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Save The Kales!

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Save The Kales! is a popular blog and half-hour cooking show airing locally on cable (RCN), Channel 4, in Lehigh Valley, PA. Tag along with Jaime Karpovich on vegan field trips and join her as she cooks delicious vegan food!

@SavetheKales's Latest Tweets

  • @kblumenau When I was younger I thought it was a band called "Holland Oats", like oatmeal in wooden shoes or something (?) 11 hrs 56 min ago
  • @kblumenau Interesting. So fans have been calling them an unofficial name for years? 12 hrs 1 min ago
  • @kblumenau Haulin' Oats? 12 hrs 22 min ago
  • Is this real life? 😍πŸ' 15 hrs 8 min ago
  • @keepeastonweird Done and done. :D 19 hrs 0 min ago
  • @dustin_schoof @keepeastonweird Maaaaaaybe see you there? 19 hrs 1 min ago
  • How quickly our hands become familiar with the contours; their absence evident when I hold a book, a'¦ 20 hrs 47 min ago
  • RT @BookRiot: Add @haleshannon, @gailcarriger, and @benhatke to your feminist books for young readers lists: http://20 hrs 54 min ago
  • @keepeastonweird AW SHUCKS YOU GUYS. πŸ'— 21 hrs 1 min ago
  • @keepeastonweird Im going to walk to the Bank St. Annex to stand under the lights and have a dreamy winter moment. 21 hrs 5 min ago
  • Someone is really feelin' this snow day. πŸ'—πŸ'”πŸ˜πŸΆπŸ'­ 21 hrs 12 min ago
  • RT @LVStyle: A snow day is the perfect time to catch up on Jaime's newest adventures as she explores her new town of residence. http://t.co21 hrs 27 min ago
  • @katiefehlinger It's blowing in sideways in Easton. (Sure looks pretty, though.) 23 hrs 10 min ago
  • RT @smrtgrls: Words cannot describe how much we love each and every single one of you, so here are a ton of emojis πŸ'πŸŽ€ 🎁 πŸŽ‚ 🐢 🐺 🐻 🐨 🐼🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 '¦ 23 hrs 30 min ago
  • @BookRiot This is already on my calendar & I've consulted with friends about sleeping on their sofa. Lets do this πŸ™Œ 1 days 15 hrs ago
  • Have no expectations, have no disappointment. More positively: welcome & be open to recognizing the good as it comes. 1 days 15 hrs ago
  • Went to modern_love_frenchtown for some color & joy & cheerfulness, plus smiling faces old and new.'¦ 1 days 16 hrs ago
  • RT @MarkusAlmond: Rejection is a temporary and unimportant hurdle. It's just a dusty wall between two open doors. 1 days 17 hrs ago
  • @LVShannyLeigh Between work schedules and snow it's been tricky to meet w/ everyone. Going to take time as all good things do, but, yay :) 1 days 23 hrs ago
  • @JeremyLittau Can't someone just walk around and peel all the ice up in one long piece? (That would be so satisfying.) 1 days 23 hrs ago
  • Business talks at 7:45am with women changing the world for girls: new favorite way to start the day. Magic happens when we are encouraged. 1 days 23 hrs ago
  • @Huzzah85 Speed Dial official! Oh yeah, good one. 2 days 8 hrs ago
  • @rpgguyinnj Psssshhhhttt, no interest in marriage but that was pretty real. 2 days 10 hrs ago
  • @feminist_tinder Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? 2 days 10 hrs ago
  • RT @feminist_tinder: Don't even think about it boiz, first you tell us short skirts are asking for it then you take our glue? No back off h'¦ 2 days 10 hrs ago
  • Delete-Your-Online-Dating-Profile Official. Soon to be followed by Go-to-Ikea-Together Official. What are the others? 2 days 10 hrs ago
  • RT @Kendragarden: Don't take me camping because if I see a bear, I will hug that bear. 2 days 14 hrs ago
  • @ROARSocialHouse πŸ‘― --> us 2 days 14 hrs ago
  • @ROARSocialHouse I should mention this was one of the best nights I have had in years, and you legit have a place in my heart now. πŸ'— 2 days 14 hrs ago
  • RT @esmewang: Living with mental illness? Know someone who is? I'm making Light Gets In pay-what-you-can this week. Here's why: http://t.co2 days 16 hrs ago

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