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This Rawesome Vegan Life

25 posts in the feed.

Em's a talented raw food creator who's passionate about sharing life-giving food. Inventive raw desserts frequent her blog but don't miss her tasty main courses, rawesome appetizers, and juicing combos - that are pure eye candy!

    Hey, all. Hope we are doing ok today. I'm getting by. My heart will be broken for a long time, but I need to focus on moving on, being strong, learning lessons and growing as a human; without a particular person who I thought would always be by my side. I want more than ANYTHING IN THE WORLD for them to call me so we can be together again, taking (...more)
    25 May 2016 at 1:04pm       

    This is the fourth post in a self-care and body-care series I am doing in collaboration with Luminance Skin Care, an organic vegan skincare company that I love. This post also includes a face mask GIVEAWAY! Enter below by commenting on this blog post: comment with a question you might have about Luminance, skin care, face masks or whatever! (...more)
    21 May 2016 at 4:50pm       

    I got this idea from my friend, Maizy. She is the cutest QT I've ever met and her passion for life and love is inspiring. Check out her IG here for photos of delish vegan food, flowers and trees, feminist messages and gorgeous selfies. This recipe is SUPER basic, ya just throw nut butter into dates and stick 'em in the freezer for a few minutes. (...more)
    21 May 2016 at 1:25pm       

    Delish. Quick. Purple. This recipe tastes good and gives your body what it needs to keep going. I've got a mini island adventure to go on and I'm already late so I'm gonna leave this here for you to try out! I've been going through some SERIOUS shit in the past month. Jack and I broke up. I am utterly heart-broken. I am just starting the long, (...more)
    19 May 2016 at 1:35pm       

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  • JL Goes Vegan

    10 posts in the feed.

    An avid home cook, athlete, life-coach and educator, JL Fields, encouraged by her own life transitions, informs her many readers with bloggings about vegan food, fitness, animal rights and everyday kale-loving living!

  • Sloppy Joe Tacos and more real world vegan meals
    Real World Vegan Meal: Sloppy Joe Tacos (under 20-minutes) + meatball muffins, savory porridge, and chili with cornbread muffins. Keepin' it real! The post Sloppy Joe Tacos and more real world vegan meals appeared first on JL Goes Vegan. (...more)
    25 May 2016 at 6:52am       

  • Vegan News You Can Use (5/22/16)
    Vegan news: Senator's vegan buffet, barbecuing vegan, football player reversed diabetes by going vegan, Wendy's wooing vegans, vegan Bailey's, and more! The post Vegan News You Can Use (5/22/16) appeared first on JL Goes Vegan. (...more)
    22 May 2016 at 7:58am       

  • Tempeh and Potato Coconut Curry: Video + Recipe
    This morning I decided to make a quick tempeh and potato coconut curry recipe. And then I decided I would make it live on Facebook and Periscope. Catch the videos - and recipe! - here! The post Tempeh and Potato Coconut Curry: Video + Recipe appeared first on JL Goes Vegan. (...more)
    18 May 2016 at 6:25pm       

  • Vegan Butternut Squash Carbonara with Bacon and Sage
    Vegan bacon, anyone? Try this Butternut Squash Carbonara with Bacon and Sage recipe + enter to WIN a copy of Baconish by Leinana Two Moons! The post Vegan Butternut Squash Carbonara with Bacon and Sage appeared first on JL Goes Vegan. (...more)
    9 May 2016 at 6:50am       

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  • Vegan Yack Attack

    7 posts in the feed.

    A vegan food blog that covers everything from indulgent desserts, to healthy dinners, and even raw recipes! There's something for everyone here!

