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Save The Kales!

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Save The Kales! is a popular blog and half-hour cooking show airing locally on cable (RCN), Channel 4, in Lehigh Valley, PA. Tag along with Jaime Karpovich on vegan field trips and join her as she cooks delicious vegan food!

@SavetheKales's Latest Tweets

  • OKC says I'm significantly "more indie" than other users, which is more embarrassing than actually having a profile. 35 min 37 sec ago
  • RT @tinatbh: If you're having a bad day, just look at this baby elephant's first time on the beach 42 min 50 sec ago
  • RT @MoravianBkShop: Come in & find the blind date book of your dreams! Expertly wrapped & described for your dating pleasure. #blinddate ht' 43 min 13 sec ago
  • RT @benjaminspall: Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. ' A' 4 hrs 59 min ago
  • @ssigafoos Craaaaap I have to actually go for regular-day food. 6 hrs 15 min ago
  • RT @ssigafoos: I survived the grocery store #superbowlstormocalypse 6 hrs 16 min ago
  • @joshberkbooks Um. You win. Forever. 6 hrs 58 min ago
  • @LVwithLove What's a "county"? 7 hrs 0 min ago
  • Art to hang, last night's shoes to put away. But I love this little space and this sofa (a large gray' 7 hrs 2 min ago
  • @LVwithLove I know that feel, bro. 7 hrs 8 min ago
  • Who's going to see New Kids on the Block & TLC in the summer? This girl. My friends are THEE best. #stepbystep 7 hrs 10 min ago
  • @TheElVee 👏👏👏 1 days 6 hrs ago
  • @SavetheKales Me on a mission: Bow down, bitches. 1 days 7 hrs ago
  • This is so against my personal ethics, and yet, my greatest motivator is always spite. 1 days 7 hrs ago
  • @sthas03 I hadn't thought out all the words, but yeah, that's probably it. 1 days 20 hrs ago
  • @sthas03 Really? I feel like it's what fuels your soul. 1 days 20 hrs ago
  • RT @GiuliaRozzi: White dudes white dudes white dudes white dudes woman white dudes white dudes white dudes minority white dudes white dudes' 1 days 20 hrs ago
  • Learning so much about myself while my hairs get purple. 🙌 #astrology #libra #eskandalo #bethlehempa' 1 days 23 hrs ago
  • What if we could always see in ourselves what others see in us? 🌝 #snow #frenchtown #polaroid' 2 days 9 hrs ago
  • RT @jwoodham: DATING TIP: Show your crush how in shape you are by literally running away from any kind of commitment or intimacy. 2 days 10 hrs ago
  • How lucky are we to have people who will always love is anyway? 3 days 4 hrs ago
  • Dreamy, beautiful ideas tucked into squares & rectangles made of tree pulp. 📚 #books #bertoia #ideas' 3 days 8 hrs ago
  • RT @SamGrittner: why aren't all the moths trying to get to the moon 3 days 18 hrs ago
  • RT @Manda_like_wine: Me after using contouring makeup. 3 days 21 hrs ago
  • @VeganliciousLJ If I do that it literally brings up like 80 people, the end. And I know 20 of them 😂 3 days 21 hrs ago
  • @VeganliciousLJ I usually do 50 or 100 miles but for funsies sometimes "anywhere" -- shit would be easier on the West Coast, for real. 3 days 21 hrs ago
  • @VeganliciousLJ DM me your username, we can share info about people. #strategy 3 days 21 hrs ago
  • @VeganliciousLJ Some cute Philly vegans on there, tho. '😎 3 days 21 hrs ago
  • @LynnOlanoff The downfall of my bank account. 3 days 21 hrs ago
  • RT @LynnOlanoff: Bethlehem library book sale happening this week 3 days 21 hrs ago

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