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24 Apr 2014 Episode 41: Viva la Vegan! Q&A series: What's Wrong with Free Range?
  Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! explains what the problem with free range is. Join us every Friday for the latest Q&A podcasts - Audio from the YouTube videos online every Tuesday: http:/ / playlist?list=PLNsoIQ0qwh7s4qyC9ymp882uwHmOgHzMJ Intro tune by Leigh-Chantelle.
23 Apr 2014 20 April 2014
  BOB alerts us to an alarming HSUS bill that threatens dogs and cats in California, and for Earth Day he challenges all environmentalists, including Bill McKibben, to GO VEGAN + KEVIN NEWELL of Humane Wildlife Solutions discusses his worldwide business, offering an alternative to lethal wildlife control for any [...]
23 Apr 2014 Humane Society of the U.S. Vice President Paul Shapiro Plus Young's Pop-Up and Animals Asia
  Humane Society of the U.S. is America's largest animal protection organization and has enlarged its scope in recent years to include farmed animals. Learn of successes-half a billion fewer animals killed now than 2007-and challenges from Humane Society of the U.S. Vice President for Farmed Animals Paul Shapiro. [...]
21 Apr 2014 Vegan Weddings: How Dare You Reflect Who You Are on Your Special Day
  So many vegans have been conditioned to be apologetic, self-effacing, or even ashamed for manifesting their values. Lest they be called selfish, rigid, or unreasonable, many compromise what they care about most to please someone else. This plays out in many scenarios but especially during wedding-planning. Whether [...]
21 Apr 2014 Ian Erik Smith
  We talk with Ian Erik Smith of Uncivilized Animals (http:/ / ) about Veganism, Primitivism, Rod Coronado, Gary Francione, John Zerzan, Deep Green Resistance (DGR), Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith and more. #FSD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The [...]
19 Apr 2014 Episode 17 - Pop Culture and Speciesism
  This episode finds Stevie and Luc discussing Hell Pizza’s rabbit skin billboard, a new study that confirms the USA is an oligarchy, and how pop culture influences violence and perpetuates dominant hierarchies like race, class, patriarchy, and speciesism.  Come along with them on a journey through a maze of [...]
19 Apr 2014 Episode 223: “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
  Welcome to the 223rd episode of Our Hen House, featuring Saskia Stucki, Livia Boscardin, Maneesha Deckha, Steven M. Wise, Katie Sykes, Natasha Dolezal, Kathy Hessler, and Margo DeMello. Today’s episode is Part I of a II Part Series exploring the […]
16 Apr 2014 Episode 46- LADY TIME! Interview with Jamie J. Hagen
  SHOW NOTES Episode 46 (Air Date: APRIL 17, 2014) Laura sits down with Jamie J. Hagen to discuss VAGINAS. Just kidding. Well sort of but not really. Follow Jamie on Twitter! Check out all the amazing reusable menstrual products! The … Continue reading →
8 Apr 2014 Fashionably Vegan Part II: Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute and Brave GentleMan
  When the fashion industry promotes materials like wool and leather, then animals, workers, and the environment can pay a high price. Joshua Katcher, blogger at The Discerning Brute and creator of the fashion line Brave GentleMan, talks with us about moving men’s fashions — and our ideals of masculinity in [...]
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It Takes a Village to Get a Book Deal
Our Hen House - 24 Apr 2014
 So, here’s my big, gigantic, otherworldly news: I feel so incredibly honored and lucky to be able to share my story in this way. The book is coming in 2016. I will now go into hiding until my manuscript is […] [...]

Meet Three Amazing Former Laboratory Dogs Who Escaped Death
One Green Planet - 24 Apr 2014
 Here's a story of three former laboratory dogs who escaped death, thanks to organizations like the BUAV who are dedicated to ending animal testing in laboratories. [...]

Eating Plants - 24 Apr 2014
 It has long been a source of frustration for the Pitchfork that so-called environmental leaders refuse to embrace eating an exclusively plant-based diet as an integral part of a larger environmental mission. I first wrote about the topic here and have since become so disillusioned with the sordid cant of conventional environmentalism that (with my [...]