  • Spiked Orange Julius
    It’s almost Memorial Day, can you believe it? Each year, I feel like time flies by faster and faster and this year is no different. It has been quite a whirlwind and here we are, nearly half way... Read More (...more)
    24 May 2016 at 9:00pm       

  • Strawberry Banana Nut Protein Muffins
    Things have been pretty crazy over here, gearing up for the launch of Vegan Bowl Attack! (can you believe it’s almost here?!), cranking out fun recipes for you awesome readers, and keeping up with photo projects. Meanwhile, I’m trying to... Read More (...more)
    20 May 2016 at 8:30pm       

  • Minimalist Baker: Spinach and Artichoke Dip
    I am very excited about the book that I’m sharing a recipe from, today. You may have heard of a  lil’ blog that goes by the name of Minimalist Baker? Oh, you know, just the powerhouse that is run... Read More (...more)
    16 May 2016 at 7:00am       

  • Soyrizo-Stuffed Mushrooms
    I don’t know if you can tell, but these aren’t you’re average stuffed mushrooms. These babies are towers stacked high with amazing flavors and colors. You’ve got seasoned soyrizo mixed with pinto beans for a satiating base, fresh... Read More (...more)
    11 May 2016 at 9:00pm       

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  • Vegan Richa

    10 posts in the feed.

    I was born and brought up in India. I now call Seattle, US my home. Vegan Richa blog is a place where I collect my kitchen adventures. My recipe development philosophy is that healthy food does not have to be boring, strict and repetitive. The blog is about flavorful and delicious beans, lentils, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs and a lot more. The blog is also about making meals and Indian cuisine more accessible.

  • Lemon Blueberry Cake. Yogurt Pound Cake Loaf
    Lemon Blueberry Cake. This zesty Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake is dense and full of flavor. Use other berries in this Vegan Pound Cake Recipe. Non Dairy Yogurt Pound Cake Loaf with lemon and blueberries. 15 min prep and done. Pin this recipe. These lemony slices make an amazing snack or breakfast.  Add more or less zest....  Continue (...more)
    24 May 2016 at 1:03pm       

  • Fettuccine with Tomato Cream Sauce and Asparagus
    Fettuccine with Tomato Cream Sauce and Asparagus. Easy tomato Cream sauce with pasta and garlic roasted Asparagus. Use other veggies of choice. Add some chickpea chorizo or smoked coconut for variation. Vegan Soyfree Recipe. Can be gluten-free with gf pasta. Pin this post for later.  This easy pasta comes together very quickly. Cook the fettuccine...  Continue (...more)
    22 May 2016 at 8:00am       

  • Garam Masala Recipe And 1 Year Anniversary of VR’s Indian Kitchen + Giveaway
    Homemade from scratch Garam Masala Recipe from my Book Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. “Garam” means hot and “Masala” in this context means blend of spices. Garam Masala spice blend is often used in Indian dishes to make sauces and curries. Find out how to make your own, to Roast or not to roast, where to buy,...  Continue (...more)
    19 May 2016 at 11:39am       

  • Bhindi Masala Recipe – Okra in Onion tomato Curry
    Bhindi Masala Recipe. Indian Okra Curry. Lightly spiced Okra in onion tomato curry. Restaurant style Masala Bhindi. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Indian Recipe. Pin this Recipe.  Okra is cooked in many ways in Indian cuisine. It usually is a veggie side served as a part of a meal, served with dals and curries. It can be...  Continue reading (...more)
    18 May 2016 at 7:18am       

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  • Fork and Beans

    10 posts in the feed.

    Creative gluten, egg, & dairy-free living.

  • Easiest Hand Held Apple Pies
    This simple recipe is for you, the one who is unable to master pie dough or you, who simply doesn’t have the time to whip out all of the ingredients to make a fun treat. All you need are FlatOut wraps for the “pie crust”…kinda crazy easy huh? It’s why they are THE easiest hand held appleContinue… The post (...more)
    18 May 2016 at 10:18pm       

  • Frozen Banana Chocolate Pops
    These Frozen Banana Chocolate Pops are a simple way to honor your favorite childhood treat with a new and fun twist on them! Plus, in an instant they turn into a great doggy-themed dessert, what’s NOT to love?! Summer is approaching and you are looking for new ways to feed your kids healthier treats to coolContinue… The post Frozen (...more)
    13 May 2016 at 2:48pm       

