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Main Street Vegan Podcast

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Accomplished author Victoria Moran and daughter Adair Moran host a live weekly show on Unity.FM (every Weds at 3PM ET) that entertains and educates listeners on living a healthy, joyful life of peace and abundance through a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Foodie Bar and Seasonal Sanctuary Stroll
26 Apr 2017 at 12:00pm
Timaree Hagenburger, R.D., author of The Foodie Bar Way, opens the program with her delightful take on making healthy eating fun, followed by Cheri Vandersluis of Maple Farm Sanctuary in Massachusetts, recipient of the Peace Abbey Foundation Award, an honor she shares with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa.
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Romance and Vegans + Speaking for the Cause
19 Apr 2017 at 12:00pm
Vegan Love is Maya Gottfried's enchanting new book; and professional speaker Carol Cox shares on how we can speak in groups to enhance activism or vegan business.
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T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell With "The China Study," New Edition
12 Apr 2017 at 12:00pm
The most influential nutritional mind in the plant-based movement, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., returns with his son and coauthor of The China Study, Thomas M. Campbell, M.D., to discuss their New York Times best-seller's new edition, cutting-edge developments since that groundbreaking study, and what we need to know about food now.
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Mexican Vegan Cooking and the National Vegetarian Museum
5 Apr 2017 at 12:00pm
Chicago is home to the new National Vegetarian Museum, and we talk with its founder and curator, Kay Stepkin. Then we turn the conversation to the cuisine of Mexico with Eddie Garza, senior manager of food and nutrition for HSUS, and author of Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook, a wonderful vegan take on traditional Mexican delicacies and some Tex-Mex thrown (... More)
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Zoe Weil on Humane Education and Brian Leaf on Yogic Education
29 Mar 2017 at 12:00pm
The Teacher Appears is Brian Leaf's enchanting interactive book about everyday yoga and spiritual growth; Institute for Humane Education founder and prolific author Zoe Weil shares why education without respect for all life is missing a valuable component.
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Wayne Pacelle of HSUS + First Vegan Baby Board Book
22 Mar 2017 at 12:00pm
At the helm of the largest animal protection organization in America, Wayne Pacelle is the first vegan director and the person who brought farmed animals into the HSUS purview; and Julie Feliz Bruek's Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary tells the real story of a rescued turkey for youngest readers.
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Eating You Alive + Connecting in the Land of Dementia
15 Mar 2017 at 12:00pm
Filmmakers for Eating You Alive, the latest documentary promoting a whole-foods plant-based diet, plus opening interview with Deborah Shouse, on making the connection with relatives and friends who experience dementia.
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WFPB Cooking + Homeopathy
8 Mar 2017 at 12:00pm
PlantPure Nation's Kim Campbell shares culinary tips and tricks from her new cookbook; and longtime vegan homeopath Deborah Vidal, of the Vidal Speaks podcast, shares ways we can use this alternative healing system.
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Cancer Happens (Even to Vegans) + Intersectionality of Oppression
1 Mar 2017 at 12:00pm
Longtime vegan Anne Sullivan shares her breast cancer story and why vegans must not feel ashamed if they get sick; and Christopher Sebastian McJetters, an articulate and passionate spokesperson of the intersectionality movement, discusses animal rights, human rights, and justice.
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Farm to Fable + One Good Mama Bone
22 Feb 2017 at 12:00pm
Robert Grillo spent 20 years in the food industry and shares its workings firsthand in Farm to Fable: The Fictions of Our Animal-Consuming Culture; and Bren McClain has written a poignant novel set against the backdrop of 4-H and a mother cow who mentors a mother human.
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Neal Barnard, M.D., on Cheese + Cruelty-Free Shopping App
15 Feb 2017 at 12:00pm
My Conscience, My Choice app developer Dory Kurowski opens; then we welcome Neal Barnard, M.D., of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, whose new book, The Cheese Trap, explains why everybody's favorite snack is so darned addictive-and what to do about it.
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Life Without Envy + Sexiest Vegan Joel Kahn, M.D.
8 Feb 2017 at 12:00pm
Vegan novelist Camille DeAngelis with her first nonfiction book, Life Without Envy: Ego Management for Creative People, followed by Dr. Joel Kahn, America's holistic heart doctor, and my fellow "Sexiest Vegan Over 50" for 2016 and 2017.
