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The Vegan RD

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Ginny Kisch Messina is a registered dietitian who runs the blog, - "Thoughts on being vegan, a dietitians perspective". Author of 'Vegan for Life!'.

  • Celebrities, Weight Loss and Penn Jillette's New Vegan Diet
    The vegan internet is abuzz over Penn Jillette's (of Penn and Teller fame) recent weight loss and his current plant-based diet. But when it comes to celebrities, weight and veganism, I'm always more than a little cautious. Here are three reasons why I think it's a mistake to view Penn's experience as good PR for […] (...more)
    11 Apr 2015 at 1:27pm       

  • Vegan Diets to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
    The latest findings from the Adventist Health Study-2 (AHS-2) found that people who ate plant-based diets—which included vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians and pesco-vegetarians—had a 22% lower risk of colorectal cancer (1). But when the researchers pulled the subjects apart into more specific groups, the only group of “vegetarians” with a lower risk were (...more)
    1 Apr 2015 at 12:18pm       

  • White Rice, Resistant Starch and Vegan Diets
    One of last week's big nutrition news items was about a method to reduce the calories in white rice. Researchers from Sri Lanka found that when you add a small amount of fat to white rice during the cooking process, and then refrigerate the cooked rice for at least 12 hours, the result is a […] (...more)
    29 Mar 2015 at 9:29am       

  • Protein from Plants: A Primer for Vegans
    Getting enough protein on a vegan diet is pretty easy. But it doesn't mean that every single vegan meets protein needs. Eating too many junk foods, avoiding legumes, or skimping on calories can all cause protein to fall short of optimal intake. My second nutrition primer is on plant protein and vegan protein requirements. It […] (...more)
    25 Mar 2015 at 12:05pm       

  • Pinto Beans or Tofurky? How Food Choices and Motivations Affect Vegan Health
    When it comes to vegan diets and health, a couple of misconceptions often pop up on blogs and in social media. One is that whole-food plant-based people are healthier than plain old vegans. Related to that is the belief that vegans motivated by ethics choose less healthy diets than those motivated by health. Is it […] (...more)
    16 Mar 2015 at 11:23am       

  • Introducing Nutrition Primers from The Vegan RD
    Many of the questions that come to me via email, this blog and through social media are ones that I've answered somewhere at one time or another—in my books, in blog posts or in other articles online. Sometimes the information that people need is spread out across several resources, though, and I thought it might […] (...more)
    1 Mar 2015 at 12:54pm       

  • The 2015 Dietary Guidelines: What Will They Mean for Vegans?
    For those who advocate for animals, the report from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is a bit of a mixed bag. On the plus side, the report makes a clear recommendation for Americans to eat less meat and, in fact, to eat less animal food in general. The committee says that “a diet higher […] (...more)
    22 Feb 2015 at 2:05pm       

  • The Vegan Feminist Agitator interviews The Vegan RD!
    Marla Rose's Vegan Feminist Agitator blog—which is part of the excellent Vegan Street website– is one of my favorites. Marla is such a brilliant writer and thinker and I was honored to be interviewed last week as part of her Vegan Rockstar series. Please take a peek at the interview which includes my thoughts on […] (...more)
    9 Feb 2015 at 3:04pm       

  • Finding the Best Vegan Vitamin B12 Supplement
    As you might imagine, I get into a lot of discussions about vitamin B12 on facebook and twitter, and also via email. Vegans have many good questions about this nutrient. And sometimes some not-so-good opinions about it. This past year I found myself chatting with the editor of a vegan publication who insisted that my […] (...more)
    6 Feb 2015 at 10:48am       

  • Why Do Some People Fail at Being Vegan?
    It's no secret that many people give veganism a try only to quickly abandon it. But the findings from last month's Humane Research Council survey were especially sobering. According to their study, a cross-sectional survey of 11,400 U.S. adults, nearly three-quarters—70% to be exact—of those who have tried a vegan diet end up abandoning it. (...more)
    6 Jan 2015 at 11:59am       