  • Chewy Bar Ice Cream Sandwich Bites
    I’m taking Enjoy Life’s Soft Chewy Bars to the next level by giving them a bit of a May-keover (get it, because it’s the month of May?! Anyone?) for Celiac Awareness month. A combo celebration of summer and gluten free foods, all rolled into one, it’s why I partnered with Enjoy Life Foods to turnContinue… The post (...more)
    9 May 2016 at 4:10pm       

  • Edible Fruit Bouquets
    Make your mom (or the woman you love) the freshest, healthiest treat with these edible fruit bouquets! Easy to make and tasty to eat. So here we are, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and the consensus is that I am doing much better than expected. In fact (and I say this is a twinge of guiltContinue… The post Edible Fruit Bouquets appeared (...more)
    6 May 2016 at 12:00pm       

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  • An Unrefined Vegan

    15 posts in the feed.

    Unprocessed, unbleached and cruelty-free: low-fat, low-sugar, whole food and plant-based recipes to nurture body, brain and conscience.

  • Warm Millet Salad. Gluten-free, No Added Oil.
    This recipe was borne out of necessity. I had very little in the refrigerator and a dinner date (with my husband, of course!) breathing down my neck. From the refrigerator... The post Warm Millet Salad. Gluten-free, No Added Oil. appeared first on an unrefined vegan. (...more)
    15 May 2016 at 6:42am       

  • Almond Butter Chocolate Oat & Seed Squares: Canned Time’s Nut Butter Bash
    Before I launch into chocolate and nut butter heaven…I recently got some amazing, gratifying, totally out-of-the-blue news: An Unrefined Vegan has been nominated for a VegNews Bloggy Award. What the... The post Almond Butter Chocolate Oat & Seed Squares: Canned Time’s Nut Butter Bash appeared first on an unrefined vegan. (...more)
    16 Apr 2016 at 8:30am       

  • Mom: A Meditation on Life & Memory
    Before memory there was mother. Mom. The one person who knew me from my minute beginnings, who nurtured me from the moment of inception, of whose existence I owe for my... The post Mom: A Meditation on Life & Memory appeared first on an unrefined vegan. (...more)
    12 Apr 2016 at 8:15am       

  • Whole Wheat Lemon Date Loaf
      As I was assembling the ingredients for this Whole Wheat Lemon Date Loaf, it struck me that I’m just about the last person who should be drawn to the demands of... The post Whole Wheat Lemon Date Loaf appeared first on an unrefined vegan. (...more)
    12 Mar 2016 at 5:45am       

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  • I Love Vegan

    12 posts in the feed.

    Our goal is to make living a healthy vegan lifestyle simple and sustainable. We aim to create a resource that's uncomplicated, easy to navigate, and able to provide assistance to anyone that's new to cooking, new to the vegan lifestyle, or just looking for a fresh & simple take on living & eating vegan.

  • Vegan Mushroom Soup and Savoury Herb Scones
    Creamy mushroom soup served with fresh buttery herb scones are perfect for those rainy and overcast spring days. Since my last post the weather has been cool, cloudy and just perfect for baking (and for eating hot soup – chilly, dark days are the best days for soup!) This “cream” of mushroom is made with a mix of cremini and... Read (...more)
    12 May 2016 at 6:31pm       

  • Crispy Potatoes with Vegan Ranch Dressing
    Save for the odd cool day, I think it’s time to retire my oven for the summer. We haven’t lived here long but so far it looks like our teeny tiny place is going to heat up like a green house in the summer. The added heat from our oven makes me feel like I’m being punished for... Read More » (...more)
    6 May 2016 at 3:29pm       

