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The Vegan RD

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Ginny Kisch Messina is a registered dietitian who runs the blog, - "Thoughts on being vegan, a dietitians perspective". Author of 'Vegan for Life!'.

  • Paleo Advocates Get Vegan Diets (and Saturated Fat) Wrong
      Quite a few people have asked me to comment on the blog Authority Nutrition. It's written by Kris Gunnars, a medical student at the University of Iceland. First, despite the bold title of his blog, Gunnars is no authority on nutrition. His background is the usual one of the self-proclaimed expert: “I got interested [...] (...more)
    21 Apr 2014 at 11:54am       

  • Are Vegetarians Less Healthy than Meat-Eaters?
    “Vegetarians Found to Have More Cancer, Allergies, and Mental Health Disorders.” That's the alarming headline from a website called Science 2.0 (which also declares vegetarianism to be a “fad diet.”) They are referring to new research in Austrian vegetarians published in the journal PLoS One. The study compared self-reported health among 1,320 (...more)
    3 Apr 2014 at 4:54pm       

  • Keeping Vegan Diets Healthy and Fabulous
    I've eaten a lot of truly exceptional vegan meals in my life. But I have absolutely no trouble recalling the single best meal I ever had (truly the single best one!). Prepared in an ancient restaurant in a little town on the island of Sicily, it was a big bowl of chickpeas that had simmered [...] (...more)
    19 Mar 2014 at 12:33pm       

  • Don't Think Twice About Going Vegan
    A number of readers have asked if I'd respond to the article Why You Should Think Twice About Vegetarian and Vegan Diets, by Chris Kresser. Kresser is a licensed acupuncturist who writes frequently about diet. And since I would never go around poking needles into people, I wish he would return the favor and stop [...] (...more)
    6 Mar 2014 at 8:29am       

  • Grains in Vegan Diets: No, They Won't Make You Fat or Sick
    With the exception of some raw foods vegans, almost all of the vegans I know eat grains. If any of the fear mongering around these foods has any basis, it's a wonder we're all still alive and that many of us are thriving. At the center of the anti-grain campaign is Dr. William Davis, author [...] (...more)
    26 Feb 2014 at 11:39am       

  • Potassium in Vegan Diets: Less Kale, More Beans?
    It's not surprising that vegetarians and vegans tend to have higher intakes of potassium compared to omnivores. One simple dietary change—replacing the meat in a recipe with any type of beans—can give potassium intake a healthy boost. It doesn't necessarily mean that we vegans always get enough, though. In fact, while it's far easier (...more)
    19 Feb 2014 at 9:35am       

  • Plant Protein: Why Vegan Diets Need Beans
    If you subscribe by email to this blog, you may have received a post about calcium and protein and bone health last week. I'm not sure why since that post was published last August. But it worked out to be okay that it popped up out of nowhere. It's actually a reasonable segue to this [...] (...more)
    10 Feb 2014 at 9:53am       

  • What Does a Vegan Dietitian Eat?
    I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Laziest Vegans in the World about my favorite convenience foods this week. This fun website is “a tribute to vegan pre-packaged food.” I'm glad that these foods exist, especially for those who are reluctant to try veganism because they think it's too hard or that there [...] (...more)
    26 Jan 2014 at 4:44pm       

  • Soy Isoflavones, Benefits of Beans, and Mediterranean Foods for Vegans
    The title for this post has a lot of stuff packed into it, but I wanted to share some articles I've been writing elsewhere about plant foods and health. Mostly, I've got beans on the brain these days. I gave a presentation on beans and health at last year's Sixth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition [...] (...more)
    23 Jan 2014 at 11:34am       

  • Never Too Late to Go Vegan: The Book!
    Back in June of last year, I shared news about my upcoming book Never Too Late to Go Vegan. I'm happy and excited to announce that the book is finished and shipping from booksellers in the next few weeks. My co-authors are Patti Breitman, a former literary agent and current vegan activist and educator, and [...] (...more)
    12 Jan 2014 at 9:13am       

