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Mimi Kirk

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Mimi Kirk is the author of the raw vegan cookbook "Raw Live" and runs a website at where she says "Feeling like you're in your 20's at age 73, is quite an amazing thing... I accredit this youthful look and spirit not only to my attitude, but really to my way of eating which is a raw vegan - living foods lifestyle."

Mimi Kirk and Life Food
27 Oct 2015

Mimi Kirk's hormone balancing juice
19 Aug 2015
Hormone Boost Maca is used to balance hormones in both women and men. Maca helps with mood swings, depression, cramps, and hot flashes. INGREDIENTS 1 teaspoon maca powder 1/2 cup cooled green tea Juice from 1/2 apple Juice from 1/2 lemon Sweetener of [...]

Mimi Kirk makes a Ginger Shot!
8 Aug 2015
Mimi makes a ginger shot, a recipe in her book The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing. You can buy the book at Ginger relieves gastrointestinal disorders and nausea. Ginger is good for inflammatory diseases and supports a healthy [...]

Mimi Kirk's Savory Juice
2 Aug 2015
Recipe as found on Page 122 of my book The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing Brain booster, alkaline balancer, and toxin releaser. Lavish yourself with vitamins A, B, and C, which boost immunity, gives us energy, and keeps us radiant. This potassium-rich [...]

Mimi Kirk visits Villa Vegana in Mallorca, Spain
13 Apr 2015
Mimi visited Villa Vegana resort in Mallorca, Spain and found a beautiful property with fantastic vegan food served 3 times a day. [...]

Mimi Kirk makes an afternoon carrot, spinach and ginger drink
8 Apr 2015
Mimi makes a simple healthy drink from her new book, The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing, on the balcony of her apartment on the Spanish Island of Mallorca. [...]

Mimi Kirk's equipment arrives on the island of Mallorca, Spain!
3 Apr 2015
I am spending a few months in Mallorca, Spain to appear at events in Europe and wanted to show off the equipment and raw food I just received from that I'll be using to make a series of videos from my balcony overlooking the Mediterranean [...]

Mimi makes a "headache" remedy juice from her new book in her Kuvings juicer
29 Dec 2014
Mimi Kirk uses her Kuvings juicer to make one of the more than 200 juice recipes in her new book, "The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing". [...]

Mimi Kirk talks about longevity
18 Dec 2014
Mimi talks about slowing down the aging process in this video made in her kitchen [...]

Mimi Kirk shows us her new book!!
10 Dec 2014
I am so excited to show you my new book "The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing". It's jam packed with 200 recipes and so much more information to guide you to healthy juicing. Order the book at . You can order the necklace [...]

Mimi Kirk's Pumpkin Spice Latte
31 Oct 2014
Mimi shows us how to make a delicious warm pumpkin spice latte. Recipe at her website [...]

Mimi's Raised Garden Bed
10 Oct 2014
Mimi shows you her raised garden bed with the hope that it'll inspire you to put one in too! [...]

Mimi Kirk as seen on German TV
19 Jun 2014
German TV comes to visit Mimi and her boyfriend Mike at their house in California. [...]

Mimi Kirk, Annette Larkins, and Linda Wood-Hoyte give their health tips.
5 Jun 2014
Mimi, Annette and Linda give their advice on how to defy aging. All three are raw food enthusiasts and are in their 70's. [...]

Mimi Kirk's Spanish Gazpacho
5 Jun 2013
Mimi makes Gazpacho inspired from her trip to Spain. This is one of 120 raw vegan recipes from her new book LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD. You can also find the recipe at her website [...]

Mimi Kirk's New Magimix
31 May 2013
Mimi is having fun in her kitchen and shows you how to shred carrots, slice cucumbers and sweet potatoes, juice citrus and vegetables all with one appliance, her new food processor, Magimix by Robot-Coupe model 5200XL. This powerful machine is used in [...]

Mimi Kirk's Delicious "Roasted" Tomatoes in the dehydrator!
25 Apr 2013
Mimi shares her recipe for roasted tomatoes made in the easy...the only hard part is waiting the 14 hours these need to dehydrate before eating them! [...]

Mimi Kirk's Interview with Brazil's
2 Apr 2013
Mimi discusses how she became a raw vegan, her beauty secrets, and her plans for the future including her new book coming out this summer, LIVE RAW AROUND THE WORLD with Luis Souza in Brazil and Mimi at her home in California. Find the article and video [...]

A quick tour of Mimi Kirk's vegetable and cactus garden
30 Mar 2013
Mimi gives a tour of her backyard including the vegetables she's growing in her raised bed,and her hillside full of fruit trees,cacti and succulents...all of which are water wise. [...]

Mimi Kirk's Chop Chop Salad
28 Mar 2013
Mimi makes her delicious chop chop salad from page 123 of her book LIVE RAW. Recipe on her website [...]

Mimi Kirk at the Taj Mahal
16 Oct 2012
Mimi Kirk visits the Taj Mahal in India as part of her tour of the world to promote healthy raw food and gets inspired to make traditional Indian dishes raw. In this video she shares her experiences thus far in India. [...]

Mimi Kirk with Marie Tissot of Home Sweet Green
4 Aug 2012
Sweet Marie Tissot talks with Mimi about how she discovered raw food in Aix en Provence and about her new Bed and Breakfast that will actually be raw food and vegan friendly. She calls her B&B Home Sweet Green. Check out her B&B on Facebook at [...]

Mimi Kirk-Entrees at LA Mano Verde Restaurant-Berlin
27 Jul 2012
Mimi describes the raw dishes she's ordered at La Mano Verde Restaurant in Berlin, Germany. [...]