  • Vegan 7 Layer Tacos
    Would you believe that there’s never been a taco or burrito recipe on I Love Vegan? With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching and a taco recipe loong over due, today I’m finally going to share my go-to taco recipe! After going vegan, burritos and tacos became a lot more popular in our house. The options are limitless and plant-based foods... Read (...more)
    2 May 2016 at 4:44pm       

  • Vegan Raspberry Crumble Bars
    The other day I caught a quick whiff of lilacs which is usually my cue that spring is truly here. Lacey’s been taking advantage of the warmer days by sunning herself the deck in the afternoons. Most of our seeds have germinated so we’ve got a cute little group of seedlings next to our kitchen... Read More » (...more)
    27 Apr 2016 at 5:57am       

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  • Plant Powered Kitchen

    10 posts in the feed.

    Take a mom of 3, stir in 3 vegan cookbooks, add a rounded cup of staying at home, and mix with a hefty pinch of recipe testing!

  • Celebrating 1 year of Plant-Powered Families!
    Today is the official anniversary of the release of Plant-Powered Families! I’ve never celebrated the anniversary of a vegan cookbook before, but doing so this time. I’ve connected with so many of you here and through our PPF community over the past year. When I was writing the book, I truly felt it was special. I had [...] (...more)
    12 May 2016 at 5:05am       

  • My Top 5 Recipes for Mother’s Day (vegan and whole food plant-based)
      Hello, hello, kids! Hope you had a beauty weekend. Many of you made the new soup and shared fab feedback on facebook and email, so thanks for that. I always love to hear from you. Soooo, mom’s day is almost here! Are you ready? If not, perhaps I can help you out. I’ve chosen my [...] (...more)
    3 May 2016 at 12:43pm       

  • Balsamic-Sauteed Sweet Potato Bisque with White Beans
    We’ve had an unbelievably beautiful spring in British Columbia, and many few days that feel like summer is already here. We are definitely weather-blessed this time of year, and I know many of you are still coming out of winter. I grew up in Newfoundland, so I’m no stranger to those drawn-out wintery days and how downright crooked [...] (...more)
    28 Apr 2016 at 11:43am       

  • VegExpo 2016 Presentation … help me decide!
      Well, I’m pretty excited for VegExpo this coming Sunday (April 24th). Not only because I’ll be doing a presentation, but also because I get to sample new vegan products! The girls are just as excited. (Well, not about my talk, just about the food.) 😉 I’m all set except for one thing, and I need your [...] (...more)
    18 Apr 2016 at 1:04pm       

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  • One Ingredient Chef

    10 posts in the feed.

    "Food is power, and we decide with every bite we take whether that power is working for us or against us. One Ingredient Chef was created to put the power of food back on your side."

  • Secretly Healthy Cookie Dough Bars
    I think these bars (which are something of a cross between blondies and cookie dough bars) are my new favorite dessert. The perfect soft texture, sweet & chocolatey, and just the right cookie dough flavor. They’re absolutely delicious, but… they’re also hiding a few secrets. You didn’t hear it from me, but these bars are (...more)
    7 May 2016 at 5:11am       

  • Baked Cauliflower Bites with Spicy Pesto
    The inspiration for these amazing cauliflower bites comes from buffalo cauliflower, which took the vegan blogging world by storm a year or two ago. As I’m sure you’ve seen, you can coat cauliflower in a simple batter, bake, then drench in buffalo sauce and bake again to create vegan buffalo wings. They’re amazing, but I felt like this (...more)
    26 Apr 2016 at 8:17am       

  • Flax Crackers with Vegan Parmesan and Italian Herbs
    As I’ve talked about recently, I love flax. It has a million health benefits, from Omega-3’s to antioxidants, fiber, blood sugar regulation, and so much more. Even Gandhi said that “wherever flaxseeds become a regular food item among the people, there will be better health.” One of my favorite ways to eat flax (outside of my (...more)
    15 Apr 2016 at 10:35am       

  • Southwestern Sweet Potato Quesadillas
    I’ll admit that I had some reservations about making a quesadilla filling out of mashed sweet potatoes when I first came up with this crazy idea, but I’m so glad I followed through with it! After mashing the potatoes with plenty of spices, adding some black beans and roasted corn, grilling the quesadillas until crispy, and then topping with (...more)
    6 Apr 2016 at 4:43am       

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  • Vegenista

    20 posts in the feed.

