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Raw Vegan Radio

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The first Raw Vegan Radio Show On The Internet with the most comprehensive source for information on the Raw Food Diet Available anywhere. An Audio Encyclopedia On The Living Foods Lifestyle Featuring A Plethora Of Information From The Raw Food Experts, Leaders, Gurus, and Pioneers Famous In The Raw Food Movement!

Episode 0139: Why Live Foods? with Dr. Gabriel Cousens
31 Oct 2014 at 1:31pm

Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H) discusses the many benefits of live food nutrition, including enzymes, phytonutrients, and bio-photons.

Learn not only how live foods work therapeutically to cleanse and balance the body, but also how they can upgrade genetic expression to prevent disease and increase quality of life.

Discover why live foods are the choice foods for those who desire enduring, radiant health.

Join us for a special video Hangout with Dr. Gabriel Cousens on November 20th, 2014 “How to Thrive on a Vegan, Living Food Diet.”
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About our Guest:

Gabriel Cousens is the author of ten internationally acclaimed books including Spiritual Nutrition and Creating Peace by Being Peace.  Known worldwide as a spiritual teacher and the leading expert in raw, live, plant-source nutrition, Dr. Cousens functions as a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, and cutting edge researcher on healing diabetes naturally. The New York Times calls him, “the fasting guru and detoxification expert”.

Dr. Cousens holds an M.D. from Columbia Medical School, a doctorate in homeopathy, and diplomas in Ayurveda, clinical acupuncture, and holistic medicine.  His multi-cultural background as an ordained rabbi, an acknowledged yogi, and a four-year Native American Sundancer, adds insight to his “whole-person enlightenment” teachings. Rabbi Cousens is the founder and rabbi of Congregation Etz Chaim in Patagonia, Arizona.

Dr. Cousens is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation, the Tree of Life Center US, and Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness. He has published research articles and lectures on a variety of medical and psychological topics around the world.  He has taught extensively in twenty countries on six continents.  People have come to programs offered by the Tree of Life Foundation, in Arizona, from 111 countries.

In his latest book, There Is A Cure For Diabetes, Dr. Cousens presents his rejuvenation center’s program for reversing diabetes naturally. The center currently reports a 45% reversal rate in Type 2 diabetes, and a 21% reversal rate in Type 1 diabetes in 21 days. Additionally, Dr. Cousens’ Tree Of Life Foundation Humanitarian Projects present a unified approach for the healing of the planet through work his in Mexico, with immigrant farm workers in Arizona, and his work in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. Dr. Cousens has taught in the United States, England, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Amsterdam, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Croatia, India, Bali, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

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