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Sweet Potato Soul

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I'm Jenne Claiborne! Join me in my kitchen and learn how to create delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make vegan recipes! In addition to the tantalizing vegan goodies, I also share my tips for living a healthy plant-based life. If you want to eat better, have more fun in the kitchen, learn to cook, get healthy, lose weight, improve your digestion, have clear skin, boost your energy, and feel more confident, then you are going to love Sweet Potato Soul. In the videos you'll see how easy it can be to eat a vegan diet that is incredibly delicious, nutritious, and beautiful. In my channel I will show you how to make fantastic vegan breakfast, vegan desserts and baked goods, vegan holiday recipes, vegan salads, easy vegan meals, 5 ingredient vegan meals, and exotic vegan dishes from around the world. In my Q&A videos you'll learn things like how to get enough protein as a vegan, how to get beautiful skin and hair, and how to lose weight as a vegan. Subscribe to my channel!

FALL VEGAN BREAKFAST RECIPES 🍁🍂 ( vegan & gluten free)
20 Oct 2017
Check out Julie’s video on her channel: Purchase Julie’s cookbook “Vegan & Raw 2”: Pre-order my cookbook: Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe: [...]

What I Eat in A Day | Vegan Lunch on the Beach 🏄🏾
13 Oct 2017
Thanks REBBL for sponsoring this video! WHERE TO BUY REBBL MORE ABOUT REBBL And be sure to follow them on Instagram National Mushroom Day is October 15, so I [...]

Vegan Weight Loss Hacks | Drop it like it's hot 🔥💃🏾
6 Oct 2017
Read more about vegan weight loss in my blog post: Disclaimer: Vegan weight loss is NOT about going on a diet, or trying to reach an unhealthy ideal of what your body should look like. [...]

Vegan Chicken and Waffles | Vegan Soul Food
29 Sep 2017
Get $60 of FREE organic groceries + Free shipping from Thrive Market! (Also, free 30 day trial included). Click If you're already a Thrive Market member, you can get a free 15oz jar of coconut oil or 16oz jar [...]

Easy Vegan Soul Food Recipes + My Cookbook
22 Sep 2017
Pre-order my cookbook today 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Amazon: Barnes & Noble: Indie Bound: Books-a-Million: iBooks: [...]

Back to School Lunch Ideas with Rawvana | Vegan Panda Express
12 Sep 2017
Yovana’s Back to School Lunch video: English: Spanish: That time Yovana & I went hiking for 5 hours ☀️ : RECIPES 🍴 “Vegan Panda Express” Date Teriyaki [...]

Vegan What I Eat in A Day | My New Home in LA 😎🌴
6 Sep 2017
RECIPES & LINKS BELOW... My friend Shana was in the video for a hot second at the Veg Street Fair. Follow her on Youtube: Thanks to Tim aka Vegan Fat Kid for having us at the Vegan Street Fair Click [...]

Vegan Meal Prep + Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas
1 Sep 2017
Get $60 of FREE organic groceries + Free shipping from Thrive Market! (Also, free 30 day trial included). Click If you're already a Thrive Market member, you can get a free 15oz jar of coconut oil or 16oz jar [...]

5 Minute Vegan Meals | Crazy Easy Vegan Recipes in Minutes
23 Aug 2017
Click here for the recipes: Which one was your favorite? Thanks for watching!! Make sure to subscribe to my channel. New videos every week ✌🏿❤️ @sweetpotatosoul • • • For [...]

$2 Vegan Meals | 3 Freakin' Delicious Cheap Vegan Entrees
10 Aug 2017
Don’t forget to LIKE this video & share it with your friends :) Recipes and cost breakdown here: What are your tips for saving money? Let me know if you try these recipes, and [...]

VEGAN What I Eat in a Day | Easy Bean Taco Recipe
2 Aug 2017
Recipe below.... Make sure to follow me on Instagram @sweetpotatosoul to see more of what I eat in a day + vegan tips, and inspiration ☀️ FOLLOW * Yovana Mendoza aka Rawvana and [...]

