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Whitney Lauritsen is a journalist, environmentalist, and vegan who promotes healthy living and sustainability on her site She shares tips on how to be kind to your body and the earth via video, photography, and writing.

A Simple Weight Loss Hack
20 Jul 2016
Series sponsored by Organifi. Get 15% Green Juice powder with code EVG at How to use your mind to transform your body, from “Visualization for Weight Loss” by Jon Gabriel ( ▷ Get PDF notes [...]

Healthy Vegan Gains
13 Jul 2016
Series sponsored by Organifi. Get 15% Green Juice powder with code EVG at How to build you body on the plant-based diet, from “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke ( ▷ Get PDF [...]

How to Reach Your Body Goals
6 Jul 2016
Series sponsored by Organifi. Get 15% Green Juice powder with code EVG at How to get from where you are to where you want to be with your health, from “The Success Principles”by Jack Canfield ( [...]

10 Ways to Transform Your Health to Look + Feel Great
29 Jun 2016
Series sponsored by Organifi. Get 15% Green Juice powder with code EVG at How to eat your way to vibrant health - tips from “UnDiet" by Meghan Telpner ( ▷ Get PDF notes from this book by [...]

30 Easy Weight Loss Tips
22 Jun 2016
Series sponsored by Organifi. Get 15% Green Juice powder with code EVG at Simple ways to lose weight, from "The Lean" by Kathy Freston ( ▷ Get PDF notes from this book by signing up here:[...]

iHerb Haul: Vegan Food, Makeup + Body Care
13 May 2016
As part of a partnership with, Whitney reviews 10 food and body care products she received from the online marketplace. ▷ Use discount code “LWQ439" for $5 off of your first purchase! PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Big [...]

Mint Chocolate Power Bites {recipe}
4 May 2016
Get your greens and a burst of energy with this deliciously easy to make snack. Written recipe: ▷ Use code "ECOVEGANGAL" for 15% off Organifi Green Juice powder: music: [...]

Vegas Goes Vegan [VLOG]
27 Apr 2016
Sponsored by Organifi, Whitney documents her vegan food adventures in Las Vegas. ▷ Use code "ECOVEGANGAL" for 15% off Organifi Green Juice powder: ▷What A Vegan Eats vlog: ▷ Organifi video [...]

Green Juice Made Easy + Cost Effective {Organifi Review}
31 Mar 2016
Sponsored by Organifi, this is an in-depth review of Green Juice, an organic superfood powder from FitLife’s Drew Canole. Find out why I think it’s the best green drink powder on the market! ▷ Use code "ECOVEGANGAL" for 15% off Organifi: ▷More [...]

Natural Vegan Product Haul
27 Mar 2016
My favorite products from Expo West 2016! Links to everything are below. What A Vegan Eats video: Past Expo Videos: PRODUCTS: - GuruNanda oil pulling liquid [...]

How to Be Alive
9 Mar 2016
The products I fell in love with in December-February. Featuring a book, vegan accessories, plant-based sweets and some fun tips. Links to everything mentioned are below LINKS TO FAVORITES: How to Be Alive: Crazy Sexy Love Notes: [...]

What I Ate On The Plane: Holiday Travel Collab w/ World of Vegan
21 Dec 2015
I teamed up with Michelle from World of Vegan to share what we ate as vegans traveling home for the holidays. Check out the other videos here: ► Support future content: ▷ Have [...]

Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Look Like Beyoncé
17 Dec 2015
Weight loss advice and health tips from The 22 Day Revolution book, written by Beyoncé's personal trainer Marco Borges. ► Buy the book: ▷ Get my notes from this book by signing up here: 22 Days Nutrition [...]

VEGAN Holiday GIFT Guide
12 Dec 2015
10 cruelty-free products & services that make great presents + tips on how to give without spending. ▷ IN THIS VIDEO: - PlateJoy: --- Get $10 off for yourself (not for gifts) using code GET10 - Bixby: - [...]

Crazy Deals on Vegan Groceries! [vlog]
11 Dec 2015
Come along with me and Cobi as we look for deals on vegan and organic products at Grocery Outlet's new location in Costa Mesa! Spoiler alert: we freaked out a bit. Congratulations to Cathryn for winning the Grocery Outlet​ gift card: ► [...]

Is Food Making You Sick?
9 Dec 2015
You may be suffering from food intolerances without knowing it. Find out if the low histamine diet is right for you. ► Join the EvG Patreon + Book Club: ▷ Healthy Balanced Vegan Body series:[...]

How to Become a Skinny Bitch
2 Dec 2015
Is going vegan the ultimate solution to losing weight? Join me as I explore Rory + Kim's perspective. ► Join the EvG Patreon + Book Club: ▷ Healthy Balanced Vegan Body series:[...]

