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Happily married Marta & Brock Picken are home workout nuts, animal lovers and video bloggers with exercise, recipes, interviews and tips about health & fitness.

How To Apply Beard Balm | Happy Beards
16 Jul 2015
Beard Balm for control and conditioning. Visit for their balm! It's woodsy and manly, and super-healthy for your beard and skin! Brock shows you how to apply beard balm for conditioning, control, and sheen! Find us: Instagram [...]

Creamy Vegan Papaya Popsicles | Week 25-28 Pregnancy
10 Jul 2015
Raw papaya popsicles recipe. So easy! Instagram @fitfortwotv [...]

Beard Soap | Bearded Chap
10 Jul 2015
Natural Beard Soap, Balm, & Oils. The Bearded Chap from Australia has it all: Instagram @fitfortwotv [...]

Overnight Beard Conditioner | Percy Nobleman
9 Jul 2015
Beard Wash & Conditioner. Percy Nobleman produces top quality beard care products in the UK. Check them out: Find us: [...]

Organic Beard Oil | Buccaneer Grooming
8 Jul 2015
Moustache Wax and Beard Oil from Australia. Brock features beard products from Buccanneer Grooming, for the recklessly adventurous. Check them out: Find us: Instagram [...]

Vegan Diaper Bag Review | Raylan by Matt
6 Jul 2015
Matt & Nat make a functional and cruelty-free diaper bag! Marta shows off the bag and shares why she likes it. For more information check out: Instagram [...]

Applying Moustache Wax | Beards
6 Jul 2015
Beard Wax and Oil from Beards and Beavers. Brock demonstrates how to apply beard wax, and does a product review for Beards & Beavers. One of their beard oils smells just like a chocolate orange! Find their products and more at: Find [...]

How to Prep Organic Cloth Diapers
2 Jul 2015
Cloth Diapers 101. 7 tips to prepare new natural cloth diapers from Smart Bottoms. Check them out: Find us: Additional [...]

Beard Bundle | Bear Brawler
29 Jun 2015
Beard Wash, Balm, and Oil by Bear Brawler. Check them out at: Brock reviews a beard wash, balm, and oil from Bear Brawler. Find us: [...]

Dyson DC77 Animal Vacuum | Review
24 Jun 2015
Dyson Cinetic DC77 Animal Vacuum Review. Marta shares 10 reasons why the Dyson DC77 rocks! [...]

Coffee Beard Balm | Always Bearded
22 Jun 2015
Beard Balm & Oil - Coffee Infused beard balm and lime beard oil. Visit: Post your bearded selfie with the hashtag #alwaysbearded!!! Find us: [...]

Charlie Sheen Likes My Beard | Billy Jealousy
16 Jun 2015
Beard Oil Review - Gnarly Sheen by Billy Jealousy. For a 10% discount on all products, visit, and use code "fitfortwo10". Find us: [...]

Best Buy Beard Oil | Southern Beard Company
15 Jun 2015
Great Value Natural Beard Products. Southern Beard Company produces beard oils and other beard products at terrific affordable prices. Find us: [...]

Smell like Bacon | Beardilizer Beard oil
15 Jun 2015
Beard Oil Bacon Scent. Brock reviews beard products by Beardilizer. Check them out at: Beard oil scents such as leather, sandalwood, cedar, cherry tobacco, and even bacon! Find us: [...]

Applying Beard Oil
11 Jun 2015
Beard products for the average joe. These top-of-the-line beard products are affordable, and versatile for the everyday guy. Multiple-use products (shaving and moisturizing) make life that much easier. Check them out at: Find [...]

"Bedroom" Beard Oil | Black Label Beard Company
10 Jun 2015
Aphrodisiac Beard Oil that attracts women! Black Label Beard makes some high-quality beard products, including "date night" and "aphrodisiac" fragrances, that include natural and organic carrier oils and essential oils that are healthy for your skin and [...]

Beard Wax
4 Jun 2015
Beard Oil & Balm Product Review Brock reviews products from Grave Before Shave, Fisticuffs awesome beard product line. Check out their awesome products and swag: "Beard Strong" Logo designed by Scott Narjes. Check out his [...]

Snack Box Product Review | Vegan Cuts
3 Jun 2015
Vegan Snacks delivered to your door! Brock reviews a snack box from Vegan Cuts. Get yours here: Instagram @fitfortwotv [...]

Beard Oil Review | Dapper Beard Oil Company
2 Jun 2015
Beard Oils - Gold Tusk & New Release - Black Tusk from Dapper Beard Oil Co.! Free Shipping Code: Fit42tv-fship Web site: Brock reviews two beard oils, Dapper's Gold Tusk, and new release as of June 1st, 2015, Black Tusk. Gold [...]

Vegan Baba Ganoush | Week 22-24 Pregnancy
2 Jun 2015

Beard Oil Review | Urban Beard
1 Jun 2015
How to use beard oil and conditioner. Brock reviews products from Urban Beard, and discusses the health benefits of some of the ingredients in the beard conditioner and beard oil. Check out: - Urban Beard's Retailers: - [...]