  • @TheVeganRD's Latest Tweets

    • Makes me happy to see science-based critical thinkers entering dietetics field. You should follow @PugetHiker and @ScienceBasedRD 1 days 5 hrs ago
    • @borkdude One of my favorite ways to get calcium! 2 days 1 hrs ago
    • @borkdude Just read it. Thank you! 2 days 1 hrs ago
    • @carlvphillips It might, but I don't think it's been tested. So, I don't think I'd change recommendations based on that. 2 days 1 hrs ago
    • @GreatVegan No good evidence for this. But even if it's true, only true with megadoses of vitamin C supplements. 2 days 1 hrs ago
    • @PythaCrank FODMAP has some research behind it; but yes, some will use it to unnecessarily avoid gluten. 2 days 1 hrs ago
    • @borkdude Is it a good review? I wish I could read it! 4 days 23 hrs ago
    • @borkdude @markhymanmd Most plant milks--except soy--are low in protein. And leafy greens provide it but R not "excellent" sources. 4 days 23 hrs ago
    • @LearyBonnie I don't know him, so don't know if that's true. Just think he doesn't know abt vegan diets! 4 days 23 hrs ago
    • @carlvphillips Spinach has plenty of calcium; you just can't absorb it. Almost all bound to oxalates. 4 days 23 hrs ago
    • #vegan meme making its way around soc media says spinach is source of calcium. It's not. Only vegs in cabbage family have calcium 5 days 23 hrs ago
    • @borkdude @markhymanmd Unfortunately, some of those are not really good sources of protein. :) 5 days 23 hrs ago
    • It's actually easy to get enough protein on a #vegan diet. Wish @markhymanmd wld consult vegan experts abt this. 5 days 23 hrs ago
    • @VeganTweeter @andybellatti @MattRuscigno I think we evolved to thrive on a variety of plant-based diets. Fortunately includes veganism. 9 days 4 hrs ago
    • Tips for giving up cheese from me + win copy of 'Never Too Late to Go Vegan' from @PlantDietitian! 16 days 4 hrs ago
    • @VeganTweeter @MattRuscigno @Vegan_Chicago @ScienceBasedRD if it were true, type of calcium forticant would have to be on label. 16 days 4 hrs ago
    • @MattRuscigno @VeganTweeter @Vegan_Chicago @ScienceBasedRD Agree. No evidence for this. It's a myth from the pro-raw milk folks. 16 days 4 hrs ago
    • Beans lower cholesterol! (You already knew that, but it's nice to see more research) 16 days 5 hrs ago
    • @veganscore Can you DM me your email address? 17 days 2 hrs ago
    • @Drgarthdavis @YoniFreedhoff @gastromom "radical" or effective msg? Fat shaming isn't effective. Nor is simplistic "go vegan, get skinny" 18 days 6 hrs ago
    • @SudsyMaggie You too, Maggie. :) 19 days 20 hrs ago
    • @SudsyMaggie So, that research showed that oil raises risk of disease for ppl eating healthy diets?? I don't think so. 19 days 21 hrs ago
    • @SudsyMaggie @NWHerbivore Nope. There is no research to suggest that oil is harmful in the context of a healthy vegan diet. 19 days 21 hrs ago
    • @PythaCrank @ScienceBasedRD @MattRuscigno It's pretty common. I don't get it, though. Stores sell what ppl want, not what they should eat! 20 days 5 hrs ago
    • @PythaCrank Addressed it in Vegan for Life a little bit related to B12. What did you say to the worriers? 20 days 5 hrs ago
    • Are vegetarians less healthy than meat-eaters? An analysis of the latest research: 20 days 5 hrs ago
    • See how teens are changing the world for animals. You'll be uplifted & inspired. Via @VegYouth @ourhenhouse 22 days 6 hrs ago
    • @ScienceBasedRD Yes; same old thing--that I scare ppl away from being vegan. Y'know, b/c taking a B12 supp is so much trouble. :) 24 days 20 hrs ago
    • @ScienceBasedRD @NWHerbivore Cake always helps! I'll let you know abt plans. 24 days 20 hrs ago
    • @veganscore Okay--I'm going to contact you to talk abt plans. Thanks! 24 days 20 hrs ago

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