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Christina Cooks

50 episodes in the feed.
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Christina Pirello is an Emmy Award-winning television host, chef, vegan, and cookbook author...Living the WELL Life!

Carrot Almond Cake
15 Jan 2018
Learn to make this lovely Italian pound cake-like treat! [...]

Delicious Soup Base
1 Apr 2017
Who doesn't want to make delicious soup? It's this easy! [...]

Shiitake Tea
1 Apr 2017
Take good care of your hardworking kidneys with this simple and delicious tea. [...]

How to Cook Chickpeas
1 Apr 2017
A simple trick to ensure chickpeas cook quickly and evenly! [...]

Espagnole Sauce
14 Mar 2017
...veganized!!! [...]

Tomato Sauce
14 Mar 2017
A classic! [...]

Vegan Cannoli Made Easy
11 Mar 2017
Think you can't make Cannoli? You can. Wait til you see how easy it is. [...]

Some TLC for Your Kidneys
2 Mar 2017
This simple tea can help your poor overworked kidneys relax and do their jobs more efficiently. [...]

A Great Cleanse
2 Mar 2017
This simple cleansing tea will help you kickstart your journey to wellness. [...]

Classic Tomato Sauce
27 Feb 2017
Richly flavored and hearty. [...]

Vegan Bechamel Sauce
27 Feb 2017
Who doesn't love a gorgeous bechamel? [...]

Vegan Espagnole Sauce
27 Feb 2017
Delish sauce with so many uses. [...]

Vegan Hollandaise Sauce
27 Feb 2017
Quick, easy and richly creamy. [...]

Make Roux Not War
13 Feb 2017
A quick an easy way to make a healthy, plant-based roux to create creamy sauces. [...]

All About the Mother Sauces
10 Feb 2017
There are 5 Mother Sauces. Here they are. [...]

Making Vegan Cannoli
10 Feb 2017
Step by step instructions to make your own yummy cannoli!!! [...]

10 Feb 2017
Quick intro video to healthy cooking [...]

Spring Detox and Cleanse
23 Apr 2014

The Amazing Lentil
23 Apr 2014

3 A's of Spring
23 Apr 2014

Why We Eat Whole Grains
23 Apr 2014

Eat Your Greens
23 Apr 2014

The Root of it All
23 Apr 2014

Cooking classes with Christina
17 Jan 2014
Check out these fabulous cooking classes with Christina Pirello, Emmy Award-winning host of Christina Cooks on public TV. Everything from demonstration to hands-on classes, to three day intensive, and even an in-depth seven month program. [...]

Italy's Best Organic Olive Oil
15 Mar 2013
I've been in love with and using VitaBella organic olive oil from Lucca in Tuscany for the past five years; and it's without a doubt my favorite of all estate olive oils. It's buttery and tasty and scrumptious to the point that you want to do more than [...]

Spectacular Organic Vegan Gift Boxes
19 Nov 2012
Choose from 3 gift boxes for the vegan (or non-vegan) in your life. Chocolate Decadence, Vegan Snacks and an Organic Spice Pantry. You will love the quality and creativity of these unique gifts. Treat someone you love (or yourself). Head on over to [...]

Kunh Rikon Presents Innovative HotPan Cookware
29 Oct 2012
I've been using Kuhn Rikon HotPans, and Duromatic Pressure Cookers for years. The innovative HotPan cookware is ideal for modern day cooking. The stainless steel cook pan has a heat efficient core that distributes heat evenly so food won't burn or stick; [...]

Frey Vineyards Organic Biodynamic Wines from California
22 Oct 2012
I love Frey Wines. I've known the folks at Frey for more than twenty years and they are the real deal; they are America's pioneering organic winery. Their vineyards and winery are nestled on the slopes of the Redwood Valley A.V.A. (American Viticultural [...]

Shaka Hawaiian Made Bath and Body Products
22 Oct 2012
I learned about Shaka Soap when I read an article about the cool products found in celebrity swag bags at events like the Oscars. When I saw that Shaka was all natural, I went to their site and ordered some Coconut lotion. Oh... My... God is all I can [...]

My Love Affair with Whole Foods Market
22 Oct 2012
So many people I meet and talk with say that it's more expensive to eat healthy and to choose organic ingredients. Well, the truth of the matter is that's just not the case. Check out Whole Foods Market and their 365 brand. Whole Foods and 365 make [...]

My Favorite Wood Spoons
23 Aug 2012
Jonathan's cherry wood spoons have adorned my kitchen for over twenty years now...I think I love them more than most any other of my kitchen utensils. I know what you're thinking; a wood spoon is a wood spoon, right? Well, think again. Once you've [...]

The Best Household Cleaning Products Ever!
23 Aug 2012
People who know me, know that I'm genetically wired to clean...every Friday morning is cleaning day at my house (and I do it all myself, what can I say, I'm a Italian). When I discovered Solea household cleaning products an unimaginable love affair [...]

