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Vegan Gluten free Zucchini Bread
Vegan Richa - 3 days ago
Vegan Gluten free Zucchini Bread Recipe. Moist, soft Zucchini Bread loaded with Oats, Chia seeds, Zucchini. Vegan Gluten-free gum-free Soy-free Recipe. Pin this post.  Gluten-free baking can be tricky and even more so when vegan. There is no egg to support the baked structure. So the onus of holding the structure falls on the starches gums, flax/chia/psyllium[...]

Vegan Sesame Chicken
Brand New Vegan - 3 days ago
Baked Cauliflower makes the perfect replacement for ‘Chicken’ in this popular Asian Recipe.  With a sweet and sticky sauce that’s bursting with flavor, this savory Vegan Sesame Chicken will be sure to be a brand new favorite! Vegan Sesame Chicken | Brand New Vegan I was out shopping with my wife several weeks ago, and we walked past[...]

Pumpkin Chai Smoothie
My Whole Food Life - 3 days ago
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by REBBL, but all opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands I love. I know it’s kinda early for pumpkin, but to be honest, we eat it all year long.  The minute I tried this REBBL Ashwagandha Chai Coconut Milk Elixir, I knew it would be delicious with pumpkin.  I was right.  The warm spices from[...]

No-Churn Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Blissful Basil - 3 days ago
No-Churn Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream + The Cycle of Perfectionism by Ashley of Blissful Basil I promise, we will absolutely talk No-Churn Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream. But first, I want to talk about something else. Have you heard about the cycle of the 3 P’s? Perfectionism, procrastination, and paralysis? Up until last summer, I certainly[...]

Spicy Curry - Cleaning Out My Fridge
The Viet Vegan - 3 days ago
The post Spicy Curry – Cleaning Out My Fridge appeared first on The Viet Vegan. Spicy curry is basically what I make, whenever I have leftover veggies in the fridge that are about to go off. Ever since I got back from LA, I’ve realized that the extravagant lifestyle of eating out regularly is not sustainable. I feel like that’s fairly[...]

Boozy Green Tea Mint Cooler
The Frosted Vegan - 3 days ago
A boozy green tea mint cooler that is perfect for capping off the end of summer blues! #drinkthesummer Helllooooo summertime cocktails! As the end of the month starts closing in around us (nooo!), I’m tempted to squeeze in every single summery drink and food I can think of. To start off, I bought a huge […] The post Boozy Green Tea Mint[...]

Mini Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Bundt Cakes (Giveaway!
The Vegan 8 - 3 days ago
Vegan Mini Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Bundt Cakes. Sweet, bursting with cinnamon, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. These are filled with a vegan cream cheese swirl and are delicious, moist and so easy to make. You all know how much I love to bake. It's my main passion, when it comes to cooking and creating. So, when Amy of Fragrant Vanilla[...]

Vegan Salted Brownie Frozen Dessert Sandwiches
Running On Real Food - 4 days ago
These salted brownie frozen dessert sandwiches are super easy to make thanks to So Delicious Cashewmilk Frozen Dessert! All you need to do is whip up the salted brownie dough, press into a pan, add the So Delicious Cashewmilk Frozen Dessert in your favourite flavour and boom! You’ve got some Vegan Salted Brownie Frozen Dessert... Read More » The[...]

Chickpea Quinoa Salad with Orange Soy & Sesame Dres
I Love Vegan - 4 days ago
We’ve got another easy, make-ahead lunch recipe for you today! A chickpea + quinoa based veggie salad with an orange soy & sesame dressing. This is a great recipe to prep ahead of time and eat throughout the week, at home or in packed lunches. Enjoy a big bowl or treat it as a side dish, it’s up to you! These are the kinds of recipes[...]

Maple Walnut Glazed Black-Eyed Peas with Collard Greens
Veggie Primer - 4 days ago
Inspired by flavors typically associated with baked ham, this gluten-free vegan recipe makes a tasty plant-based side-dish as well as a complete meal. The post Maple Walnut Glazed Black-Eyed Peas w/ Collard Greens appeared first on Veggie Primer. [...]

Vegan Spanish Rice Pudding Mousse
Simple Vegan Blog - 4 days ago
If I had to eat only one dessert for the rest of my life, I would choose this vegan Spanish rice pudding mousse, it's my all-time favorite sweet recipe. Seriously, it's AMAZING. We shared with you a similar recipe a few months ago, a vegan Spanish rice pudding (arroz con leche in Spanish), but this mousse is even better. We've used short grain rice[...]

Savoury Quinoa Granola
Green Evi - 4 days ago
Delicious savoury quinoa granola with almonds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. This vegan, oil-free and gluten-free quinoa granola is ridiculously quick and simple to make, yet it’s so versatile and customisable. It’s going to be a game-changer in your life if you also love quick salads (especially using leftovers), because this granola[...]

