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The Vegan Option

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Ian McDonald brings you "Stories, science, and analysis from vegan perspectives."

A very small sneak peek.
10 Oct 2011 at 5:22pm

This is a small introductory snippet to let folk who get our podcast in iTunes or other podcast readers check that it’s working – and the first hint of our theme tune.

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  • RT @TheVeganRD: @veganoption B/C vegans sometimes rely on YouTube or popular books as "science." Plus lots of misinfo on the web. 8 hrs 5 min ago
  • So @TheVeganRD, why did you consider that needed saying? Or made you think there was a risk of it being an oxymoron? 9 hrs 47 min ago
  • RT @TheVeganRD: Don't let "science-based vegan" be an oxymoron. We can (and should) stand for animal rights *and* for scientific integrity 9 hrs 49 min ago
  • Ahead of the UK's #GE15, @TheVeganSociety sums up what the manifestos say about animal issues. 4 days 12 hrs ago
  • BBC radio sociology show notices pets are family. CC @Sentientist @herzoghal 8 days 10 hrs ago
  • @theSNP @Plaid_Cymru Are any of the nationalist candidates vegan? 12 days 21 hrs ago
  • @Conservatives Are any of your parliamentary candidates vegan, do you happen to know? 13 days 11 hrs ago
  • @TheGreenParty Hi. Compiling a list of vegan parliamentary candidates. Do you know which of yours are? 13 days 15 hrs ago
  • @UKIP Putting together a list of vegan parliamentary candidates. Would be interested to know if any of yours are vegan. 13 days 16 hrs ago
  • Looking for vegan #GE15 candidates. Know of 3x Lab incumbents, 4x AWP. Anyone else? 13 days 16 hrs ago
  • @annewootton Thanks :). 17 days 15 hrs ago
  • Wondering if C6 BCE literacy makes ancient Greek historians lives harder - so many more contradictory sources preserved than, say, India. 21 days 11 hrs ago
  • (For the curious, the interview relates to animal sacrifice in Greco-Roman culture, esp its implications for Greco-Roman vegetarians) 22 days 5 hrs ago
  • "for that particular god or goddess" autotranscribed as "sticks a dildo in girls ass". @PopUpArchive, wash your audio interfaces with soap! 22 days 5 hrs ago
  • What did the 2010 UK Election result mean for animals? #GE15 23 days 21 hrs ago
  • .@ageiselectric You can hear the interviews I did with @ChriswMP @KerryMP @cathyjamieson here: 24 days 11 hrs ago
  • @ChriswMP Am interested in all the vegan candidates - so if you can say whom, v interested. cc @ageiselectric @KerryMP @cathyjamieson 24 days 11 hrs ago
  • @ageiselectric For area, could find local candidates on and ask them. @ChriswMP @KerryMP @cathyjamieson 24 days 11 hrs ago
  • @ageiselectric All 4 AWP (@AnimalsCount) candidates vegan. Don't know of other parties. cc @ChriswMP @KerryMP @cathyjamieson 24 days 11 hrs ago
  • Labour's vegan MPs @ChrisWMP @KerryMP @CathyJamieson all standing again. (Any other vegan Lab candidates?) #GE15 24 days 15 hrs ago
  • The Animal Welfare Party @AnimalsCount is fielding four candidates, all formerly of Vegan Runners UK. 24 days 18 hrs ago
  • Today is nominations day in the UK's General Election. Who are the vegan candidates? 24 days 20 hrs ago
  • 13 interviews left to go. Read the post-Paris #VegHist update: 26 days 16 hrs ago
  • @JerriBoonstra @speedmister007 *reports Jerri for spam*. Sorry Speedmister007 31 days 2 hrs ago
  • @speedmister007 BTW, in the script, where there's time to explain, I don't use the P-word. (PS: "refute" means disprove, suggest "deny"). 31 days 3 hrs ago
  • @speedmister007 But if you've got a better English translation, I'm all ears. 31 days 3 hrs ago
  • @speedmister007 'Prophet' is often used; right insofar he shared nature of universe; wrong insofar insight from own efforts, not God. 31 days 3 hrs ago
  • @speedmister007 I'll admit to finding a brief way conveying 'tirthankara' / 'ford-maker' without stopping to explain it difficult. 31 days 3 hrs ago
  • Vast corporation seems to have decided that "vegan" in big letters helps sell stuff. Twas not always thus. 31 days 3 hrs ago
  • It's Mahavir Jayanti today - the birthday of the last prophet of the Jains. I'm editing the #VegHist episode about him. 32 days 6 hrs ago

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