Favorite Vegan Beauty + Food Products | November
30 Nov 2015
My favorite vegan products from November, including shoes, body care and ramen noodles. FEATURED IN VIDEO: Jojoba Oil from Art Naturals: Lotus Foods rice ramen: Toms Shoes: Forks [...]

Vegan Black Friday
27 Nov 2015
12 eco-vegan cyber weekend sales, plus tips on how to avoid the dark side of Black Friday. Click “Show More” to see LINKS TO ALL PRODUCTS ** Skip to the deals - click here: 6:47 ** What I ate on Thanksgiving: ---- Zappos [...]

Are Cooked Foods Unhealthy?
25 Nov 2015
My in-depth notes and personal experiences with The 80/10/10 Diet ▷ ** Notes on the book start at 11:00 ► Join the EvG Patreon + Book Club: ▷ Healthy Balanced Vegan Body series:[...]

6 Easy Exercise Tips + My Favorite Workout Videos
23 Nov 2015
My top tips on how to move your body every day, even with a small budget and tight schedule. ► Check Out All of Grokker's Online Workouts: ** Enjoy Grokker free for 30 days (use the promo code 30DAYSFREE) and receive an exclusive [...]

Are Starches The Weight Loss Solution?
18 Nov 2015
A summary of "The Starch Solution" by John McDougall, including tips on how to achieve maximum weight loss through easy diet changes. ► Join the EvG Patreon + Book Club: ▷ Healthy Balanced Vegan Body series:[...]

This Diet Can Save Your Life
11 Nov 2015
The lowdown on the advice given in the Forks Over Knives book series, including tips on healthy weight loss, oil-free eating and managing food cravings. ► Join the EvG Patreon + Book Club: ▷ Healthy Balanced Vegan Body [...]

My FAVORITE VEGAN Products from October
9 Nov 2015
The latest and greatest vegan products from October 2015, from body care to chocolate to books. ** Click "Show More" to find links to everything mentioned ** ► Support future content: ▷ Have a question about eco-veganism? [...]

This Vegan Diet is Crazy!
4 Nov 2015
Whitney summarizes "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Kris Carr, sharing tips on how to balance your body through the low fat, low-glycemic vegan program. ► Support future content: ▷ Sign up for the video series mailing list:[...]

Why Is It Hard To Lose Weight?
29 Oct 2015
I’m launching a new video series about how to get the body you want through the vegan diet and exercise. Through research, I’ll share the top advice I learn on losing weight, gaining weight, and toning up. WHAT BOOK SHOULD I FEATURE FIRST?[...]

Cleaning Without Chemicals [vlog]
18 Oct 2015
After decompressing in Maryland, I head back to Massachusetts to pack for my trip home to LA. Check out the non-toxic detergent I used to clean my clothes: Watch what I ate: [...]

Vegan Lobster Mac + Cheese?! [vlog]
17 Oct 2015
Day 3 of Expo East was slow, and yet I found some really exciting products! THANK YOU TO MY GREEN FILLS FOR SPONSORING THIS SERIES! Watch what I ate: [...]

New Vegan Snacks [vlog]
16 Oct 2015
Explore the latest vegan and gluten-free foods at Expo East. Get links to the products below. THANK YOU TO MY GREEN FILLS FOR SPONSORING THIS SERIES! Watch what I ate: [...]

He Made Me Go Vegan [vlog]
15 Oct 2015
Come along as I check out new + old vegan spots in NYC, visit Hay House and attend a VegNews party. THANK YOU TO MY GREEN FILLS FOR SPONSORING THIS SERIES! Watch what I ate: Next [...]

The Gas Station Trick [vlog]
14 Oct 2015
Join me on the road to NYC, via a tricky gas station in Connecticut. THANK YOU TO MY GREEN FILLS FOR SPONSORING THIS SERIES! Watch what I ate: ------------------------------------------------------------------ [...]

What's Next for EvG
14 Sep 2015
An update from Massachusetts, plus some questions for you. ▷ Support future content: ► 1st Grandpa interview: ▷ Have a question about eco-veganism? Submit it here:[...]

Want More Eco-Vegan Gal??
17 Aug 2015
I've been working on something special and I'm so excited to share it with you!! Learn more here: ► Have a question about eco-veganism? Submit it here: -- Join the Eco-Vegan Gal community: ▷ Subscribe [...]

Detailed Update on My YouTube Absence
9 Aug 2015
As requested, here's my detailed, personal story behind why I took a few months off from making YouTube videos. I start spilling the "juicy details" around the 7:24 mark :-) Previous video: Be part of the Patreon [...]