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Sistah Vegan + Gunas Bags
1 Feb 2017 at 12:00pm
A. Breeze Harper, Ph.D, author of Sistah Vegan and 2016 Humane Party vice presidential candidate, discusses feminism and being an African-American vegan; also, Sugandh Agrawal, designer and founder of Gunas, stunning vegan handbags.
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Never Binge Again + Gentle Fitness
25 Jan 2017 at 12:00pm
Vegan psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston has crafted a program to end binge eating forever; and celebrity vegan trainer John Pierre returns with tips and motivation for getting fit in the real world, and loving yourself all the while.
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McDougall's Medicine + DIY Beauty
18 Jan 2017 at 12:00pm
Legendary internist and author John McDougall, M.D., joins me with his no-nonsense take on what's killing people and the planet and what to do about it. We open with the charming Sunny Subramanian, vegan beauty expert behind the Vegan Beauty Review blog and coauthor of The Compassionate Chicken's Guide to DIY Beauty.
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Rock Your Resolutions With Dr. Frank Sabatino + Naturally Lean
11 Jan 2017 at 12:00pm
Our opening special guest is Allyson Kramer, sharing Catch calorie-cropped recipes and fit-forever tips from her award-winning book Naturally Lean. Then get your health on with Dr. Frank Sabatino from Ocean Jade Health Retreat, one of our most popular guests because his health information is spot-on and his phone-side manner is as understanding as it (... More)
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The Skinny on Soy + Feeding the Hungry Vegan-Style
21 Dec 2016 at 12:00pm
... Is soy a great food or a scourge disguised as a bean? Author and TV personality Marie Oser has the answers. And we'll look at feeding those in need this holiday season with vegan food pantry proprietor Katherine Green.
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Detox Dairy and Cooking Vegan in Kuwait
14 Dec 2016 at 12:00pm
Great Chefs Cook Vegan author Linda Long shares the experience of teaching vegan cooking classes in Kuwait as the invitation of the royal family there; and Allison Rivers Samson and Michelle Cehn of share the joys of "dairy freedom," why we need to care about this, and how to make it easy.
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Spiritual Veganism + Santa's Vegan Christmas
7 Dec 2016 at 12:00pm
Peace to All Beings author Judy Carman discusses the inner side of vegan living and how it relates to both spiritual growth and world peace, after a joy-filled intro segment with children's author Robin Raven, whose first book is Santa's First Vegan Christmas.
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A Dog's Purpose and Tomato Sushi
30 Nov 2016 at 12:00pm
Screenwriter for the upcoming feature film A Dog's Life, W. Bruce Cameron shares about the movie, dogs, and the writer's life. Opener is David Benzaquen, creator of tomato sushi-the cool, vegan, better-than-bluefin, entering the marketplace now.
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Jewish Veganism With Rabbi Yanklowitz and Dr. Schwartz
23 Nov 2016 at 12:00pm
Among Newsweek's "Top 50 Rabbis in America," Shmuly Yanklowitz joins us today along with Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., of JewishVeg for an inspiring hour on why veganism is a Jewish value and a human value.
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Bitesize Vegan Emily Barwick + Filmmaker Michal Siewierski of Food Choices
16 Nov 2016 at 12:00pm
The documentary Food Choices draws from 28 experts to present the ethical, health, and environmental foundation of vegan eating and living; and Emily Moran Barwick, Bitesize Vegan, delves into her megasuccessful YouTube presence and being an animal liberation activist in Iowa.
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Kathy Freston and Gentle Barn
9 Nov 2016 at 12:00pm
The Gentle Barn sanctuaries where rescued animals help needy children are discussed first with special guest Ellie Laks, followed by New York Times best-selling author Kathy Freston with her new book for teens and 20-somethings, The Book of Veganish.
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Jain Spirituality and Ahimsa
2 Nov 2016 at 12:00pm
Pramoda Chitrabhanu is one of the foremost Jain teachers alive today. She is an author, a vegan, and a powerful soul. You'll be blessed to hear her.
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Vegan Cheese + Animals and Public Health
26 Oct 2016 at 12:00pm
Riverdel Cheese founder Michaela Grob opens with her entrepreneurial story, and Aysha Akhtar, M.D., neurologist and public health specialist with the U.S. FDA, speaks brilliantly about why she believes that the way we treat animals is intrinsically linked to public health.
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Oprah Super-Souler Latham Thomas and Bikini Competitor Darlene Adamusik
19 Oct 2016 at 12:00pm
Pregnancy, birth, and self-care are celebrity doula Latham Thomas's forte, preceded by serious fitness (and vegan on a budget) with trainer Darlene Adamusik.