    I love to cook vegetarian & vegan foods, bake vegan cupcakes, goodies & treats, hit up the local markets for beautiful organic produce, dine in restaurants that serve unique veggie fare, & shop for eco & veg friendly products & document it here!

  • Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Bakery Opening Three San Diego...
    Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Bakery Opening Three San Diego Locations!  Breaking news from the San Diego Eater! Something sweet is coming to Westfield Mission Valley & Westfield North County; gourmet cinnamon roll bakery Cinnaholic has signed to open at least three shops in the San Diego area, with the third location still (...more)
    14 Apr 2016 at 1:42pm       

  • Why 2016 is the Year to Surrender to Vegan Cheese!Make 2016 the...
    Why 2016 is the Year to Surrender to Vegan Cheese! Make 2016 the year you give nut cheese a chance. Here, 7 great vegan cheeses to kick-start your journey. (...more)
    1 Jan 2016 at 5:59pm       

  • First Look at “Kindred” SD’s First Vegan Bar(via FIRST LOOK:...
    First Look at “Kindred” SD’s First Vegan Bar (via FIRST LOOK: Kindred - SD Food News - Fall 2015 - San Diego) (...more)
    22 Dec 2015 at 6:04am       

  • Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with joy, compassion...
    Happy Thanksgiving!  May your day be filled with joy, compassion & gratitude.  (...more)
    26 Nov 2015 at 8:15am       

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  • Vegan in the Freezer

    1 posts in the feed.

    Ginny's recipes feature healthy and delicious vegan food that you can enjoy now or freeze for future meals. Discover an ever growing list and variety of meals and snacks from down home cooking to gourmet fare.

  • Bell Pepper Bruschetta Crostini
    Bell Pepper Bruschetta Crostini is a crowd pleasing appetizer that works perfectly for elegant dinners, holidays and game day. Bell Pepper Bruschetta Crostini  is a crowd pleasing appetizer that would work for elegant dinners, holidays and game... get the full recipe ... Click on the blue recipe title above :) »               (...more)
    23 May 2016 at 3:55am       

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  • The Full Helping

    10 posts in the feed.

    Vegan nutritionist and cookbook author. RDN in training. Lover of vegetables, yoga, and words.

  • All-Purpose Cashew Cream Recipe
    Cashew cream is one of those “secret weapon” vegan ingredients that I wish I could share with every person who’s nervous about giving up dairy. It’s so easy to make, and yet it can create a world of difference in vegan soups, pastas, casseroles, cream sauces, and more. There are, of course, many ways to successfully [...] The (...more)
    24 May 2016 at 5:28am       

  • Weekend Reading, 5.22.16
    It’s a gray, chilly morning here in NYC. The weather keeps creeping upwards into the seventies, teasing us with a hint of summer, and then drops down to mid-fifties and fog. It looks as though we’ll have a burst of warmth later this week, but Steven and I will be traveling for a wedding at [...] The post Weekend Reading, 5.22.16 (...more)
    22 May 2016 at 5:15am       

  • Simple Stewed Pinto Beans and Collard Greens
    Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments, both here and on Facebook, about my calcium post! I was really happy to hear that so many of you found it helpful, and I look forward to possibly tackling other nutrients (like iron) with a similar, food-based approach. Since we’re focusing on calcium this week, [...] The post Simple (...more)
    19 May 2016 at 6:20am       

  • 15 Calcium Rich Vegan Food Combinations
    Happy Tuesday, friends! As always, I enjoyed reading your insights into the weekend reading links. Last summer, I published a post called 15 Simple, Affordable, and Protein Rich Combinations of Plant Foods. The goal was to break down protein requirements and recommendations using real food examples. Many of us have read about the recommended daily (...more)
    17 May 2016 at 4:54pm       

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  • Turning Veganese

    10 posts in the feed.

