood.

112 Losing Relationships Over Politics
28 Feb 2017 at 2:00am

This week we’re talking about losing relationships over politics today, given that it is such a common occurrence in the current political climate.

In This Episode

It is very common nowadays to hear about people unfriending, unfollowing or flat-out ending relationships with people around them over political disagreements. Trump’s election brought passions over social issues to the forefront and forced us all to take strong sides for what we believe.

Links and Information


Germany Bans Meat at all Official Functions (One Green Planet) City Council Asks VegFest to Sell Meat Sausages (VegNews) Bacon Brand Buys Plant-Based Meat Company (VegNews)

Mentioned in this Episode

America’s Latest Social Crisis: Couples Call It Quits Over Trump (Zero Hedge) 2016 Brought Out Worst in People (Monmouth University Polling Institute) When a presidential election costs you the people you love the most (Mashable)

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