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Progressive Kitch

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Healthy cooking, conscious eating, vegan reveling, and radical kitchen sense for the modern age!

Episode 10: Kid-Friendly Vegan Cooking, & Humane Halloween (with Vegan Street's Marla Rose)
23 Oct 2013 at 9:16pm

Cooking vegan for omnivorous kiddos? Transitioning towards plant-based habits with your family in tow? Worried about the horrors of navigating a certain candy-centric holiday with your vegan child? Don’t be scared! Humane Halloween creator Marla Rose joins us to explore tricks, treats, and tactics for feeding kids at a vegan table — or from a vegan-candy-stuffed punkin’. Listen!

Your Episode 10 Reference Library

The myth that ‘pushing your values onto’ your children is somehow different than ‘parenting’ deserves debunking — after listening to the takedown of that particular bit of foolishness, please proceed to Progressive Kitch Episode 6: Anti-Veg Myths — Debunkery & Social Navigation, where we tackle all’a the other ones!

For many of the tips and tricks mentioned in this podcast episode, in a less wordy and more visual format, please check out The Rainbow Feast: Vegan Cooking for Omni Kids.

Best effing pie chart ever — yes: EVER! — What Vegans Eat. (Great: now I’m hungry for pie!… and granola. Or maybe a nice slice of question mark...)

There do exist a few notable exceptions to the no-feaux rule, for kid-friendly vegan cuisine:

Gardein Field Roast Beyond Meat

If you’re looking for dairy workarounds, for yourself or young people in your care, these are excellent for that purpose:

The Joy of Vegan Baking Artisan Vegan Cheese Online resources: nooch sauce, cashew cheese

Otherwise, look for recipes that don’t need cheese — the plain vegan cheeses and milks go over better with the grownup set.

The Lorax — READ IT! (yes: again… the more often, the better!)

Regarding All-Hallows ‘traditions’: like all other traditions in the human social sphere, they are freakin’ fluid. Dear world, please accept and deal with this premise appropriately!

It is not only POSSIBLE to build Halloween (or Thanksgiving or Christmas or Arbor Day or WHATEVER) customs that match your family’s needs and values: it is both desirable and — wait for it! — traditional.


This month’s BG picks are Vegan Street and Humane Halloween. Mwhahahahahahaaa! Spooky, eh?!

If you’ve enjoyed this PK episode, check out our podcast archive for more happy vegan-revelry-type goodness — or find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and/ or subscribe via iTunes or your podcatcher of choice — if you have a second to rate us on iTunes, it really helps people stumble across the PK groove. We love feedback: email with any comments, concerns, questions, complaints, requests, thoughts, insights, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for listening, and Happy — er, wait, no — SPPPOOOOOKKY! (kid-friendly vegan) eating!

Image credit: punkin’ kid photo via Shutterstock. Music credit: Hot Swing by Kevin MacLeod, via Incompetech.

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