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Tofurky Founder Seth Tibbot and "Vegan on a Jet Plane" With Dr. David Madow
Fascinating information on vegan foods in the 20th century and a brilliant discourse on "meat from plants" with Mr. Tibbot + a fun musical parody of the John Denver classic with motivational speaker and podcaster Madow.
10 Feb 2016
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Episode 83 – Interview: Robin Means and the Bay Area Soiree, Prom Done Vegan
Episode 82 (Air Date: February 9th, 2016) Laura sits down with Robin Means, one of the even planners for the upcoming Bay Are Soiree, vegan prom! Check out their website for more info. Buy tickets here. All proceeds benefit The Humane League! Follow Bay Area Soiree on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter And [...]
10 Feb 2016
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Episode 4: Chef Laura Delhauer in the Kitchen with your Host Jasmin Singer!
Hi everyone. Jasmin Singer here, once again! I initiated a new chef and hazed a new kitchen on Episode 4 of the Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast ! I go nuts with Chef Laura Delhauer (in the kitchen of Vegucated writer, […]
10 Feb 2016
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It’s All About Food – Caryn Hartglass & Gary De Mattei, Tune In Love! – 02.09.16
Caryn Hartglass & Gary De Mattei, Tune In Love! REAL Founders talk about what to do on Valentine’s Day: Fall in love with yourself and go vegan!
9 Feb 2016
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057 Fuck Valentine’s Day: Top 5 Dating Tips for Vegans!
With stupid Valentine's Day coming up we figured it be a good time to do a dating tips episode! The Warrior Princesses give their top 5 tips for dating as a vegan in this non-vegan world. Plus, a rant about sexism! In This Episode After ranting about the horrific news over the last week for women/ feminism, including [...]
9 Feb 2016
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Hacktivist "Andrew"
Episode 170: We talk with anarchist "hacker" and crypto-anarchist "Andrew". We discuss Hacktivism, Crypto-Anarchism, Hacking, Anonymous, Security Culture, Encryption, Information Security ( infosec ), Anarchism, Anti-fascism( Antifa ), Prisoner Support, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Doxing, Swatting, the so-called [...]
8 Feb 2016
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31 January 2016
Did you hear what Professor GARY FRANCIONE said about Bob Linden? Also on this week’s program – guest, Vegan Canadian professional triathlete and college student ANTOINE JOLICOEUR DESROCHES + BOB blasts “plant-based” bird egg eaters.
7 Feb 2016
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Episode 317: Susan Hargreaves of Animal Hero Kids and All About Bees With Alessandra Seiter
Welcome to the 317th episode of Our Hen House, featuring Susan Hargreaves, founder and Executive Director of Animal Hero Kids. Plus, Alessandra Seiter reminds us to bee kind to bees.  As always, the award-winning, weekly Our Hen House podcast is hosted by us — Jasmin […]
6 Feb 2016
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Animals in Film - Part 3: How to Help
Today's episode concludes a 3-part series on Animals in Film. In Part One, I talk about the history behind the American Humane Association and its “no animals were harmed in the making of this film" disclaimer. In Part Two, we discuss where things have gone wrong on TV and movie sets that lead to the death or [...]
1 Feb 2016
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Ecorazzi - 10 hours ago
 Today in Siliguru, India, a wild bull elephant found himself in the middle of a chaotic city. The terrified creature, clearly trying to find his way back to the freedom of the forest, was pictured with blood running down his... [...]
Ecorazzi - 11 hours ago
 After her vicious attacks on Planned Parenthood and uniformed commentary on climate change, I can’t say I’m sorry to see her go. [...]
VegNews Daily - 12 hours ago
 This single vegan girl will be spending Valentine's Day on a couch eating Ben & Jerry's while in full cat lady mode. [...]
Ecorazzi - 13 hours ago
 What Treur calls a misrepresentation is really just the exposure of some harsh truths that milk drinkers might find don’t go down too easily. [...]
VegNews Daily - 13 hours ago
 Iconic eatery Café Gratitude gets a fine-dining makeover with an upscale restaurant, craft-bar program, and to-go counter. [...]
Ecorazzi - 15 hours ago
 If the idea of slinging a fox around our shoulders evokes feelings of sadness or disgust, so should stepping in to leather boots or throwing on a wool scarf. [...]
VegNews Daily - 19 hours ago
 In this exclusive interview with VegNews, food-justice activist Eugene Cooke discusses how a plant-based lifestyle can transform personal health, the food landscape, and communities of color. [...]