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The China Study Solution and FARM's 40th
12 Oct 2016 at 12:00pm
Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) founder Alex Hershaft, a Holocaust survivor and true hero, on the occasion of FARM's 40th anniversary; and Thomas Campbell, M.D., youngest son of T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, coauthor with his father of The China Study, and author in his own right of The China Study Solution, with real-world ideas for healthy living.
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Youthful Aging, Healing Foods, and Savvy Self-Defense
5 Oct 2016 at 12:00pm
Pilates guru Irene Rizzo, and her book, The Mountain of Youth; Chef Mark Reinfeld with his new book Healing the Vegan Way, celebrity trainer, women's and children's advocate, and self-defense expert John Pierre with Smart, Savvy, Safe: Empowering Tools for Self-Protection and Vibrant Health.
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Fitness for Mortals + Vegan Everyday Stories
28 Sep 2016 at 12:00pm
Ellen Jaffe Jones, champion sprinter and marathoner, was once a couch spud with health issues who knows how to get anybody fit with her new book Vegan Fitness for Mortals. But first up is Eric Day, the filmmaker whose Vegan Everyday Stories is making this lifestyle "normal" for thousands of viewers.
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Plant-Based Nafsika + Matt Ruscigno, R.D.
21 Sep 2016 at 12:00pm
Cable network FYI airs the weekly Plant-Based by Nafsika program (check local listings), so vegans finally have a talk show! Nafsika Antypas, the show's creator and host, joins us, followed by Los Angeles dietitian and No Meat Athlete coauthor, Matt Ruscigno, R.D., discussing, among other things, why it might not be such a great idea to oversell veganism's (... More)
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Radical Beauty + Climate Healers
14 Sep 2016 at 12:00pm
Kimberly Snyder, CN, whose new book, Radical Beauty, is coauthored by Dr. Deepak Chopra, joins us first, followed by Sailesh Rao, Ph.D, of Rao, executive producer of Cowspiracy and The Compassion Project, will share about his work to bring food choices into the climate conversation. His latest book is Carbon Yoga: The Vegan Metamorphosis.
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Hockey Great Georges Laraque and PlantPure Summit
7 Sep 2016 at 12:00pm
PlantPure Nation filmmaker Nelson Campbell opens with PlantPure Summit 2016, an online event featuring 50 top experts (sign up at On the main stage: Georges Laraque, long known as one of the National Hockey League's most aggressive players, is also an ethical vegan, humanitarian, and the owner of vegan and raw restaurants in Montreal.
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No Bread? No Beer? Well, Maybe ...
31 Aug 2016 at 12:00pm
The scoop on gluten with author Joann Farb (she contends that many ex-vegans left the fold because of gluten-sensitivity issues) and a chat with Andy Ramage, vegan founder of the United Kingdom-based One Year/No Beer initiative, a plan to encourage folks to cut out alcohol for a period of time to improve health, clarity, and productivity.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Veganized + "Be Fair, Be Vegan" Billboard Campaign
24 Aug 2016 at 12:00pm
Two giant billboards in midtown Manhattan are encouraging viewers to "Be Fair, Be Vegan." We'll talk with this mega-project's spokesperson, Angel Flinn, and then bring on Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac., author of Fix Your Mood With Food, that rare practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine who is vegan herself and encourages plant-based eating for her patients.
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Humane Party Presidential Candidate + Elephants' Advocate
17 Aug 2016 at 12:00pm
Clifton Roberts is in the 2016 United States' presidential race on the Humane Party ticket, and Sangita Iyer has made the haunting and important documentary, Gods in Shackles, to help save the elephants enslaved in India for ceremonial purposes.
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TV Chef Jason Wrobel and a 9-Year-Old Activist
10 Aug 2016 at 12:00pm
Pint-size animal advocate Genesis Butler, featured in the documentary Vegan Everyday Stories, opens for celebrity chef Jason Wrobel with his new cookbook, Eaternity.
