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The Compassionate Cook

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Videos of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau from offering thoughts, advice and inspiration on all things vegan. Colleen is now primarily doing videos for members, visit her site for more info.

Be sure to browse Colleen's famous and free podcast, required listening for all discerning vegans!

My Cats Are Not Vegan. Here's Why.
15 Jul 2015
The question I get more than any other is “What do you feed your cats?” and “Is it okay to feed cats and dogs a vegan diet?” And so I give you my point of view (including about what to feed dogs). ★YouTube Subscribe: [...]

A Vegan Day in Paris
8 Jul 2015
As part of a larger "Vegan Travel with CPG" trip to Italy (and Provence), we also spent a day in Paris! Check out our vegan adventures. To listen to the full Food for Thought podcast episode and see videos and photos from our trip, visit:! Help [...]

Vegan Breakfast in Provence
8 Jul 2015
One of our beautiful vegan breakfasts in Provence. Produce markets are abundant here in the summer, and we are partaking in the goodness. See for yourself. XO ★YouTube Subscribe: ★The 30-Day Vegan Challenge: [...]

Farewell to Italy Dance Party
8 Jul 2015
Our farewell celebration -- dancing, eating, drinking, communing. Thanks to the fabulous group of people (including Brighde, my dancing partner) who made our 2nd annual Vegan Italy trip something special to remember forever. (Next year: Sicily! Join mailing [...]

Making Vegan Dinner from France
2 Jul 2015
VIDEO: In the kitchen making our last dinner in Provence, France! Help us caption & translate this video! [...]

Vegan Chocolate Sauce in Provence, France
1 Jul 2015
Best find in Provence. WARNING: Some chocolate is wasted in the making of this video, but none of it was harmed. Help us caption & translate this video! [...]

Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce!
1 Jul 2015
Our best find in Provence! WARNING: Some chocolate is wasted in the making of this video, but no chocolate was harmed. ★YouTube Subscribe: ★The 30-Day Vegan Challenge: [...]

Vegan Picnic in Provence
1 Jul 2015
After gathering lots of fresh produce and bread from local markets in a small town in Provence, we found some shade under a tree in Roussillon and enjoyed our lunch. Help us caption & translate this video! [...]

Ordering Vegan at a Restaurant in Provence
29 Jun 2015
We had the loveliest experience finding edible (i.e. vegan) food at a restaurant in a small village in Provence. Help us caption & translate this video! [...]

What (These) Vegans Eat for Lunch in France (Provence)
28 Jun 2015
Our first meal in Provence (St. Remy) - delicious tomatoes, bread, spreads, basil, and vegan cheese! (Sorry about the vertical filming!) Help us caption & translate this video! [...]

"Overweight Vegans Give All Vegans a Bad Name." Ugh.
18 Jun 2015
I hear people say things like, “Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Many vegans eat junk food and are overweight or they offer unsolicited advice to someone they see -- in person or a photo of and say, “Too bad they’re overweight. [...]

How to Make a Kentucky Buck
15 Jun 2015
How to consume animals (well sorta) cruelty-free. Watch us make a Kentucky Buck and nobody gets hurt. SORRY FOR THE VERTICAL FILMING - IT WAS ORIGINALLY SHOT FOR PERISCOPE, THEN SHARED HERE WITH ALL OF YOU! :) [...]

Vegans Criticizing Celebrities, Beyonce, and the Media
11 Jun 2015
In the last few years, veganism and plant-based diets have made their way into mainstream media more than ever. When it happens, what usually follows is a spate of comments online criticizing or praising the media coverage. We’ve seen this recently [...]

I Eat Processed Foods and You Do, Too!
3 Jun 2015
Some people say: “Just because you’re vegan, doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Vegans eat a lot of processed foods. Processed foods are killing people. Processed foods are evil.” That’s one point of view. Here’s my point of view. ★YouTube [...]

The Vegan Challenge on Good Day Sacramento: Week 3!
2 Jun 2015
Good Day reporters Melissa Cabral and Sean Bennett are taking The 30-Day Vegan Challenge! In Week 2, we talk about eating healthfully affordably and reading labels. More at [...]

Vegan Podcast | The Best Animal Mothers: Human and Non-Human
28 May 2015
This podcast comes from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's Podcast: Food For Thought. ★YouTube Subscribe: ★Visit: and sign up for the newsletter! ★Shop: ★Support: [...]

Vegan Podcast | 10 Strategies for Effective Communication (Part One)
28 May 2015
Sun, 12 April 2015 10 Strategies for Effective Communication (Part One) Returning to our 10 Stages of What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals, today we tackle Stage 7: Effective Communication. This is the stage at which you begin to feel more comfortable [...]

