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Save The Kales!

50 episodes in the feed.


Save The Kales! is a popular blog and half-hour cooking show airing locally on cable (RCN), Channel 4, in Lehigh Valley, PA. Tag along with Jaime Karpovich on vegan field trips and join her as she cooks delicious vegan food!

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  • @LVwithLove @SocialStill @LVwithLOVEmedia I really love Whiskey soooo much. Lookin' forward to this one. 19 hrs 2 min ago
  • RT @DanielleLaPorte: Use your power for good. #truthbomb 23 hrs 43 min ago
  • RT @absurdistwords: If we take the traits that make humans good to each other... and feminize them. Then devalue femininity... Anyone got'¦ 23 hrs 44 min ago
  • RT @absurdistwords: We tell them: Do not cry Do not hug Do not show fear Do not fail What tools do we leave our boys when we rob them of '¦ 23 hrs 44 min ago
  • RT @SyIviaPIIath: Poems are moment's monuments. 1 days 5 hrs ago
  • RT @esmewang: Remember: you don't have to do what everyone else is doing. 2 days 4 hrs ago
  • RT @davidcaolo: And by old days I mean August. 2 days 19 hrs ago
  • RT @TheTweetOfGod: School shootings are a small price to pay for the freedom to be killed in school shootings. 3 days 17 hrs ago
  • RT @gretchenrubin: 7 Books to Help You Reorganize, Reinvent, and Rejuvenate via @offtheshelf 3 days 18 hrs ago
  • Dear people who tip 30%, you are angels who live & walk among us. πŸ‘Ό 3 days 21 hrs ago
  • @darlingstewie your haaaaair!! πŸ‘ 4 days 15 hrs ago
  • @kimmybig It's you 4 days 15 hrs ago
  • RT @NoToFeminism: I don't need femiim you can't expect the government to do anything about gun control when there are so many women's bodie'¦ 4 days 15 hrs ago
  • RT @kblumenau: About three weeks 'til "It's The Great Pumpkin" and roughly seven 'til "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." #publicserviceannounc4 days 17 hrs ago
  • RT @voldemortsbicep: Genie: ok last wish whatcha got Me: instead of dying, dogs just age in reverse and become puppies again ad infinitum '¦ 4 days 17 hrs ago
  • RT @ProBirdRights: mouses is just a small squirrel i not fooled. 4 days 17 hrs ago
  • My fall fashion is what I've been wearing for the last six months except less sweaty and more jackets. 4 days 17 hrs ago
  • RT @geekylonglegs: weird that for a long time i was too scared to call myself a writer when some dudes download a program and legally chang'¦ 4 days 17 hrs ago
  • RT @MarissaARoss: WOMEN'S HEALTH: MURDER!!! ACTUAL MURDER: Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― 4 days 17 hrs ago
  • Made my own hot sauce tonight for the first time and I'm dipping everything into it with tears streaming down my face. #spicy 😭 4 days 19 hrs ago
  • RT @alaindebotton: Intimacy: the capacity to be rather weird with someone - and the knowledge that's OK with them. 6 days 0 hrs ago
  • Feelin' all of this. πŸ'‹ 6 days 0 hrs ago
  • RT @esmewang: "There's nothing quite so transcendent as being destroyed so you can become more than the sum of your shattered parts." '” @lo6 days 0 hrs ago
  • As requested, here are the Golden Girls Drag Queens I feel like I manifested into existence. πŸ™ 6 days 1 hrs ago
  • @duanes2000 @vegand @SoCal_VegFest What a nice thing to see. Thank you for the thoughtfulness ☺️ 6 days 1 hrs ago
  • RT @CalMorgan: Thinkpiece on the woman who narrates House Hunters 6 days 23 hrs ago
  • @soundlyawake If I can get a picture with the Bea Arthur queen, I'll send it over. 7 days 23 hrs ago
  • Got tickets to a Golden Girls themed drag show. I am going to die from too much bliss & joy. πŸ‘― 7 days 23 hrs ago
  • "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" - L M Montgomery 8 days 22 hrs ago
  • @LVwithLove @SocialStill @BestPicklesEver @TheDannyFresh @TheElVee This would be a dream night. 8 days 23 hrs ago

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