Mimi Kirk and Donna Brown uncook pasta at Donna's Tuscan olive oil farm
20 Jul 2012
Mimi and Donna prepare a raw lunch with with local ingredients from the farms close by in Tuscany. Yes, you can eat raw in Italy...wonderfully! [...]

Mimi Kirk in Tuscany
18 Jul 2012
Mimi Kirk and her friend Eileen talk in a field of sunflowers in Tuscany..just south of Siena. Mimi is traveling the world in search of raw options of some of the worlds most popular foods to share with her friends around the world. [...]

Mimi Kirk visits Marseille, France
9 Jul 2012
Mimi talks about wonderful Marseille, France and what she bought there, ate there, and the wonderful people she met there..including a chef that made her a raw meal for the first time and is now excited to prepare many more raw dishes and be a trailblazer [...]

Mimi Kirk with Barcelona's Wonderful Raw Chef Christine
6 Jul 2012
Visit Christine's website at for great raw food ideas. Christine is trailblazing the rawfood scene in Barcelona with raw classes, private catering, and consulting. Her facebook page is Crua Gourmet Cuisine - Raw Food Barcelona [...]

Mimi Kirk at Barcelona La Boqueria
28 Jun 2012
Mimi explores Barcelona and its markets. [...]

Mimi Kirk arrives in Barcelona
26 Jun 2012
Mimi arrives in Barcelona as the first leg of a 7 country world tour to promote raw food and healthy eating. She's talking from the roof balcony of the Hotel Zero Barcelona with a panoramic view of Barcelona on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the [...]

Mimi Kirk: Speaker, Author, Health Coach
21 Jun 2012
An introduction to Mimi Kirk [...]

Mimi Kirk's Raw Hummus and Tahini
31 May 2012
Mimi makes raw tahini and hummus from scratch in her kitchen. Recipe at As always, one take...imperfections and all...just like me [...]

Mimi Kirk's Raw Apple Pie
2 May 2012
Mimi shows us how to make raw apple pie from her best selling book "LIVE RAW". Its really easy and delicious! And it's good for you too! Recipe on her web site [...]

Mimi Kirk makes a salad out in her garden
27 Apr 2012
Mimi picks veggies she grows in her raised garden bed and makes a delicious salad giving tips along the way. [...]

Mimi Kirk's Raw Truffles
1 Mar 2012
Ready for a healthy treat? Mimi makes these delicious raw truffle balls. For the recipe go to [...]

Mimi Kirk's delicious warm raw vegan drink
16 Dec 2011
Mimi's holiday greeting and delicious warm raw vegan drink [...]

Raw Stuffing, Mashed Cauliflower/Parsnip and Gravy-Part 3
15 Nov 2011
Mimi Kirk makes raw stuffing, mashed parsnip and cauliflower and gravy!! See the recipe at [...]

Raw Stuffing, Mashed Cauliflower/Parsnip and Gravy-Part 2
15 Nov 2011
Mimi Kirk makes raw stuffing, mashed parsnip and cauliflower and gravy!! See the recipes at [...]

Raw Stuffing, Mashed Cauliflower/Parsnip and Gravy-Part 1
15 Nov 2011
Mimi Kirk makes raw stuffing, mashed parsnip and cauliflower and gravy!! See the recipes at [...]

Mimi Kirk's "Save-the-Turkey" Portobello Mushrooms and Cranberry Orange Relish
10 Nov 2011
Mimi Kirk shows you how to make a delicious raw Portobello Mushroom dish and Cranberry-Orange Relish for the holidays or anytime! [...]

Mimi Kirk's Cheezy Cheese Sauce
12 Oct 2011
Mimi shows how to make a raw vegan cheezy sauce that tastes wonderful on a number of dishes not the least of which is zucchini pasta. [...]

Vegan Caesar Salad
7 Sep 2011
Mimi shows us how she makes her wonderful raw vegan caesar salad. You will not believe it's not made with anchovies and cheese. [...]

Mimi Kirk's Sweet Potato Noodles
24 Aug 2011
You'll love these raw sweet potatoes! [...]

Mimi Kirk's VERY DECADENT dark cacao milk shake
17 Aug 2011
Mimi shows you how she makes almond milk and a yummy dark cacao milk shake [...]

Mimi Kirk's Easy Cheezy Kale Chips
10 Aug 2011
Mimi Kirk's Easy Cheezy Kale Chips [...]

What's in Mimi's kitchen? Kombucha and some great raw food!
28 Jul 2011
Mimi shows off the raw crackers, raw pizza dough, raw nut cheese, hummus, and kombucha she's making in the kitchen. She shows how to make the delicious kombucha drink. [...]

A quick peek inside Mimi Kirk's refrigerator
14 Jul 2011
Mimi gives you a quick peek into how she stores and organizes her food in her refrigerator in order to make raw food prep quicker and the fruits and vegetables fresher longer. [...]

Mimi Kirk's Chia Pudding
30 Jun 2011
Mimi shows how to make easy and delicious chia pudding and chia cereal. Recipe at [...]

Mimi Kirk/Daughters Raw Restaurant Tour !!
24 Jun 2011
Me and My daughters, Mia and Lisa, went on a tour of raw food restaurants in the Los Angeles are some clips from a couple of the stops along the way! [...]

Mimi Kirk's "Mockarita"
16 Jun 2011
What could be better for summer than Mimi's version of a margarita. [...]

Mimi Kirk's Muesli
8 Jun 2011
If you need to make a quick, easy and healthy breakfast, Mimi has just the thing. Recipe will be on Mimi's website, [...]

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