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Katrina Fox
Episode 128: We talk with Katrina Fox of Vegan Business Media. We discuss veganism, vegan businesses, tactics & strategies, The X-Files & much more! #fsd Episode Sponsor: This weeks episode is sponsored by the Which Side Amazon Affiliate Link! If you plan on buying anything online using Amazon. Be sure to use [...]
20 Apr 2015
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Episode 65 – Interview: Evolve For Animals (Annie Hudson)
Episode 65 (Air Date: April 19, 2015) Ben chats with Annie Hudson, the Social Media Director for Evolve For Animals.  Annie shares with us about the work EFA is doing, as well as her FIVE TIPS for using Facebook effectively as a tool … Continue reading →
19 Apr 2015
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NZVP Ep.126 - treatment treatment treatment
or here here is the documentary on abortion that I mentioned:https:/ / details/ when_abortion_was_illegal Here is the link to that thread I mentioned on the Abolitionist Approach Facebook Pagehttps:/ / abolitionistapproach/ photos/ a.393908680628892.94280.156275557725540/ 965200420166379/ ?type=1&theaterHere [...]
19 Apr 2015
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Episode 275: “I have no objection to vivisection, provided the vivisectors experiment on themselves.”
Welcome to the 275th episode of Our Hen House, featuring an interview with the No New Animal campaign, a film review by Noah Gittell, and a special appearance by Neal Sehgal. Joining us today for our feature interview are the folks behind No […]
18 Apr 2015
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Taking The Interests Of Animals Seriously
A reading of an excerpt of “Animals As Persons : Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation Disclaimer: Please note I do not endorse opinions, links ads or individuals. Thanks for listening. Look forward to your company next time.
17 Apr 2015
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Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary
Chefs Jay Astafa and Angela Lowe open deliciously for Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary director and coauthor of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life. Cohost: Londoner Hannah Phoebe Bowen, VLCE.
15 Apr 2015
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12 April 2015
CHARLOTTE CRESSEY, a speaker at the WORLD VEGAN SUMMIT & EXPO, discusses her experience there – and veganism and eco feminism, yoga, and the trend to corrupt the meaning of ahimsa + BOB is perplexed by the new absurd campaign by FARM, organizer of the misguided “AR-CON-ference”, to bring [...]
14 Apr 2015
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Jody Rasch & Jane Velez-Mitchell - 04.14.15
Part I: Jody Rasch, VegfundJody Rasch is a consultant in the areas of social investing and microfinance. Prior to this he headed the Social Performance Group at Moody’s Corporation working on projects including microfinance and social investing. He developed the Moody’s Social Performance Assessment (SPA) [...]
14 Apr 2015
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10 Strategies for Effective Communication (Part One)
Returning to our 10 Stages of What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals, today we tackle Stage 7: Effective Communication. This is the stage at which you begin to feel more comfortable in your own vegan skin, including how to speak to people who push back when you tell them you’re vegan or who are hostile or [...]
12 Apr 2015
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Healthy Key Lime Pie With Chocolate Crust [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
One Green Planet - 20 Apr 2015
 This key lime pie gets its body and texture from the secret culinary weapons of avocado and cauliflower. Try it, you'll like it! [...]

Are Vegans Just Childish Dreamers?
Our Hen House - 16 Apr 2015
 While we can’t (and really shouldn’t) mess with the natural violence animals exhibit in the wild, we can make a difference in the lives of the domesticated animals exploited for food, clothing, entertainment, and more. That’s why Piper Hoffman argues against non-vegan arguments […] [...]

Nature/Animal Photos
Eating Plants - 14 Apr 2015
 My son, 13, has started a small business selling some of the photos he’s taken. He decided to do this after having unexpected success selling prints at an Austin arts fair. Feel free to check out his website and share it with others who might be interested. Most importantly, enjoy.!/index     [...]

Vegan Bakery to Open Eight Locations Nationwide
VegNews Daily - 14 Apr 2015
 Cinnaholic announces new locations across the United States, including cities in Texas, Maryland, and North Carolina. [...]