27 Jul 2017
Click and get an EXTRA 25% OFF your first purchase + Free Shipping! (PLUS a Free 30-Day Trial) AND… For current Thrive Market members, you can get a free Thrive Market coconut oil or almond butter with a purchase [...]

Vegan What I Eat in a Day | New Orleans + Recipes
19 Jul 2017
Recipes below… Thanks to Camellia Beans for sponsoring this video. Check out there wide variety of beans and bean products at They’re my favorite bean company, for real for real ❤️ Restaurants we visited in NOLA Silk [...]

Secrets to Staying FIT While Traveling | What I Eat in A Day Nashville {VEGAN}
11 Jul 2017
Download a FREE BOOK & get a free 30-day trial of by using my link: HEALTHY WHILE TRAVELING POST: VEGAN IN NASHVILLE POST: VEGAN IN MEMPHIS [...]

WORLD'S BEST VEGGIE BURGER: Black Bean Beet Burgers | Collab with Simply Quinoa
3 Jul 2017
Check out Alyssa of Simply Quinoa's Tex-Mex Veggie Burgers Simply Quinoa Blog: 🍔 Link to my Black Bean Beet Burger recipe 🚙 [...]

My Morning Routine Will Make You Wanna Get Out of Bed! | Vegan Nutella
28 Jun 2017
Full recipe for the vegan nutella here: Megafood Daily Maca Plus Nutrient Booster Powder: Thanks for watching!! Make sure to subscribe to my channel. New videos [...]

5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes | Delicious Simple Recipes
19 Jun 2017
Click here for the recipes: Get an extra 25% OFF your first box of groceries on Thrive Market + Free Shipping on orders $49 or more! Click You'll also get a free 30 day trial [...]

Damn Good Vegan Meals in UNDER 15 MINUTES | 3 Easy Vegan Recipes 🎉
12 Jun 2017
Thanks for watching ✨ Click here for the 15 minute vegan recipes & photos: Thanks for watching!! Make sure to subscribe to my channel. New videos every week ✌🏿❤️ @sweetpotatosoul • • • For great [...]

Gluten Free Vegan Breakfast Recipes
5 Jun 2017
Here's a link to all of the yummy gluten free vegan recipes: Vegan gluten free vegan sausage company: Let me know which one you like the best!! [...]

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Easy & Delicious Vegan Recipes ✨
29 May 2017
VEGAN RECIPES BELOW • • • Shop Sesame Kingdom here: I’ve partnered up with Sesame Kingdom to giveaway a case of this creamy Mediterranean heaven. The winner is @Danielle V 🎉 1/2 the RECIPES BELOW & the rest [...]

Vegan Jambalaya with Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary
22 May 2017
Recipe below… • • • Purchase Gene Baur’s book “Living the Farm Sanctuary Life” wherever books are sold The winner of the giveaway is Celeste Orlosky 🙌🏾 VEGAN JAMBALAYA RECIPE 🍅 Slightly adapted [...]

5 Colorful Hot Dog Toppings | Vegan Cookout with Smart Dogs
15 May 2017
RECIPES BELOW... • • • Thanks to Lightlife for sponsoring this video! Learn more about their Smart Dogs here: Join me at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on May 20-21. Lightlife is a sponsor, and I [...]

What I Eat in a Day | Chocolate + Vegan Soul food
8 May 2017
Giveaway details, links, & recipes below ✨ • • • • WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY with Medusa Vegan Bags: I’ll choose one person to win a fabulous Medusa bag at random on Wednesday May 10th at 11:59 EST. To enter the giveaway [...]

Vegan Meal Prep on $35/week Groceries | 6 Tasty Vegan Recipes
1 May 2017
Check out part 1 to see how I managed to spend just $35 on a week of vegan groceries in NYC: RECIPES BELOW • • In addition to the 6 recipes that I show in this video, I came up with a few more recipe ideas for how to use [...]