Meat Logic: The Book that Examines Our Rationalizations for Eating Animals
Free From Harm - 22 Apr 2014
 While much animal advocacy justifiably focuses on our emotional connections to animals, Meat Logic: Why We Eat Animals by author Charles Horn, reveals that many rationalizations for eating animal products are actually based on appeals to reason or logic and therefore may not be effectively addressed with emotional appeals alone. This includes the many [...]

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream
VegNews Daily - 22 Apr 2014
 Transform the rich sweetness of hot cocoa into a frostier form with this tempting ice cream treat. [...]

Skip the Easter Ham and Skip the Cruelty
FARM Blog - 19 Apr 2014
 An Easter tradition here in the US has been to celebrate life and new beginnings by sitting down to a meal with a honey-baked ham as the centerpiece. Thing is… if most folks took a moment to reflect on the true meaning of this holiday, they might notice that consuming the body of a dead [...]

23 Apr 2014  
Leigh-Chantelle interviews Laura-Jane The Rawtarian 
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23 Apr 2014  
The Root of it All 
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22 Apr 2014  
Vegan S'mores Bars at Xs to Os Vegan Bakery  
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21 Apr 2014  
Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich | Edgy Veg 
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21 Apr 2014  
Thai Coconut Soup Recipe :: Vegan 
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19 Apr 2014  
Weekly Q&A: Vegan Shoes, Quick Meals, Shy Activism and Super Foods 
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This Rawesome Vegan Life - 23 Apr 2014
  I have been so inspired by all these smoothie bowls I see on Instagram and Tumblr, I decided to make one myself. Nothing fancy here - just wholesome, nourishing, deliciously sweet and fruity ingredients to give you energy for the day! This tasted like heaven after my run this morning. And although I get excited over everything I put in my mouth, [...]

My Vegan Story: Taylor of What Vegetarians Eat
Keepin' it Kind - 23 Apr 2014
 I love the “My Vegan Story” series because hearing about other people’s vegan journey inspires me and reignites that fire within me. Up until now, though, we’ve been hearing from vegans who made the transition awhile ago. Vegans who have set firm roots and are continuing to grow in their journey. Today, we get to The post My [...]

Slow Cooker Apple Granola Crumble
Vegan in the Freezer - 23 Apr 2014
 Slow Cooker Apple Granola Crumble is easy, delicious and healthy! Dang! A triple header.  It is very much like a dump and go recipe that you only cook for 6 to 8 hours on low.  How fun is it to make a dessert in a crock pot and have it … Click here to see the full recipe ... The post Slow Cooker Apple Granola Crumble appeared first on Vegan [...]

Five Ingredient Red Curry Coconut Sauce or Dressing
Choosing Raw - 22 Apr 2014
 I didn’t intend for this recipe to be blog-post-worthy. I was throwing together a simple lunch bowl–leftover brown rice, fresh spinach, steamed broccoli, leftover white beans–and realized that I was running low on dressing. This is a rarity in my home; I’m a little dressing-obsessed, and I tend to make a few at the start […] [...]

Oh She Glows Cookbook Giveaway + Eat Your Greens Detox Soup
Carrie On Vegan - 22 Apr 2014
 Who's a fan of the incredibly talented food blogger, Angela Liddon? <raises hand> I feel so lucky to have been sent a copy of Angela's gorgeous book, The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow From the Inside Out, and it is absolutely filled to the brim with everything that we've come to […] [...]

$25 vegan dollar store challenge :: part 2
The Urban Vegan - 13 Apr 2014
 A relatively healthy, abundant grocery haul that cost less than $25I learned a lot by participating in the first $25 Vegan Dollar Store Challenge. The concept in a nutshell:  how healthily and frugally can you eat using a $25, shopping only at the dollar store? Family Dollar Haul: Raisins, oats, almonds, lentils, navy beanbrown [...]

