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The Full Helping

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Vegan nutritionist and cookbook author. RDN in training. Lover of vegetables, yoga, and words.

  • Weekend Reading, 9.22.17
    Happy weekend! And to those of you who celebrated Rosh Hashanah this week, happy new year. I greeted the holiday with Isa‘s vegan challah from Superfun Times and a gathering with my chosen family on Thursday evening. It was a lovely night, rich in conversation and good food. I got to thinking about how five months... The post Weekend Reading, (...more)
    24 Sep 2017 at 5:13am       

  • Braised Lentils on Toast
    Produce is so abundant at this time of year that I’m not usually thinking about recipes like this one: pantry meals that make something out of nothing, so to speak. But that’s exactly what I was thinking about when I got back from Prague in late August, greeted by a fridge that was empty except... The post Braised Lentils on Toast appeared (...more)
    21 Sep 2017 at 6:42am       

  • Perfect Vegan Pizza Margherita
    This vegan pizza margherita changes everything. It’s definitely not my first homemade pizza, but it’s the best and the easiest one I’ve made, and I know it’s the one I’ll keep making. My goal was to create a traditional vegan margherita, and to keep things as simple as margherita should be: a good, tender-yet-crispy crust,... The (...more)
    18 Sep 2017 at 12:35pm       

  • Weekend Reading, 9.17.17
    Happy Sunday, friends. Hope the weekend has been good to you. My big news this week is that my new cookbook, Power Plates, is officially available for pre-order whenever books are sold! The on-sale date is January 23, which seems far away now, but the time will fly, and it’s incredible to me that it’s... The post Weekend Reading, 9.17.17 (...more)
    17 Sep 2017 at 5:21am       

  • Crispy Vegan Cornmeal Waffles with Heirloom Tomato Peach Salsa
    I really love breakfast, but it’s probably the meal that I’m most happy to eat repetitively. A steady rotation of toast, tostadas, and oatmeal would be a little less adventurous than I’d like, all things considered, but it would keep me very, very happy. This past weekend, though, I got to thinking about this time... The post Crispy (...more)
    12 Sep 2017 at 5:00am       

  • Weekend Reading, 9.10.17
    I brought a lot of food writing with me to Prague, including Julia Child’s My Life in France, Molly Wizenburg’s A Homemade Life, and Laurie Colwin’s Home Cooking, which I’ve read plenty of times, but could probably revisit indefinitely. I also read Jenni Ferrari-Adler’s essay collection Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant, (...more)
    10 Sep 2017 at 11:56am       

  • Roasted Butternut Squash, Zucchini & Arugula Pesto Pasta Salad
    It’s been cool enough in New York this week that I can begin to indulge my love of fall produce and cooking. It’s a piecemeal process, something that happens one ingredient at a time. I’m not quite ready for pumpkin soup or a parade of cinnamon-scented baking projects—though neither is far off—but I am ready... The post Roasted (...more)
    6 Sep 2017 at 10:00am       

  • Weekend Reading, 9.3.17
    Two weeks ago, right after my summer courses ended, I spent some time getting to know Prague. It was a trip I had committed to this spring, fresh on the heels of my breakup. I was eager for an escape, but it wasn’t just about that. I was also thinking about how I’ve delayed seeing... The post Weekend Reading, 9.3.17 appeared first on The (...more)
    3 Sep 2017 at 9:28am       

  • Old-Fashioned Vegan Banana Cake with Creamy Cashew Frosting
    I have a thing for banana in baked goods—any baked goods. Cookies, cake, muffins, quickbread, blondies, you name it. I’ve always loved bananas, and it’s possible that I like them even more when they’re folded into a bowl of batter. This old-fashioned vegan banana cake with creamy cashew frosting is my newest favorite, a happy... The (...more)
    31 Aug 2017 at 7:11am       

  • Asian Burger Summer Rolls with Spicy Hoisin Peanut Dipping Sauce
    I suspect I’m not the only one who’s feeling the change of seasons keenly this week. Some friends have mentioned to me that they’re feeling melancholy about summer’s end, and others seem to be excited for the fall, but no one I’ve spoken to has been ambivalent. Part of saying goodbye to summer, at least... The post Asian (...more)
    29 Aug 2017 at 3:57am       

  • Weekend Reading, 8.27.17
    This is the last Sunday before the first day of my fall semester, which I can’t believe is here already; I’ve got my first class, Ethnic and Therapeutic Meal Patterns, on on Wednesday. Tomorrow I’ll be mapping out my work schedule for September, getting my syllabi in order, and continuing to unpack and catch up... The post Weekend (...more)
    27 Aug 2017 at 3:20pm       

  • Izy Hossack’s Falafel Smash
    I turn to Izy Hossack’s blog, Top with Cinnamon, for delicious and vegan friendly recipes. But more often than that, I read it for culinary guidance. Izy has a knack for making seemingly complex recipes (especially baking projects) feel easy and appealing, and her curious, studious spirit shines through her words. She’s obviously fascinated (...more)
    25 Aug 2017 at 10:08am       

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