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The Full Helping

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Vegan nutritionist and cookbook author. RDN in training. Lover of vegetables, yoga, and words.

  • Vegan Spelt Plum Galette
    I’m not sure why it took me so long to get the hang of galettes, but I suspect that overthinking had a lot to do with it. Sometime back in June, I finally made a galette that I was happy with, and since then I’ve been making it with different combinations of summer fruit and... The post Vegan Spelt Plum Galette appeared first on The Full (...more)
    16 Aug 2017 at 7:36am       

  • Weekend Reading, 8.13.17
    I’ve been thinking a lot about change this week, how it creeps up unexpectedly and often without any help from us. For a while this past spring it was as if I was suspended in time, which at that moment didn’t feel like much of a good thing. The days were long and stifling, overpopulated... The post Weekend Reading, 8.13.17 appeared first (...more)
    13 Aug 2017 at 9:51am       

  • Bulgur Stuffed Eggplants with Tamarind, Currants & Pine Nuts
    I tend to forget that eggplants don’t really arrive in season until late summer, at least where I live. When they first show up at the farmers market, in all of their shiny, deep purple glory, I celebrate. Two weeks ago there were none, and now, suddenly, they’re everywhere. I may have been a bit... The post Bulgur Stuffed Eggplants with (...more)
    9 Aug 2017 at 12:17pm       

  • Weekend Reading, 8.6.17
    I’m just back from a short trip to D.C., where I was visiting family. I had just enough time to walk through my old neighborhood haunts, catch up with a couple friends, and simply enjoy being back in the District. I expected the memories of my D.C. years to feel weighty. My time in Washington... The post Weekend Reading, 8.6.17 appeared first (...more)
    6 Aug 2017 at 5:13am       

  • Simple Sweet Potato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup
    Soup has been the last thing on my mind this month, what with the heat and humidity. But we had a little burst of dry, breezy, and almost autumnal weather on Sunday, so I seized an opportunity to turn on the oven and let something simmer on the stovetop. Two loaves of my friend Alexandra’s... The post Simple Sweet Potato & Roasted Red Pepper (...more)
    3 Aug 2017 at 1:52pm       

  • Mason Jar Trifles with Berry Swirl Ice Cream & Vegan Lemon Cake
    I’ve always been a little intimidated of trifles: they seemed to require a lot of careful layering, along with a special serving vessel. Plus, I didn’t know the first thing about making either ladyfingers or custard. Then I read this article, and I realized that trifles, like so many other desserts, are actually far more... The post Mason (...more)
    31 Jul 2017 at 9:25am       

  • Weekend Reading, 7.30.17
    I’m shaking off the last aches and sniffles of a summer cold this morning, but my grumpiness about the cold is being offset by my delight in a beautiful, dry, and clear morning here in NYC. It’s been damp and gray for the last few days—good weather for staying home and sipping tea, but a... The post Weekend Reading, 7.30.17 appeared first (...more)
    30 Jul 2017 at 10:01am       

  • Chickpea Orzo with Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce
    I’ve been all about simple pasta dishes this summer. I still do plenty of batch cooking—stews, soups, hefty grain dishes, etc.—but now that I’m cooking for one again, pasta is often the easiest choice. I think it lends itself to single portions a little more easily than most grains, and the speedy cooking time makes... The post Chickpea (...more)
    27 Jul 2017 at 3:56pm       

  • Mediterranean Pita Pockets with Kale Burgers & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
    Lending a hand at my mom’s last week got me thinking about quick, easy lunches. Lunch bowls are my go-to at home, but they’re not an option unless you’ve batch cooked some toppings or components. Hummus sandwiches are a staple for me, but I was hoping to make something a little more memorable. My mom and... The post Mediterranean (...more)
    24 Jul 2017 at 1:11pm       

  • Weekend Reading, 7.23.17
    I had every intention of sharing some food this week, but blogging (and a bunch of other things) got put on the back burner. My mom had a total knee replacement, so I’ve been pitching in at her place, keeping her fridge stocked and doing my best to be helpful in other, small ways. She’s... The post Weekend Reading, 7.23.17 appeared first (...more)
    23 Jul 2017 at 3:53am       

  • Weekend Reading, 7.16.17
    Some of you may have seen a story, which is now making the rounds, about the response that one employee got from her CEO when she let her coworkers know that she was taking a mental health day off. Software developer Madalyn Parker sent out an email to coworkers that read, “Hey team, I’m taking today... The post Weekend Reading, 7.16.17 appeared (...more)
    16 Jul 2017 at 2:55pm       

  • America’s Test Kitchen Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
    I suspected I’d be a fan of America’s Test Kitchen’s Vegan for Everybody the moment I saw its title. Putting aside the fact that I’ve come to rely on ATK (and Cook’s Illustrated) for detailed cooking guidance, and putting aside Vegan for Everybody‘s awesome roster of recipes, I love the theme. I really do believe (...more)
    14 Jul 2017 at 12:28pm       

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