Apple Fennel Seitan Dogs
Vegan Yack Attack - 26 Mar 2014
 HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Long time, no see! Let me say that I'm sorry for the absence, there has been a hell-of-a-lot of things going on over here and clearly posting on my blog was not one of them. But, I'm … Continue reading → [...]

Pressing Pause
Plant Powered Kitchen - 18 Mar 2014
 Hi friends, You may have noticed I haven’t been as present on my blog and online. I’ve decided to take some time for a work break, or to make some work changes. The last two years I’ve been going full force. First with the release of LTEV, then starting another cookbook, working online, and of […] [...]

Brussel Sprout Fried Rice
Post Punk Kitchen - 27 Feb 2014
 As if fried rice weren't delicious enough already! Enter the Brussel sprouts. [...]

Goings On in Pictures (and some words)
Luminous Vegans - 29 Jan 2014
 I watched this squirrel for an hour one Saturday. Yes, an hour. Squirrels here (compared to Atlanta) seem chubbier. At least this guy (gal?) did. He ran around the back porch and ate the seeds out of these “helicopter” leaves  (who knew they were even edible?). After not knowing what else to put in the […]The post Goings On in Pictures [...]

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18 Apr 2014  
Best Vegan Lip Balm ♡ Kissably Cruelty-Free! 
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18 Apr 2014  
Sanctuary From Above 
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18 Apr 2014  
My Favorite Brands For Having A Chocolate Tasting 
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17 Apr 2014  
Tree Cat 
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16 Apr 2014  
Simple Raw Vegan Recipe: Mango Kiwi Pudding 
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16 Apr 2014  
Preventing Asthma With Fruits and Vegetables 
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3 Apr 2014  
Sweet Spaghetti Squash Dessert Recipe 
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13 Mar 2014  
Episode 17 - Chipotle Crimson Hell 
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4 Mar 2014  
Bacon Grease for Vegans 
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19 Jan 2014  
Creamy Cauliflower Queso Recipe - Vegan 
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3 Apr 2014  
The Buddha Bowl 
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Is Noni or Mangosteen Juice Safe? - 24 Apr 2014
 There is now another case report of acute toxicity linked to noni juice ingestion, this time in a 14 year old. At least his liver didn't fail completely like in two of the earlier cases. What do we expect from a product also known as “vomit fruit”? The multi-level marketing company that sells noni products… [...]

I Lost 155 Pounds, Normalized My Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure … and Feel Absolutely Amazing!
Forks Over Knives Blog - 22 Apr 2014
 Since I was young, I struggled with my weight. Growing up, I experienced judgments from my peers and had difficulty keeping up with healthier, fitter kids. By my late 20s I was faced with the sobering … [...]

Paleo Advocates Get Vegan Diets (and Saturated Fat) Wrong
The Vegan RD - 21 Apr 2014
   Quite a few people have asked me to comment on the blog Authority Nutrition. It's written by Kris Gunnars, a medical student at the University of Iceland. First, despite the bold title of his blog, Gunnars is no authority on nutrition. His background is the usual one of the self-proclaimed expert: “I got interested [...]

Eggs May Promote Colon Cancer
Disease Proof - 17 Apr 2014
 Eggs, a concentrated source of cholesterol, have been linked to a variety of diseases including, heart disease, diabetes, and different types of cancer. In this article, learn what diseases and types of cancer eggs are most strongly associated with and why you should avoid or limit eating eggs for better health  [...]

Vegetarian Diets and Quality of Life: Cause or Effect?
Healthy Longevity - 12 Apr 2014
 Very few would argue that simply excluding flesh from the diet will guarantee optimal health and longevity. However, the CBS Atlanta recently featured a concerning article, Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy, Lower Quality Of Life Than Meat-Eaters, suggesting that diets that exclude flesh promotes poor health. This article which has gathered much attention [...]

