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Fit For Two TV

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Happily married Marta & Brock Picken are home workout nuts, animal lovers and video bloggers with exercise, recipes, interviews and tips about health & fitness.

Sweet Potato Orange Juice Recipe
26 Feb 2017
This juice recipe uses a variety of fruits and veggies that fall under the orange-red colour scheme. This delicious, sweet, and slightly creamy (thank you sweet potato) juice is packed full of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Subscribe to our channel: Juicer [...]

HIIT Rowing: Intense 5 Minute Workout!
15 Jan 2017
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to maximize the training benefits in a short amount of time. Try this 5 minute HIIT workout, that involves 15 power strokes followed by 15 recovery strokes, repeated 5 times. Learn [...]

How To Strip Cloth Diapers
11 Jan 2017
Learn a simple technique to stripping cloth diapers, and about the main reasons why you would want to/need to strip cloth diapers. Find various Smart Bottoms diapers and products here: Subscribe to our channel: Check [...]

3-in-1 Croozer Ski Adapter REVIEW
2 Jan 2017
Product review for the Croozer Ski Adapter Kit, compatible with all the Croozer Kid / Kid Plus models. Retails at $249.99. Get yours here: Get the Croozer model shown in this video, here: As well as on Amazon: [...]

Vegan Chipotle Mayo Recipe | Thug Kitchen
13 Dec 2016
Thug Kitchen makes vegan recipes simple an F'n delicious! Try this chipotle mayo recipe using canned coconut milk! Subscribe to our channel: This recipe is found in the original Thug Kitchen cookbook. Find that book here: Find [...]

How To Make Vegetable Broth | Thug Kitchen Recipe
6 Dec 2016
So our fine friends at Thug Kitchen gave us some kick-ass recipe books to try out. Making the vegetable broth is so easy, we've seriously wondered why the F we haven't been doing this! Add flavour and nutrients to so many of your favourite recipes, or [...]

WeeHoo Bike Trailer REVIEW
17 Nov 2016
Brock and Nolan review the Weehoo Turbo. Subscribe to our channel: Find us: About us: Our mission is to inspire [...]

WaterRower Rowing Machine REVIEW
18 Oct 2016
Rowing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for burning calories! Brock reviews the WaterRower Club, which provides a terrific workout, and very closely simulates being on the water! Learn more: Learn to row: Buy [...]

Car Seat REVIEW | Graco 4Ever All-In-1
11 Oct 2016
The Graco 4Ever All-in-1 car seat is available in Canada as of October, 2016. Get $100 off! (at Babies R Us in Canada, from Oct 14-20, 2016). Learn more: Subscribe to our channel: The specs: Retails [...]

Thug Kitchen Wedding Soup Recipe (Language NSFW)
26 Sep 2016
So our fine friends at Thug Kitchen gave us some kick-ass recipe books to try out. We decided to try the Wedding Soup with White Bean Balls & Kale. See below for the ingredient list, and watch the video for the instructions! Subscribe to our channel: [...]

Beard Product REVIEW | Beard Booze
22 Sep 2016
Beard oil & balm product review. Brock reviews products from Beard Booze. Check them out here: Subscribe to our channel: Why Beard Oil? 1) Healthy skin under the beard 2) Healthy and shiny beard hair 3) Stronger [...]

Beard Oil REVIEW | Waterloo Manes
5 Sep 2016
Brock reviews beard oils from a local, not-for-profit organization, Waterloo Manes. Subscribe to our channel: Check out Waterloo Manes Beard Co here: Find [...]

Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat REVIEW
28 Aug 2016
Marta and Brock show the features of the Thule Ride Along, one of the top rear-mounted bike seats on the market. Find the Thule Ride Along here: Learn more at: Subscribe to our channel: Find [...]

Top 5 Reasons to use an Essential Oil Diffuser
1 Aug 2016
Top 5 Reasons to use an Essential Oil Diffuser: 1. Relaxation & Sleep Certain oils (such as lavender) can have a calming effect which can improve sleep quality. 2. Elevates Mood, Reduces Stress Different oils have a different positive impact on mood [...]

3-in-1 Croozer Kid Plus For 1 TRAILER REVIEW
15 Jun 2016
Check out our review of the 3-in-1 Croozer Kid Plus for 1. It easily transforms into a stroller, jogger, and bike trailer! Find yours here: Subscribe to our channel: Find us: About [...]

How To Eat An Avocado Seed
6 Apr 2016
Do you throw out the seed of an avocado after cutting it open? There are so many nutritional benefits to consuming the seed! Use this method to add it to smoothies, soups, and even oatmeal! Find your Excalibur dehydrator here: Subscribe [...]