  • @TheVeganRD's Latest Tweets

    • @NeoRenfield Oh I know--re-living HS is not one of my goals. 8 hrs 35 min ago
    • @CrazyRichardsPB Absolutely--my favorite way to eat bread! (I eat PB every day :) 8 hrs 36 min ago
    • Apparently some vegans say bread is unhealthy?? Since yeast/leavening improves mineral absorption, bread is especially good 4 vegans. 8 hrs 42 min ago
    • @NeoRenfield @JLgoesVegan Here you go. (Why aren't you on FB?) 8 hrs 46 min ago
    • Veganism vs (totally unnecessary) dietary restrictions. My delightful friend @JLgoesVegan explains the difference. 8 hrs 58 min ago
    • Must be careful in how we talk abt dangers of red meat. Here is how it can increase animal suffering 1 days 17 hrs ago
    • @Seattle_Amore Ha--it was new for me, too. And I was pretty sure I had heard 'em all. :) 2 days 9 hrs ago
    • @SoapyFMF Because they want to tell me that vegan diets are dangerous for some people. :) 2 days 10 hrs ago
    • @SoapyFMF Yes--kosher pickles pretty much cure everything! 2 days 10 hrs ago
    • @UrbanTurnip Agree--it's preposterous. Pretty sure this person was serious (I get some pretty flaky emails.) 2 days 10 hrs ago
    • @sendmorecops @floodfish Funny--because she actually went to Wendy's and found it immediately healing. (Not making this up!) 2 days 10 hrs ago
    • @NeoRenfield Doesn't eat "processed foods," so no saltines. ;) 2 days 10 hrs ago
    • Email today from ex-vegan who couldn't get enough sodium on vegan diet. (?) Now eats salted meat. Huh. Pretty sure you can salt beans. 2 days 10 hrs ago
    • @skepticpedi @nutrevolve @NeoRenfield Yes I think so. And yes to the boulangerie (esp since 1 food does not make or break GI/GL :) 2 days 12 hrs ago
    • @nutrevolve @skepticpedi @NeoRenfield Agree re: need for RCTs. And agree "cause" is wrong word. 2 days 13 hrs ago
    • @skepticpedi @NeoRenfield I didn't make any diet recommendations! Except to say fatty foods R okay to counter common vegan misconception. 2 days 13 hrs ago
    • @skepticpedi @NeoRenfield Effect of IGF-1 on factors involved in acne. These are actual areas of investigation. 2 days 13 hrs ago
    • @veganoption B/C vegans sometimes rely on YouTube or popular books as "science." Plus lots of misinfo on the web. 2 days 13 hrs ago
    • I've got fat on my mind today. B/C vegans often think it's unhealthy. But nuts and seeds are good 4 U. A little added fat okay, too 2 days 13 hrs ago
    • If you're getting enough omega-3 fats from plants, do you need DHA supplements? 2 days 13 hrs ago
    • @skepticpedi @NeoRenfield Didn't say there was robust evidence. But there is epi evidence + biological plausibility 4 both esp GI. 2 days 14 hrs ago
    • Not true that fatty foods cause acne. (Chocolate doesn't either--Yay!) Most likely culprits are dairy and high glycemic index. 2 days 16 hrs ago
    • @brendonbrewer @Reducetarian Yes, need good science-based info for advocacy, too. 3 days 9 hrs ago
    • Don't let "science-based vegan" be an oxymoron. We can (and should) stand for animal rights *and* for scientific integrity 3 days 10 hrs ago
    • Would love to see @CoryBooker run for prez (esp since I'm a vegan nerd from NJ, too.) 3 days 14 hrs ago
    • Yup, some #vegans are fat. And it's nobody else's business. via @compassionco 3 days 14 hrs ago
    • @farmanimalluv @JLgoesVegan Yes, have read book. Also have read a lot of research. No evidence that small amts of oil R harmful. 4 days 18 hrs ago
    • Yes you can have gluten, soy & oil in your #vegan diet. It will make it easier and be just as healthy. 5 days 12 hrs ago
    • How to grow a veggie garden without even trying. 8 days 15 hrs ago
    • Sorry ex-vegans, #vegan detractors, and Paleo folks--cholesterol is *not* an essential nutrient. We synthesize all we need. 8 days 15 hrs ago

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