Bringing Up Baby…Vegan Style!
Vegan Muscle and Fitness - 9 Apr 2014
 Part TWO of my series on vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children is up at the website of our sponsor, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness! This is fitting, because our little man just turned two. I am fortunate that I haven’t […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry... [...]

Recent Articles by Drs. Chowdhury and DiNicolantonio
Plant Positive - 22 Mar 2014
 March 23, 2014   I’ve been asked by viewers to comment on a couple recently published journal articles which have received undeserved attention from the media. These articles are a major meta-analysis examining associations between dietary and circulating fatty acids with coronary disease (Chowdhury, 2014) and yet another editorial proclaiming [...]

How Did African American Author Richard Wright Feel about Animal Testing?
Corey Wrenn - 24 Apr 2014
  By Jon Hochschartner It's difficult to assess the species politics of Richard Wright solely based on his account of direct participation in vivisection. Near the beginning of the Great Depression, the Black writer and communist assisted in animal experimentation after being assigned by a relief agency to work in a Chicago [...]

The Thinking Vegan - 21 Apr 2014
 I appreciate Earth Day just as much as the next person, but the commercialism and the lack of discussion and awareness around the biggest culprit in both global climate change and the destruction of the planet frustrates me to no end. While changing out your lightbulbs, driving less, taking shorter showers and not allowing the water to run while you [...]

“Eat Like You Care” at Temple University
Abolitionist Approach Blog - 19 Apr 2014
 Here is a video of our presentation on Eat Like You Care at Temple University on March 10, 2014: ***** If you are not vegan, please go vegan. Veganism is about nonviolence. First and foremost, it’s about nonviolence to other sentient beings. But it’s also about nonviolence to the earth and nonviolence to yourself. The […] The post [...]

Another Underhugged Non-Vegan Takes a Few Digs
My Face Is On Fire - 20 Mar 2014
 Oh, PeTA! Some fellow vegans and I were mocking PeTA yesterday. You know the old saying: Sometimes you either have to laugh or cry? Genuine and clear-thinking animal rights advocates know the harms... [...]

Abandon Ship!
The Rational Vegan - 12 Feb 2014
 This page has been defunct for quite a while (more than I even realized as I was gallivanting around). As of now, I am only updating through Facebook. You can find that page here: 1711863 [...]

Little Kid Doesn't Want to Eat Octopus (or other animals) 
Little kid (Luiz Antonio) saying he doesn't want to eat octopus and then realizes other animals die for food too.

Animals: A Parallel History - Movie Trailer 
A new documentary film by a vegan film maker seeking funding via IndieGoGo.

The Ghosts In Our Machine 
"A cinematic cross-platform documentary that illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued [...]

"Man" by Steve Cutts 
Animation by Steve Cutts showing "Man" and his use of animals through the ages. Note there's up to a 30 sec commercial [...]

Savory Red Wine Marinated Tofu Recipe - Vegan 
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The Vegan Drag Queen - Episode 4 (Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread) 
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Vegan Lasagna 
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Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich | Edgy Veg 
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The Streets I Know - 24 Apr 2014
  "You carry the stories of the people that make your clothes." – Ali Hewson This powerful video form EcoAge makes you think about the stories behind the people who make you clothing. Join the Fashion Revolution and learn how you can stand up for garment works around the world. Because even one person has the power to change the world. [...]

Recipe: Better Buckeyes
Chic Vegan - 24 Apr 2014
 Buckeyes are a tradition in Ohio, but we opted to update them. We reduced the amount of sugar, so ours aren't cloyingly sweet, and added puffed rice cereal for a surprising crunch! While we were at it, we added a bit of cinnamon, too, because peanut butter loves cinnamon. And so do we.   Yield: [&hellip [...]

Steven Wise: Unlocking The Cage
The Discerning Brute - 23 Apr 2014
  The New York Times today features a powerful short-documentary about a visionary lawyer , Steven Wise, who will be both The New York Times Magazine's cover story this Sunday, and the subject of a full-length feature film produced by The New York Times called “Unlocking The Cage“. “They used to bark at me when I […] [...]