Vegan Podcast | 10 Strategies for Effective Communication (Part Two)
28 May 2015
Returning to the 10 Stages of What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals, today we wrap up Stage 7: Effective Communication. In Part One, I covered our first five strategies: *Creating Intention *Practicing Active Listening *Asking Questions *Having a [...]

Vegan Podcast | Vegan for Health vs. Vegan for Ethics: Is There a Difference ...
28 May 2015
Often when you tell someone you’re vegan, the response is: “Why are you vegan? Is it for health or ethics?” Somehow, the answer matters, and depending on your answer, people respond differently. Join me as I discuss if our motivation to become vegan [...]

Vegan Podcast | The Symbols of Easter and Passover: Honoring Tradition as wel...
28 May 2015
One misconception about veganism I’ve encountered more than once is the assumption that in honoring our values, we must forego tradition - as if these two things are mutually exclusive. Food-related rituals, particularly those involving animals, are [...]

Vegan Podcast | Masculinity and Meat: Re-Defining What Makes a “Real Man”
28 May 2015
There is a prevailing myth in our culture, played out in our language and in marketing, that meat is masculine and plant foods are for wimps. Meat is a metaphor for strength, virility, and manliness, while vegetarianism/veganism is feminine, effeminate, [...]

The Vegan Challenge on Good Day Sacramento: Week 2!
27 May 2015
Good Day reporters Melissa Cabral and Sean Bennett are taking The 30-Day Vegan Challenge! In Week 2, we talk about eating healthfully affordably and reading labels. More at [...]

Good Day Sacramento Takes The Vegan Challenge - WEEK ONE: NON-DAIRY PRODUCTS
6 May 2015
Melissa Cabral and Sean Bennett of CBS Good Day Sacramento are taking The 30-Day Vegan Challenge. We kicked things off on Friday May 1st, and I'll be joining them each week to cover the various questions and challenges people experience during the transition [...]

Vegan Nutella Crepes (Hazelnut Chocolate Spread)
5 May 2015
Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread that unfortunately has some animal products in it. However, thanks to Endangered Species Chocolate, you can have your Nutella Crepes and eat them, too! Recipe for Dessert Crêpes From The Joy of Vegan Baking and [...]

How to Make a Blueberry Smoothie
28 Apr 2015
Fruit smoothies have been a favorite of mine for years, particularly Blueberry Smoothies. They make it so easy to take in an array of nutrients at once while still enjoying the meal immensely as well as feeling full afterwards. Enjoy this video, and remember, [...]

Teaser: Vegan Chocolate Pudding
23 Apr 2015
Folks participating in the The 30-Day Vegan Challenge get exclusive content like these videos. Join at and get rich, valuable content before the rest of the world! ★YouTube Subscribe: ★Visit: [...]

Cooking with Colleen: Vegan Chocolate Pudding
21 Apr 2015
This video created exclusively for you at For recipes, tips, support please join today! ★YouTube Subscribe: ★Visit: and sign up for the newsletter! ★Shop: [...]

What I Feed My Cats (Hint: It's Not Vegan)
21 Apr 2015
A lot of people ask me what I feed my cats as a vegan. Meet Charlie and Michiko, the cutest cats on the planet, while I explain. The #1 question I receive is "what do you feed your cats?" I answer it at length in a podcast episode, and I answer it briefly [...]

Vegan Pasta Alfredo Sauce
16 Apr 2015
This recipe can be served tossed with your favorite pasta or baked! The full recipe can be found in The 30-Day Vegan Challenge: New Edition! Go to or for more information. ★YouTube Subscribe: ★Visit: [...]

Vegan Podcast | How to Read the "Nutrition Facts" Label
10 Apr 2015
If you’ve ever stared at the “Nutrition Facts” label on the back of food products wondering what to make of it, then this episode is for you. Learn about how to read the label, what to look for to ensure you're avoiding such unnecessaries as trans [...]

Vegan Podcast | The "Lethal Gifts of Livestock"
10 Apr 2015
Being animals ourselves, it makes sense that we share many of the same diseases as our non-human cousins. We aren’t – after all – plants. We aren’t at risk for catching aphids or sooty mold or downy mildew. In fact, many of the major killer pandemics [...]

Vegan Podcast | The Compassionate Gift Guide - 2009
10 Apr 2015
Today’s episode is part of our "Compassionate Series," which features favorite companies/organizations/products/experts in the context of the topic.) If you’re seeing this episode after the “holidays” have already passed, please don’t tune it [...]

Vegan Podcast | Down with Feathers
10 Apr 2015
The campaign against "plumaged headwear" was one of the most successful in the early animal advocacy movement in the United States, ultimately creating legislative protection for birds and a cultural shift in terms of how the public viewed feathered hats. [...]

Vegan Podcast | Man’s Place in the Animal World by Mark Twain
10 Apr 2015
An outspoken advocate for animals, Mark Twain publicly came out against such abuses as bullfighting and vivisection, and animals were a part of his writing from the first story that earned him renown ("The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County") [...]

