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One Green Planet

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"One Green Planet is your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet.

Our goal is to cut through the green noise and provide high quality resources, tools and experiences that will empower you to improve your health, protect the environment and change the lives of animals.

It's time to radically disrupt the way we eat, buy and think. Join us, and unleash your green monster!"

  • Gorgeous Photo of Woman Petting a Cow and Dog Will Change the Way You See Farm Animals
    As you can see from this stunning photo, to the staff at Hof Butenland there is very little difference between cows and dogs. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 8:04am       

  • These Chimps Spent Most of Their Lives in a Lab … Now They’re Getting Treated to Awesome Birthday Parties in Sanctuary Home! (VIDEO)
    Watching these chimps celebrate their birthdays isn't only adorable, it reminds us how similar these creatures are to us! (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 7:43am       

  • How Happy Are These Donkeys to be Back in Their Sanctuary Home After an Evacuation? Well…Just Watch (VIDEO)
    These donkeys are finally back to their sanctuary home and they simply can't contain their happiness. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 7:39am       

  • Quit Whining About Everything! 5 Big Problems Impacting the Planet and What You Can do
    While we may be swamped by these everyday concerns, it is important for us not to forget the urgent problems in our world that need to be tackled if we – as a human species – are to have any chance of long-term survival. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:55am       

  • Sweet, Chilly, and Portable, These 10 Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches Are a Great Way to Cool Down
    In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich day we have 10 dairy-free and delicious recipes for you. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:53am       

  • After Being Saved From Cruel ‘Farm-to-Table’ Dairy Farm, 12 Goats Learn to Love Life Again
    The idea of “farm-to-table”/eating and buying local is a very popular right now in animal agriculture, and many of these facilities use false advertising to play on the emotions of people who feel that they are doing something better. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:50am       

  • Get More Out of Your Pasta With These 15 Products Infused With Nutrient-Dense Ancient Grains
    Satisfy your craving for pasta while reaping the nutritional benefits of ancient grains with these 15 products! (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:48am       

  • After Weeks on Hellish Export Ship, Bull Destined for Slaughter Fights Back (VIDEO)
    The journey of one bull who has just arrived at his slaughter destination after being shipped for weeks on a live-exported from his original home in Australia. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:46am       

  • Einkorn Zucchini Waffles [Vegan]
    Who said waffles had to be sweet? These savory einkorn waffles are loaded with zucchini and fragrant basil. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:46am       

  • 5-Ingredient Peanut Butter Jam Balls [Vegan]
    These peanut butter and jam balls are seriously amazing. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:45am       

  • Fiery Garlic Tofu [Vegan]
    There's more to this spicy tofu dish than just heat; it's seasoned with garlic, pepper, ginger, sesame oil, and a brown sugar glaze, to round it all out. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:45am       

  • Pups Left in Car Take a Joyride and Crash – This is Why It’s Never Okay to Leave Animals Alone in Cars
    These two dogs were left in a car by their guardian and crashed the car into a wall. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:45am       

  • Spicy Sweet Potato and Chickpea Burger [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
    These spicy sweet potato and chickpea burgers are packed with flavor from carefully selected spices such as cumin, paprika, and turmeric. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:44am       

  • The Truth Behind ‘Hilarious’ Video of Baboon Reacting to Magic Card Trick
    Seeing the face on this monkey's face is sure to make you laugh out loud. It's easy to see these videos, laugh and share them with all our friends ... but what's less easy to do is zoom out for a second and evaluate the circumstances that lead this interaction to be. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:44am       

  • Whole Wheat Cheesecake Brownies [Vegan]
    These dessert bars mix a rich and creamy cheesecake with a moist, chocolatey brownie. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:43am       

  • Sweet and Spicy Bok Choy [Vegan]
    This bok choy has a mouthwatering mixture of spicy and sweet. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:43am       

