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Bite Size Vegan

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Hi there! I'm Emily, creator of Bite Size Vegan, and a bite-size-vegan myself! I'm here to educate you about veganism in a fun, spunky sarcastic way! Each power-packed, pint-sized "vegan nugget" video addresses various aspects of veganism in 5 minutes or less! Look around, watch, share, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

7 Oct 2016 at 5:00am
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There is no excuse for this. They were all babies—less than 6 months old. It doesn’t have to be this way. This is not an isolated incident of rare cruelty. This is a rare incident of systematic cruelty being thrust into the open. [See below for more information.]




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On Wednesday October 5, 2016 a truck full of pigs overturned in front of Fearmans Pork in Burlington, Ontario. Pigs were trapped inside, screaming. Some escaped and wandered the streets, outside for the first time in their life. Those able to move on their own were walked through the parking lot of the slaughterhouse to their death. Injured pigs were not “fit” to be “processed” They waited in the grass for hours. Activists begged to give them sanctuary—they had homes waiting for them. Fearmans refused to show mercy and executed them, trying to hide their barbarity with flimsy cardboard.

THIS is what you pay for when you eat meat, dairy, eggs. YOU can change this. See the information below. There is no excuse.


➣ The Nicest Way To Die (See What Awaited These Pigs):

➣ LIVE At A UK Slaughterhouse & Gas Chamber:

➣ Open Your Eyes:

➣ The Last Day Of Your Life:

➣ See Through The Pigs’ Eyes:

➣ Hear The Truth:

➣ The “Humane” Lie (Ireland Speech With CO2 Detail):

➣ More About EGGS:

➣ More About DAIRY:

➣ 10 Years In Prison For Compassion? (Anita Krajnc of Toronto Pig Save On Trial for Giving Water To Pigs):

➣ Choose Your Legacy:


➣ Speak Up:

➣ Bear Witness:

➣ Find/Attend/Start A Vigil:

▶︎➤Links To Sampled Original Footage:

➣ Steve Jenkins’ Post (Esther The Wonder Pig):

➣ The Death March (Toronto Pig Save FB):

➣ Pigs Being Cut Out Of Truck (Lori Croonen FB):

➣ Injured Pigs In Grass, Shot, Tossed In Dumpster (MTCAS):

➣ Featured News Article:

➣ For More Images, Pictures, Information:


➤➤ Additional Footage of Crash from Sympathy at Slaughter:


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