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Raw Vegan Radio

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The first Raw Vegan Radio Show On The Internet with the most comprehensive source for information on the Raw Food Diet Available anywhere. An Audio Encyclopedia On The Living Foods Lifestyle Featuring A Plethora Of Information From The Raw Food Experts, Leaders, Gurus, and Pioneers Famous In The Raw Food Movement!

Episode 0138: A Message from Dolphins with Aros Crystos
19 Feb 2014 at 12:01pm

Eco-award winning fashion designer Aros Crystos has many titles to introduce him, as he says he has lived many past lives. Three-time author (novels include Embracing Aloha, Time is Promised to No One, Adventures in Consciousness), galactic shaman, ‘Dolphin Man,’ surfboard designer, the list goes on and on of his accomplishments.

But after you meet this man and discover that Aros has spent many years interacting with wild dolphins in Hawaii and has personally educated thousands of people on the sacred nature of the dolphins and whales and their purpose for interaction with human beings you start to think this man is half-man, half-dolphin of the sea. And now Aros Crystos will use his experience and connection to his real true passion— advocating for dolphins and the world’s oceans. Find out more about Aros in this incredible VegWorld interview.

In 2012 during LA Fashion Week, he made his fashion about the oceans and promoted ocean advocacy on the runway alongside his eco-friendly designs. Now his fashion collection is launching a T-shirt with stunning ocean designs alongside his surfboard art line to help raise funds for global ocean awareness andenvironmental educational programs.

Ocean Awareness T-Shirt Link

“Money has never been my goal or pursuit, but the pure passion and love for the oceans and its inhabitants, especially the dolphins and whales,” said the renowned author, artist and dolphin encounter leader. His magnificent ocean themes and artwork has wowed audiences with their beauty and joyous message. His clothing and jeans on the fashion catwalk and on fashion television will now be incorporated into a campaign to help the inhabitants of the oceans get a second chance. “We have forgotten that the ocean is our true friend and guardian,” said the award winning eco-conscious designer.

Aros is also affectionately known from Hawaii to Laguna Beach, as ‘The Dolphin Man’ and dolphin ambassador for his work and devotion to bringing dolphin energy to the sick and those needing a life-changing encounter with the dolphins to reignite their joy through a direct encounter with dolphins. He has received press attention for his work in newspapers and magazines and through appearances on talk shows around the country. But we think he has rightfully earned now to be called a “Waterman.” He has paid his dues and secured his rite of passage into the elite circle of men who made their life in the water, from Hawaiian Olympian Duke Kahanamoku to Big Wave rider Laird Hamilton and Jacques Cousteau, all men who are legends and who loved the water enough to make it their first home.

“When you are in the water with 500 dolphins, you transcend time and space.” Aros Crystos-Fashion Designers, Award Winning Eco Conscious Designer and Waterman

There is lots of surf and ocean trivia in Aros’s life. He portrayed a photographer on screen in the epic surf movie “Blue Crush” in the famous contest scene when Kate Bosworth and real surf legend Lisa Anderson went out to catch some waves on the North Shore of Hawaii on camera. Aros really embraces what all surfers embrace, a “true love and passion for the water.” He went on to win two Fashion Week Los Angeles awards, one as the top eco-conscious designer recognizing his work a fashion designer dedicated to ocean awareness and introducing the cause for One World One Ocean onto the runway there before celebrities and the press (

Aros is doing something with his life and found his purpose in dolphin energy and ocean love. OWOO is a multi-platform campaign using the power of film, television and new media to inspire, educate and connect millions of people worldwide in a common purpose: protect and restore the health of the ocean. Aros got involved when he was recruited to be voiceover talent on the IMAX movie “Into the Arctic” and felt reconnected immediately to the mission to save and protect our ocean and its inhabitants. Now he wants to take his Ocean Awareness Campaign to another level supporting ocean advocates.

Favorite Surf Movie: In God’s Hands “I loved the authentic portrayal of the scenes in the movie and that I could hear the awesome sound of the waves that created that very sacred Zen-like place you find in the surf zone,” said Aros.

Favorite Surf Board: Aros’s own art collection shaped by pro surfer/board shaper Cordell Miller of course!

Recently Aros teamed up with the media team over at BYOB- Bring Your Own Board TV ( to launch a campaign to help raise funds for global ocean awareness. Support will go to global ocean campaigns that help to educate children and adults to become responsible guardians of the oceans, and spread the plight of the oceans from Fukushima to the Gulf of Mexico that threatens our very existence on planet earth.

Aros Crystos Ocean Awareness Campaign is launching an ocean-themed clothing line starting out with T- shirts with Aros’s super cool ocean themes. Partial proceeds, $1 of every $5 of clothing sold, will go to a well-known

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