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Big Fat Vegan Radio

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"Our goal is to spread veganthusiasm, answer questions for new vegans and the veg-curious, while being ridiculous, and creating excuses to eat as much vegan food as possible. "

Hosts: Honey LaBronx from "The Vegan Drag Queen" cooking show & Laura Yaz, entertainment writer (US Weekly's Fashion Police) and former standup comedian.

Episode 102 – Our First Guest Co-Host: Ashe Harris!
28 Feb 2018 at 11:46pm

Episode 102
(Air Date: March 1st, 2018)

Happy March, y’all!  Happy one-more-week until I’m 39 years old and therefore official sound like I’m lying about my age…

Is it too late in the year to say “New Year, New Me”?

If not, I want to say New Year, New Podcast Format!!!

As I’ve been teasing on a few recent episodes, I’ve been wanting for some Big Fat Vegan Radio Listeners to co-host an episode with me!

Well many of you have reached out (I started a list, okay? I haven’t forgotten you! ……I think!) and today, I am thrilled and honored to bring my first guest co-host onto the show!

Please welcome Ashe Harris, today’s guest co-host!

TWITTER: @widgetoc
VERO: widgetoc

On today’s episode, WE BRING BACK “HISSES & PURRS” as well as our Big Fat Vegan Food segment!


Ashe’s Purr:
The use of wild animals in circuses to be banned from the UK by 2020

Ashe’s Hiss:
U.S. Cattleman’s Association filing for the word “meat” to be banned from plant-based foods

Ben’s Purr:
Fifth Harmony Star Goes (correction: IS TRYING) Vegan(ism)

Ben’s Hiss:
Rescued pig adopted then killed and eaten

RETRACTED: Ben’s Half-Hiss:
Cows’ Lives Matter activists

***UPDATE*** For starters, you’ll see the above link no longer works.  I’m glad to see Fox News actually took the article down!  But it turns out this is literal FAKE NEWS! And thank you to Jeff Stanek from Madison, Wisconsin who came on to the show to tell us what ACTUALLY went down.  So I updated this episode and dropped the interview into this episode to set the record straight.

In addition, here are some links Jeff would like for you to check out:

Facebook post:

“Disrupt #Februdairy” video:

“Say ‘No Thanks’ to Violence” video:




Ashe’s Food Mentions:
Chicago opened its first Veggie Grill this month:

And, a bit of personal excitement, Tropical Smoothie Cafes are suddenly springing up all over the place and they will swap Beyond Meat chicken in any of its chicken dishes!! Cannot wait to become a regular!
Tropical Smoothie Cafe – franchise throughout MI with some in IL, WI, IN, and OH.


Ben’s Food Mentions:
BareBurger now carries both the Impossible Burger & Beyond Burger at ALL 12 NYC locations, and said they will be available at all their locations around the world by the end of February.  (Can anyone verify yet if that’s true outside of NYC?)

Also two awesome pizza places Ben went to in the UK:
Purezza in Brighton, England
And Zad’s in Manchester, England (which it totally delicious, badass, and run by ethical vegan activists who just f***ing rock!)


…On a personal note, (Ben here) when Ashe asked me if I had fun in England, I could not hide the bit of hesitation in my voice.  I meant to address that (more fully) in my answer, but I forgot to.  And I don’t want to leave anyone thinking I didn’t enjoy my time there.

Here’s what that reaction was about.

The trip cost me so much money, and wasn’t (FINANCIALLY) worth the cost because I didn’t accomplish what I went out there to accomplish (raising money for animals, and earning a decent living doing that.)

And when people say “Well at least you got to enjoy touring the UK” it’s hard to agree with that sentiment, because what I really did was just take a lot of trains and Ubers when I wasn’t sitting in a room somewhere getting my face on.

So it’s hard to say “Yeah, gurl! The UK was awesome” this trip was kind of a miss for me.  But I did get to see some friends in London, I met a designer who wants to make me a few designer outfits (free of charge!) and is currently doing just that, and probably more than anything, I appreciate meeting “Tofu” Smith and his girlfriend Ellie up in Manchester.  They really touched my heart in a way I have struggled ever since to put words to.  I am so moved by who

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