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Chocolate Zucchini Smoothie Bowl
Running On Real Food - 3 days ago
Many people fall short when it comes to eating enough vegetables and even if you feel like you get enough, we can all benefit from some extra veggies in our diet. One of the easiest ways to sneak more vegetables into your nutrition plan is to add them to smoothies. While wonderfully nutritious, we’re not... Read More The post Best Vegetables[...]

Sweet Potato Salad with Mustard Balsamic Dressing
The Frosted Vegan - 3 days ago
I know, sweet potato salad in May? But hear me out! On my recent visit to my grandparent’s house last month, my grandma enlisted me to help her in making a side for lunch one day. Putting our cooking minds together, we ended up coming up with a cold sweet potato salad, using up some […] The post Sweet Potato Salad with Mustard Balsamic[...]

Raspberry-Lemonade Fizz Smoothie
Blissful Basil - 3 days ago
This Raspberry Lemonade Fizz Smoothie is light, refreshing, and crisp. Its fresh, lemony kick is balanced by sweet Medjool dates. Its sweet raspberry punch and creamy smoothie texture are thinned to an effervescent hum with a splash of cool sparkling water. This post is sponsored by Natural Delights. All thoughts and opinions are my own. You can... Raspberry[...]

Vegan Malaga Salad (Ensalada Malagueña)
Simple Vegan Blog - 4 days ago
I eat salads all year long, but I make them more often in the spring and summer because it’s so hot here in Spain. I usually add some leafy greens, the ingredients I have on hand (veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.) and my go-to salad dressing (it’s so good I never have enough of it), although I also make potato, quinoa, pasta, rice[...]

Derek's BBQ ‘Shroom Buns
Wallflower Girl - 4 days ago
Thank you Tesco for sponsoring this post! Veganism has risen a whopping 350% in the UK, this past decade and it seems it has now finally become part of the mainstream. It’s no longer seen as just a fad or health trend and more and more companies are starting to take notice… You can now find vegan options at most chain restaurants and[...]

Contentedness Cooking
Contentedness Cooking - 5 days ago
My One Pot Garlic Butter Lentils are incredibly delicious, easy, vegan, gluten free and a must make. Only 6 ingredients are required plus you can customize to your own liking with additional add-ons. It’s time again for a new recipe that does not require a lot of attention. While all of my recipes are easily doable in only a few steps, it’s[...]

Crispy Black Bean Burrito with Potatoes and Rice
Namely Marly - 5 days ago
Namely MarlyThis easy Crispy Black Bean Burrito recipe is made with brown rice, potatoes, corn, and salsa. Served in a crispy burrito shell and topped with guacamole! Of course, we have a much simpler name for these delicious, vegan burritos, but you'll have to read the post for the whole story. No matter what, it's good, clean, fun-eating[...]

Indian Spiced Buttermilk Drink Vegan Chaas
Vegan Richa - 5 days ago
Indian Spiced Buttermilk Drink Chaas Recipe. Masala chaas. Savory Non Dairy Yogurt Drink with Mint, cumin and ice cubes. Indian Summer Beverage. Vegan Gluten-free Recipe We’ve all had some or the other type of lassi which is a sweet yogurt drink, where yogurt is blended with flavors (mango, rose, plain) and sugar/sweetener and some chilled water[...]

Unicorn Pretzels
Fork and Beans - 6 days ago
Unicorn Pretzels: Whimsical. Magical. Ethereal.   These three words describe what your kitchen will become if you make these incredibly creative treats. How do you transform an average pretzel into Unicorn Pretzels, you might ask? With a little magic, that’s how. And some white chocolate and homemade googly eyes. So grab your magic wands and[...]

Melissa King
My Whole Food Life - 1 week ago
Do you love all things lemon blueberry?  If so, you will love these Lemon Blueberry Energy Bites!  They are the perfect little bite of deliciousness.  These Lemon Blueberry Energy Bites are packed with healthy fats and protein to help fuel you through the day. These healthy bites are a cinch to make too.  They are vegan, gluten free AND paleo friendly[...]

Vegan Potato Salad
Brand New Vegan - 1 week ago
With summer right around the corner, I knew I was going to have to come up with a decent Vegan Potato Salad Recipe….you know…. to go with those awesome Beer Brats and Baked Beans of mine. Well I think I got it – and the secret is in the sauce. There’s NO tofu. There’s NO cashews. There’s NO oil. And there’s[...]

Chickpea Curry in 15 minutes - super healthy & vega
Trinity's Kitchen - 1 week ago
Hands up who is looking for deliciously healthy meals that you can make in no time at all? Me me!!! As much as I love to spend time in the kitchen, I must admit that my usual daily efforts usually involve making quick and easy meals. Being a conscious kitchen foodie however, means  that I don't [...] [...]

