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Vegan Trove Podcast

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A series of Podcasts on Abolitionist Veganism and associated themes. Abolitionist Veganism is the position that it is unethical to use animals for any reason: whether food, clothing, entertainment, or any other purpose.

Children and Vaccines: Some Details (Updated Ep 59 Part 3/3)
4 Apr 2017 at 10:42pm

This is the partial transcript. Some components and some updated terms may be missing, but most of what is contained in this transcript is the updated episode 59 (original version) I mentioned I would release.

So before I discuss some of the issues and provide some updated and corrected information, as I said in the original episode I’m not pro-vax or anti-vax I’m for safe vaccinations for those who want them. I hope you found part 1 and 2 interesting. I think part 2 audios of parents sharing information about their children whom they believe were vaccine injured is particularly compelling. If you haven’t listened to Part 2 yet, parents talk about their experience with their children shortly after their children received vaccinations (which included MMR – Measles, mumps and rubella, DTaP (Diphtheria Tetanus and Pertussis), Gardisal or HPV vaccine and flu vaccine. I think these experiences speak for themselves. The site where I obtained the audio from these videos is titled “Vaxxed on the Road” ( please read my disclaimer about external sites) and I have provided a link to the site where you can find 540 so far of these interviews with different parents.

In this updated episode 59, Part 3, I discuss some of the science of vaccines and the possible problems with the preservative adjuvant used in vaccines which have been linked to the proliferation of autism in the US in particular. I also want to update some information. I think you will find this very interesting. I want to thank Dede River who has some understanding of the science behind this issue, for sharing her knowledge and for sharing some of her research.

Before I go further, as some of you might be aware, the issue of vaccination is one that is intensely polarised, and people are ready with their views in absolute terms at the mere mention of the subject. This is not helpful. Please listen to the entire podcast before reacting. There are serious issues relating to health and they are mentioned in the insert that comes with each vaccine. Because these adverse reactions are mentioned by the manufacturers, it’s surprising that there is so much denial and outrage at the mere mention that children may be suffering adverse reactions to certain vaccines. So with that in mind, we need to, at least, look at how we can administer vaccinations safely (if that is possible), and minimise risks, particularly to children, to the greatest extent possible.

For those who cannot tolerate any questioning of the vaccination program, I’ll say there is far too much anecdotal evidence from parents to dismiss their concerns as “conspiracy theories”. No matter where one stands on the safety debates, when the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has researchers destroy research data, that is not standard science, and questions should be asked. Research was destroyed and that’s not up for debate. Thompson confirmed this in a Senate Committee, and said he retained his copy because he believed such destruction was wrong, and possibly illegal. The research that is in question may be debated, but if there were problems with the research, the answer is never to destroy the papers. This alone should raise questions.

The issue of thimerosal is one that saw it removed from most childhood vaccinations around 2001. It has been retained in trace amounts in many vaccines for some years, but has mostly been phased out. The major exception of concern is influenza vaccine, which the CDC recommends for use by pregnant mothers. Not all influenza vaccines contain Thimerosal as a preservative. But the ones that do contain Thimerosal are cheaper. This means that those receiving the flu vaccine live in poorer neighbourhoods are more likely to be exposed to Thimerosal. Also in poorer African American communities in the US there is a theory that mothers are not able to receive welfare assistance unless their child has all their scheduled injections so this may account for some of the problems because they are often given earlier on in the child’s life and that is often where the adverse reactions occur. But not only is Thimerasol problematic but all preservatives are problematic. Phenol and it’s compounds are also neurotoxins.

In any case, the issue is not vaccinate or not, but how to ensure vaccines are safe and delivered safely. Again, please listen to the podcast before reacting to what you think it might say.

As I have stated as a vegan I want to make clear that I am neither pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. I’m not against the use of vaccinations. But having said that what I AM for, is vaccines that are safe, and that also do not use animals. It would seem after doing some research that vaccines are not completely safe, and of course most of us already know that each vaccine involves at least the killing of a chicken embryo and might I add it’s gruesome and distressing reading.

It is clear that if our society were mostly vegan, we would have already developed vaccines that did not involve killing of 9 days to 14 day old chicken embryos. That’s the problem when our society believes that nonhuman animals are our resources. We have no motivation to find alternatives. We have no motivation to do what’s

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