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Main Street Vegan Podcast

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Accomplished author Victoria Moran and daughter Adair Moran host a live weekly show on Unity.FM (every Weds at 3PM ET) that entertains and educates listeners on living a healthy, joyful life of peace and abundance through a vegan lifestyle.

  • Ginny Messina, M.S., R.D., Coauthor of "Vegan for Life"
    Join us today as guest vegan dietician Ginny Messina, M.S., R.D., discusses good-sense/good-health eating for the real-world vegan.
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    30 Jan 2013 at 12:00pm

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    • @smalltowntn Bless you. I appreciate your kind words. 1 days 12 hrs ago
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    • @TheCompassionit - You're so dear - @RobertCheeke is podcast guest today - another total love. 2 days 12 hrs ago
    • @Louise243 It said MORE hrs, responsibility & remuneration. Starting w/some, growing into more. I only wish someone had asked b4 attacking. 2 days 12 hrs ago
    • .@RealVeganCheese - You absolutely have the solution. Your cheese is almost too good. 2 days 14 hrs ago
    • Excited to talk w/@RobertCheeke 2day on Main St. #Vegan show on @UnityOnlinRadio. Noon PT, 3p ET 2 days 14 hrs ago
    • Baby squirrel vid: @uuwrwildlife 2 days 14 hrs ago
    • 3p ET Wed: Main St. #Vegan Show w/@VegfestUK & @RobertCheeke + Amer. Vegan Soc. membership giveaway. 888-558-6489 2 days 23 hrs ago
    • @JHMcCleskey Gorgeous, isn't it? Such a lovely way to convey the self-love message. 3 days 1 hrs ago
    • Tnx so much, @TheCompassionit. You're very kind. Best of everything to you. 3 days 1 hrs ago
    • @yorkie984 Not U.S. terms. Here, as far as I know, more interns are paid than not, according to college job boards I've seen. R u in UK? 3 days 2 hrs ago
    • @yorkie984 PS: As a writer & speaker, I used to be paid all the time; in today's world, only half the time. Paying people means a lot 2 me. 3 days 2 hrs ago
    • .@yorkie984. Tnx. I never thought of it that way. I used the word to suggest short flexible hours, freelance, suitable 4 a student. 3 days 3 hrs ago
    • @AdairMoran Have so much fun in Indonesia! I visited Tala & Oliver at doggy hotel, shared hugs & treats, walked w/them a bit. They're good. 3 days 3 hrs ago
    • .@AndrewSouthard Apology appreciated. I was really hurt. The ad said "more" hrs, responsibility, & remuneration: more! Never unpaid. 3 days 3 hrs ago
    • @uuvegan U're so sweet: tnx. I'm still in shock. One person did apologize which I appreciate. 3 days 3 hrs ago
    • @yorkie984 Thank you. Can you pls tell the forum that I'm against exploitation too? 2b judged 4 just using the word intern is pretty harsh. 3 days 3 hrs ago
    • Websters: "Intern: Trainee who works SOMETIMES w/o pay..." Sometimes! Not this time! @Louise243 @yorkie984 @andrewsouthard. U owe me apology 3 days 4 hrs ago
    • @veganjobs Pls delete this post. There are idiots on Twitter skewering me because they think I want an unpaid intern - totally untrue. 3 days 4 hrs ago
    • @Veganmainstream Pls delete this post. There are idiots extant who think I don't want to pay the person who takes this gig. 3 days 4 hrs ago
    • I've never b4 been abused on Twitter. Someone posted that I'm looking 4 an intern-PAID!-& I'm being called horrid names. 3 days 4 hrs ago
    • @BarefootStudent. Tnx. Used your service b4. It was good. I'm horrified that people think I don't want to pay & are sending me nasty tweets. 3 days 4 hrs ago
    • .@Veganmainstream Tnx 4 posting but pls put PAID. I've been crucified cuz people think I want a FREE intern. Never crossed my mind 2 not pay 3 days 4 hrs ago

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