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Whitney Lauritsen is a journalist, environmentalist, and vegan who promotes healthy living and sustainability on her site She shares tips on how to be kind to your body and the earth via video, photography, and writing.

30 Nov 2015 at 4:14pm
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My favorite vegan products from November, including shoes, body care and ramen noodles.


Jojoba Oil from Art Naturals:

Lotus Foods rice ramen:

Toms Shoes:

Forks Over Knives Plan:

Healthy, Happy Pooch:

--- Seed Kitchen:

Out of the Darkness by Jason Wrobel:

Inaka Restaurant:

--- Mr and Mrs Vegan:

--- Basic Vegan Bitch:

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*Disclosure: I partnered with Art Naturals to create this video, for which I received financial compensation. The views expressed are my own and my opinion was not influenced by the sponsorship. Brand collaborations like this allow me to continue to create great content for you and on a regular basis. I only work with companies that I love and authentically recommend, and Art Naturals is in line with my personal and professional values. I hope you enjoyed learning about them! Affiliate links are also used above, which means that when you purchase an item I may receive a percentage of the sale. These commissions directly support future video content on Eco-Vegan Gal. I appreciate your contribution!

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