Preview Trailer of Christina's New TV Series and DVD's
6 Apr 2012
Watch this preview trailer of Christina's brand new TV series coming this September to public television. Plus, coming soon to Christina's marketplace at, you can purchase DVD's of her full three-hour Saturday cooking classes at [...]

Spring Bitter Greens Salad with Sweet Orange Dressing
5 Apr 2012
This Bitter Green Spring Salad is sure to lighten your energy for the warmer weather ahead. In Chinese Medicine, bitter greens relax the liver and make you calmer and more patient. [...]

Vegan Messenger Bags
5 Apr 2012
Created by my friend John Vencius, J-Bags are one of my latest favorite things. These everyday bags are made from 100% vegan materials and totally help to organize the life you carry around with you. The inside is beautifully compartmentalized so you [...]

Christina's Delicious Chicken-less 'Veg Head' Pot Pie
10 Jan 2012
This is one of my favorite fall and winter lunch or dinner meals. It's not only totally delicious, it comes together in ten minutes and only bakes for thirty minutes. Make it once and you'll find yourself making it all of the time. I replace the chicken [...]

Totally Decadent and Yummy Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies
10 Jan 2012
If you love chocolate chip cookies, you're going to love my truly decadent 'Chocolate, Chocolate' chip cookies. They're so easy to make and so delicious! And if you don't have time to make them yourself, head on over to my website, [...]

Check out Christina's yummy cookies now available!
1 Dec 2011
Everybody loves my cookies, from my chocolate chip to my peanut butter cookies and coconut macaroons; and my husband's favorite, Sicilian fruit and nut cookies...and let's not forget my fudgy Asteroids! Well, now you can go to the marketplace on my website [...]

My new book is new book is here!
1 Dec 2011
Did I say..."My new book is here!" My new book, 'I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Eat It Anymore' has arrived in my office and is now available for purchase on my website at If you haven't already placed your order, head on [...]

Christina's Yummy Peanut Butter Cookies
1 Dec 2011
Who doesn't love peanut butter cookies? These babies will take you back to when you were a kid; and they're oh so easy to doesn't get easier than this recipe. And talk about delicious...and talk about not compromising your health either! Made [...]

Asteroids! The Natural Chocolate Snack That's Out of This World!
2 Nov 2011
My best friend and I created Asteroids way back in 1984; and I enjoy them today just as much as I did then. It' remains today one of my most requested dessert recipes. Whether you're eating healthy desserts or living on Twinkies, you'll love Asteroids. [...]

Mochi Melt with Tofu,Onion, Garlic, Ginger Cabbage, Carrot +
2 Nov 2011
This is one of my all time favorite fall and winter dishes. It's fast, it's easy and it's delicious. Mochi is a wonderful sweet rice product made from sweet rice and koji rice. You can get it at most natural foods stores, as well as at most Whole Foods [...]

Silit...My Favorite Cookware Ever
17 Oct 2011
I've been using Silit cookware for over twenty years now and I'm still using the same set. All Silit cookware is nickel-free and anit-bacterial. Its ultra-hard and smooth ceramic surface and extra-sturdy steel core provides the best possible heat distribution [...]

Putting Your Best Face Forward...Naturally
10 Oct 2011
The truth is every girl, no matter what age, wants to put her best face forward; and when it comes to make up and personal care products, I've found Arbonne to be some of the purest products that actually live up to everything you want your makeup to [...]

Whole Foods 5% Days...Sept 13 & 14
5 Sep 2011
Come and shop at the Devon, PA Whole Foods Market on Tuesday, September 13, and the Whole Foods Market in Jenkintown, PA on September 14. A full 5% of the gross sales of these two Whole Foods Market stores (on these two days only) will be donated to The [...]

Christina's 'City Kid' 'Smores
3 Sep 2011
Who doesn't love 'smores? And my 'City Kids' 'smores recipe is so amazingly simple you won't believe marshmallows, no campfire, and no baking! Just a few simple ingredients and these babies come together in seconds. Give it a go! For more great [...]

Sept 13 - 5% Day Devon Whole Foods
3 Sep 2011
Come and shop at the Devon, PA Whole Foods Market on Tuesday, September 13. 5% of the gross sales that day will be donated to The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative. 100% of the proceeds from CPHEI go towards Christina's in-school 'Grow Up [...]

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going To Eat It Anymore!
9 Aug 2011
My new book, 'I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Eat It Anymore!' is scheduled to be released in December but now you can pre-order your signed copy and receive it just as it arrives in stores. Go to and pre-order your signed copy [...]

Sicilian Fruit + Nut Cookies
8 Aug 2011
I discovered these brilliant cookies on one of my trips to Sicily. Upon my arrival home I totally veganized them and made them healthy...and I must say they are so delicious and so easy to make that if they got any easier they'd bake themselves. Give [...]

Sizzzzzling Summertime Grilling with Christina & Dennis
28 Jun 2011
My husband and I spend every Saturday night visiting and cooking with our best friends Cynthia and Dennis...we go way fact, we took our honeymoons together back in 1983. Most Saturday nights durning the summer we sit on the deck while Dennis [...]

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