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Thriving On Plants

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Cherie Tu is Thriving On Plants

4 Jul 2016 at 5:13am
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Ahhhh YUM!!!! Seriously one of my favourite smoothies ever, I absolutely love the combination of sweet and tangy so this definitely hits the spot. This goes well both with or without the matcha (tastes like a tropical smoothie), so add it for an extra boost of flavour & antioxidants if you happen to have some lying around!

The matcha I use is from:

Super good quality so I'd highly recommend it!


• Add in your leafy greens at the bottom first so that it blends up better - especially if your blender isn’t as powerful, a good idea is to add in the greens & liquid to blend first before adding in the remaining ingredients! You want the smoothie to be as smooth as possible without chunks of spinach throughout.

• Can you taste the spinach? Absolutely not, it makes the smoothie a gorgeous colour and you're getting in so much nutrients, yet you cannot taste it AT ALL! Baby spinach has a really subtle taste to begin with (even slightly sweet if I say so myself) so it's definitely not something to worry about

• The maple syrup/dates are optional, but I do like adding a bit of a sweeter component if I'm using fruit like pineapple & frozen mango to balance out the flavours. If you don't want to add in a sweetener, make sure your bananas are super ripe so they're nice and sweet!

• The mint taste is quite subtle but very refreshing, another ingredient which will have quite a similar effect is fresh ginger, feel free to add either one of them or both

• For a thicker & colder smoothie, use frozen bananas instead!


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