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Healthy Eating Starts Here

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"I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and amateur chef. I will help you get to an optimal level of health by giving you a balanced healthy eating plan." - Heather Nauta.

Top 3 Causes of Adrenal Fatigue
14 May 2015
If you're struggling with adrenal fatigue, I want to help! SIGN UP for the energy-boosting video series: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: Facebook: [...]

Positivity - Energy - Karma *Random thoughts from my recent youtube wandering...
8 May 2015
GIVEAWAY for The Good Karma Diet, by Victoria Moran, with a Q&A and a raw vegan pie recipe! SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: [...]

Is coconut water healthy?
29 Apr 2015
I had a question after my video about water a couple of weeks ago asking about coconut water, and whether it was healthy or not. Here's my answer! SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: 5 [...]

Vegan London Fog, aka Earl Grey Vanilla Latte
22 Apr 2015
Ingredients: - 1 bag Mighty Leaf Earl Grey Decaf: Orders come with 2 free samples (My favorites are Green Tea Tropical and Bombay Chai!) plus they offer a 15% discount for new customers if you sign up for their email list. Use [...]

Is it ok to drink water with a meal, or does it interfere with digestion?
15 Apr 2015
Click 'like' if you like my new logo! Quick lunch-break video answering the question: Is it ok to drink water/tea/coffee with a meal? SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: 5 [...]

Experiment: Weighing Foods For Nutrient Values
9 Apr 2015
Today is an experiment! How much does 1/2 cup of parsley actually weigh? And how much nutrition does it have in that measure? Get a digital kitchen scale for 50% off with code HNSCALE: Original Price: $39.99 Discount Price: [...]

Almond Nutrition: Why they're one of my favorite nuts!
3 Apr 2015
2 Tbsp, or 1 oz, or 28 grams contains: 7% daily calcium 37% daily vitamin E, for healthy shiny hair, healthy skin and nails 32% daily manganese, for bone health 19% daily magnesium, for bone health and energy *data from Balsamic-Glazed [...]

Mango Cookbook Giveaway!
25 Mar 2015
Enter the GIVEAWAY: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: 5 FOODS I eat every day: Facebook: [...]

Vegan One-Pot Meal Ideas - Save Time, Simplify, Stop Overeating!
11 Mar 2015
RECIPE VIDEOS: Moroccan Chickpea Stew: Black Bean Corn Salad: Eggplant Curry: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH [...]

One small step...
6 Mar 2015
Reminder for today: you don't have to do everything at once... As follow up, this was my afternoon snack: strawberries and dates with sparkling water - what was yours? SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH [...]

5 foods I Eat Every Day For Energy + Health
2 Mar 2015
5 FOODS I eat every day: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: Facebook: Twitter: [...]

Vegan Pressure Cooking: Live Q
2 Mar 2015

Ask Your Questions About Pressure Cooking! Live Q
27 Feb 2015
Tune in on Tuesday at 2pm ET for a live q&a session with vegan pressure cooking goddess JL Fields! Ask your questions now SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: FREE [...]

What is candida? How do you beat it? Live video Q
17 Feb 2015
ENTER the giveaway: SIGN UP for Ricki's free webinar series: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more [...]

Healthy Vegan Valentine Treats! Chocolate + Dinners (in that order...)
13 Feb 2015
SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: Links & Recipes: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: FREE Meal Plan: Facebook: [...]

Can you get vitamin B12 from dirt?
4 Feb 2015
If you want to get healthy without eating dirt I have more info here: [...]

How To Fight The Flu...
23 Jan 2015

Happy Healthy New Year! What I let slide over the holidays...
9 Jan 2015
SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: It's a new year, and it's also my birthday this weekend! I have a drink in mind for that (tropical sangria from last week's video!!! But my trip [...]

Coffee Week Day 5: Downsides of Coffee :(
19 Dec 2014
Added some cinnamon + nutmeg to my americano this morning, at the suggestion of a friend on Facebook - yum! A run down of the downsides of coffee - from personal experience, from talking to coffee drinkers and from a nutritionist's perspective. SUBSCRIBE [...]