  • Chinese 5-Spice Pulled Jackfruit Spring Rolls [Vegan]
    These Chinese five-spice pulled jackfruit spring rolls are delicious while eaten fresh, but don’t be scared to store them for a future munching session. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:43am       

  • Rigatoni With Avocado Alfredo and Vegetables [Vegan]
    Creamy avocado, vegetables, and hearty pasta make this dish the perfect weeknight meal. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:42am       

  • Strawberry Cherry and Coconut Ice Cream Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
    These fruity frozen treats are crunchy, smooth, creamy, tart, and delicious. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:41am       

  • Tropical Mango Coconut Cheesecake [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
    What better way to enjoy time in the sun than a beautiful tropical cheesecake made with mango and coconut? (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:41am       

  • Crab Cake Sandwich [Vegan]
    Shredded tofu and seaweed are formed into a patty, breaded, and sautéed to create this flavorful vegan "crab cake." (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:41am       

  • Rosemary and Thyme Blueberry Popsicles [Vegan]
    Creamy coconut milk and tart blueberries come together to form these simple and refreshing popsicles. (...more)
    2 Aug 2016 at 4:40am       

  • These Orphaned Sloths Were Left Helpless – Now They’re Living in a Sanctuary and Loving Life
    These baby sloths are guaranteed to make you smile. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 8:07am       

  • Rescuers Save Dog Trapped in L.A. River and Help Return Her to Family in Arizona!
    The dog was situated right near the outlet, only 100 yards from where the river spills into the Pacific Ocean. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 8:00am       

  • Study Finds Eating Meat Can Shorten Your Life – and Plant Protein Can Lengthen it
    A 10 percent increase in animal protein intake was linked to a two percent increase in overall mortality and an eight percent increase in risk of cardiovascular-related death. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 7:55am       

  • Gooey Grilled Cheese, Meatball Subs, and Refreshing Wraps: 31 Delicious Vegan Sandwich Recipes
    Rejoice! We’ve got a yummy sandwich recipe for every day this month. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 7:50am       

  • This Organization Helps Ensure Elderly Pets Have Loving Homes Even After Their Guardians Pass Away
    Based in the UK, the Cinnamon Trust is one of the few charities of its kind, helping owners ensure their pets are cared for after they no longer can. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:50am       

  • Incredible Rescuers Save Drowning Leopard From 60-Foot Well (VIDEO)
    This rescue team spent three hours to get a trapped leopard out of a well. Now he's safe and back in the wild, where he belongs! (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:49am       

  • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Guilt-Free With These Naturally-Sweetened Candies and Treats!
    These 15 candies are given their flavor from natural sweeteners, meaning you don't have to feel as guilty about indulging! (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:48am       

  • From Tropical Parfaits to Curry, Coconut Does it All! Try These 15 Vegan Recipes With Coconut
    Savory, spicy, sweet — coconut can work in any kind of dish. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:45am       

  • Spelt Focaccia With Rosemary Za’atar [Vegan]
    This spelt focaccia makes a great party snack served with a bowl of extra virgin olive oil for dunking or as a main meal with a big side salad. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:45am       

  • Strawberry Pistachio Chia-Oat Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
    These chia-oat bars are naturally-sweetened, slightly-zesty, and have the perfect amount of fruit-to-oat ratio. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:44am       

  • No-Bake Galaxy Berry Cheesecake Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
    These blueberry and rasberry cheesecake bars have a stunning color that looks like a galaxy! (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:44am       

  • Avocado Sushi Balls [Vegan]
    You don't need a bamboo rolling mat to make these avocado sushi balls — all you need is your hands! (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:44am       

  • Find Out Why Ricky Gervais is so Upset About This Video of a Captive Tiger
    Most recently, Gervais shared a video from World Animal Protection that shows how captive tigers are treated in tourist attractions. In the video, we see a visibly drowsy chained tiger being poked and prodded with a metal stick so that it will pose for a selfie. (...more)
    1 Aug 2016 at 4:43am       

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