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The Colorful Kitchen

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Hey there! I'm Ilene and I make, photograph (and eat!) all the recipes you see on the site. I'm a certified health coach, recipe developer and food photographer. Before all of that, I studied Textile Design at RISD and Photography at OCAC. This blog is my happy place where I combine my love of color, texture and all things rainbow with plant-based cooking.

  • Vegan Everything Bagel WAFFLES with Carrot “Lox”
    When Well+Good asked me to create a healthy recipe for their readers using Everything Bagel Seasoning, the first thing that came to mind mind was WAFFLES! Don’t ask me why, but I instantly knew I had to try the savory seasoning on crispy, fresh waffles. Let me tell you, the combination was absolute perfection. Topped with a schmear of vegan (...more)
    18 Oct 2017 at 5:58am       

  • More Macro Bowls! Vegan, Gluten-Free & So Easy!
    Macro bowls are a probably the meal I make most often. How can you go wrong with a plate full of whatever vegetables, grains and protein you have around/are in season/are in the mood for? As I’ve said before, I love macro bowls because  they truly feel like a complete meal and I’m always satisfied afterwards. Ok, […] The post More Macro (...more)
    16 Oct 2017 at 11:36am       

  • No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Everything Halloween Bars, Vegan & Gluten-Free
    I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a fall-fanatic. All year round, I’m obsessed with food that’s comfy and cozy, but when fall finally shows up I pretty much lose it. I just can’t help making pumpkin spice versions of all my favorite recipes! One of my favorite recipes (and possibly the most […] The post No-Bake (...more)
    12 Oct 2017 at 4:58pm       

  • Cookbook Preorder BONUS: My Vegan Holiday Season Ebook!
    Hey there, friends! I can’t believe that in about two months my cookbook will finally hit the shelves! It’s been such a long journey. I started dreaming of writing a cookbook over four years ago, when The Colorful Kitchen was just an itty bitty baby blog. Not to get too sappy, but I really could never have […] The post Cookbook Preorder (...more)
    9 Oct 2017 at 3:57pm       

  • Pasta with Easy Cashew Lemon Sauce, Vegan + Gluten-Free
    I’ve been on such a pasta kick lately. It’s just so easy to boil up a bag after Baby V goes to sleep, throw in a few veggies and sauce, and call it a night. With that basic three-part template, the options are endless. Today I’m excited to share one of my favorite new combinations that […] The post Pasta with Easy Cashew Lemon (...more)
    27 Sep 2017 at 4:00am       

  • Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl (Secret Ingredient: Cauliflower!), Vegan + Gluten-Free
    It’s officially been fall for less than week, but my pumpkin spice mania is in full swing! I just can’t help it, I love the flavors and colors of this season so much. The only problem is that the weather in NYC hasn’t gotten the memo, and with temperatures in the 80’s, I’d kind of rather […] The post Pumpkin Pie (...more)
    25 Sep 2017 at 4:00am       

  • Almond Milk Pulp Chocolate-Coconut Balls, Vegan + Gluten-Free
    Let’s talk about getting hangry for a minute. If you aren’t familiar with the word, hangry is when you get hungry + angry. I’ve always been the kind of person who needs a snack between meals, which makes me especially prone to hanger if snack time is missed. Over the years I’ve learned that the best way […] The post Almond (...more)
    14 Sep 2017 at 6:09am       

  • Cozy Coconut Milk & Dill Vegetable Stew, Vegan + Gluten-Free
    Autumn truly is my favorite season for eating. Sure,  I love summer salads and smoothies as much as the next gal, but I love the cozy flavors of fall. From warm mugs of apple cider, to freshly baked pumpkin pies, everything about the fall cuisine is just so cozy! And I’m a sucker for cozy (remember […] The post Cozy Coconut Milk & (...more)
    11 Sep 2017 at 6:27am       

  • Healthy Vegan Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Latte
    I really can’t believe it, but pumpkin spice latte season is here! Ok, it might still feel like summer outside and you probably think I’m crazy for posting this recipe while we’re still wearing shorts and tank tops, but Starbucks just brought the Pumpkin Spice Latte back to their menu yesterday, so I guess it’s officially Fall. (...more)
    6 Sep 2017 at 5:50am       

  • Almond Milk Pulp Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Vegan & Gluten-Free
    I love making homemade almond milk*. It’s so creamy and fresh, and it tastes so much nuttier than store-bought brands. The one thing I don’t love about making almond milk is the leftover almond pulp. Every time I toss the pulp in the compost bin I sigh and think about how expensive almonds are (even though […] The post Almond Milk (...more)
    21 Aug 2017 at 7:27am       

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