    "I think I'm turning vegan-ese... I really think so." Christie, Melissa and Brent turn long time omniverous favorites into delicious vegan versions, invent their own creative dishes, and take on an occasional topic of nutrition.

  • Sweet & Sauteed Brussels Sprouts
    Who eats plain old steamed or boiled brussels sprouts anymore? Not me! I had it once and I am OVER it. The good news is that there are so many ways to prepare these guys, and a creative saute is… Continue Reading → The post Sweet & Sauteed Brussels Sprouts appeared first on Turning Veganese. (...more)
    17 Feb 2016 at 7:41pm       

  • Brussels Sprouts: Incredibly Versatile
    I can only recall one time during my entire childhood when I ate Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts were a mystery to me. I wasn’t sure what they looked like — I think I had envisioned something more along the lines… Continue Reading → The post Brussels Sprouts: Incredibly Versatile appeared first on Turning Veganese. (...more)
    30 Jan 2016 at 7:36pm       

  • It’s My Annual Vegan Cookie Baking Day!
    I don’t like baking. This is well-documented. I would say that I tolerate it now and I do find it a little cathartic, but that’s because I have finally had some success in my baking. Still, I try to avoid… Continue Reading → The post It’s My Annual Vegan Cookie Baking Day! appeared first on Turning Veganese. (...more)
    5 Dec 2015 at 7:06pm       

  • It’s Still Summer. Make an Eggplant Salad!
    The days are getting shorter, kids are back in school, Labor Day just passed… but, hey! It’s still summer! And we still have fresh veggies from the backyard so I made a refreshing roasted eggplant salad to accompany dinner the… Continue Reading → The post It’s Still Summer. Make an Eggplant Salad! appeared first (...more)
    10 Sep 2015 at 6:43pm       

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  • Hell Yeah It's Vegan!

    10 posts in the feed.

    Hell Yeah It's Vegan! is a vegan recipe blog dedicated to helping you make delicious vegan food!

  • Vegan Anginettes
    As many of you know, I live in New Haven, home to the only pizza worth eating, and more Italian-American bakeries than you can shake a stick at. I’ve peered many-a-time into their glass bakery cases, spilling over with all manner of pretty pink, green, brown and white cookies, and cursed the fact that they all contain animal products. This (...more)
    23 Dec 2015 at 5:56am       

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Thumbprints
    These chocolate hazelnut thumbprint cookies are unsurprisingly delicious yet surprisingly easy to assemble, and the work goes especially quickly if you’re making a batch of my chocolate-filled peanut butter blossoms at the same time. No handmade chocolate kisses required! One afternoon each December, I sit down and make a list of all the cookies (...more)
    22 Dec 2015 at 6:06am       

  • Vegan Sugar Cookies
    This recipe is adapted from one that appears in an old Iowa church cookbook called World’s Best Sugar Cookies. Iowan church ladies are known to wax hyperbolic about plenty of things — recipes in these cookbooks for “green salad,” for instance, typically involve neon-hued Jello and no vegetables of any kind. But these cookies (...more)
    21 Dec 2015 at 5:32am       

  • Maple Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds
    As a kid, I looked forward to eating roasted pumpkin seeds every October after a long afternoon of carving pumpkins with my brothers. Of course, in those days, I thought of pumpkin as a decoration, not a vegetable, and the seeds we ate were usually dry and tough, and seasoned only with salt. Oh how things have changed!* This maple cinnamon variation (...more)
    21 Nov 2015 at 5:48am       

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  • Keepin' it Kind

    10 posts in the feed.

