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Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals

96 episodes in the feed.


Jay produces a podcast tackling current events and common misconceptions with great observations, commentary, and audio clips.

  • Episode 43 Pretty Young Equals
    Episode 43 Pretty Young Equals

    Vegans not into "non essential" tech, being a "butcher", Michael Jacksons (falsified) prejudice to women, calling other animals "things", or calling other humans "an animal" as some kind of insult, and reports from Invercargill Vegan Society members around the world!

    6 Jan 2011 at 6:48pm

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    • "Off The Verge" episode #000 via @verge 4 days 17 hrs ago
    • "Off The Verge" episode #000 via @verge 17 days 19 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat Do you know what time would work for you redbullcat? Just talking to the second guest now 21 days 9 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat if you pick a time, I won't miss it for the world :-) I'm really looking forward to finishing this show ASAP 22 days 8 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat (German/New Zealand times are exactly opposite. Say, 8pm your Saturday night would be 8am Sunday morning for me) 22 days 8 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat could you pick a time after 8am morning, before 1am Auckland time here that would work for you? 22 days 8 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat it will take about 10 minutes pre recording to chat, then if we record for say, 10-15m, if you like? 22 days 8 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat Would you be available tonight to speak for ~15 minutes on Skype? jaywontdart Or tomorrow? 22 days 9 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat What time would work for you? :-) I'm busy after 2pm Sunday (my time) 22 days 9 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat I really hope to finish recording this weekend, its very exciting and I am just waiting on two last people 22 days 9 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat Please email if you are interested, I would really like to include you on the pilot episode :-) 22 days 9 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat eg, it is currently Sat morning 9am here, it is Friday night, 8pm in the UK. I am available to talk now if you like :-) 22 days 9 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat It works well on weekends, what country are you in redbullcat? You're English? Its the opposite, minus one hour for NZ to UK 22 days 9 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat Hi Phil, could you please email ASAP? my username at gmail .com any time after 8am New Zealand will suit 22 days 22 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat hi Phil, are you available in the next 8 hours or so? :-) 23 days 5 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat Thank you for being interested redbullcat, I'll tell you more by email :-) Hoping to have the pilot episode out by weekends end 24 days 3 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat could you email me at my username at please? Would you be available in the next 8 hours to talk on Skype? 24 days 4 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat if you could email me at, that would be great thank you :-) 26 days 5 hrs ago
    • @redbullcat Hi redbullcat! I'm doing an audio project about The Verge, seeking peoples opinions about tech. Would you like to join in? :-) 26 days 5 hrs ago
    • @joshuatopolsky Vegan Indian, try kofta (vegetable balls). Just made them for a dinner tonight 91 days 5 hrs ago
    • @plinythemidlkid We might know her :-) 100 days 22 hrs ago
    • @plinythemidlkid Not at all, in the vegan capital :-) 100 days 23 hrs ago
    • @plinythemidlkid * do the kids still say "popping"? 100 days 23 hrs ago
    • @plinythemidlkid You kidding? Invercargill is the Vegan capital of NZ! Invers is "popping"* on World Vegan Day :-) 100 days 23 hrs ago
    • @sereanauludole Hope you enjoyed your time here :-) 1st November World Vegan Day was AWESOME! 100 days 23 hrs ago
    • @sereanauludole :-) 100 days 23 hrs ago
    • Animal-free treats given away 136 days 2 hrs ago
    • @laura_june really excited that you have another episode out! I've sent you an email, will listen at work tomorrow :-) Great book! 136 days 19 hrs ago
    • Today The Verge Tried To Kill Me via @verge 163 days 23 hrs ago
    • World Vegan Day with the Invercargill Vegan Society :-) #vegan 167 days 6 hrs ago

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