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The Vegan Option

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Ian McDonald brings you "Stories, science, and analysis from vegan perspectives."

  • A very small sneak peek.

    This is a small introductory snippet to let folk who get our podcast in iTunes or other podcast readers check that it’s working – and the first hint of our theme tune.

    10 Oct 2011 at 5:22pm

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    • Frustrated at 1880s translation rendering 100k Indians as "five score thousand". Obviously "lacked" a shorter way of saying it. 1 days 20 hrs ago
    • Choosing texts for readings #VegHist, slightly editing translations as I go. Eg "gentile" (Hindus in 1680s travelogue) becomes "pagan". 1 days 20 hrs ago
    • @erinred Happy Birthday :). Hope the stuff that took you off the podwaves gets cleared up soon. 2 days 18 hrs ago
    • @mannacuisine @LondonVegan Thanks :) 2 days 21 hrs ago
    • Choosing readings to include in #VegHist, I see that a 19th C campaigner has done some of the work for me. 2 days 23 hrs ago
    • #VeganHour Who is listening to vegan comic @destructo9000's show at 11pm on @BBCRadio4 (available online globally)? 4 days 0 hrs ago
    • @FatGayVegan You know about @destructo9000's vegan gender/sex questioning comedy show on @BBCRadio4 this 'eve, right? 4 days 7 hrs ago
    • @StudyLabHistory Seeking extant locations & archives from "Fellowship of the New Life" era. Any pointers? 5 days 4 hrs ago
    • @StudyLabHistory Am producing a radio history of vegetarianism, which overlapped greatly with foundation of Fabian soc & lab movement. 5 days 4 hrs ago
    • @LondonVegan FfT claim 1974 - @mannacuisine, when in '60s were you founded? 8 days 3 hrs ago
    • @LondonVegan What's the oldest extant veg restaurant in London? Food for Thought? 8 days 3 hrs ago
    • London airspace is closed. Tempted to rush to do some interviews knowing they won't be interrupted by airplane noise. 8 days 3 hrs ago
    • Experts @CllrAntrobus and Dr Sam Calvert point to the remaining steps of the 19thC veg church in Salford 8 days 11 hrs ago
    • In Salford yesterday, discovering veg Christian church & @VegSoc founder. Cold. Umbrella casualties: mine destroyed, guest's lost 8 days 21 hrs ago
    • RT @sentientist: When @GiveWell and @JoyfulVegan converge: Don't give a Goat (or a Cow) to people in need http://t.c' 15 days 3 hrs ago
    • @sentientist Is there a less polemical source saying the same thing? #Shortcut 15 days 3 hrs ago
    • @sentientist It's not a surprise that they'd turn their fire on ethical consumer branding. 15 days 3 hrs ago
    • @sentientist The Adam Smith Institute pride themselves on being the unthinkable radical edge of libertarianism. 15 days 3 hrs ago
    • Random fact: Ahmedabad called "Manchester of India" for its textile trade; both cities also hubs of veg political radicals. #Gandhi #Cowherd 16 days 1 hrs ago
    • Learnt Animal shelter I visited in Ahmedabad, India has accounts back to 1798 & probably existed much earlier. HT DLodrick @BritishLibrary 16 days 2 hrs ago
    • @CowherdsVegCafe Are you doing anything Dec 9 or 10? Am planning to be in Salford then. 19 days 5 hrs ago
    • Picking up some tricks. "@DrIanMcDonald: Learning about the "Documentary Imagination in Radio" with @InTheDarkRadio at @britishlibrary." 24 days 1 hrs ago
    • @JoshRandall The history of vegetarianism is moving forward slowly. Thanks for asking :). 27 days 2 hrs ago
    • Installed @DailyMirror's "UKIP Googles" joke app. Realised it's editing my emails - eg "India" becomes "Earl Mountbatten's Place". Not good. 29 days 3 hrs ago
    • Listening back to Anita Guerrina i/v. Q: How to pronounce George Cheyne. A: Shane, Shane-ey, or Sheen? Historians don't know. Grr. 30 days 1 hrs ago
    • @ourhenhouse Congrats! But the list is actually from user "VeganAtheist", not @BuzzFeed editorial. 34 days 20 hrs ago
    • Correct link for the @DailyMirror story that cites my interview with UK's 3 vegan MPs is 38 days 4 hrs ago
    • @CllrAntrobus Looking forward to getting in touch with you & sharing story of Salford's vegetarian history. 38 days 5 hrs ago
    • RT @BBCRadio3: This evening at 10.45pm @AlasdairCochran's @BBCFreeThinking essay 'Beastly Politics'.' 40 days 6 hrs ago
    • At "Legalities of Eating and Drinking" @BirkbeckNews, listening to Victoria Ridler discussing @PeterSinger & UK Horsemeat scandal. 42 days 5 hrs ago

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