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The Plant Philosophy

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Living a plant-based, vegan lifestyle and loving every minute of it! Sharing my recipes along the way to inspire others to make healthier food choices.

  • Easy Vegan Cheddar Cheese Sauce
    In the past I shared a cheese sauce recipe that I do truly love. However, like most people, I’ve adjusted it over the years and revamped it into what it is today. Based on my own personal taste and dietary needs. The beauty is you can always adjust something like this to fit whatever needs...  Read More » The post Easy Vegan Cheddar (...more)
    23 May 2017 at 10:49am       

  • One Pot Spaghetti & Vegan “Meatballs”
    In an effort to help those of you with busy schedules, it’s been highly requested I share more one-pot meals. Ones that can be made in less than 30 minutes and require only a handful of simple ingredients. In the past I shared a one-pot creamy mushroom alfredo pasta. It was a huge hit! So...  Read More » The post One Pot Spaghetti & (...more)
    4 May 2017 at 7:00am       

  • Roasted Smoky Tomato Salsa (10 Ingredients!)
    Salsa is a beautiful thing. I regularly try new salsas anytime I spot a new brand or intriguing flavor combo. But it dawned on me how much I was actually spending on it monthly – like $20-30 dollars. That’s a ton for something that can easily be made from scratch. So I experimented with different...  Read More » The post Roasted (...more)
    1 May 2017 at 7:00am       

  • Vegan Vanilla & Pear Custard Tarts For Two
    They say April showers bring May flowers, hopefully you enjoy my rendition of these spring-inspired custard tarts instead. I never thought I would actually be sharing a recipe for these fancy looking tarts. In my mind I had an idea for this concept, really simple but elegant. Well elegant in comparison to what I usually make....  Read More » The (...more)
    9 Apr 2017 at 9:24am       

  • Spicy Chai Boba Smoothies aka Bubble Tea (5 Ingredients!)
    Once upon a time I would drink boba smoothies every single chance I got. When I first met my husband we would go to this little restaurant in Madison that had the best boba smoothie flavors. We probably went there 2-3 times a week, until they closed down. Now living in Texas (for the last...  Read More » The post Spicy Chai Boba Smoothies (...more)
    6 Apr 2017 at 4:33pm       

  • DIY Spicy Chai Concentrate (8 Ingredients!)
    When you finally decide to share a recipe you’ve been dying to shoot, even though the majority of people won’t find it interesting… This month I have SO MANY recipes I’m elated to share! I love a good chai. One that’s strong and spicy. Slightly sweet, poured over ice with a creamy non-dairy milk. Nothing...  Read More (...more)
    3 Apr 2017 at 7:00am       

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