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it’s all about food - Mark Lewis, Chmachyakyakya: 8000-year Crops -
Part I: Mark Lewis, Chmachyakyakya: 8000-year Crops The most local form of local eating is wild plant foraging, and Mark Lewis of Arizona has been foraging the deserts and mountains of the Southwest for a long time, harvesting 2000 edibles and 500 medicinals throughout Arizona and the Sonoran/ Bajan SW for 45 [...]
27 Jul 2016
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Animal Law Podcast #14: Supreme Court Holds Bestiality isn’t Really All That Illegal in Canada
We’re headed to Canada for Episode 14 of the Animal Law Podcast for a discussion of, yes, bestiality, and a rather surprising decision by the Canadian Supreme Court. I am joined by two superb Canadian animal law attorneys, Camille Labchuk, the executive director […]
27 Jul 2016
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17 July 2016
BOB calls for the resignations of Alex Hershaft and Michael Webermann of FARM, organizers of what they call an “animal rights conference”, for allowing the promotion of animal “meat” that becomes SuperMeat when fed the blood of unborn baby cows + guests this week include vendors whom you’ll [...]
26 Jul 2016
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081 Having Hard Conversations
Callie and Nichole walk through their tops tips for having hard conversations, useful for everything from breaking up to establishing vegan boundaries [...]
26 Jul 2016
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Jason Hribal
Episode 194: We talk with Jason Hribal; Historian and Author of Fear of the Animal Planet: the Hidden History of Animal Resistance. We discuss his books, animals in captivity, animals as part of the working class, veganism, animal rights, welfare and much more. #fsd Episode Sponsor: This weeks episode is sponsored [...]
25 Jul 2016
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10 Habits of Highly Effective Advocates
As an advocate for animals and compassionate living for over 25 years, you can imagine I've made mistakes, I've learned a bit, and I've thought a lot about what is effective -- and what is not. And so I give you 10 Habits of Highly Effective Advocates. Take a listen, and enjoy some lil' shareables, if you're [...]
25 Jul 2016
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The Science of “SuperMeat” : If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is
Please note transcript of this episode will be posted later today. "SuperMeat" should have as its logo "Not good for human or nonhuman animals, or the planet". We all know the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". This episode examining some of the science clearly shows this to be the case. [...]
23 Jul 2016
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Episode 341: Ramblings from Philly and Casey Taft, Author of Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy
Welcome to the 341st episode of Our Hen House! In this week’s episode, Jasmin rambles with two great activists, Lia Belardo and Rachel McCrystal, in the great city of Philadelphia. And Mariann interviews Casey Taft, Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, manager […]
23 Jul 2016
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Abortion and Animal Rights + Brian L. Patton
Sherry Colb, J.D., returns to the program with her husband, Michael C. Dorf, J.D., both Cornell law professors, with their important and controversial new book, Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animals Rights. Show opener: Brian L. Patton, "The Sexy Vegan," cookbook author, podcaster, and vegan foodie and entertainer [...]
20 Jul 2016
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One Green Planet - 12 hours ago
 Nzimbi has been with DSWT for the past 26 years and has served as a loving parental figure for over 180 orphaned baby elephants during his time there. [...]
One Green Planet - 13 hours ago
 The way this Pit Bull snuggles up with and kisses his owner proves that these dogs are lovers not fighters! [...]
One Green Planet - 13 hours ago
 When was the last time you stopped and thought before you grabbed a plastic bag at the grocery store or mall? Chances are you know you should use reusable bags,... More [...]
One Green Planet - 13 hours ago
 Maverick the German Shepherd was left tied up outside, for days, possibly for weeks, by his former caretaker. [...]
VegNews Daily - 14 hours ago
 The classic combination of strawberry and banana comes alive with the zing of fresh ginger and orange juice. [...]
Ecorazzi - 15 hours ago
 The whole piece feels like a little jab of propaganda. [...]
VegNews Daily - 18 hours ago
 Momufuku Nishi adds the plant-based burger to its menu after chef "tasted the future, and it was vegan." [...]
VegNews Daily - 19 hours ago
 Sodexo vows to phase out battery cages from its 80-nation operations by 2025. [...]
Ecorazzi - 2 days ago
 We’d want to be exploited without cages. [...]
Ecorazzi - 2 days ago
 One breed of cockroaches feeds it's babies something humans feel like stealing. [...]
Ecorazzi - 6 days ago
 We must treat ancient philosophy with the same scrutiny as modern. [...]