Vegan Podcast | The Color of Animals
10 Apr 2015
Whether it's the deep yellow color of egg yolks or the pink-orange color of salmon; whether it's the red shell of the cooked lobsters or the pink feathers of the flamingo, the color is attributable to plants. Learn why farmed salmon (90% of salmon eaten [...]

Vegan Podcast | My Evolution Through Cats: A Tribute and a Memorial to Simon
10 Apr 2015
A tribute and memorial to Simon Pieman, the bravest cat who ever lived, this episode is also the story of my transition from a "dog person" to a "cat person (and “goat person,” “chicken person,” “cow person,” “turkey person,” “pig person,” [...]

Vegan Podcast | Art and Consciousness
10 Apr 2015
What moves me most profoundly about art as narrative (whether it’s literature or film or dance or theatre or music) is its ability to communicate our human experience, its ability to reflect our shared human experience, and its ability to raise our [...]

Vegan Podcast | Five Favorite Kitchen Tools
10 Apr 2015
The tools we use in the kitchen are key to making it fun, making it easy, making it successful, and making it safe. I think this has everything to do with using the right tools. If you don’t like what you’re using to cook, if you don’t feel comfortable [...]

Vegan Podcast | Rabbit Tales
10 Apr 2015
Though rabbits inform our consciousness and culture in so many ways, they are one of the most exploited domesticated animals: raised and killed for human consumption, hunted for "sport," used for experiments in vivisection labs, farmed and killed for [...]

Vegan Podcast | Memorials to Animals
10 Apr 2015
Because memorials aren’t really a lamentation of death as much as they are a celebration of life, I want to emphasize that this episode is not at all sad. In it, I read several poems by celebrated writers (Robinson Jeffers, John Galsworthy, Eugene O'Neill, [...]

Vegan Podcast | Diseases of Civilization (aka "Lifestyle Diseases")
10 Apr 2015
According to the World Health Organization, people who live in high-income countries and middle-income countries predominantly die of chronic "lifestyle" diseases or "diseases of civilization"(Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, asthma, cancer, chronic [...]

Vegan Podcast | The Compassionate Kitchen: Eating Healthfully Affordably
10 Apr 2015
When I talk about eating healthfully “in a recession” or on a budget, I'm referring to “eating healthfully affordably.” I’m not talking about eating cheap food. I’m talking about eating whole food. I’m talking about considering all the costs [...]

Vegan Podcast | The Compassionate Gift Guide - 2008
10 Apr 2015
Today’s episode is part of our "Compassionate Series," which features favorite companies/organizations/products/experts in the context of the topic.) If you’re seeing this episode after the “holidays” have already passed, please don’t tune it [...]

Vegan Podcast | The Compassionate Bathroom
10 Apr 2015
Many companies boast that their personal care and household products are "cruelty-free" and "not tested on animals," a label more and more consumers are seeking. Today's episode addresses the fact that neither the FDA nor the U.S. Consumer Product Safety [...]

Vegan Podcast | Three-Year Anniversary Show: An Unabashed Lovefest
10 Apr 2015
In celebration of the three-year anniversary of our podcast, I feature the letters of listeners who have been transformed by "Food for Thought." The stories are as diverse as the listeners and reflect varied ages and backgrounds, but they all share common [...]

Vegan Podcast | Little Boy Pig: A Genetically Modified Tale
9 Apr 2015
At Animal Pharm, an anomaly is born. Whether a piglet with the hands and feet of a human baby or a human baby with the head and tail of a piglet, Ziggy only wants to find what we all seek. It is my pleasure to read this moving tale by the talented Shad [...]

Vegan Podcast | Honoring the Animals We Eat - Just Like the Native Americans
9 Apr 2015
With a penchant for romanticizing their consumption of animals, many people declare that they "pray over meat" or "weep over the animals who sacrifice themselves for us - just like the Native Americans." Not only does this attempt to assuage our discomfort [...]

Vegan Podcast | Celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving Without Compromising Y...
9 Apr 2015
When we closely examine the traditions of such holidays as Thanksgiving and Halloween, we see that we can honor their deeper meanings while still honoring our ethics and our values. Much of what informs our consciousness about these holidays is myth, [...]

Vegan Podcast | Food for the Road: Packed Lunches and PIcnics
9 Apr 2015
Whether you’re packing lunches for your children for school or your partner for work or for yourself to take to the office; whether you're a teenager packing your own lunch or a college student looking for quick and easy meals; whether you're someone [...]

Vegan Podcast | Drawing the Line: How Vegan is Vegan?
9 Apr 2015
What if I had my own hens and ate her eggs? What if I had my own cow or goat and drank her milk? What about honey? Is it considered "vegan"? These are some of the questions people ask as they begin to consider the ethical issues of consuming animal products. [...]

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