6 Year Anniversary - Highlight Reel
28 Mar 2016
On April 1st, 2010, we launched Fit For Two TV. Some people thought it was an April Fools joke. 6 years and 440 episodes later, we're pretty sure it's not a joke. Thank you for following us through our journey, and sticking with us as we've grown and [...]

Raw Vegan Fire Cider | Cold & Flu Recipe
20 Mar 2016
This crazy concoction has so many nutrients to boost the immune system and enhance your circulatory and digestive system. The next time you feel a cold coming on, try a shot of this! Subscribe to our channel: The recipe: Combine [...]

Lacto-Fermentation: Homemade Fermented Veggies
15 Mar 2016
This is one of the easiest DIY kitchen projects ever! Fermenting your own veggies at home is easy, as long as you have salt, water, and a mason jar with a tight-fitting lid! Subscribe to our channel: About Lacto-Fermentation: The [...]

Spicy Cauliflower Steak Recipe
29 Feb 2016
This vegan cauliflower steak recipe is both delicious and filling! Serve as a main, or as a side. See below for RECIPE! Subscribe to our channel: Ingredients* (all organic): - 1 large cauliflower - 1/4 cup olive oil - 2 Tbsps lemon [...]

Raw Ginger Juice | Hangover Cure
23 Feb 2016
The health benefits of ginger are many. Brock discusses the top three benefits that help to cure a hangover. Subscribe to our channel: Juicer used in this video: Brock uses three large pieces of ginger approximately [...]

I Drink My Wife's Breast Milk | Cold Remedy
16 Feb 2016
Brock is fighting a cold, so he makes a smoothie using his wife's breast milk. Find products and ingredients featured in this video: Subscribe to our channel: *See below for detailed recipe* Breast milk [...]

Beard Oils & Balm REVIEW | Grave Before Shave
8 Feb 2016
Brock does his second review for the beard care company, Grave Before Shave. They have a variety of beard oils, balms, a wash, and other cool stuff like shirts, hats, socks, and stickers! To learn more visit: Subscribe to [...]

Persimmon Dairy-Free Pudding Recipe
2 Feb 2016
This vegan pudding is made with a persimmon base, healthy fats from Udo's oil, and even protein powder could be added to make it a perfectly balanced dessert! Products used in this video: Subscribe to our channel: Ingredients: - [...]

Vegan Superbowl Crockpot Chili Recipe
28 Jan 2016
This slow cooker vegan chili recipe is super-easy, and serves 8-10! See below for the RECIPE! Subscribe to our channel: Crockpot used in this video: Recipe: *We used all organic ingredients, and organic non-GMO [...]

Beard Oil REVIEW | Detroit Grooming
19 Jan 2016
Brock reviews the beard oil sampler from Detroit Grooming Co. The natural product line has expanded into shaving, personal care, creams and cleansers, and hair care. Find products mentioned in this video: Subscribe to our channel: [...]

Diono Radian RXT Car Seat REVIEW
11 Jan 2016
Brock demonstrates the installation of the Diono Radian RXT baby car seat, in a rear-facing position. The seat also installs in a forward-facing position, using either the 5-point harness, or the vehicle's own seat belt for a booster seat. Find the car [...]

Nuna PIPA Baby Car Seat REVIEW
6 Jan 2016
Marta demonstrates how the NUNA PIPA baby car seat installs in her vehicle, and transfers easily from the Nuna IVVI stroller. You can watch our Nuna IVVI stroller review here: Check out Nuna at: Find [...]

Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO Cloth Diaper REVIEW
16 Dec 2015
Organic Cloth Diaper review. Marta reviews the 3.1 All-In-One organic cloth diaper by Smart Bottoms. Find Smart Bottoms diapers here: Subscribe to our channel: Check out Smart Bottoms: Find [...]

Happy Baby Wrap REVIEW
3 Dec 2015
Bamboo baby carrier review. Marta reviews the 100% organic bamboo Happy Baby Wrap. Find more Happy Wraps here: Subscribe to our channel: Learn more at: Find us: About [...]

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Accessories
25 Nov 2015
Best Baby Jogging Stroller? Brock Accessories that go with the Summit X3! Find Baby Jogger Accessories: Subscribe to our channel: More about Baby Jogger: http:// Find us: About [...]

Lemon Peppermint Beard Oil REVIEW | The Old Street Barber Co
24 Nov 2015
Professional Beard Oil By The Old Street Barber Co. Brock reviews a lemon and peppermint beard oil from the UK. Find the products mentioned in this video: Subscribe to our channel: More about The Old Street [...]

Beard Butter REVIEW | Bear Brawler Beard Products
23 Nov 2015
Beard Conditioner - Bear Brawler Beard Products REVIEW. Brock discusses the importance of beard conditioners, and likes the unscented Beard Butter from Bear Brawler. It's creamy, soft texture makes conditioning your beard quick and easy! Find the product [...]