The Chicken Chronicles Part II: From Battery Cage to Sanctuary
Free From Harm - 8 Apr 2015
 The poultry industry represents chickens bred for food as mentally vacuous, eviscerated organisms. Hens bred for commercial egg production are said to be suited to a caged environment, with no need for personal space or normal foraging and social activity. They are characterized as aggressive cannibals who, notwithstanding their otherwise mindless passivity [...]

Let Your Conscience Be Your God
Gentle World - 7 Apr 2015
 “Of all the creeds be taught or lands be trod, Man’s conscience is the oracle of God.” ~ Lord Byron … Of all the gods who have ruled the minds and hearts of human beings since they first appeared on this earth, however fervently worshipped and highly-acclaimed, none has, thus far, been able to lift humanity […] [...]

17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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Weekend Reading, 4.19.15
Choosing Raw - 19 Apr 2015
 A big thank you to everyone who kindly read and commented on Steven’s post on Thursday! In case you missed the post, my boyfriend said a few words about his fear of coming across as a “difficult” customer, now that he’s eating vegan with me in restaurants. The topic really seemed to resonate, and I encourage [...]

Smoky Paprika Green Bean Salad – HEALTHY HAPPY VEGAN KITCHEN cookbook by Kathy Patalsky
Plant Powered Kitchen - 18 Apr 2015
 Today I have the honor of sharing a beautiful recipe from Kathy Patalsky’s NEW Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen cookbook! Many of you already know Kathy, but if you don’t, here’s a quick intro. Kathy blogs at Healthy. Happy. Life. This is her second published cookbook, she released 365 Vegan Smoothies in 2013.  Kathy is incredibly talented, [...]

Grilled Barbecue Tortilla Wraps
Vegan in the Freezer - 18 Apr 2015
     Grilled... get the full recipe ... Click on the blue recipe title above :)   »     ;       &# 160;     [...]

Vegan S'mores Waffles with Sugar-Free Marshmallow Fluff
Keepin' it Kind - 14 Apr 2015
 Most of you have probably heard about this “chickpea meringue” trend that’s been going on. If you haven’t heard, basically some crazy vegan genius figured out that you can use chickpea brine (from cans of chickpeas) as a vegan egg substitute. Even further, it was discovered that you can mix powdered sugar into this brine The [...]

This Rawesome Vegan Life - 12 Apr 2015
  Last night I dreamt I was in Hawaii (albeit my unconscious mind's own version) on a boardwalk in the ocean. I found a forest of wild fruit and was so overjoyed I started crying and fell over. There was papaya, mango, orange, pear, grapefruit and more. Good dream. Now I just wanna look at postings for places to rent in Hawaii on craigslist. [...]

Artichoke Crab Cakes with Sriracha Tartar Sauce
Vegan Yack Attack - 7 Apr 2015
 This post has been a long time coming, and I am so glad that it’s finally happening! I was so excited when I learned about Kristy Turner, of Keepin’ It Kind, writing her first cookbook and it has been out … Continue reading → [...]

Coconut Oil: Product Review
Turning Veganese - 22 Mar 2015
 A vegan lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat, it’s also about the products that you wear or use. When it comes to body and beauty products like lotions, makeup, soap and even deodorant, serious vegans should be mindful about… → The post Coconut Oil: Product Review appeared first on Turning Veganese. [...]

Isa Live: A Vegan Life In 4 Courses
Post Punk Kitchen - 12 Jan 2015
 The dates are fast approaching. NYC, Nashville, Chicago (sold out, thank you!) and Napa, I ... [...]

Reflections on 2014
Former Fish Taco Fanatic - 20 Nov 2014
 I know the year isn’t over yet, but anytime we get close to the holidays, I start to reflect on the past year. You would think that a birthday might make me think on the past year, but it’s always the start of a new calendar year that does it. Honestly, I don’t know how […] [...]

peace out :: final blog post
The Urban Vegan - 8 Nov 2014
 Is my cactus trying to tell me something?This will be the last UrbanVegan post. As you know from this recent post, I've become disenchanted with blogging for a number of reasons. I had hoped changing this blog to a review-only format might help change my perspective, but it hasn't. So many things in life are out of our control; [...]

