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Save The Kales!

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Save The Kales! is a popular blog and half-hour cooking show airing locally on cable (RCN), Channel 4, in Lehigh Valley, PA. Tag along with Jaime Karpovich on vegan field trips and join her as she cooks delicious vegan food!

Favorite website for 2015
20 Jan 2015
Check out some of Jaime's favorite places to go to web. [...]

Delicata Squash Taco
1 Nov 2014

Apple Ginger Crumble
1 Nov 2014

Apple Cider Float
1 Nov 2014

at Rodale Organic Apple Festival
1 Nov 2014

1 Nov 2014

at VegFest 2014 Watermelon Cooler
15 Sep 2014

at VegFest 2014 Peach
15 Sep 2014

at VegFest 2014
15 Sep 2014

at VegFest 2014 Raw Pizza
15 Sep 2014

Bethlehem VegFest 2014 Commercial ()
20 Aug 2014
Aug 23rd, 2014 South Bethlehem Greenway Vegan Festival 11am-6pm FREE! Kid + dog friendly [...]

V-Lish Vegan Food Company and Meghan Baker on BBQ Jackfruit S...
8 Aug 2014
Meghan Baker, owner of V-lish Vegan Food Company joins Jaime K. on Save the Kales! to talk about starting a vegan food business, selling at the Easton Farmer's Market, explains how to use a jackfruit, and shares a recipe for her famous "pulled vork" (vegan [...]

Roasted Corn
8 Aug 2014

Pocono Wildlife Sanctuary
17 Jul 2014
So what happens when you find an orphaned or injured animal? These folks are an example of an organization helping wild animals recover and get back to being wild in the natural habitat. [...]

Greek Fattoush Salad
23 Jun 2014
What's wrong with combining two amazing Mediterranean salads? Absolutely NOTHING! [...]

Pineapple Upsidedown Cookies
23 Jun 2014
Sometimes vegan cookies get a bad wrap - especially RAW vegan cookies. Well let US change YOUR mind! These are super simple and super delicious. Kids will love them too! [...]

Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad
23 Jun 2014
Are you tired of the same old potato salad at every picnic? Do you worry about spoilage in the summer sun? Maybe you should consider this spicy potato salad that's sure to add a kick to you picnic! [...]

Watermelon Nachos
23 Jun 2014
You have to have fruit on a picnic! Here is an easy way to make a fruit salad into something more unique. [...]

Primordia Mushrooms
28 May 2014
We had no idea that mushroom farming is so complicated, beautiful, and delicate. Learn some things you probably NEVER knew about one of our favorite fungi. [...]

Vegan + Dairy-Free Coconut Avocado Ice Cream
28 May 2014
This vegan ice cream is thick and creamy with the use of avocados and coconut milk, then gets an extra kick from fresh cilantro and jalapeno peppers. No ice cream machine needed, just a blender and a freezer! [...]

What Are the Best Natural Vegan Egg Replacers? | TV
28 May 2014
Jaime K explains how you how you can use applesauce, mashed bananas, ground flax seeds and chia seeds, vinegar and baking soda, and tofu to cook recipes traditionally made with eggs! [...]

Thai Inspired Mushroom Wraps
27 May 2014
Lettuce can be the best wrap - and with these mushrooms it makes them EVEN better! [...]

Spaghetti Squash
21 Apr 2014
"Comforting, warm, and cozy" will be the words that come to mind when your house starts to smell of this dish baking in your oven. This is a great dish to bring to a potluck or a Sunday family get together. [...]

STK! at the Philadelphia Flower Shower
21 Apr 2014
This year we had the honor of attending the Philadelphia Flower Show, the largest and oldest flower show in the world! Flower shows are just about roses and orchids. We learned about "Organic Gardening", urban green spaces, water recycling and MORE! [...]

Lentil and Mushroom "Meat"balls with Arugula/Lemon Sauce
21 Apr 2014
Delicious and hardy "meat"balls go SOOO well with this tangy arugula/lemon sauce. Easy to make and super easy to eat a bunch of! [...]

Easing in to Sleep Time.
21 Apr 2014
A busy day can make it hard to fall asleep...even if you exhausted! See what tips Jaime has to getting some zzzzzzzzz..... [...]

17 Mar 2014
A viewer asks: How can I get into exercise when I haven't exercised in a while? And how do I do it without spending a lot of money on a gym or fancy equipment? Jaime K answers with tips on starting a walking or running program in this Q+A segment of [...]

The Ultimate Buddha Bowl | vegan, gluten-free
17 Mar 2014
So what do you do with that plethora of vegetables sitting in the fridge of the verge of rotting? Make a Buddha bowl! Jaime K. shows us one way to make a refreshing meal that can go with you to work on on a picnic. [...]

