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The Tofu Guru

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The Tofu Guru is a one girl vegan cooking show. Tune into my kitchen for eclectic indie music & entry-level recipes that rarely involve tofu. Promise.

17 Apr 2015

The Holy Grail of Veggie Burgers
25 Aug 2011
The Holy Grail of Veggie Burgers By jove, I think I've done it. A tasty egg-free burger that actually holds together... even on the grill. Music by The Ride Theory http://theridetheory.com/ Visit: http://tofuguru.net/ [...]

(Vegan) Chili & (Gluten-free) Cornbread
4 Aug 2011
(Vegan) Chili & (Gluten-free) Cornbread SO MUCH PROTEIN. Sorry for the slight delay, but it took me a few tries to get this one right! Quite proud of it though. Just sayin. Music by Sylvie Lewis http://sylvielewis.com/ Provided by: http://musicalley.com/ Visit: [...]

Vegan Lasagna
14 Jul 2011
Vegan Lasagna The people have spoken! Here's my recipe for true veggie-lover's lasagna. Not for the faint of heart. (And yes, we're still working with the iPhone here...) Music by Josh Woodward http://joshwoodward.com/ Visit: [...]

iPhone Pancakes
4 Jul 2011
iPhone Pancakes Who ever decided these are a breakfast food...? Just sayin'. Keep those requests rolling in... the summer is far from over! Music by Sick of Sarah http://sickofsarah.com/ Visit: http://tofuguru.net/ [...]

¡Vegan Tamales!
24 Jun 2011
¡Vegan Tamales! Please accept my humble apologies... and allow me to distract you with butternut squash tamales! I am officially back for the summer - granting wishes, no less. So send me those requests... Music by Los Sundayers http://sundayers.com/ Visit: [...]

Idiot-Proof Lentils
27 Jan 2011
Idiot-Proof Lentils Hey all, good to see ya. (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!) I'm pretty sure this recipe could be classified as Daal, since it's basically a lentil stew with Indian flair. All I know is - it's perfect for cold, homework-filled [...]

Me, My Elf, and I
25 Dec 2010
Me, My Elf, and I Seasons greetings, from me and my long lost twin... Hope you're all well, and that you enjoy this gingerbread cookie recipe (sorry it's a bit late)! There's quite a lot of variety among cookie recipes - so I'll [...]

Everything but the Tofurkey
21 Nov 2010
Everything but the Tofurkey This Thanksgiving, Chuck and I came up with vegan versions for all your classic side dishes... and we did not skimp on the vegan butter. Thanks to my guest star: http://youtube.com/TheFour0fUs Music by The Silver [...]

29 Oct 2010
Clueless In which three unlikely dinner party guests are forced to subsist on mini-popcorn balls and cinnamon cider while they attempt to deduce the killer of their host. Thanks everybody for your patience during my (somewhat extended) hiatus... [...]

Vegan Lunchbox 101 (And One Lucky Winner...)
31 Aug 2010
Vegan Lunchbox 101 (And One Lucky Winner...) In which I throw together some semi-nutritious vegan lunches, brainstorm nicknames, and make you wait until the very end of the video to find out who won the t-shirt. Thank you everyone for participating! [...]

The Pizza Swami
24 Aug 2010
The Pizza Swami This week I'm joined by the guy I go to for pizza crust recipes... and spiritual guidance. Eggplant Pizza Prep Time: 1 hour Serves: 3 people (or 2 really hungry ones) Music by Blame It On Cain http://www.myspace.com/blameitoncainband Visit: [...]

A Flock of Announcements and a T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY!
17 Aug 2010
A Flock of Announcements and a T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY! So much news! And I'm giving away a t-shirt. All you've got to do is leave a comment, because I'm a softy. You're just lucky I'm not one of those vloggers who make you film [...]

How to Boil Vegan Water
12 Aug 2010
How to Boil Vegan Water In case you were wondering. Also check out: http://www.youtube.com/ginnypottermusictv And: http://dftba.com/ [...]

RAW-violi Time
9 Aug 2010
RAW-violi Time When life breaks your microwave, make raw ravioli. That's what I say. I was actually shocked and amazed at how delicious this stuff is. You'll probably have some ricotta filling left over, if you're not a raw vegan [...]

Mochi Ice Cream & Geekery
2 Aug 2010
Mochi Ice Cream & Geekery In which I make some excuses, and then make some mochi filled with green tea, red bean, and vanilla ice cream. Music by Miss the Occupier http://www.myspace.com/misstheoccupier Visit: http://tofuguru.net/ [...]

The Tofu Guru's Day Off
26 Jul 2010
The Tofu Guru's Day Off I had to play hooky this week to work on the new and improved TofuGuru.net (launch party next month). My younger, better looking brother, Benny, has taken it upon himself to keep you fed and entertained in my absence. [...]