Coffee Week Day 3: Benefits of Coffee :)
17 Dec 2014
Quick video about the plus side of coffee! SUBSCRIBE to get my updates: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: FREE Meal Plan: Facebook: Twitter: [...]

Coffee Blitz Week!!!
15 Dec 2014
SUBSCRIBE: I don't drink coffee, but I have lots of clients, friends and family members who do. I've always wanted to understand the appeal, and the possible addiction, so I'm going to do an experiment and have some form of coffee [...]

Gluten-Free Vegan Baking - Live Q
9 Dec 2014
GIVEAWAY + PRINTABLE Recipe: Chocolate chip banana nut muffins with chickpea flour: Check out Allyson's new book Sweet [...]

My beach run! + what I ate before
5 Dec 2014
Come with me on my favorite running route - along Horseshoe Beach in Bermuda :) I also wanted to share what I eat before and after a run. Many thanks to my videographer, who had a camera strapped to his head for the running section! It wouldn't stay [...]

Chocolate Teff Christmas Cookies - Ultimate Christmas Cookie Countdown
3 Dec 2014
More Christmas Cookie Recipes! SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: I have been experimenting with teff flour, and came up with these chocolate cookies, that come out somewhere between the texture [...]

Running Motivation: My Top 5 List!
3 Dec 2014
Thinking about why I like running keeps me motivated to get out every morning - so I put together my top 5 list to help inspire you :) Whether you run, walk your dog, cycle or do crossfit - what is your motivation? Let me know in the comments below! SUBSCRIBE [...]

New Year's Cocktail: Tropical Sangria Recipe
29 Nov 2014
SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: Enjoy your New Year's Eve with a refreshing and tasty tropical white wine sangria :) PRINTABLE Recipe: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: FREE [...]

Can vegans get enough protein?
29 Nov 2014
If you're wondering about any of these things: How much protein do I need? Can I get enough protein from plants? Do I need to combine beans and grains in every meal to get complete proteins? Are animal foods better than plant foods? Sign up to join my [...]

Plum Basil Vinaigrette Recipe
21 Nov 2014
PRINTABLE Recipe: This is a super simple dressing that will add a touch of sweetness to your salad. This recipe is from a fantastic book by Becky Striepe called Bowls! It's full of [...]

The horror that happens when you freeze a banana with the peel on...
18 Nov 2014
Have you ever been lazy and thrown bananas in the freezer with their peels on? I did it once, and long time ago, and vowed to never do it again. Here's why... Also - last chance for the discount on my cleanse! [...]

Simple + Healthy Vegan Snack: Trail Mix Recipe
14 Nov 2014
I've had requests for easy and simple snack recipes - so here you go! This is a breeze to throw together, can save you money and is totally healthy! I added a couple of little treats, too :) PRINTABLE Recipe: SUBSCRIBE [...]

Do you love yourself? Self-compassion, cats
6 Nov 2014
For the month of November, I decided I wanted to consciously do one thing each and every day to love, honor and respect myself. Lots of you have joined me, and I wanted to check in with what I was doing today... it involves roller skates :) Join me for [...]

Play With Your Food! Veg Carving Contest - Win a Post-Hallowe'en Cleanse :)
29 Oct 2014
I'm issuing a challenge for you to play with your food - specifically, carve it Hallowe'en-style! It doesn't have to be a pumpkin - could be any vegetable, fruit or other plant food. The amazing apple carving in the thumbnail for this video is courtesy [...]

Vegan Cookoff: Results!
24 Oct 2014
So a couple of weeks ago, Candice (The Edgy Veg) & I duelled in a vegan cookoff. Today, our judge - Whitney, Eco-Vegan Gal, posted the results of your votes! Watch the results: SUBSCRIBE to get notice for my [...]

Post-hurricane yoga by the ocean at sunset :)
21 Oct 2014
I was doing a yoga session on the dock by the ocean at sunset, and wanted to show you the gorgeousness - and also ask if you'd be interested in seeing more of what I do for healthy living beyond just food - activity/fitness/breathing... I already post [...]