I'm Still Here!
31 Jul 2015
Checking in to let you know I haven't abandoned you! ► STAY IN TOUCH: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: SnapChat: ecovegangal Periscope: ecovegangal Google [...]

Easily The Best Vegan Bloggers Conference
19 Jun 2015
Whitney shares highlights from Vida Vegan Conference in Austin, TX, showing footage of the attendees, speakers, vendors and food. She also shows the products that she most enjoyed from the swag bag. Sign up here to get access to the VVC presentations: [...]

What's In My Bag + My Fav Leather-Free Handbags
27 May 2015
Whitney shows how to swap non-vegan handbags, wallets and other bags for fashionable eco-vegan bags. She highlights one of her favorite brands (GUNAS) then shows what she carries inside her purses. P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: GUNAS Unisex bags: [...]

Buy or DIY [Ep 7]: Vegan Food Bars
19 May 2015
Whitney demonstrates how to make energy bars at home, using a recipe from Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen by Kathy Patalsky ( ► Related Videos: Other Buy or DIY episodes: ▷ Products featured: LÄRABAR: [...]

The Lowdown on Oil Pulling + Review of CocoWhite
25 May 2015
Whitney explores the practice and benefits of oil pulling, and reviews a flavored coconut oil product called CocoWhite. ❥ Get 10% off CocoWhite at - use discount code ECO10 This video is sponsored by CocoWhite (more information [...]

My Face Cleansing Routine
13 May 2015
Whitney reviews the Kumiko face and body sponges and Mychelle's new refining sugar cleanser, and demonstrates how she uses them. P R O D U C T S : ❥ Kumiko sponges: ❥ MyChelle cleanser: ❥ Gorgeous [...]

Buy or DIY [Ep 6]: My Favorite Non-Dairy Milk
11 May 2015
Whitney demonstrates how to make a creamy vegan milk with rice, hemp seeds and flax seeds, based on the ingredients in one of her favorite brands: Omega Creamery. ▷ Products featured: Omega Creamery: Kitchezen Nut Net: * [...]

Natural Foundation + Nail Polish | What I Wear
6 May 2015
Whitney talks about two vegan beauty products she's loving and how to use them: mineral foundation from Lorem Cosmetics and nail polish from SpaRitual. ↓ OPEN FOR LINKS ↓ P R O D U C T S : ❥ Lorem Mineral Foundation: * [...]

Buy or DIY [Ep 5]: Vegan Meal Delivery
5 May 2015
Whitney reviews the 22 Days Nutrition Meal Delivery (aka Beyonce's vegan meal service) and then demonstrates how to make her favorite dish (mushroom risotto) from the 21 meals she tried. ► Related Videos: Beyonce vegan reaction: 7 [...]

The Benefits of Massage
30 Apr 2015
Whitney talks about the benefits of getting a massage, the different types available, and a recent experience that changed her entire perspective. Then she shares her top tips for a relaxing massage experience. Soothe currently services Los Angeles, [...]

Body Odor Fighting Products | What I Wear
29 Apr 2015
Whitney shows the natural products she uses to smell good, including body wash, deodorant and fragrances. ↓ OPEN FOR LINKS ↓ P R O D U C T S + W E B S I T E S: Avalon Organics Peppermint Bath and Shower Gel: Dr. Bronner’s [...]

Buy or DIY [Ep 4] - Vegan Tuna Salad
27 Apr 2015
Whitney reviews the Ocean Salad by Oaxaca then demonstrates how to make a mock tuna salad at home. ► Related Videos: 1st Buy or DIY episode: 2nd: 3rd: The [...]

How to Eat Vegan Anywhere + Everywhere
25 Apr 2015
Whitney and her guest Kristin of Will Travel for Vegan Food answer questions about the vegan lifestyle, traveling and Kristin's new book. ↓ OPEN FOR LINKS and TIMESTAMPS ↓ -- ► Free eBook + Newsletter signup: ►"Healthy, [...]

Natural Dental Care Products
22 Apr 2015
HAPPY EARTH DAY! Whitney shows the eco-friendly dental products she uses, including a bamboo toothbrush, natural toothpaste, herbal mouthwash, and low plastic floss. ↓ OPEN FOR LINKS ↓ ▷ Watch "Cowspiracy" to learn more about the environmental [...]

Buy or DIY: Episode 3
20 Apr 2015
Whitney highlights 3 vegan food products, sharing her opinion on them and then explaining how to make them at home. ▷ Products featured: - Evo Fast Food Goji Berry Gluten-free Brownie - Chia Pod: - Parma!: - [...]

How to Raise a Child Vegan
17 Apr 2015
Whitney interviews Sayward Rebhal of about her experience raising a vegan son. Waits chimes in with his 4 year old wisdom. Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide: ► Have a question about eco-veganism? Submit [...]

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