Dreaming of Vegan Quesadillas
19 Jul 2010
Dreaming of Vegan Quesadillas In the interest of accurate nomenclature, perhaps we should come up with a new name for these, can they really be called quesadillas if there's no QUESO involved??? Prep time: 1 hour 30 minutes (most of it's [...]

Grilled Veggie Kabobs & Nerdfighters
12 Jul 2010
Grilled Veggie Kabobs & Nerdfighters Wherein I brave the sweltering heat to grill some vegan shish kabobs. I better not hear anybody making fun of my little Smokey Joe. It's sensitive. Music by Carbon Leaf http://carbonleaf.com/splash/index.php Visit: [...]

Cold Soba Noodles
5 Jul 2010
Cold Soba Noodles If I could live in the basement eating cold soba noodles all summer long, I would be one happy camper. Music by Death Cab For Cutie http://www.deathcabforcutie.com/ Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

Birthday Card to a Starving Author
30 Jun 2010
Birthday Card to a Starving Author My dear sister Cat (alias: The Starving Author), turned 18 today. She is now suddenly smart enough to vote, old enough to buy cigarettes, and emotionally mature enough to enlist in the armed forces without [...]

Raw Banana Sundaes
27 Jun 2010
Raw Banana Sundaes Yes, this happens often. Music by Sputnik: http://sputnikcle.blogspot.com/ Visit: http://tofuguru.net/ [...]

Father's Day Snackage: Zesty 3 Seed Crackers
20 Jun 2010
Father's Day Snackage: Zesty 3 Seed Crackers This is my dad's recipe for raw dehydrator crackers! And irrefutable evidence that geekiness runs in the family... If you're a dad, happy father's day! If you have a dad, happy father's [...]

Raw Nori Roll-ups
14 Jun 2010
Raw Nori Roll-ups Fresh and crunchy and tangy and healthy and QUICK and EASY. Yep. My business associate: http://youtube.com/Catspeaksart Music by The League http://www.theleaguemusic.net/ Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

Raw Carrot Cupcakes w/ Cashew Frosting
6 Jun 2010
Raw Carrot Cupcakes w/ Cashew Frosting To feed my addiction. 1 week down, 3-ish to go! My partner in crime: http://youtube.com/catspeaksart Music by Benji Cossa http://www.myspace.com/benjicossa Visit: http://tofuguru.net/ [...]

Cat's Epic Apple Pie
31 May 2010
Cat's Epic Apple Pie An old classic with a modern twist! Apples and peanut butter are a match made in heaven! Special Guest Star: Cat http://www.youtube.com/catspeaksart/ Music by Sylvie Lewis http://www.sylvielewis.com/ and Metro Station http://www.metrostationmusic.com/us/home Visit: [...]

Vegan Eats in San Francisco
24 May 2010
Vegan Eats in San Francisco 6 days, 8 restaurants. Watch me eat my way through some of San Francisco's best spots for hungry vegans. Pacific Tradewinds Backpacker Hostel http://www.sanfranciscohostel.org/ Music by The Deadly Syndrome http://thedeadlysyndrome.com/wordpress/ and [...]

San Francisco Adventure! Where should I eat?
11 May 2010
San Francisco Adventure! Where should I eat? Let me know, cause I've never been there. See you in a week(ish)! Music: "California" by Metro Station http://www.metrostationmusic.com/us/home [...]

Trekkie Tea Party
10 May 2010
Trekkie Tea Party Need some finger sandwiches to go with the Klingon blood wine? Gotcha covered. Music by All Caps http://www.allcapsband.com/ Provided by DFTBA Records http://www.dftba.com/ Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

My Big Fat Greek Gyro (Vegan)
3 May 2010
My Big Fat Greek Gyro (Vegan) A gyro's kind of like a sandwich! And in case there were any doubts as to my dorky-ness, let's throw in an obscure movie reference just for kicks. Music by Motion City Soundtrack http://www.motioncitysoundtrack.com/ Visit: [...]

Veggie Bánh Mì
25 Apr 2010
Veggie Bánh Mì Bánh mì is beyond description. If only I could pronounce it correctly. Music by The Boggs http://www.myspace.com/theboggs Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

ZOMG!!1! Dalek Cupcakes!
19 Apr 2010
ZOMG!!1! Dalek Cupcakes! In honor of the season premiere of Doctor Who, which I did NOT miss, I made Dalek cupcakes. You know you've always dreamed of such a thing. Music by awesome Trock band Chameleon Circuit http://dftba.com/shop/categories/Music/Chameleon-Circuit/ Music [...]

Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich (with hummus!)
11 Apr 2010
Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich (with hummus!) The veggie sandwiches continue, this week's model includes roasted red peppers, fresh dill, and homemade hummus. I really wanted to try some gluten-free bread. More to come, leave your suggestions! Music [...]