Vegan Groceries for $35/Week | Healthy Vegan Grocery Haul Part 1
26 Apr 2017
See! Vegan groceries don't have to be expensive. You can be a healthy vegan on a budget. Keep in mind, I live in NYC so groceries here are way expensive. If you live in other parts of the USA or world, you may be able to buy even more food, or buy the [...]

Vegan What I Eat In a Day | Skincare Routine for Breakouts + Vegan Soul Food
17 Apr 2017
Discount code (50% off) for BioClarity & recipes below ✨🌸*✨🌸*✨🌸* • • • • • Thanks to BioClarity for sponsoring this video. I really love the product, and I’m so glad that my skin is clearing up. BioClarity is 100% vegan [...]

Cheesy Loaded Vegan Nachos 😜
10 Apr 2017
Sweet Potato Soul Cookbook Club #2: Vegan for Everybody Recipe below... • • • • GIVEAWAY OVER. Congratulations to our three winners: Colbie K, Love N Light Leah, and Wendy Coe 🎉 Three winners will receive a copy of America’s Test Kitchen’s [...]

BBQ Oyster Mushroom Sliders | Vegan Soul Food
3 Apr 2017
RECIPE BELOW... Check out the issue of VegNews that my recipes are featured in : • • • • Vegan BBQ Oyster Mushroom Sliders RECIPE [...]

Fried Cauliflower "Chicken" | Vegan Soul Food
27 Mar 2017
RECIPE BELOW... • • • I call this fried cauliflower "chicken" because the recipe is based on southern fried chicken. It's so much better than the real stuff: juicy and delicious, no animals harmed, and much healthier for you and the environment!! [...]

What I Eat in a Day | Quick Easy Vegan Meals
24 Mar 2017
Get an extra 25% OFF your first box of groceries on Thrive Market + Free Shipping on orders $49 or more! Click You'll also get a free 30 day trial with your purchase. Thrive Market is my favorite online store for [...]

Vegan Breakfast Chilaquiles with Jessica Murnane | SPS COOKBOOK CLUB
13 Mar 2017
🙌🏾 Vegan Chilaquiles recipe below 🔥 • • • Buy Jessica Murnane’s One Part Plant Cookbook and follow her using the following links… INSTAGRAM PODCAST WEBSITE [...]

What Do Doctors Say About Veganism
10 Mar 2017
Food As Medicine Keep in touch with Dr. Michelle McMacken and Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez US World News & Reports Diet Ratings: Gave [...]

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY + Vegan Sweet Potato Donuts | Collab with FROM MY BOWL
6 Mar 2017
Vegan Sweet Potato Donut Recipe below... Donuts start at 5:17 🍩*Check out Caitlin’s beautiful donut recipe and video: 🌺Make sure to follow Caitlin of From My Bowl here on [...]

Vegan Banana French Toast 🍌🍠🍊🍓
3 Mar 2017
Recipe + Giveaway Details below.... • • • Thank you to Farmbox Direct for partnering with my channel to sponsor this video...and for inspiring me to create my new favorite vegan breakfast and brunch 🌟 GIVEAWAY [...]

Costa Rica Vlog Part 2 | Sámara, The Best Little Beach Town
28 Feb 2017
Costa Rica was everything: lush, green, beautiful, hot, friendly, sunny, delicious, vegan-friendly, comfortable. This was definitely my best birthday ever! Take me back there, please!! PURA VIDA 🌺 Also check out Part 1 -- adventures next to the Arenal [...]

The Best Vegan Lentil Meatball Recipe
24 Feb 2017
RECIPE BELOW~~~ This video has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PremiumPrep #CollectiveBias Find savings on Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ containers: This pasta was so good! [...]

Costa Rica Vlog Part 1 | Arenal Volcano, Zip Lining, & Vegan Food
21 Feb 2017
Costa Rica was everything: lush, green, beautiful, hot, friendly, sunny, delicious, vegan-friendly, comfortable. This was definitely my best birthday ever! Take me back there, please!! PURA VIDA 🌺 Check out part 2 -- the laid back beach town, Sámara: Have [...]

