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Fork and Beans

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Creative gluten, egg, & dairy-free living.

  • Reindeer Apple Slices
    Make snack time a real healthy yet FUN treat when you turn Opal Apples into these holiday classic Reindeer Apple Slices. Covered with peanut butter and pretzel antlers, this is a snack that every kid (even the kid in YOU) will love.  Using Opal apples for these adorably festive Reindeer Apple Slices not only adds aContinue… The post Reindeer Apple (...more)
    5 Dec 2017 at 5:00am       

  • Chocolate Banana Moose Pops (and Farewell)
    I’ve been waiting for the right time to say this. In fact, this has been years in the making. YEARS, but I was always waiting for the right time to do so, only to find out that it never was. I would always convince myself to keep doing what I was doing and push offContinue… The post Chocolate Banana Moose Pops (and Farewell) appeared first on (...more)
    29 Nov 2017 at 2:51pm       

  • Penguin Crackers
    Winter is here and I’ve got my scarves and mittens piled up, ready for the cold. I’m not sure if I’ve even mentioned it yet over here, but we just moved to Chicago from LA, so needless to say it’s quite a different climate. In fact, anytime someone finds out where we’re from, they lookContinue… The post Penguin Crackers (...more)
    24 Nov 2017 at 3:00pm       

  • Caramel Pear Turkey Legs
    Put a new twist on an old classic this Thanksgiving by turning fresh fruit and pretzel rods into Caramel Pear Turkey Legs. You’ll love the subtle tartness of pears matched with the sweetness of caramel–pears are so the new apples! Unless you don’t like pears and then, well…just use apples. And if you don’t likeContinue… The (...more)
    21 Nov 2017 at 12:51pm       

  • 12 Thanksgiving Kid Recipes
    The kids table at Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to get old enough to outgrow this holiday section and move up with the adults but I’m here to prove why sitting at the kids table is the best spot this November. My proof? Oh, you know, just these 12 Thanksgiving Kid Recipes that will make every adult enviousContinue… The post 12 Thanksgiving (...more)
    15 Nov 2017 at 5:58pm       

  • Refined Sugar Free Watermelon Skulls
    Whoever said that Halloween treats can only be full of sugar and as unhealthy as possible has never been on Fork & Beans. I’m proof that holiday food can still be fun and yep, you got it, completely healthy! I have skeleton dips, witches fingers, and even monster cups, all made with real ingredients andContinue… The post Refined Sugar Free (...more)
    24 Oct 2017 at 2:39pm       

  • Monster Bell Pepper Salad Cups
    Bowls schmowls. You don’t need no stinkin’ bowls for your side salad at dinner because with these Monster Bell Pepper Salad Cups, the veggies are actually stuffed *inside* the bell peppers. Think of them as your very own portable (and edible) bowl. Now tell me, how amazing are veggies that they could be the dishContinue… The post Monster (...more)
    20 Oct 2017 at 5:38pm       

  • 8 Fun Halloween Appetizers
    You have less than two weeks until the big day (Halloween!) and I’ve rounded up 8 fun Halloween appetizers for your holiday party that are guaranteed to impress and awe your guests! All of these ideas are easy to assemble with simple ingredients that can be found in anyone’s kitchen. They either call for guacamoleContinue… The post 8 Fun (...more)
    18 Oct 2017 at 8:19am       

  • DIY Lunchbox Scratch Off Messages
    Make your kid’s lunch FUN by creating your very own DIY Lunchbox Scratch Off Messages with Dole© Mixations. Just use a coin to scratch off the paint to reveal your secret message. Lunchbox notes just got elevated. Dole Mixations are one-of-a-kind fruit fusions that are the perfect accompaniment to your kid’s lunchbox! Smooth fruit saucesContinue… The (...more)
    22 Sep 2017 at 5:00am       

  • Halloween Candy Sushi
    Sometimes you need something disgusting and repulsive to celebrate Halloween and since this is my first post to kick-off the season, I figured I’d go all-out gross. What better way to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN SEASON, EVERYBODY!” than with homemade Halloween Candy Sushi?! Made with brown rice cereal treats and topped with gummy body parts, thisContinue… The (...more)
    10 Sep 2017 at 8:04pm       

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