The Eloquent Angel Flinn Discussing the #BeFairBeVegan NYC Billboard Campaign
Excerpts from Angel Flinn's GoVeganRadio interview with Bob Linden which aired Aug 21st 2016.
27 Aug 2016
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It’s All About Food - Evita Ochel and Mark Hawthorne - 08.23.16
Evita Ochel is a consciousness expansion teacher, author, speaker, natural health expert, yoga and meditation teacher, and web TV host, who lives by being the change she wishes to see, and helps others live out the highest potential of their being by offering guidance and resources in the areas of spiritual evolution, [...]
26 Aug 2016
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07 August 2016
A look at highlights of the previous week’s World Vegan Summit & Expo with Professors GARY FRANCIONE and ANNA CHARLTON, and callers, with a discussion of intersectionality
22 Aug 2016
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A Gaggle of Geese, A Pride of Lions, A School of Fish, and More Collective Animal Nouns
A collective noun is “the name of a number (or collection) of people, animals, or things taken together and spoken of as one whole.” There are hundreds of these nouns of multitude, including those for animals, many of which are deeply embedded in our language despite being several hundred years old. You may [...]
17 Aug 2016
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Episode 21: Dr. David Madow of The David Madow Lifestyle Show!
Join Speaking of Vegan as we interview Dr. David Madow, host of the podcast The David Madow LIfestyle Show! Dr. Dave is an energetic and vibrant personality and brings the fun and joy of being vegan to our show! Check out his podcast a!
29 Jul 2016
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VegHist Ep 6: Hinduism. On Indian Vegetarianism, Vaishnavism, Satvik, and Mahayana Buddhism; with Sanjukta Gupta, Deepak...
In the first millennium CE, Indian vegetarianism advances from an ascetic fringe to a mainstream high-status lifestyle. Episode 6: Hinduism How did vegetarianism permeate Indian society? Ian tracks the changes in India’s religious life during the first millennium, following the vegetarian strands of the [...]
5 Jul 2016
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Ecorazzi - 1 day ago
 Am I the self-entitled, arrogant “fuckwad” that vegans make me out to be? [...]
Ecorazzi - 1 day ago
 In short, Ms. Krajnc's lawyer is harming pigs. [...]
Ecorazzi - 2 days ago
 It’s not about how we treat animals when we use them, or how often we use them. [...]
Ecorazzi - 2 days ago
 If we want a vegan world, we need a nonviolent revolution, and money will never buy that. [...]
Ecorazzi - 3 days ago
 Another blatant hijacking of the word “vegan” [...]
Ecorazzi - 3 days ago
 Because being vegan doesn’t automatically mean being ‘healthy.' [...]
Ecorazzi - 3 days ago
 We must be perfectly clear that the lives of all animals are morally equivalent. [...]

44 minutes ago
Vegan Street Fair 2016 Los Angeles
2 days ago
The Keys to a Healthy Balanced Vegan Body
2 days ago
What I Eat in a Day | Vegan Food and Drink Festival | YouTube...
3 days ago
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How to make Vegan Sausage
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Loaded Gluten Free Cookie Bars
Fork and Beans - 4 days ago
If you are doing anything at the moment, you must STOP (except for continuing to read this). Stop everything else and pay attention to the words you are about to read about these Loaded Gluten Free Cookie Bars. They are not only a simple dessert to throw together but they already come with RAVE reviews. Listen to this happy gluten free customer: “These[...]

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Smoothie
The Plant Philosophy - 5 days ago
I recently talked about Amazing Grass in a review, here. Today I’m sharing a fun way I like to incorporate Green Superfood into my diet. A smoothie being the easiest option of course. I actually would love to start a series here where I share more of what I eat day to day and how...  Read More » The post Amazing Grass Green Superfood[...]

Mediterranean Vegan Burger
Contentedness Cooking - 5 days ago
Mediterranean Vegan Burger – patties with chickpeas and black olives, combined with an Avocado Hummus Sauce. Only 6 ingredients and 3 easy steps and this new staple in your house will blow you away. I have a thing for Vegan Burger Recipes and I know you all are into my burgers. It’s no secret that my Vegan Lentil Burger is the top[...]

Green Protein Smoothie (Vegan + Paleo)
Wallflower Girl - 5 days ago
I’ve been on a mission to make a green smoothie that doesn’t taste… well, green. Believe me, I’m not one to eat something for the nutritional benefits alone. It has to taste good too.  To make it harder on myself, I was determined on using spirulina (as it’s such a fantastic source of protein and nutritional goodness)[...]

6 Easy Ways to Help Animals | Ingrid Newkirk
6 days ago
Leigh-Chantelle interviews Vegan Veteran, Harry Bolman
1 week ago
Raw Vegan Walnut Tacos
"A little to the right, Bert."
How Not To Die: The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and...
3 weeks ago
Vegan Snack Haul || iHerb
1 month ago
Vegan Travel: 24 hours in Asheville, North Carolina
1 month ago
VBMC Epic Vlog - TVP Tacos With Metal Sanaz


A Victory For Misguided, Feelgood, Hipster Bullshit-Merchants
Abolitionist Vegan Whispers - 1 week ago
 This essay was originally posted on, and is a rebuttal of this  Slate article. One day soon, nearly every egg you eat will be from a hen who’s crammed into a barn with several thousand others. Yep, she’ll still be debeaked with a hot … Continue reading A Victory For Misguided, Feelgood, Hipster Bullshit-Merchants [...]

“If Animals Matter Morally, Then We Cannot Treat Them As Commodities”: Interview with Prof. Gary...
Abolitionist Approach Blog - 2 weeks ago
 Prof. Francione was interviewed by Earth Island Journal on his latest book, his animal rights theory known as the Abolitionist Approach, and his views on animal welfare and the moral personhood of animals. The online interview can be found here A pdf of the interview can be downloaded here ********** If you are not vegan, […] The post “If Animals [...]

Which Will We Choose?
Gentle World - 1 month ago
 We human beings are a complex, multi-faceted species. The consciousness that motivates us is a dichotomy in which a battle rages between the violent, angry, unreasonable, selfish, jealous, greedy, cruel part of our nature and the gentle, compassionate, kind, reasonable, just, empathetic, generous part. Whichever part we choose to nurture is revealed, [...]


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