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NZ Vegan Podcast

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Elizabeth Collin's podcasts features her thoughts and interviews on the issues of speciesism, abolitionism, nonviolence and advocacy. 'NZ' is for New Zealand but the podcast has a world of listeners.

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  • @FixYouUp_ extremely >:( 14 hrs 53 min ago
  • @FixYouUp_ have a choice: die, or take the medicine. BUT does this justify going out and murdering children for pleasure? Not. 1 days 0 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ i.e pretend your medicine contains products of human slave labour'”there is *no* alternative right now & it's critical for you... 1 days 0 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ ..then it becomes a matter of true conflict i.e. your life is at stake. This doesn't justify trivial animal use at all 1 days 0 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ @NZVeganPodcast - however let's say you have no choice for your own health i.e. insulin - then.... 1 days 0 hrs ago
  • @catkrye Hey!!! email me!! <3 63 days 0 hrs ago
  • New Episode 129: Welfarist Obfuscation #vegan #veganpodcast 70 days 13 hrs ago
  • New Episode 128 -baking soda rocks and trolling the trolls #vegan #veganpodcast 115 days 15 hrs ago
  • Nuevo Episodio en breve #vegan #veganpodcast 129 days 15 hrs ago
  • Episode 127: VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN! By hook or by crook we're going to end the stigmatization of this word! #veganpodcast 165 days 11 hrs ago
  • New Podcast Episode 126 - treatment treatment treatment #vegan #veganpodcast 227 days 23 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ thanks but i recommend doing a street stall, i had this exact argument (plants - blood/bone etc) at the last one I did :) 235 days 18 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ ...only valid response to any of this. So: they can be vegan and be part of the solution, or not be vegan & stay part of problem 236 days 22 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ ...aren't able to get veganic farming for everything...YET. For that we need a vegan human race. Therefore being vegan is the.. 236 days 22 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ 1.They are incorrect. Plants do NOT *need* blood bone etc. Veganic farming is very fruitful. So false straw man. 2.most of us... 236 days 22 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ I would try to lead it into a conversation about animal rights. They're presenting you with an opportunity there - an opening ;) 239 days 19 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ it makes no sense to me... is it a joke? not a funny one if so... are they are nonvegan? 240 days 2 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ ??? 240 days 5 hrs ago
  • @FixYouUp_ "Cruelty Free =misnomer. 1.Not vegan 2 use animal products. 2.Detrimental to AR to perpetuate the idea animals r things to use. 242 days 5 hrs ago
  • #50DollarsNot50Shades 290 days 19 hrs ago
  • New Episode 125 #vegan #veganpodcast 294 days 13 hrs ago
  • New Episode 124: Happy Vegan New Year 2015. Let's focus. #vegan #veganpodcast 335 days 9 hrs ago
  • @ahimsamilk '¦ Episode 123: there is no such thing as "Ahimsa" cow's milk 389 days 2 hrs ago
  • Episode 123 - there is no such thing as "Ahimsa" cow's milk! #veganpodcast 389 days 2 hrs ago
  • @ahimsamilk '¦ Episode 123: there is no such thing as "Ahimsa" cow's milk! Go vegan!! 389 days 2 hrs ago
  • NZ Vegano Podcast Episodio 43: un siempre estudiante Nuevo episodio: un siempre estudiante #vegan #veganpodcast 401 days 1 hrs ago
  • @angelrubio Awww good to hear!! Thank you my friend! :D 408 days 0 hrs ago
  • NZVP Episode 122: tales from the street stall & Gary Francione - the voice of our conscience #vegan #veganpodcast 409 days 18 hrs ago
  • New Podcast Episode: first winter street stall and the disintegration of The Vegan Society #vegan #veganpodcast 472 days 9 hrs ago
  • Nuevo Episodio: no se puede 'dividir' algo que ya estuvo separado desde el principio #vegan #veganpodcast 494 days 12 hrs ago

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