Sprouting Beans in a Dome
26 May 2015
How to grow sprouts in the Sprout Grower's Dome. Marta and Brock demonstrate how easy it is to sprout beans an seeds at home. Find us: [...]

Melon Cucumber Juice | Pregnancy Week 21
25 May 2015
Juicing for Pregnancy. Baby is the size of a Honeydew Melon, so Brock makes Marta a juice with melon, which is great for cooling down. Juice the following: - 1 Honeydew Melon (include seeds, remove skin) - 1 cucumber - 3 stalks celery - 1/2 lime Find [...]

Anti-Cancer Berry Juice
22 May 2015
Excalibur Juicer Watermelon Summer Refresher. This antioxidant-packed juice fights cancer! Brock combines the following ingredients in his Greenstar Elite Juicer for a refreshing summer juice! - 1 mini watermelon - 1 cup blueberries - 1/2 cup cranberries *makes [...]

Pregnancy Update - Halfway (Week 20)
20 May 2015
Baby 20 Weeks. Marta updates on her pregnancy at the half-way mark. How she's feeling, what supplements she's been taking, and answers viewers baby questions! [...]

Beard Oil 101 - How To Make
14 May 2015
How to make Beard Oil and benefits of use. Want to grow and maintain an awesome beard? Want to have an Incredibeard? The kind of beard that makes people stop you on the street and compliment you on? Then you need to start using beard oil. Why Beard [...]

Mango Chutney Vegan Recipe | 19 Week Pregnancy
11 May 2015
Homemade Cilantro Mango Chutney. Vegan Gluten free. Baby is the size of a mango, so Brock makes a vegan mango chutney. Recipe: Puree the following ingredients in a blender/food processor: - 2 mangos (pits and skin removed) - 1 bunch cilantro (adjust [...]

10 Minute Full Body Outdoor Workout
8 May 2015
Full Body Workout Routine. Buy Your Lebert Equipment here: Brock does a 3 exercise circuit, repeated 3 times for a quick but intense full-body workout that hits all major muscle groups. Circuit: - 1 minute [...]

Sweet Potato Lentil Loaf | 18 Week Pregnancy
7 May 2015
Vegan Meatloaf Recipe. This recipe is easy to make, inexpensive, and filling and nutrient dense! Recipe: Pre-heat the oven to 350F, with the rack in the middle of the oven. Grease a loaf pan with 1 heaping Tbsp of coconut oil. Cook several cups of [...]

Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup | 17 Week Pregnancy
24 Apr 2015
Easy BlendTec Blender Tomato Soup Recipe. Purchase your Blendtec Here: Watch Brock whip up an organic creamy tomato soup in the BlendTec Blender! Heat 1 Tbsp coconut oil in pan, med heat for 5 min. Add 3-4 Hothouse Tomatoes (chopped) [...]

Avocado Ice Cream | 16 Week Pregnancy
16 Apr 2015
Vegan Homemade Ice Cream Recipe. Puree the following in a food processor: - 3 Avocados - 4 Tbsp Lemon Juice - 1-4 Tbsp Maple Syrup (for desired level of sweetness) - 16 oz Dairy-Free Yogurt - 1 cup soy/nut milk - 2 tsp vanilla extract Put in a container [...]

Crockpot Pear Applesauce | 15 Week Pregnancy
6 Apr 2015
Pear applesauce recipe simmered in the slow cooker - yum! Marta shares a simple organic recipe for spiced pear-applesauce. Ingredients: - 4 pink lady apples - 4 red bartlett pears - 5 tsp brown sugar - 1/2 tsp ground ginger - 1/2 tsp ground clove - [...]

5 Year Anniversary Highlights
31 Mar 2015
Highlights from the past 5 years - thank you for watching! It's hard to believe that 5 years have gone by since we aired our very first, very awkward video. Over time, we've grown to become comfortable on camera, and love interacting with each of you. [...]

Raw Vegan Alfredo Zucchini Noodles
30 Mar 2015
Cashew Alfredo Sauce - creamy and healthy! Brock shares a recipe for a healthy alfredo sauce that's great on pasta or veggie noodles. He gives a demo for his new Chef's Circle Digital Kitchen Scale. Friends of Fit For Two TV can get their own scale [...]

Vegan Peach Smoothie | 14 Week Pregnancy
30 Mar 2015
Blendtec Blender Power Peach Smoothie. Buy your Blendtec Blender here: Pregnancy week 14. Baby is the size of a peach. Brock makes a peach smoothie in the Blendtec, loaded with nutrients, vitamins, omega fats, and antioxidants! Recipe: - [...]