Episode 384: Sunaura Taylor, also Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel
Welcome to the 384th episode of Our Hen House!  Mariann interviews artist, writer, and activist Sunaura Taylor, whose new book, Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation, explores the intersection of disability studies and animal ethics. She defines ‘ableism’ and its impact on animals, [...]
20 May 2017
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Bradley Johnson - Author: Justice is Served
Episode 228: We talk with Bradley Johnson, author of Justice is Served: How And Why Christian Culture Inherently Supports Veganism. Animal rights, vegan living, and Christian ethics are all critical to author Brad Johnson, a Certified Life Coach and Health and Nutrition Expert, who has received his accreditations [...]
17 May 2017
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Fitness Model Mindy Collette and Speaking for the Cause, Part 2
Mindy Collette is a beacon for vegan fitness and proves that even girly girls can have muscle if they want it; and we'll open with Carol Cox, speaking expert, back for the second part of her conversation with us to encourage you to get out and speak for the cause.
17 May 2017
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It’s All About Food - Guests Milton Mills, MD and Ted Genoways - 05.16.17
Milton Mills, MD, Health and PoliticsCritical Care Physician, Inova Fairfax HospitalMember, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine National Advisory BoardMember of the Board of Directors, Plant-based Prevention Of Disease, Inc.Milton Mills, MD practices urgent care medicine in the Washington DC area, and [...]
17 May 2017
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Vegan World Radio - Tue 16 May 2017
Vegan World Radio - Tue 16 May 2017
16 May 2017
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15 May 2017
Unbelievable! Listen! HSUS Backs Legislation FOR SMALLER CAGES for DOGS Used for Research, Breeding, & Puppy Mills! WTF? + commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE Patreon makes it possible for you to support our important and unique work by subscription for as little as $1 a month.
16 May 2017
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Ecorazzi - 5 days ago
 In short, the lawyers ineptly argued that pigs are not property, and then went on to argue that they are property. [...]
Ecorazzi - 1 week ago
 We have to recognize that the ‘free range’ campaign (and the many chicken related campaigns like it) is as frivolous as the ‘humane meat’ one. [...]
Ecorazzi - 1 week ago
 It fails as education because whatever useful information it manages to convey, any benefit of this is negated by the confusion it fosters in an arena that is already beset with massive confusion. [...]
Ecorazzi - 1 week ago
 Timid, juvenile and a pointless waste of time. [...]
Ecorazzi - 1 week ago
 Hold back from running to your closest mirror or poking at your jowls; this is just another anti-vegan piece of propaganda to laugh off. [...]
Ecorazzi - 2 weeks ago
 Rachel Ray may save time in the kitchen, but she's certainly using more animals than she's saving. [...]
Ecorazzi - 2 weeks ago
 The use of animals on-screen and on-set of the production of this film is not 'fake news,' but the promotion of it's necessity is quite fraudulent. [...]

Vegan fried ravioli in the air fryer
1 day ago
Vegan Taste Test: Products from Milk & Eggs
3 days ago
Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe
4 days ago
What I Eat In A Day #68 | Vegan
4 days ago
5 days ago
5 Colorful Hot Dog Toppings | Vegan Cookout with Smart Dogs
1 week ago


Crazy Vegan Kitchen
Crazy Vegan Kitchen - 1 week ago
Last year, if you remember or pay any attention to my blog at all (which you probably don’t, and I don’t blame you) I went on a bit of a Granola making frenzy with my Vanilla Almond Granola and Chocolate Hazelnut Granola. Safe to say, I stuffed myself with so much Vegan Granola that I couldn’t look at Granola again for a good 6 months…and[...]

Italian-Style Lentil & Mushroom (Not)Meatballs
Green Evi - 1 week ago
Heather Crosby, creator of YumUniverse has just published her new book YumUniverse Pantry to Plate. Heather is one of those creative foodies, that you definitely have to follow if you are a lover of delicious vegan and GF food. In her new book she shows how fun it can be to play around with food without strict rules and create something amazing with[...]

Roasted Sweet Potato Macro Plate with Lemon-Tahini Sauc
The Colorful Kitchen - 1 week ago
Life with an eight month old baby is hectic (that might be the understatement of the century), and Baby V is mostly a bundle of sunshine, but even at my best, I’m still a little cranky, tired and hungry all day, every day. I’ve come to accept this is just a part of being a new […] The post Roasted Sweet Potato Macro Bowl with Lemon-Tahini[...]

Classic Cinnamon Rolls
Oh She Glows - 1 week ago
Wow, it was not my intention to disappear from the blog for so long! I tell you, this parenting gig isn't easy. It just swallows me up at times. March and April were a couple of the hardest months we’ve had since becoming parents of two. We were struggling to stay afloat and not sleeping much. I started to feel depressed/anxious on and off[...]

Melbourne Australia on the Healthy Voyager's Australian Adventure...
Chocolate Macaron by Emojoie Cuisine
1 week ago
Executive Director Rachel spends time with the Lucky Ducklings
Prescription Nutrition: Green Revolution
1 week ago
More Vegan Cooking Bloopers #3 | Behind the Scenes | Cooking...
2 weeks ago
Leigh-Chantelle's Vlog for the beginning 2017
2 weeks ago
The REAL Story of Dairy: Factory Farm to Table
2 weeks ago
Episode 21: Breakfast Massacre


Paradise Bound
Gentle World - 1 month ago
 Nothing in human life, from birth all the way through to death, is even close to the way I would have designed it, had I been endowed with the omnipotence of the gods. Although admittedly, there is much beauty, truth and goodness to be found in this world, if I had the power of creation in my hands, I would have eliminated all that was not beautiful, [...]

The Crowland Chicks and Our Conventional Wisdom About Animals
Abolitionist Approach Blog - 3 months ago
 The BBC reported that someone dumped about 1800 chicks in a field in Crowland, near Peterborough, in the United Kingdom. The chicks were killed because they were found close to an avian flu exclusion zone. Photo: RSPCA/BBC The RSPCA, which is investigating, believes that the chicks belonged to a commercial chicken producer and were abandoned […] Related [...]


What Happened to the Rice Diet? - 4 days ago
 During his career at Duke, Dr. Walter Kempner treated more than 18,000 patients with his rice diet. The diet was originally designed as a treatment […] [...]


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