    " My name is Kristy, and this is my blog, chronicling my adventures in vegan cooking, dining, traveling and other things in my quest to live kindly. Join me in making this world a kinder place! "

  • Taking the Good With the Bad
    I’m getting so close to getting back to regular old blogging. I promise! I cooked an awesome soup and Chris photographed it and then I wrote down the recipe for safe keeping! JK! I totally didn’t write the recipe down for safe keeping. I did one of those things where I’m like “I’ll write it down after we [...] The (...more)
    20 Apr 2016 at 4:16pm       

  • Life Right Now + Giveaway Winners!
    When I read something that makes me say to myself "Oh my god, I'm not alone!," sometimes that carries me through the rest of my day. Or week. Or month. What I'm about to share, I truly hope will give some of you that same feeling of knowing that you're not alone in this. The post Life Right Now + Giveaway Winners! appeared first on Keepin' (...more)
    24 Feb 2016 at 12:49pm       

  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies + A GIVEAWAY!
    I'm sharing these lovely Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from my book, But I Could Never Go Vegan! The pumpkin acts as a binder and the pumpkin flavor is very subtle. But the flavor on these cookies is huge! The post Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies + A GIVEAWAY! appeared first on Keepin' It Kind. (...more)
    18 Dec 2015 at 12:36pm       

  • Recipe Testers Wanted + More News & Stuff!
    Thank you so much to everyone who commented on the last post and offered such kind words of support. I was so moved. I hesitated quite a bit before publishing that post but ultimately decided I needed to be honest and share what was on my mind. I’m grateful that it was so well-received. I [...] The post Recipe Testers Wanted + More News (...more)
    4 Nov 2015 at 3:01pm       

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  • Post Punk Kitchen

    10 posts in the feed.

    Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking with Isa Chandra.

  • Isa Live: A Vegan Life In 4 Courses
    The dates are fast approaching. NYC, Nashville, Chicago (sold out, thank you!) and Napa, I ... (...more)
    12 Jan 2015 at 12:41pm       

  • Green Lasagna Rolls
    Pasta rolled up with garlicky spinach, pesto, and ricotta will fulfill your wildest dreams. (...more)
    5 Jun 2014 at 7:03pm       

  • Breakfast Nachos
    All of the brunchy utensils needed! (...more)
    4 May 2014 at 12:59pm       

  • Brussel Sprout Fried Rice
    As if fried rice weren't delicious enough already! Enter the Brussel sprouts. (...more)
    27 Feb 2014 at 12:05pm       

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  • Former Fish Taco Fanatic

    10 posts in the feed.

    Rachel's first blog chronicled her quest to find the best fish tacos in Atlanta -- now shes vegan, getting her fix with veggie tacos, and blogging about her experience making vegan recipes.

  • Reflections on 2014
    I know the year isn’t over yet, but anytime we get close to the holidays, I start to reflect on the past year. You would think that a birthday might make me think on the past year, but it’s always the start of a new calendar year that does it. Honestly, I don’t know how […] (...more)
    20 Nov 2014 at 4:07pm       

  • Land of Fire and Ice
    Hi five readers! It’s been a million four months since I last posted. oops. How have y’all been? Well, life hasn’t really calmed down much. We moved into our new home in May, and have been working and traveling like crazy people ever since. D and I just got back from Iceland! It was part […] (...more)
    29 Sep 2014 at 6:34pm       

  • Well, Hello There. . .
    Life has been happening. Lots of it. Which hasn’t left time for blogging lately. Honestly, I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking, so I don’t have much interesting content since I haven’t been trying new recipes. Also, we just bought a house! So we are moving next weekend! Which means we need to pack. […] (...more)
    16 May 2014 at 8:19am       

  • Resolutions
    Happy New Year! I always like to recap progress on last year’s resolutions, and set some new ones so I have goals in mind for the coming year. Let’s see how 2013 panned out shall we? 1. Successfully complete Yoga Teacher Training! – Done. I did it! Now to continue to be a student, and […] (...more)
    7 Jan 2014 at 2:18pm       

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    Vegan Protein Powder -       
    Vegan Movies, Films, & Documentaries -