Helping Kids through Yoga in the Lehigh Valley with Pratyush Sinha Foundation
17 Mar 2014
The Pratyush Sinha Foundation is using yoga as a way to teaches inner city youth to feel better about themselves and deal with everyday stresses. Learn more about this organization and the talented and compassionate person behind. [...]

Coconut Almond Encrusted Cauliflower
17 Mar 2014
Cauliflower: Cut it, dip it, batter it, bake it, then drizzle with a red pepper curry sauce. You're drooling, aren't you? [...]

STK - Mark It
26 Feb 2014
You need to Mark things down from time to time. [...]

How to Creative a Vision Board with Stephanie Smith
10 Jan 2014
Jaime K. learns how a vision board can help you in 2014. With the help of artist Stephanie Smith, learn how glue sticks and scissors can help you on a self fulfilling journey. [...]

Vegan Polish Golumpki or "Pigs in the Blanket"
9 Jan 2014
A traditional Eastern European dish gets a vegan makeover without losing that cabbage wrap we know and love. Stuffed with seasoned lentils in place of ground beef, this is a healthy, plant-based twist on Jaime K's classic Polish family favorite. [...]

Community Bike Works in Allentown, PA
9 Jan 2014
Jaime gets a tour of an after school program that has kids turning old bikes into new ones while learning life lessons. She also shares an easy after school snack with everyone. [...]

Vegan Cauliflower Cream of Asapargus Soup
9 Jan 2014
Cauliflower can become cream of any soup...but roasted asparagus is a really nice version. Check out a simple way to make a creamy delicious base to your next hot soup! [...]

DIY Aromatherapy Gifts with Scentsible by Nature
2 Jan 2014
Jaime K. has a visit with Scentsible by Nature to learn about a great gift for the holidays or anytime of the year! Make your own aromatherapy gifts with essential oils. [...]

Mushrooms in Creamy White Wine Sauce
2 Jan 2014
There's something about mushrooms and white wine that just makes you feel like a French chef. A little dollop of truffle oil and you'll say "C'est magnifique!" [...]

Lehigh Valley Spirit of Volunteerism Awards
2 Jan 2014
Giving can be such a selfless thing, so it's nice when people and organizations are recognized for their efforts. Learn a little about some people are doing to give back. And consider a way to help your community! [...]

Orange Fennel Salad with Avocado
2 Jan 2014
Healthy, raw ingredients are a great way to start off the new year! Check out this salad that has layers of flavor and is great for getting rid of those winter time blues. Get the recipe here: [...]

Jaime K. with Lisa Drew
22 Nov 2013
Jaime shares her fall dishes with Lisa Drew and talks about how to live a healthier lifestyle and in mind and nutrition. [...]

Potato and Leek Stuffed Delicata Squash
22 Nov 2013
What is delicata squash? How do you use it during the holiday season? See how Jaime K. creates a vegan dish for you big holiday meal center piece. [...]

with the Rodale Institute ASC program
22 Nov 2013
We get to visit the Rodale Institute and check out their ASC program that's getting organic produce to urban areas. See this wonderful program in action! [...]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate
22 Nov 2013
If you or someone you know doesn't like Brussels sprouts it's time to try them again using this recipe. Baked and dressed these sprouts are sweet and delicious. [...]

FUSE Art Infrastructure at Allentown's Cigar Factory Art Space
21 Oct 2013
Our guest runs a local arts group that is getting contemporary art at an international level into a local community. Learn about their 3rd Thursdays at the Cigar Factory in Allentown, Pa. [...]

Vegan Pumpkin Coconut Stew with Indian Spices
21 Oct 2013
All things fall include a pumpkin stew. Full of hardy and delicious ingredients, a nice warm bowl by the fire sounds like the perfect end to a day of rolling in leaves! [...]

Vegan Pumpkin Chia Pudding with Almond Milk
21 Oct 2013
Jaime K. makes a fall breakfast or dessert by spicing up some ch-ch-ch-chia. Great for a cool morning and a nice cup of coffee. [...]

at Bethlehem VegFest 2013
21 Oct 2013
Jaime K. frolics around the 2013 VegFest in South Bethlehem to meet just a small amount of AMAZING vendors! [...]

NEPA BlogCon
11 Sep 2013
Jaime shares her food with one of the founders of Northeast Pennsylvania Blog Conference. Learn how you can attend AND get a special STK only discount. [...]

Two Fresh Green Salads
11 Sep 2013
Jaime K. is showing us her two favorite salads that she like to make at home for the week. Quick, healthy, delicious and budget friendly! You can't beat that. [...]

Fruits and Veggies on the Move
11 Sep 2013
Jaime K. visits with a city health bureau to learn about their award winning program that gets fruits and vegetables out to kids all summer long for free! [...]

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