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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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17 Apr 2015 
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How Does Fat Affect Insulin Resistance and Diabetes?
Forks Over Knives Blog - 16 Apr 2015
 According to the Centers for Disease Control, 29 million people in America have diabetes and 86 million have prediabetes. Insulin resistance is recognized as a predictor of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. But what causes insulin resistance? In... Read more [...]

What is ‘Meat Glue'? - 16 Apr 2015
 The so-called “meat glue enzyme” transglutaminase is used by the meat industry to add value to meat by gluing together smaller scraps into a larger chunk. And it's not just used to make fake steak—the American Meat Institute estimates that it's used in about “eight million pounds of meat every year in the United States.” […] [...]

Celebrities, Weight Loss and Penn Jillette's New Vegan Diet
The Vegan RD - 11 Apr 2015
 The vegan internet is abuzz over Penn Jillette's (of Penn and Teller fame) recent weight loss and his current plant-based diet. But when it comes to celebrities, weight and veganism, I'm always more than a little cautious. Here are three reasons why I think it's a mistake to view Penn's experience as good PR for […] [...]

Tales from the Vegan Cruise – Holistic Holiday at Sea 2015
Vegan Muscle and Fitness - 25 Mar 2015
 We just returned from the Holistic Holiday at Sea and again had an awesome time! As usual the food was wholesome, the presenters were excellent and the ports were beautiful, AND the group has clearly grown over the last few […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry... The post Tales from the Vegan Cruise – Holistic Holiday at Sea 2015 appeared [...]

Don Matesz: Wheat Myths & The Wheat Belly Grain Brain Challenge
Healthy Longevity - 21 Dec 2014
 The Arab Bedouins traditionally consumed the majority of energy from whole wheat breadA recent large meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies predominantly carried out in countries where dietary fiber is derived largely from cereal fiber, in particular wheat, found that an increment of 10 grams of dietary fiber a day was associated with a 20-34%, [...]

Action Required: Continue Receiving Updates from Dr. Fuhrman
Disease Proof - 15 Aug 2014
 The use of this site,, as the official blog of Joel Fuhrman, MD and as a source for news and articles from Dr. Fuhrman has been discontinued. All new articles will be posted in the article library at; the official website of Dr. Fuhrman. Stay current on the latest health news, events, products and other happenings [...]

How Time Magazine Sacrificed Its Standards to Promote Saturated Fat
Plant Positive - 28 Jun 2014
 How Time Magazine Sacrificed Its Standards to Promote Saturated Fat By Plant Positive June 28, 2014  The editors of Time Magazine want you to eat butter. They said so on the cover of their June 23, 2014 issue. Why would they want you to eat butter? Butter is high in saturated fat so it raises our LDL-C[1], or “bad” cholesterol. The [...]

Art Therapy and Temple Grandin: At the Crossroads
Corey Wrenn - 13 Apr 2015
 By Lee Ann When I first read the announcement that the American Art Therapy Association had invited Temple Grandin to be this year's keynote speaker at our annual conference, I was shocked. After about a week of trying to process this information, my bubbling rage drove me to social media, calling AATA out for inviting a woman who has built [...]

“Journeys” Into Speciesism
Abolitionist Approach Blog - 14 Mar 2015
 For some reason that eludes me, some animal advocates believe that because it took them a while to go vegan, the position of the animal rights movement should be that individual “journeys” are just fine. But that is absurd. Imagine someone saying, “It took me a while to stop being a racist so I think […] The post “Journeys” [...]

Street Smarts: Vegan Street's Marla Rose and John Beske
The Thinking Vegan - 24 Feb 2015
 Over yonder on our resource page, we said, “If you lived on Vegan Street, you'd want to live next door to Marla and John.” Marla Rose and John Beske are a powerhouse couple in animal rights. Marla is an authorThe post Street Smarts: Vegan Street’s Marla Rose and John Beske appeared first on The Thinking Vegan. [...]

