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Thriving On Plants

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Cherie Tu is Thriving On Plants

3 Jul 2017 at 8:41am
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• 1 napa cabbage

• 4-5 green onions

• 1 carrot, 

• 1 tbsp minced GINGER

• 2 tbsp minced garlic 

• 1/2 cup Gochugaru (korean red chilli flakes) 

• 1/3 cup vegan fish sauce (opt for a brand that is light and not the overly strong soup/stock kind as it will be too salty. If you cannot get vegan fish sauce you can sub for 1/3 cup water boiled with some kombu + 1-2 tbsp soy sauce for a fishy flavour) 

• 1 tbsp sugar (if you don’t want to use sugar, simply add all the sauce ingredients into a blender with an apple to sweeten)

• ½ cup salt (I’m using normal salt but if you happen to get your hands on Korean salt then you may need to increase this amount. Use as little or as much as you require, no strict amount so long as you coat each layer of the cabbage)

• ¼ cup salt (for another part of the method)

• Toasted sesame seeds, to garnish (optional)


1. Cut napa cabbage in half length-ways and then again so you have quarters. Cut off and discard the core on each, slice pieces lengthways once more then cut into bite sized pieces. Transfer into a large bowl or large colander.

2. In a large bowl, add in luke-warm water and ¼ cup salt, stir to dissolve. In small batches, soak the cabbage in the water, take out and then place a layer in a separate large bowl. Using the ½ cup salt, sprinkle an even amount on the layer before repeating the steps until all cabbage has been used up. Place a heavy plate/dish onto the top, cover with a clean tea towel and set aside for 3 hours.

3. In the meantime, peel and thinly slice carrot and thinly slice green onion.

4. Combine gochugaru, ginger, garlic, fish sauce & sugar into a large bowl. If the mixture is too thick then add a few tbsp more of fish sauce. Toss in the carrots and green onions and mix well.

5. Once cabbage has sat at room temperature for 3 hours, drain and thoroughly rinse 3-5 times to get out as much of the remaining salt as possible. Squeeze out the water and place the cabbage into the bowl with the carrots/green onions. Mix well until all cabbage pieces are well coated and you end up with a bright red mixture. Here, taste and adjust the flavours accordingly.

6. Place into clean, dry and sterilised mason jars. Press down so they are tightly packed, but do not fill each jar to the top. Leave a gap to prevent overflow.

7. Sit on the kitchen counter at room temperature for at least 24 hours before placing into the refrigerator. Depending on how strong/tart you like your kimchi, you can sit it at room temperature for up to a week before transferring to the fridge.

8. When ready, enjoy your kimchi!!!!! (It will continue to age/ferment in the fridge, believe it or not you could probably keep it there for 6 months and it will still be good to go, obviously just more sour/strong!)

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