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Raw Vegan Radio

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The first Raw Vegan Radio Show On The Internet with the most comprehensive source for information on the Raw Food Diet Available anywhere. An Audio Encyclopedia On The Living Foods Lifestyle Featuring A Plethora Of Information From The Raw Food Experts, Leaders, Gurus, and Pioneers Famous In The Raw Food Movement!

  • Episode 0131- Veganpalooza with Dr. Neal Barnard
      Our latest episode features a preview call of what has become the largest vegetarian gathering in history, featuring leaders in the raw vegan and vegan movement. Do you yearn for radiant health, energy and vitality? Are you concerned about environmental destruction and the human conflicts, hunger, and disease that plague our Earth? Do you love animals and appreciate their beauty and long to protect them from harm? Would you like to deepen your spiritual understanding of life and move significantly toward inner peace, joy, and freedom? Do you feel called to contribute to building a more just and harmonious world? If you said yes to any of these questions, then listen to this preview call of Veganpalooza 2012!   Veganpalooza: 2012 Vegetarian World Summit is going to open your eyes to a new reality. We have gathered together the greatest minds in vegetarian living to provide essential information for you and your family that can change your life! Fortunately, there is an understanding that we can all develop that reveals the most liberating and empowering ways that we can live in our world today. And as this understanding is growing and becoming more widespread, it’s bringing radiant wellness, inner peace, social harmony, and environmental sustainability to our world. It is grounded in the most ancient spiritual teachings of humanity, and is affirmed by the most up-to-date scientific research. With Veganpalooza, we will be bringing you these healing and empowering truths that are positively transforming lives, and our world. From Wednesday, July 11th to Sunday, July 15th, 2012, we will bring together and expand our community with an event that will empower you with the tools to heal and awaken your Mind, Body and Spirit! The vegan movement is growing by leaps and bounds. We can see it everywhere! Why is this, and what does it have to offer us and our world today? We have gathered together the leading writers, researchers, activists, educators, and coaches in the vegan movement, with collectively hundreds of years of accumulated wisdom and experience in vegan living—so you can plumb the depths and breadth of vegan understanding of the keys to radiant wellness, social harmony, and joyful, creative, and abundant living. We are offering Veganpalooza because we believe the greatest investment you can make in your happiness and health is to understand these truths that have been hidden and repressed in our society by the “military-industrial-meat-medical-pharmaceutical-media complex.” And the beauty of it is that we’re all connected, and so understanding the power of your food choices not only helps you, it is also an important contribution you can make to the happiness and health of other people, to our Earth, and to the future generations of all beings. All of us have been raised in a culture that has injected us with a powerful food program that is NOT in our best interests. Together, we can learn about this program, and free ourselves and help others do the same, and bring real healing, freedom, and justice to our shared life together. We are honored and privileged to have access to the leading experts we have assembled for this online Veganpalooza event. These committed vegans are distinguished leaders in the fields of health and wellness, nutrition, social justice, peak performance, culinary arts, and spiritual living. As you can see by our first-class line up of leaders, we are blessed with a superabundance of wisdom, passion, expertise, and experience in this first-of-its-kind free online event. Veganpalooza is dedicated to uncovering and celebrating the hidden keys to health and harmony, and to bringing out the best in everyone. Please register for Veganpalooza, mark your calendar for July 11 through 16, and listen with us as we learn from these precious cultural treasures how we can improve our lives and our health, and be part of the solution to the problems besetting humanity. Veganpalooza is for everyone! It’s for you if you’re already a vegan and would like to deepen your understanding of how to thrive in your life, and how to more effectively bring this message to others. It’s for you if you’re a vegetarian or flexitarian and are open to learning more about how you can increase your health and happiness, and reduce your environmental footprint. And it’s for you if you’re an omnivore and would like to find out how you can find greater inner peace, be a better lover, reduce your chances of cancer, stroke, and other diseases, and increase the joy and compassion in our world. Please register below, and share with your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones.

    13 Jul 2012 at 11:00am

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