Hurricane Prep + Super Important Vegan Cookoff Update...
16 Oct 2014
Just wanted to give you a little update on what's happening round here as we get ready for Hurricane Gonzalo to hit Bermuda... and make sure my mom knows what I'm up to :) It is of course my top priority to keep you informed on the vegan cookoff (joking) [...]

Vegan Cookoff!!! Curried Teff Pilaf Stuffed Kabocha Squash
9 Oct 2014
I need your vote! Help me beat Candice, aka The Edgy Veg by clicking 'like' or leaving me a comment! We got 3 ingredients from Whitney, aka Eco-Vegan Gal, which we each had to use in making a recipe. Our ingredients: - teff - kabocha squash - nutmeg PRINTABLE [...]

Vegan Cookoff: Taking On The Edgy Veg... Who's Going To Win???
3 Oct 2014
SUBSCRIBE to see me in the cookoff! Watch Candice, the Edgy Veg, challenge me: We're battling it out on Fri, Oct 10 - mark your calendar!!! I need you to come vote, so be sure to watch Edgy [...]

Quinoa: Seed? Grain? Pseudograin?
25 Sep 2014
Thinking about quinoa got me thinking: What's the difference between seeds, grains, beans & nuts? They're all the reproductive part of a plant... so why do we call them different things? And what exactly is a 'pseudograin,' as we always define quinoa? SUBSCRIBE [...]

Healthy Vegan Snack: Balsamic-Herb Toasted Almonds
16 Sep 2014
PRINTABLE Recipe: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more on healthy plant-based living: FREE Meal Plan: Facebook: [...]

Behind the scenes: What my filming process looks like
3 Sep 2014
I wanted to check in as I was catching up on emails and comments and filming a video for you (recipe to be posted on Friday), to show you what things look like behind the camera... SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH more [...]

white bean kale dip
2 Sep 2014
White beans + kale = awesome protein-rich spread for wraps, sandwiches, crackers, cucumber slices... PRINTABLE Recipe: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH [...]

Checking In
28 Aug 2014
Deficiency symptoms for Vit B12: How much B12 to take & supplement recommendations: One of my favorite liquid B12 [...]

26 Aug 2014
These squares are super-amazingly healthy with all the high-omega-3 ingredients, and are really delicious, I promise! CREATE your own squarespace website!! Use the code FOOD at PRINTABLE Recipe: SUBSCRIBE [...]

Enter the Giveaway! Canopy Verde Eco Friendly Vegan Handbags
30 Jul 2014
I know I don't usually talk about stuff, but I love what my friend Linda is doing in making eco-friendly vegan handbags, and wanted to share with you guys! GIVEAWAY: 15% off handbag - use code [...]

Interesting Tidbit About Water + Love
16 Jul 2014
I just had an interesting tidbit about water and how it plays into a healthy eating plan that I wanted to share - and also tell you how much I love you! Join my FREE video e-course: SUBSCRIBE for more recipes and tips: WATCH [...]

Iced Tea Recipe - 2 Methods To Brew
16 Jul 2014
Iced tea is the perfect refreshing summertime drink for me! I have 2 methods to brew - regular or quick - plus some tips to make it more flavorful and fun :) PRINTABLE Recipe: SUBSCRIBE [...]

Healthy Eating Video E-Course For You! *Free*
15 Jul 2014
I put together a new video e-course covering all the most common questions I get - how to boost energy, love veggies, lose weight, get balanced nutrition on a vegan diet, and lots more! Sign up today - totally free! Plus [...]

Vanilla Cinnamon Dip Recipe For Apples
11 Jul 2014
After all the talk of overcoming cravings with healthy alternatives, and breaking through weight loss plateaus this past weekend, I thought I'd share a simple recipe for a healthy snack which will satisfy your sweet tooth without sugar! PRINTABLE Recipe: [...]

Cleanse 50% Off Deal Ending Tonight 10pm ET!
10 Jul 2014
Check it out now before the deal ends: And you might still get one of the free mini-consults as a bonus for the first 100 :) [...]

Are you ready to start feeling awesome with me??
7 Jul 2014
Cleanse is open - 50% off until Thu Jul 10 + bonus mini-consult with me for the first 100 people! [...]

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