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Barefoot Vegan and Saving One Small Life
3 Aug 2016 at 12:00pm
We'll welcome August with our "seasonal sanctuary stroll" featuring the French sanctuary, Barefoot Vegan, and its eponymous magazine, and then introduce Christine Loughead, the Canadian woman who received a huge amount of press earlier this summer when she did what we've all wanted to do: save a lobster from a supermarket tank and return him (her?) (... More)
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Brenda Davis, RD, Returns + Novelist Robin Lamont
27 Jul 2016 at 12:00pm
"Ask the Dietitian" is one of our show's most popular offerings, especially when said dietitian is the brilliant and delightful Brenda Davis, RD. She returns today to answer your questions and offer helpful insights on healthy eating. We start the program with Robin Lamont, the novelist behind The Kinship Series of animal rights thrillers. The two available (... More)
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Abortion and Animal Rights + Brian L. Patton
20 Jul 2016 at 12:00pm
Sherry Colb, J.D., returns to the program with her husband, Michael C. Dorf, J.D., both Cornell law professors, with their important and controversial new book, Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animals Rights. Show opener: Brian L. Patton, "The Sexy Vegan," cookbook author, podcaster, and vegan foodie and entertainer par excellence.
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Vegan Mainstream and a Magical, Mystical Evening
13 Jul 2016 at 12:00pm
Stephanie Redcross of brings us up to speed on vegan business, outreach, social media, branding, and buzzing, but first we enter the rarified world of The Illuminati Ball, a surreal experience created by vegan and animal rights proponent Cynthia von Buhler, a magical "immersive excursion" just outside New York City-and the glam dinner (... More)
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The Compassion Project and The Vegan Ethic
22 Jun 2016 at 12:00pm
Filmmaker Thomas Jackson on his film to interest people of faith in veganism + Bleating Hearts author Mark Hawthorne with his new book on intersectionality, The Vegan Ethic.
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John Salley + Grape Cat
15 Jun 2016 at 12:00pm
Basketball legend John Salley shares his take on health, sport, veganism for a guy's guy, and the Hip Hop Is Green movement. We'll also be joined by James Lucas of about what it takes to run an online vegan store and vend at vegfests all over the United States.
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Humane Ed and New Kids’ Cookbook
8 Jun 2016 at 12:00pm
Ruby Roth, who made media waves with her children's book, Vegan Is Love, is back with a charming and exquisitely illustrated cookbook for little vegans, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids. And Lorena Mucke's Ethical Choices Program takes veganism, animal rights, and sustainable living into middle- and high-school classrooms across America.
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Fish Think and Ayurvedic Documentary
1 Jun 2016 at 12:00pm
Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D., returns today with his new book, What a Fish Knows, a fascinating look at the cognitive abilities and self-awareness of our cousins who live in the water. Show opener: Amish Shah, who made his first $1 million by age 25 and subsequently partied himself into ill health before discovering the wisdom of Ayurveda, "knowledge of (... More)
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Counting Vegans
25 May 2016 at 12:00pm
Harris Polls commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group have been counting vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-leaning since 1994, and the latest results are just out. VRG cofounder Charles Stahler joins us to share the findings: what are our numbers in the United States? How do we stack up geographically, ethnically, and racially? Why are people going (... More)
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"Unlocking the Cage" With Chimps’ Champion Steven Wise
18 May 2016 at 12:00pm
Legal personhood for chimpanzees has been a 30-year effort for attorney Steven Wise of the Nonhuman Rights Project, work that is explored in the groundbreaking documentary Unlocking the Cage.
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81-Year-Old Athlete Ruth Heidrich and Traveling the (Vegan) World
11 May 2016 at 12:00pm
Vegan travel expert Caitlin Galer-Unti of gives us the skinny on eating across the globe and the hottest vegan travel destinations. Then: octogenarian runner, swimmer, cyclist, and three-decade breast cancer survivor Ruth Heidrich. Prepare to be inspired for the long haul!
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Matthew Kenney Cooks and an Abolitionist Vegan Shares Her Views
4 May 2016 at 12:00pm
We chat with celebrity chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author Matthew Kenney, weighing in on his latest culinary projects and his commitment to plant-based living. Then we meet Sarah Woodcock, a devout abolitionist vegan who explains this philosophy and her organization, The Advocacy of Veganism Society (TAVS).
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Minimalist Baker and Animals in Islam
27 Apr 2016 at 12:00pm
Power-blogger Dana Shultz, with her new cookbook, Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking; then, Imam Sohaib Sultan, a Princeton professor and author of The Koran for Dummies with a Muslim view on veganism and animal rights.
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Slow Cooking With Kathy Hester and "Meathooked" With Marta Zaraska
20 Apr 2016 at 12:00pm
We'll learn the fine points of slow cooking with author/blogger Kathy Hester, and then discuss the fascinating new book, Meathooked-why on earth are humans so addicted to animal flesh?-with its author Marta Zaraska.
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