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling REVIEW
23 Nov 2015
Baby Carrier - Sling Review. Sakura Bloom makes a wide array of cloth baby carriers, with two main collections being silk and linen. Find one of their slings here: Subscribe to our channel: More info on Sakura [...]

Unscented Beard Oil REVIEW | L&S Beards
19 Nov 2015
Beard Oil - Unscented and hydrating! L&S Beards produces an great quality unscented beard oil, and includes a free comb! Find the products mentioned in this video here: Subscribe to our channel: Why Beard [...]

Raw Vegan Box REVIEW
19 Nov 2015
Vegan Goodies Surprise Gift Box. Brock reviews "Get Raw Box", a monthly box shipped right to your door, each with new surprises. All products included are plant-based, gluten-free, soy free, raw, dairy free, non-GMO, and wheat [...]

Coffee Beard Oil REVIEW | The Davidson Co
17 Nov 2015
Beard oil that smells like coffee? Looking for something earthy with a hint of mint? This new beard oil company has three different beard oils of top quality and hinting towards Scottish heritage. Subscribe to our channel: For more [...]

SKG Big Calibre Slow Juicer REVIEW
12 Nov 2015
Apple Juice - China's Top Juicer. Brock reviews the SKG Big Calibre Slow Juicer. Find it here: Subscribe to our channel: Find us: About [...]

Saje Essential Oils REVIEW
11 Nov 2015
Perfume, Herbal Tea, Essential Oil Blends and more! Saje Natural Wellness bring you a variety of natural plant-based products for overall health: Subscribe to our channel: Find us: About [...]

Jogging Stroller REVIEW | Summit X3 by Baby Jogger
8 Nov 2015
Best Baby Jogging Stroller? The Summit X3 has a durable and sleek design that allows it to tackle a variety of terrain. The shocks ensure that baby isn't bothered by the bumps, and the safety devices such as wrist strap and hand brakes make sure baby [...]

ErgoBaby 360 Carrier REVIEW
5 Nov 2015
Structured Baby Carrier - ErgoBaby 360 with infant insert review. Find the ErgoBaby carrier here: Subscribe to our channel: Check them out: Find us: About [...]

Smart Bottoms Newborn AIO Cloth Diaper REVIEW
14 Oct 2015
Newborn Cloth Diaper Review. Marta reviews, while baby Nolan models, the All-In-One organic cloth diaper by Smart Bottoms. Find your Smart Bottoms cloth diaper here: Subscribe to our channel: Find us: About [...]

Nuna Baby Zaaz High Chair REVIEW
29 Sep 2015
Nuna Baby Zaaz High Chair Review. Brock & Nolan demonstrate the features of the Nuna Zaaz. So durable, it holds up to 220 lbs! More Nuna Products: Nuna on Facebook: Canadian Retailers: Find [...]

Onya Baby Carrier REVIEW
15 Sep 2015
Outdoor baby carrier, Onya Baby product review. Marta shows off the lightweight and stylish baby carrier from Onya Baby, the Nex Step. Find yours here: Subscribe to our channel: Check then out at: Hiking [...]

Baby Stroller Review | Nuna IVVI REVIEW
1 Sep 2015
Nuna IVVI Baby Stroller - Product Review. Brock shows off the features of the stylish Nuna IVVI stroller. Setting up a baby registry? Sign up here: Subscribe to our channel: More Nuna Products: Nuna [...]

ErgoBaby At-Home Workout with Dad
31 Aug 2015
Lebert Equalizers Workout. Brock does a workout on the Lebert Equalizers with his son in the ErgoBaby 360 Carrier. Products used in this video: Subscribe to our channel: More about: ErgoBaby: Find [...]

Labour Contractions Starting | Week 37-41 Pregnancy
21 Aug 2015
Pregnancy Labour Contractions. Marta talks about her pregnancy - the positives and the challenges, and starts experiencing labour contractions. 6 hours after filming this, Nolan Picken was born! Subscribe to our channel: Find us: About [...]

Beard Oil REVIEW | Portland Beard Company
19 Aug 2015
Natural Beard Oils. Brock reviews beard oils from Portland Beard Company. Find the products mentioned in this video here: Subscribe to our channel: Check them out at: Why Beard [...]

Vegan Cuts "Beauty Box" REVIEW
28 Jul 2015
Organic Natural Vegan Beauty Products Marta reviews a beauty box from vegan cuts. Get yours here: [...]

Folate Rich Juice | Week 33-36 Pregnancy
27 Jul 2015
Raw Vegan Recipe for Folate using our Greenstar Juicer. Marta shares a raw vegan juice recipe that's rich in folate, and great for reproductive health. Juice: - 1 cup strawberries - 2 grapefruit/oranges - 1/2 cup spinach - 3 stalks kale After juicing, [...]

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