On a Vegan Submarine
5 Apr 2010
On a Vegan Submarine The flagship sandwich: Italian-style Grilled Zucchini. More to come, leave your suggestions! Music by Sputnik: http://sputnikcle.blogspot.com/ For the bread recipe featured in this episode (and many more) visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

Stovetop Popcorn in 3D!
28 Mar 2010
Stovetop Popcorn in 3D! Herein you will learn to make the freshest, crispiest popcorn you've ever tasted in stunning *cough* stereoscopic 3D. Music by The Spinto Band http://www.spintoband.com/ Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

Stovetop Popcorn in 2D.
28 Mar 2010
Stovetop Popcorn in 2D. Free your mind - watch this in 3D here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkqaSyH6_C4 Music by The Spinto Band http://www.spintoband.com/ Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

Wizard in the Kitchen
22 Mar 2010
Wizard in the Kitchen This week I'm joined by Mr. Potter himself (I think...), and together we conjure an impressive spread: Cauldron Cakes, Pumpkin Pasties, Cockroach Clusters, Chocolate Frogs, and Butterbeer Floats! Music by two extremely [...]

Raw Pad Thai for the Tech Support
15 Mar 2010
Raw Pad Thai for the Tech Support We all love these calls. The question is, which end are YOU usually on...? Raw Pad Thai Ingredients: - 1 1/2 cups raw cashews (soaked 20 minutes) - 1 (or more, to taste) chile pepper, seeded - 1 clove of garlic - [...]

Sushi! (Part Two)
8 Mar 2010
Sushi! (Part Two) You guys are pros by now. Herein you will learn to make: Teriyaki Asparagus Nigiri, Shiitake Nigiri, Sweet Corn Gunkan-maki, Edamame Gunkan-maki, and Seitan Musubi. ^o^ Music: "ハッピィケンキュウジョ" [...]

Sushi! (Part One)
1 Mar 2010
Sushi! (Part One) Maki is certainly the most familiar/user-friendly shape that sushi comes in. Herein you will learn to make California Rolls and Inside-out Spicy Tempeh Rolls. ^_^ Watch Part Two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8ys5XtBKMM Music: [...]

Spay Day Munchies
21 Feb 2010
Spay Day Munchies This episode is not for human consumption. Watch my Spay Day vid here: Music: "Be OK" by Ingrid Michaelson http://www.ingridmichaelson.com/ Provided by Miveo's Music Alley http://www.musicalley.com/ Visit: [...]

Spay Day 2010
21 Feb 2010
Spay Day 2010 Fact: Companion animal overpopulation sucks for everyone. Fact: Spaying/neutering your pets will help solve the problem. Fact: Every dog, cat, rabbit, and parakeet deserves to be wanted and loved. Here's all those links [...]

14 Feb 2010
SINGLES AWARENESS DAY My happiest time of year. Really. Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ Music: "Just Go Out With Me" by Justin Winokur http://www.justinwinokur.com/ Provided by Miveo's Music Alley http://www.musicalley.com/ [...]

Power Outage Stuffed Peppers
7 Feb 2010
Power Outage Stuffed Peppers They're no microwave burrito, but what can I say? Fresh veggies FTW. Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ Music: "Dead Radio Love" by The Ride Theory http://www.theridetheory.com/ and "Hello Good [...]

Happy Birthday to... Me...
1 Feb 2010
Happy Birthday to... Me... 19. I feel ancient. Music: "On Finding a Life" by Miss the Occupier http://www.myspace.com/misstheoccupier Provided by Miveo's Music Alley http://www.musicalley.com/ Visit: http://www.tofuguru.net/ [...]

The Portabella Burger
25 Jan 2010
The Portabella Burger Have it your way! (Sorry in advance for the sound, I'm having mic problems. Mic problems dire enough to drive me to using my Mac's internal mic. Yeah.) Music: "Waiting Takes Time" by Josh Woodward http://www.joshwoodward.com/ Provided [...]

How to Make 100% Raw Collard Wraps
18 Jan 2010
How to Make 100% Raw Collard Wraps For that satisfying crunch. Don't be put off by the thought of raw collard greens - the sweet vegetables on the inside kick their usual bitterness in the face, and the nutty tahini holds it all together. Music: [...]

Thai Baked Tofu with a Side of Excuses
11 Jan 2010
Thai Baked Tofu with a Side of Excuses My first alibi vid! I'm moving up in the world! :) Music: "Inside Joke" by Little Thom http://www.myspace.com/littlethomsongs Provided by: Miveo's Music Alley http://www.musicalley.com/ Visit: [...]

Halloween Special
31 Oct 2009
Halloween Special Oh yeah. I've got friends in dark places. Special Guest Stars: Benny http://www.youtube.com/beatthepiper/ and Cat http://www.youtube.com/catspeaksart/ Music by The Branded: http://www.myspace.com/therealbranded Music [...]

Columbus Day PWND
12 Oct 2009
Columbus Day PWND Let's just call it "Pillaging Sea Pirates Day." Special Guest Star! BeatThePiper! http://www.youtube.com/beatthepiper/ Like the shirt? http://www.iaia.edu/store/pdetail.php?productid=8&type=single Visit: [...]

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