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Cadry's Kitchen

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Cadry's Kitchen is a vegan cooking/food blog, she also produces a series of comedy videos parodying veganism.

13 Sep 2013 at 8:24am
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In this video interview series, we meet vegans from all over who tell us about their vegan journey, why they decided to go vegan, and how that affects their daily habits and relationships. In this episode, we meet Jackie from the blog, Vegan Yack Attack.

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CADRY: Hi, I'm Cadry from Cadry's Kitchen, and I'm here today with Jackie from the blog, Vegan Yack Attack. Jackie and I met at Vida Vegan Con last May, and it's great to see you again, Jackie.

JACKIE: Hi, my name is Jackie. I run the website, Vegan Yack Attack, and I have been for almost two years. No, over two years now. It's filled with tons of recipes from healthy breakfasts to filling dinners and even some raw recipes thrown in. I just wanted to thank Cadry for having me on her Vegan MoFo interviewing thing. I mean, it's pretty exciting. I don't usually get in front of the camera that often. So excuse me if I'm kind of nervous. I guess we'll get onto the interview then, right?

CADRY: Jackie, you have so many amazing looking recipes on your blog. What is your favorite recipe that you've ever veganized?

JACKIE: My favorite food that I've ever veganized are these things called golumpkis, or some people call them golabkis. They're basically like a steamed cabbage roll, like stuffed, stuffed cabbage roll. And it's an Eastern European dish. And my Polish grandmother used to make it for my family and I whenever we'd go and visit her in Michigan every summer. And I hadn't had it in years up until earlier this year when I decided that I wanted to finally veganize it. And I'm so glad that I did. They turned out so, so good. And I've had a bunch of other people make them. They've really enjoyed them. I'm just glad that I can fill that void in my diet, as well as help other people too. And it's funny, because apparently there are a lot of people looking for Eastern European vegan recipes, because that's a pretty highly searched recipe on my site.

CADRY: So is that your most popular recipe on your blog?

JACKIE: It's not the most popular recipe on my site. The most popular recipe on my site is this little recipe called the Hangover Smoothie, Hangover Cure Smoothie. It's really simple. It has dates, and coconut water, and bananas. I think there might be some peanut butter in there too. And it's all these foods and liquids that have hydrating properties, lots of potassium to pick you up from maybe that rough night out. I've definitely heard people saying that it helped them out. So if you ever need the Hangover Cure Smoothie, you can definitely find it on my site.

CADRY: I know you have a significant other. Is he vegan?

JACKIE: Is my significant other vegan? No. I actually became vegan in the middle of our relationship, and he is still an omnivore. You know, big on hamburgers, and Italian food. I would say that was certainly the hardest part, is the hardest part about being vegan. Because there's compromise in relationships, and then there's compromise on top of that, which is this. So finding places to eat out isn't always the easiest. But it's definitely been a learning experience And obviously if you have any questions or any tips on that, you can ask me. Or if you have any tips for me, everything's greatly appreciated.

CADRY: Is there a food that a lot of vegans like that you dislike?

JACKIE: A food that a lot of vegans like or are just infatuated with that I pretty much can't stand is fresh ginger. I know that sounds totally bizarre. I can do ground ginger. It's totally not as strong, but if you put a good knuckle of ginger into any juice that I'm drinking I'm pretty much gonna be pissed off at you. I just can't handle it. It's just too spicy for me. I'm not sure why it is, but that's just how it is. So if you ever decide you want to make me a little treat, don't put ginger in it. Or grapefruit. Don't tell my mom. She loves grapefruit.


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