Glowing Skin Kiwi Elixir | 13 Week Pregnancy
23 Mar 2015
Kiwi Juice Antioxidant Recipe. Kiwis have Vitamin E, making them one of few fruits that have antioxidant properties. They're also great for your skin, as is flax, making this a wonderful elixir for glowing, healthy skin! Juice the following ingredients: - [...]

Lettuce Love Vegan Restaurant Review
12 Mar 2015
Restaurant Review Lettuce Love Cafe Burlington. Marta and Brock visit Lettuce Love Cafe in Burlington, Ontario. This award-winning, gluten-free and vegan cafe has a wide variety of dishes for every palate. Lentil-Dahl Soup and Burgers get the nod for [...]

Top 10 Vegan Sources of Probiotics | 12 Week Pregnancy
10 Mar 2015
Fermented Food Digestive Health. Probiotics are essential for the proper breakdown and digestion of food. There are some wonderful vegan foods that have high amounts of probiotics, as well as some great supplements. Regardless of whether or not you are [...]

How To Open A Coconut in 30 Seconds
5 Mar 2015
Coconut - Easy to open at home. 4 Steps in opening a young, Thai coconut to remove the water and coconut meat safely and easily in your own kitchen. Required tools: - Cleaver or large, sharp knife - Large bowl - Strainer - Ice cream scoop or large spoon Step [...]

Organic Fig Jam Recipe | 11 Week Pregnancy
26 Feb 2015
Homemade Fig Jam - Raw Vegan Snack. Buy your Blendtec Twister Jar here: Easy vegan recipe with just 5 ingredients. Ingredients: - 12 figs (soaked in water) - 2-3 tsp coconut sugar - 2 tsp chia seeds - 1/4 tsp vanilla extract - 3-5 [...]

Meyer Lemon Recipe Ideas
25 Feb 2015
Delicious Sweet Fruit Unique Recipe Ideas. Ever heard of meyer lemons? They are a cross between a regular lemon and a sweet orange, giving a unique flavour that is both sweet and sour. They are very floral, and go terrific in dessert recipes, and are [...]

Raw Vegan Date Squares | 10 Week Pregnancy
22 Feb 2015
Organic Date Square Dessert Recipe. Ingredients: - 1 1/2 cups gluten-free oats - 1 1/2 cups raw sprouted almonds - 2 1/2 cups pitted dated (+10 dates for crust) - 1/2 cup water - 1/4 cup lightly melted coconut oil - 1/2 tsp sea salt Watch the video [...]

Apple Cider Vinegar - 10 Best Uses
17 Feb 2015
Top 10 Uses Apple Cider Vinegar. Brock runs through 10 terrific uses for apple cider vinegar, including using it as a home cleaner, to a weed killed for your garden, and even to remove warts! This versatile product has endless uses! Find us: [...]

Vegan Apple
16 Feb 2015
Baby is the size of a grape! In week 9 of Marta's pregnancy the baby's liver begins to develop, so we make a juice using grapes and other fruits and veggies for optimal liver health (for mom and baby)! Ingredients: - 4 carrots - 2 stalks celery - 1 bunch [...]

10 Feb 2015
Blendtec Vegan Recipe - Decadent Organic Chocolate Cherry Milkshake. Purchase your Blendtec Here: This milkshake is rich and full of nutrients! Ingredients: - 3 cups water - 2 Tbsp Peanut Butter - 4 Bananas - 1/2 - 1 cup frozen [...]

Vegan "Reproductive Health" Smoothie | 8 Week Pregnancy
9 Feb 2015
Baby is Raspberry size! In week 8 of Marta's pregnancy, the baby is the size of a raspberry and developing reproductive organs. Try this raspberry smoothie for reproductive health! Raspberry Reproductive Health Smoothie - 3 cups water - 2/3 cup raspberries - [...]

Pregnancy Announcement! Baby Picken Coming Soon...
8 Feb 2015
Baby arriving July, 2015! Marta and Brock announce the arrival of Baby Picken, and discuss the new web series that will follow Marta through her pregnancy; outlining recipes, workouts, and baby/pregnancy products. New episode every Tuesday! Find us: [...]

Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich
6 Feb 2015
Vegan Cheese Sandwich Recipe - Daiya Shreds. Using only 5 ingredients, you can make this delicious vegan snack that any cheese lover will enjoy! It only takes a few minutes. Ingredients: - coconut oil/vegan butter - any bread - vegan cheese shreds [...]

Winter Fashion Hemp Mitts Review
5 Feb 2015
Vegan clothing eco friendly Hemp HoodLamb. Brock shows off his Hemp HoodLamb Mitts that are eco-friendly, vegan, have a rugged hemp exterior, faux fur interior, a convenient zipper pocket for keys, and a velcro opening for quick access to phones and [...]

Anxiety, Depression
17 Nov 2014
Natural Supplements - fight stress and anxiety using Samadhi Bliss by Mahima. Stress and anxiety can ruin the quality of our every day lives. Small things can build into bigger things if we aren't dealing with our stress properly. Samadhi Bliss is an [...]

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