How Not to Be an Annoying Vegan?
My Face Is On Fire - 30 Jan 2015
 College Education Fail?  Hot on the heels of her article from November called "How to be a vegan without being annoying", Castleton State College's The Spartan's own staff writer Jorah McKinley... [...]

The Journey to Veganism
Snargleplexon - 17 Jul 2014
 Professor Francione puts it best here. Also, I’m testing Facebook “Embed This Post” feature. Post by Gary L. Francione: The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights. [...]

Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness - The Story of a 78-Year-Old Vegan Bodybuilder  
A short documentary film by director Ryan Vance (veganfilmmaker). Opcionales subtitulos en Espaol (optional [...]

Little Kid Doesn't Want to Eat Octopus (or other animals) 
Little kid (Luiz Antonio) saying he doesn't want to eat octopus and then realizes other animals die for food too.

Animals: A Parallel History - Movie Trailer 
A new documentary film by a vegan film maker seeking funding via IndieGoGo.

The Ghosts In Our Machine 
"A cinematic cross-platform documentary that illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued [...]

Baked Eggplant Patties 
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Vegan Greek Omelet 
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Raw Carrot Cupcakes w/ Cashew Frosting 
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This Juice Fights Food Waste
Glue and Glitter - 20 Apr 2015
 Today's post is a slight diversion from my usual vegan recipes and crafts, but it's about something important to me. The post This Juice Fights Food Waste appeared first on Glue and Glitter - Vegan Recipes + Crafts by Becky Striepe. [...]

Kung Pao Roasted Veggie Pasta
Chic Vegan - 20 Apr 2015
 I love all things Chinese food, but had never tried Kung Pao anything before. Mainly because I am a picky (ie. wussy) eater and I don't like trying new things, especially if I’m told that they are super-spicy. I want to enjoy eating my food, not drowning my mouth in ice-cold water. But I had bought [&hellip The post Kung Pao Roasted Veggie [...]

Kering, Parsons & Sustainability in Fashion
The Discerning Brute - 15 Apr 2015
  I had the opportunity to attend this fantastic talk at Parsons The New School on April 2, 2015 covering the issue of sustainability in fashion. As an adjunct at Parsons and someone who researches the history, effects and impacts of animals used in the fashion industrial complex, it was an exciting opportunity to ask Francois […] [...]

VIDEO: In the kitchen with the Vegan Mos
JL Goes Vegan - 15 Apr 2015
 VIDEO: Meet the Vegan Mos in their kitchen and get some quick meal ideas! The post VIDEO: In the kitchen with the Vegan Mos appeared first on JL goes Vegan. [...]

Tumble on Over To Tumblr
The Streets I Know - 20 Jan 2015
 So I'm blogging mostly over on tumblr now, so you can tumble on over there to read about some great vegan style. [...]


Episode 94: Leigh-Chantelle's March Vlog
Leigh-Chantelle's Vlog for the month of March. Audio from the YouTube videos: http:/ / vivalavegandotnet Intro tune by Leigh-Chantelle.
31 Mar 2015
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ARZone Podcast 85: Kim Socha - Animal Liberation and Atheism
Episode 85 features advocate, educator, and author Kim Socha Kim Socha, who holds a PhD in English Literature and Criticism, is an English professor working in the US. A grassroots animal liberation advocate, Kim is also active in drug policy reform, and transformative justice. Kim is the author or editor of 4 books relating to [...]
23 Jan 2015
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The liberatory possibilites of literature: using sci-fi as a tool to question what it means to be an animal
In this interview we are diving into cyborg politics with Dr. Sherryl Vint, whose work called Animal Alterity inspired us to pursue this subject further. We explore the realm of science fiction which brings up wide ranging questions of what it means to be animal and how to reconfigure the historically constructed human and animal [...]
3 Mar 2015
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Episode 31 - The End of an Era for the Time Being
Join Stevie and Luc for the final episode of Team Earthling, featuring a bunch of thank yous, reminiscences, a book recommendation (they haven’t read it yet, but it sounds great!), a look at a controversial new children’s book, vegan pregnancy stories, and a guide to spotting anti-vegans. We have had a great time making this [...]
2 Nov 2014
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