Enchilada(sagna) Enchilada + Lasagna | The Vegan Zombie
6 hours ago
Sodium Skeptics Try to Shake Up the Salt Debate
19 hours ago
Can Vegans Eat Eggs From Backyard Chickens? VEGGANS?!
20 hours ago
Vegan Valentine's Day Recipe ♡ Heart-Shaped Pizza
1 day ago
Vegan Chocolate Truffles Recipe | The Edgy Veg
2 days ago
Easy 4 Ingredient Pre-Workout Energizer Drink (Organic Vegan...
5 days ago

Vegan “Scallop” Salad with Lemon Horseradish Dressing for Two
Veganosity - 17 hours ago
 This delightfully fresh and flavorful salad is so simple to make. It’s also incredibly healthy. All you’ll need is one red grapefruit, a beefsteak tomato, baby spinach, and palm hearts. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! ♥ Hey you, do you have a scallop lover in your life? I do. Perhaps you used to swoon over marine... Read [...]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes
Fork and Beans - 19 hours ago
 It’s peanut butter and jelly time! For some reason, probably stemming from my childhood, this flavor combo is my all-time favorite (well, S’mores is a close second). But now they are in breakfast form which makes this classic pair even more crave-able. These peanut butter and jelly pancakes rise magnificently, thanks to Silk Almond milkContinue… The [...]

This Rawesome Vegan Life - 1 day ago
  This pie is DELICIOUS. I have ample evidence of this thanks to the fact that it was hastily devoured by the crowd at a vegan potluck I co-hosted last month. It's sweet, decadent, cinnamon-y and made with 100% good-for-you ingredients. I'm talkin' about nuts, oats, chai spices, fresh apples and dried fruit. I figured the perfect dish to celebrate [...]

Cashew Tofu Stir Fry
Vegan Richa - 1 day ago
 When I started my first job after grad school, I was in a new much larger city, with many options for lunches and dinners, many cuisines and types of restaurants. In those pre-gan & pre balance issues days, I tried to be open to trying out the new cuisines and new foods. Many times I was...  Continue reading » The post Cashew Tofu Stir [...]

Vegan, Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Almond Cookies
The Full Helping - 1 day ago
 With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I would call these sweets for my sweet, but sadly, Steven won’t be enjoying these chewy chocolate cherry almond cookies with me. As I think I’ve mentioned in the past, he’s allergic to chocolate, which means that the cookies are essentially my Valentine’s Day treat to myself! I’ll [...]

Caramel Apple Crumble Smoothie Bowl
I Love Vegan - 2 days ago
 This healthy smoothie bowl could probably pass for a Valentine’s Day dessert, but I suggest enjoying it as a filling breakfast or snack instead. It’s full of healthy ingredients and decadent flavours! This blog post is inspired by Love Crunch’s Apple Chia Crumble Granola, a delicious blend of organic oats, chopped apples, pecans, [...]

Healthful Tips and Broccoli Potato Soup
Vegan in the Freezer - 2 days ago
 The post Healthful Tips and Broccoli Potato Soup appeared first on Vegan in the Freezer. Healthy Broccoli Potato Soup has a deep rich flavor and is also easy to make.  Packed full of veggies your family will love.   Serve a bowlful with plenty... get the full recipe ... Click on the blue recipe title above :)   »    & [...]

Supreme Nacho Burger
Vegan Yack Attack - 6 days ago
 You can’t avoid it, the Super Bowl is happening this Sunday and this means it’s time to share (or not) great food while yelling at the TV! Party food is a favorite of mine and I love bringing... Read More [...]

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2 days ago
Chickpea Tacos - A delicious weeknight dinner!
1 week ago
Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Wings Recipe with The Sexy Vegan Brian...
Vegan Mashup Season 3 trailer
4 weeks ago
VEGAN IQ QUIZ: Testing Your Vegan Intelligence
Spicy Peanut Soba Recipe
1 month ago
A Very Balmy Xmas at Woodstock Sanctuary


I am Valiant
Gentle World - 2 days ago
 I am Valiant. I was given that name to give me self-esteem and courage. I was always scared back then, and my friends wanted me to think of myself as someone I could be proud of. They wanted to give me confidence. And so, they named me Valiant. I wasn’t always so lucky. Before this, […] [...]

On Chips and Microchips
The Pitchfork - 2 days ago
 This past year, 2015, may go down as the year we admitted that our relationship with digital media was getting a little dysfunctional. Several recent books—notably Sven Birkerts’ Changing the Subject: Art and Attention in the Internet Ageand Sherry Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age—persuasively argue that [...]

To the Dog I Didn’t Adopt
Our Hen House - 2 days ago
 We at Our Hen House are always ecstatic when one of the Vegan Mos stops by, whether on one of our podcasts, the TV show, or the online magazine. Today, one half of the Mos — Dr. Ethan Ciment — joins us once […] [...]

The Vegan Society Senior Officer of Advocacy and Policy Rejects Veganism as a Moral Baseline
Abolitionist Approach Blog - 1 week ago
 In my essay on “intersectionalist vegans,” I carefully documented explicit and overt speciesiesm on the part of a number of figureheads in the intersectionalist movement. Whatever else anyone wants to say, it is crystal clear that, for example, Breeze Harper, a member of the Board of Black Vegans Rock (BVR), rejects veganism as a moral […] The [...]

Why This Vegan Doesn't Watch Nature Programs
Corey Wrenn - 1 month ago
 I used to love Nature shows as a kid, but the older I get, the less patience I have for them. I boycott them because of those inevitable scenes of death and suffering--what film-makers sometimes spend months hoping to capture to give some "excitement" to their documentary--are just too traumatizing for me. Some of the most graphic and unsettling [...]

