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The Glowing Fridge

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Hi! I'm Shannon. I started The Glowing Fridge to share my love for the plant based lifestyle because it transformed my entire life. Making the switch by avoiding all animal products drastically improved my skin, my energy levels, and my overall mentality. I made the connection and have never looked back! For yummy whole foods recipes, grocery guides, cruelty-free beauty products, plant based tips & tricks or just to feel inspired, I would love for you to stop by my blog!

  • Creamy Green Goddess Vegan Soup
    Since the release of my Hormone Healing Plant Based Plan last Monday, my body needs all the nourishing foods it can get – hence this Creamy Green Goddess Vegan Soup!  The release took a lot out of me you guys! There’s SO many tech-y things that come up before a major release which means I’m usually... The post Creamy Green (...more)
    11 Jan 2018 at 8:55am       

  • Hormone Healing Plant Based Plan!!
      It’s hard times for our hormones. Keeping our delicate endocrine system in working order is no easy task. We live in a world full of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, pesticides, pollutants, processed foods, refined oils, caffeine and sugar, which seems to lurk in everything! On top of that we’re often stressed, crazy busy and majorly (...more)
    1 Jan 2018 at 5:13am       

  • Holiday White Peppermint Smoothie
    When you feel like soaking up every last drop of December by adding some holiday cheer to your breakfast smoothie!  That’s where I’m at right now… trying to take in what’s left of December and wishing it would linger a little longer. Between moving and getting settled into the new house to the renovations we’re... The (...more)
    21 Dec 2017 at 2:41pm       

  • Vegan Candy Cane Fudge
    Oh fudge, is this stuff good. When I think of fudge, I’m instantly transported to Kilwin’s Chocolate Shop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. That was our spot to load up on ice cream, specialty candy and all the fudge you could ever want. It’s the cutest little place where you can watch them make fudge and... The post Vegan Candy Cane Fudge (...more)
    11 Dec 2017 at 4:40pm       

  • My Recent Amazon Order
      Is this weird? Is it awkward to share my most recent Amazon order?! I don’t know!! The thing is, I kind of love to see what my fave wellness people are buying, whether it be from Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, Sephora, etc. I need to see what they’re ordering, like yesterday. Maybe I’m missing... The post My Recent Amazon Order (...more)
    28 Nov 2017 at 2:03pm       

  • Veggie Herb Vegan Stuffing
      Fluffy, wholesome and full of color (with raisins in every bite), this here stuffing is #goals! A protein-packed healthier stuffing your fam bam will love. Think of a classic stuffing recipe, except we’re swapping out the eggs for flax eggs, the meat for protein-packed lentils and the meat broth for veggie broth, while adding in... The (...more)
    21 Nov 2017 at 2:24pm       

  • 30 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas
      Deciding what to make or bring to the Thanksgiving table can feel overwhelming, especially if you are newly vegan, but not to fear! I’ve rounded up 30 of the yummiest and most festive Thanksgiving recipes around 🙂 Also important: what to sip on at the party. I’ve included some boozy drink recipes too. Let’s... The post 30 (...more)
    20 Nov 2017 at 9:15am       

  • Creamy Cashew Cauliflower Alfredo
      I MEAN! Is there anything better in life than a giant bowl of pasta with WHITE SAUCE??  Especially on a frigid wintry night when all you want is comfort food, fuzzy socks, a crackling fire, a glass of wine and a good movie… oh and snuggles. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?!! Sounds more... The post Creamy Cashew Cauliflower Alfredo (...more)
    7 Nov 2017 at 7:40am       

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