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Go Vegan Radio

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Go Vegan With Bob Linden covers everything from slashed-food to cookie recipes, animal rights, diet, health, environment, world hunger, morality, justice and peace. The weekly hour-long show also features exceptional guests. The Planet's First and Only Commercial Vegan Radio Show!

@GoVeganRadio's Latest Tweets

  • Walmart, the new darling of one-percent-er animal rites corporations HSUS , @MercyForAnimals - for its "principles" 2 days 1 hrs ago
  • listener calls today at 855-660-4261 w/ @garylfrancione on AR movement that avoids campaigning for veganism 5pm-7pm 3 days 10 hrs ago
  • Hey Boss:"I made a mistake" - only cost hundreds of thousands of lives & trillions of $, so give me my promotion now 5 days 23 hrs ago
  • @FarmSanctuary says: "Eating plant-based doesn't necessarily mean going VEGAN and eliminating all animal products" 7 days 2 hrs ago
  • EXPLORING the POSSIBILITY of creating a 2nd WORLD #vegan SUMMIT & EXPO, maybe in SF Bay Area, Summer 2016 - who wants to help? 7 days 22 hrs ago
  • BOB imagines what HSUS might say at AR-CON+callers respond to @garylfrancione criticism of Kardashian fur campaign 10 days 23 hrs ago
  • @opedwriter in order to maintain our credibility, we're sticking with our story that there are two months called March this year 15 days 2 hrs ago
  • Today - CALL IN! Click LISTEN LIVE 5pm-7pm pacific at - open phones at 6:30 - CALL 855-660-4261 17 days 8 hrs ago
  • @TaliaRothstein ONLY a massive population shift to #vegan can stop #climatechange - divestiture is a waste of time! 20 days 3 hrs ago
  • @TaliaRothstein Blame animal agriculture for at least 51% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Where's Harvard's #vegan campaign? 20 days 3 hrs ago
  • @TaliaRothstein where is Harvard's campaign against fossil FOODS - meat, dairy, fish, eggs - whose consumption is #1 cause of climate chane 20 days 3 hrs ago
  • GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN Sundays 5pm-7pm/pacific - click LISTEN LIVE CALL IN: 855-660-4261 LISTEN: 605-562-7771 24 days 9 hrs ago
  • in case the "FARM SANCTUARY LIES!" link didn't work the first time, try this: 28 days 0 hrs ago
  • @garylfrancione atWorldVeganSummit&Expo 28 days 1 hrs ago
  • @FarmSanctuary Lies! Here's its double talk calling BATTERY cages it used to oppose PROTECTION, not BATTERY cages... 28 days 1 hrs ago
  • More Dirt on @DrBronners : it also donates your $ to filthy @HumaneSociety , Compassion Over Killing, @FarmSanctuary - CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! 40 days 0 hrs ago
  • Support GO VEGAN RADIO Sunday: media misinformation blames almonds, chick peas, lentils for California water crisis 40 days 3 hrs ago
  • Support GO VEGAN RADIO coming Sunday 5pm - Texas cattle ranch becomes vegan sanctuary + @garylfrancione commentary 40 days 3 hrs ago
  • #DivestHarvard only going #vegan saves the world - and you follow a meat-eating rancher- funded enviro fraud like fibbin @billmckibben ??? 41 days 3 hrs ago
  • #DivestHarvard where's your student campaign to GO #vegan to stop climate change? can't give up the taste of meat & dairy to save the world? 41 days 3 hrs ago
  • #DivestHarvard The Only Solution for Climate Change is a 50-85% Population Shift to Living #vegan - Divestiture Campaign is a Waster of Time 41 days 3 hrs ago
  • #DivestHarvard Harvard Education: Animal agriculture is responsible for at least 51% of greenhouse gas emissions! 41 days 3 hrs ago
  • #DivestHarvard Divest from FOSSIL FOODS - your consumption of meat, dairy, fish, and eggs is the #1 cause of climate change - GO VEGAN NOW! 41 days 4 hrs ago
  • Are there any active #vegan groups on campus at UC Berkeley? 41 days 11 hrs ago
  • I've been buying @DrBronner for decades. Until it ceases support of animal agriculture, I can no longer be a customer 42 days 3 hrs ago
  • Hear BOB mock @FARMUSA for latest absurd campaign + veganism, eco feminism, yoga, & pseudo ahimsa + @garylfrancione 42 days 4 hrs ago
  • New post: Finally, Democracy Now actually did a story about the devastating consequences of animal agriculture 43 days 6 hrs ago
  • @HumaneSociety says: "...GOD PROVIDED ANIMALS TO HUMANS TO BE EATEN..." HSUS is REALLY saying this!!! WOW! 44 days 4 hrs ago
  • California Water Crisis Solved! Seriously!!! Listen! 46 days 4 hrs ago
  • @jhbush1973 MFA policies - endorsing HSUS, enriched cages, Prop 2, & praising Tyson, Nestle - support exploitation industries, not animals 52 days 3 hrs ago

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