Millions of Babies Are Being Stolen From Their Mothers. Does It Only Matter When They Look Like Us?
Free From Harm - 1 month ago
 “It would be funny — if it weren’t so sad — to continually witness how desperately we try to paint a happy picture of what is inherently violent and utterly unnecessary. Exploit females’ reproductive systems and breed them at our will, but look! They’re happy! Take away their babies, but look! They’re happy! Take their milk and kill them [...]

8 Sweet Ways to Put the “Heart” in Valentine’s Day
Forks Over Knives Blog - 1 day ago
 With a focus on strawberries (nature’s heart candy!), these recipes and activities are sure to delight. Strawberry cupcakes taste good at any time of year, but the colors and flavors are just perfect for Valentine’s Day… and you can have a... Read more [...]

New Vegan Nutrition Primer on Iron
The Vegan RD - 2 weeks ago
 Iron deficiency anemia is a serious and common public health problem for people eating all different kinds of diets. While vegans don’t seem to develop anemia any more often than people who eat meat, we do have higher iron needs. It’s hard to know just how much higher those needs are for individual vegans, though, […] [...]

Evidence-Based Nutrition - 4 weeks ago
 Dr. Esselstyn’s landmark study, demonstrating that even advanced triple vessel coronary artery disease could be reversed with a plant-based diet, has been criticized for being such a small study. But the reason we’re used to seeing large studies is that they typically show such small effects. Drug manufacturers may need to study 7,000 people in [...]

Part Two Of Dealing With Injuries: Ankle Impingement
Vegan Muscle and Fitness - 2 months ago
 In my last post I discussed all the injuries I was forced to overcome in the last year and some broad strategies on how to go about doing so (start small, build slowly). In years past I’ve suffered numerous injuries, ignored them for too long, and then tried to rehab them way too aggressively. Don’t The post Part Two Of Dealing With Injuries: [...]


Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory
Just a brief comment if I may.
31 Jan 2016
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Ep 1: Ahimsa
Play or download (41MB MP3) (via iTunes) Ep 1: Ahimsa In the Ganges delta in Northen India in the middle of the first millennium BCE, the idea of “ahimsa” – non violence – emerges. Ian visits the intellectual hub of iron age India – the Kingdom of Magadha. He discovers a subculture of vagabond philosophers [...]
22 Jan 2016
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Episode 13: SPEAKING OF VEGAN Brings in the New Year 2016!
Join us as SPEAKING OF VEGAN calls in the New Year 2016! Kristen Lee Ohanyan, President and Founder of VEGAN SOCIETY OF PEACE joins us as we discuss vegan milestones from 2015 and all the exciting events ahead in 2016!!
10 Jan 2016
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Animal Law Podcast #8 — What’s Up with Birds and the Animal Welfare Act? With Bruce Wagman
I am delighted to be joined for Episode 8 of the Animal Law Podcast by long time animal rights lawyer and partner at Schiff Hardin, Bruce Wagman. Bruce will explain the completely crazy situation that has been created by the USDA’s […]
27 Jan 2016
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ARZone Podcast 87: Nick Cooney - How to be Great at Doing Good
Episode 87 features Nick Cooney. Nick Cooney is Director of Education at Mercy For Animals, a national nonprofit animal protection organization and he’s founder of The Humane League. His work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, and he’s lectured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. He is the author [...]
21 Jan 2016
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#36 - 11 Tips on How to Go Vegan This Year
Since I know many of us are thinking about our goals for work, health and life during this time of year, I want to give you some specific strategies on how to start your vegan journey in the new year.  In the latest podcast, I give you 11 tips on how to do just that. Here's a quick recap of those 11 tips from the episode: *Determine [...]
5 Jan 2016
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   This section is returning soon!


Vegan IPA Beer and Cheese Soup
Glue and Glitter - 18 hours ago
 Beat the winter blues with a decadent, warming bowl of vegan IPA beer and cheese soup, just like my dad makes. The post Vegan IPA Beer and Cheese Soup appeared first on Glue and Glitter - Vegan Recipes + Crafts by Becky Striepe. [...]

Laura Theodore’s Valentine’s Day Menu
Chic Vegan - 20 hours ago
 Valentine’s Day is a great time to host a themed dinner party for beloved friends. For your table, gather festive items that feature red-hued or romantically inspired accents that you may already have on hand, like solid or floral red-colored napkins, placemats, stemware and tableware. With romantic décor and colorful cuisine that culminates in a [...]

Vegan Sets the New World Record for Knuckle-Pushups
The Discerning Brute - 2 days ago
 K.J. Joseph, a 45 year old South Indian, did 82 knuckle pushups in one minute to beat Ron Cooper‘s standing world record of 79. Joseph, who is vegan, joins the ranks of many elite vegan athletes who, despite popular myths that stigmatize plant-based diets, continue to push boundaries and prove that one can thrive, build strength […] [...]

Apple Millet & Oat Porridge
JL Goes Vegan - 5 days ago
 Try this Apple Millet & Oat Porridge on a cold winter day. It's vegan and can be made in a pressure cooker, Instant Pot or Fagor LUX multicooker. The post Apple Millet & Oat Porridge appeared first on JL Goes Vegan. [...]

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