Roasted Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Salad
17 Feb 2017
Check out Karolina’s beautiful video here, and be sure to subscribe to her channel: I know you want the recipe for this super tasty Roast Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Salad!! Here’s the link: Want [...]

Compassionate Meal with Kat
13 Feb 2017
Farm Sanctuary invited me to join their #CompassionateMeals campaign by sharing the joy of vegan eating with a friend. I chose my girlfriend Kat Fowler who is an amazing NYC-based yoga teacher. Check out the other #CompassionateMeals videos by Farm Sanctuary [...]

Vegan Beet Brownies | Valentine's Day Dessert
6 Feb 2017
Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope you enjoy this delicious vegan treat ❤️🌹🍫 Vegan Beet Brownie Recipe NOTE: I didn't try this recipe with another vegan "egg" sub. If you cannot find VeganEgg try it with 4 tbsp ground flax seed and 1/2 cup water [...]

✨ Meat-less Beyond Burger: YAS or NAH?!
30 Jan 2017
I hope you guys enjoyed this Beyond Meat Beyond Burger review. I highly recommend trying it for yourself, and I'd love to hear your feedback too. It gives me hope for the world to know that plants are replacing meat at such a fast rate all around the [...]

5 Easy & Delicious Salad Dressings
23 Jan 2017
Homemade vegan salad dressings are so much better than the store bought stuff: plus they're cheaper and way healthier!! Did I mention they’re incredibly easy to make?! All the recipes are below. Let me know which are your favorites and what you put [...]

Vegan Winter Soups | Chili, Green Gumbo, and Sweet Potato Bisque
16 Jan 2017
Thanks for watching!! I hope you enjoyed this video and all of these yummy vegan soups. For all three recipes click this link to go to my blog: If you make the recipes be sure to share with me on IG @sweetpotatosoul And [...]

Ask Me Anything | Vegan AMA with Jenné
9 Jan 2017
Thanks for all of your great questions. If you have any more feel free to ask away and I'll do a follow up video asap. Get Classpass & save $30 on your membership with my link Vegan Doctors from the event I mentioned––Dr. [...]

What I Eat in a Day | Vegan New Year ✨ + FREE GIFT 💃🏾
2 Jan 2017
Happy 2017!! I hope your year is off to a fantastic start 😄 Thank you to Thrive Market for sponsoring this video. You can order your free jar of Justin’s Almond Butter plus get a free month of membership using this link: When [...]

What I Eat in a Day as a VEGAN | Christmas Vacation Denver & Atlanta
31 Dec 2016
Christmas was a ton of fun! My boyfriend and I spent 10 days in Denver and Atlanta, relaxing, spending time with family, and eating loads of vegan food. The best Christmas present is having an open minded and vegan accommodating family, like we do. I’m [...]

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies 🎄 ✨ Happy Holidays🎁 ❤️
19 Dec 2016
Happy Holidays!! I hope you're enjoying the season. If you need a little help getting into the spirit of the holidays make these delicious vegan Gingerbread Cookies ✨ Recipe is here on my blog: I LOVE YOU!! Thank [...]

Vegan Holiday Gift Guide 2016
17 Dec 2016
Happy Holidays!! Y'all like my new hairdo? *🏾 Make sure you check out 100% Pure Cosmetics and Skincare. Sweet Potato Soul subbies get 15% off with code Sweet15 . Use this link to shop: For more info about the [...]

Raw Coconut Carrot Cake
12 Dec 2016
Raw Carrot Cake? This might be my new favorite dessert. Click here for the full recipe: Thank you to Harmless Harvest for sponsoring this video. I’m so excited for their new 32-oz coconut water. Every time I drink [...]

Spicy Thai Salad with Maxine Ashley at by CHLOE.
9 Dec 2016
Making this video was so much fun! Maxine Ashley is the sweetest, and she is so incredibly talented. Make sure you check out her music and her new EP when it drops in January. Follow her on IG @maxineashley 🐞 Thumbs up on this video if you want us [...]

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