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Carrie On Vegan

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Carrie Forrest is a graduate student in public health nutrition, blog author and creator of the recipe app, Vegan Delish. As a cancer survivor, she is keenly aware of the health benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet. Carrie has been vegan since 2010 based on her love for animals and a commitment to making the world a more compassionate place.

  • Oh She Glows Cookbook Giveaway + Eat Your Greens Detox Soup
    Who's a fan of the incredibly talented food blogger, Angela Liddon? <raises hand> I feel so lucky to have beensent a copy of Angela's gorgeous book, The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow From the Inside Out, and it is absolutely filled to the brim with everything that we've come to […] (...more)
    22 Apr 2014 at 6:42am       

  • Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes
    Happy Friday and happy almost Easter to those who are celebrating this weekend. I’m still in the midst of a crisis at home with my refrigerator being out, but the repairman is supposedly coming later today and I couldn’t be more excited to get everything put back together. I believe now more than ever that […] (...more)
    18 Apr 2014 at 8:49am       

  • My Fridge Died So I Made Chia Breakfast Pudding
    Oh hey, how are you? I'm okay except for the fact that my refrigerator died last night. Yep, that's right. A fridge full of homemade foods, expensive nut butters, and fresh produce went kaput just like that. Here was the scene: Alan: The refrigerator is making a weird noise and seems to be getting warmer. […] (...more)
    15 Apr 2014 at 3:58pm       

  • Oven-Baked Kale Chips
    Spring has arrived in California which means the addition of some extra farmers' markets, including one of my favorites at a local beach: I know, as if I needed another reason to go to the market. On this trip, I ended up with a big bunch of curly kale which just screamed kale chips to […] (...more)
    13 Apr 2014 at 8:38am       

  • The End of Dieting Review & Giveaway
    Dr. Joel Fuhrman has just released a new book titled The End of Dieting and I’m thrilled to host a giveaway for a free copy (note: I was also sent one by the publisher for review): As my longtime readers know, I first became acquainted with Dr. Fuhrman’s plant-based dietary approach back in late 2010. […] (...more)
    9 Apr 2014 at 1:40pm       

  • How to Make a Chickpea Flour Omelet
    One of the most beloved new to me recipes of the year so far has been the egg- and gluten-free chickpea flour omelet. This recipe has been going around the blogosphere in many different formats and under many different names, but I am just happy it is in my repertoire now so I can share […] (...more)
    6 Apr 2014 at 9:31am       

  • New Year's Resolutions Spring Update
    As we hurtle toward the first of April, I thought it might be interesting to re-visit my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions and see how things are going? I tend to think in seasons, but my businessman husband is always talking about “quarter this” and “quarter that,” so let’s call this my Spring Quarter 1 Update. […] (...more)
    31 Mar 2014 at 8:37am       

  • High-Protein Vanilla Crunch Muffins & Vitacost Giveaway
    I have been on a muffin-making kick recently! It all started with my renewed love affair with whole grains, plus a general attempt to include more healthy treats in my diet so I don't feel deprived. The emphasis on ensuring adequate protein intake comes from the fatigue I encountered earlier this year. This recipe for […] (...more)
    29 Mar 2014 at 8:34am       

  • Everyday Beauty & Vegan Goings-On
    Hiya, hope you’re week is going well. I thought I’d post a few pictures taken from my Instagram account as proof that I do have a life outside of the kitchen. Note: if you can’t see the pics, you might need to use a different browser. Last week I drove to LA to visit my […] (...more)
    27 Mar 2014 at 8:26am       

  • Veggie-Inspired Pottery Giveaway
    No question, my favorite part about being a food blogger is the interaction with all of you and feeling like we are part of the same warm, supportive community. In fact, many of my closest friends are people whom I’ve met online…how cool is that? Amy Bavier is a Wisconsin-based artist and fellow nutritarian who […] (...more)
    24 Mar 2014 at 8:27am       

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