Homemade Energy Bites for the Atlanta Vegan Bake Sale
Glue and Glitter - 23 Apr 2014
 I made a double batch of these chocolatey homemade energy bites for the Atlanta Vegan Bake Sale! The post Homemade Energy Bites for the Atlanta Vegan Bake Sale appeared first on Glue and Glitter - Vegan Recipes & Crafts by Becky Striepe. [...]

What vegans eat in Colorado Springs dining out…and at home (with a recipe or two!).
JL Goes Vegan - 22 Apr 2014
 I haven’t written one of my “what I’m eating” posts for a while and I know many new vegans – and veg-curious folks – like to actually see different ways to add plants to one’s diet. So, here we go, a glimpse into my meals at home –  as well as those when out and about […] The post What vegans eat [...]



  1 Apr 2014
NZVP Ep.116 - Veganism is EASY
  Or here: Here is the podcast I mentioned where Sarah Woodcock and I discuss SICS:Listen on Youtube: hereOr listen/ download the mp3: hereListen to all the TAVS Audios: http:/ / tavs-audio/ #.Uy5N9Nz79s4Here is that interview [...]


  16 Feb 2014
Show 106: Vegans Dating, Dating Vegans
  Episode 106 contains four interviews focused around the subject of dating as a vegan. Recorded on Valentine's Day, Derek is without a co-host, and the show begins with his poetic monologue on finding love as a vegan. Derek recorded the first interview with Anne Dinshah at the 2012 Vegan Spirituality Retreat in Philadelphia. read [...]


  31 Jan 2014
  Vegcast 120 features an interview with Carolyn Mullin of the National Museum of Animals and Society, a new institution documenting this evolving relationship. There's also a comical tune from Vegan Smythe about trying to persuade someone to go vegan, and a Science Fact about the danger of eating meat being nearly equivalent to that [...]


  17 Nov 2013
008: Vegan Thanksgiving 2013
  “Vegan Thanksgiving 2013”  (November 17, 2013) Welcome to Indy Vegan Family, The Podcast! How’s it going?: Everybody has pretty well settled into their veganism or vegetarianism (or rebellion-ism).  Wade needs to lose some weight and has started yoga.  Everyone is Thankful for the every day things we take for granted. Thanksgiving [...]


  24 Mar 2014
ARZone Podcast 80: Jon Bockman - Animal Charity Evaluators
  Episode 80 features the Executive Director of Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), Jon Bockman. In this interview, we discuss the work that ACE does in trying to utilise the best survey and research methods to evaluate the effectiveness of various groups and organizations working within the animal advocacy movement. Audio Podcast, approx [...]


  2 Feb 2014
Digital Vegans: Picking up the Tab, with Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream
  Digital Vegans: The Tab As the internet transforms the media landscape, how can vegan organisations and businesses survive and thrive? In the midst of the crowdfunding campaign for Vegetarianism: The Story So Far, Ian McDonald interviews Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream. Play or download (23MB MP3) (via iTunes) This show [...]


  29 Jan 2014
Episode 12: Brave New Project! The History of Vegetarianism, with The Vegan Option's Ian McDonald
  Did you know Pythagoras had a mathematical musical vegetarian cult? Have you heard about the Manchester Victorian vegetarian church? Did you know early vegetarians weren't called vegetarians, but Brahmins? As interest in veganism and vegetarianism soars, there's no shortage of recipe sites, food documentaries, and information [...]


  8 Oct 2013
Pledge drive fun plus interviews with Sadie Bowman, Fran Costigan, and Rene Oswald!
  Pledge drive fun plus interviews with Sadie Bowman, Fran Costigan, and Rene Oswald! In this fun two-hour pledge drive episode, Judy and Barb talk about dogs as people, vegan bodybuilders, Bikers 4 Orcas, review local vegan food products, debut two new songs by vegan artists, and more! The show includes three interviews: Sadie Bowman [...]

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