How to Heal Your Gut + Boost Your Immune System
1 hour ago
5 hours ago
14 hours ago
The Most Potent Phytoestrogen is in Beer
16 hours ago
BIG Changes For My Channel...
17 hours ago
Meet Your Meat
1 day ago


Frozen Pina Colada Cake
My Whole Food Life - 4 days ago
This is Emily from sharing a delicious (and nutrient-packed) dessert with you today– a recipe for Frozen Piña Colada Cake. A creamy tropical treat that's perfect on a hot summer day. Do you like piña coladas? I recently tasted my very first piña colada while on vacation. Omg YUM! I wanted to recreate the unforgettable flavor,[...]

Lemon Poppy Seed Blueberry Pancakes
I Love Vegan - 4 days ago
Best case scenario, summer is offering you a little time to relax. Second best case scenario, the weekend is allowing you a little time for relaxing. Third best case scenario, you’ve got a day or two off sometime this week for a relaxing morning. I’d like to think that relaxing mornings = pancake breakfasts, but in my case, relaxing[...]

Salted Caramel-Cashew Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars
Blissful Basil - 5 days ago
This post is sponsored by Silk. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Hot and steamy weather got your hair in a frizz and your face in a flush? Well that makes two of us. But I’ve got just the thing to cool and delight. These salted caramel-cashew chocolate covered ice cream bars (<—tongue twister) […] [...]

Artichoke Crab Cakes with Sriracha Tartar Sauce
Keepin' it Kind - 5 days ago
What’s summer without some crab cakes, amiright? Actually, I’ve never had actual crab cakes but my husband used to love them in his pre-vegan days. So to satisfy his annual craving, I started making artichoke crab cakes. You can easily make these vegan crab cakes, without sacrificing the taste, by replacing the crab with flaky, The post[...]

Food Haul with Badass Vegan
4 days ago
The Best Tofu Ever!
VEGAN Dessert Recipe: Decadent Coconut Lime Cake Collab with...
1 week ago
Jenné Tries Sweet Potato Toast...Win or Fail?
1 week ago
Mock Meats on the Menu - Forwards or Backwards? Panel - Vegan...
1 week ago
Vegan Ceviche
Vegan Snack Haul || iHerb
2 weeks ago
Vegan Travel: 24 hours in Asheville, North Carolina
2 weeks ago


Animal Rights and Slavery/Rape Analogies
Abolitionist Approach Blog - 1 day ago
 Ever since the early 1990s, I have been arguing that the regulation of animal exploitation is not only immoral (if it is morally wrong to exploit animals, it is wrong to promote the supposedly “humane” exploitation of animals), but is, as a practical matter, doomed to failure because the property status of animals means that […] The post Animal [...]

Meet The Reeds
The Pitchfork - 5 days ago
 Like most people who vow to lose weight, Becca Reed?—?51, diabetic, confined to a wheelchair, taking nearly a dozen medications?—?had precise goals. Unlike most people, she’s willing to share them. On a piece of crinkled notebook paper she wrote in bubbly cursive script what she hoped her future would be like: Reach 225 pounds or [...]

Which Will We Choose?
Gentle World - 2 weeks ago
 We human beings are a complex, multi-faceted species. The consciousness that motivates us is a dichotomy in which a battle rages between the violent, angry, unreasonable, selfish, jealous, greedy, cruel part of our nature and the gentle, compassionate, kind, reasonable, just, empathetic, generous part. Whichever part we choose to nurture is revealed, [...]

Psychology and Long-Term Goals in Vegan Advocacy
Free From Harm - 1 month ago
 A wealth of research in the field of motivation demonstrates the importance of long-term goal setting. Importantly, goals need not be easy to attain in the short-term. In fact, the underlying premise of the widely studied and empirically supported “Goal-setting Theory”, is that specific and difficult goals lead to greater behavioral change. Continue [...]

For the Love of Otis: Owning Your Journey and Fueling the Fire for Change
Our Hen House - 1 month ago
 Laura Handzel is certainly not the only kid to have their first “go-vegan” spark of inspiration from their local 4-H club, and will most likely not be the last. That’s why we’re excited to re-publish her article today for #ThrowbackThursday! This […] [...]

Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grants for farmed animal care
The Thinking Vegan - 3 months ago
 Almost two years ago, we found out about the work of Justin and Rosemary Van Kleeck, who were building a new approach to farmed animal rescue and care. We were so impressed by their philosophy, and so determined to helpThe post Microsanctuary Movement Seed Grants for farmed animal care appeared first on The Thinking Vegan. [...]


10 Tips From a Pediatrician: How to Feed Your Plant-Based Family Without Losing Your Mind
Forks Over Knives Blog - 12 hours ago
 Increasingly, people are realizing that what we put on our plates can have more of an impact on our health than most pills or procedures. For some, making personal changes around food is daunting in and of itself. Add to... Read more [...]

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease with Diet - 1 day ago
 Up to half of Alzheimer’s cases may be attributable to just seven risk factors shown in my video, Preventing Alzheimer’s with Lifestyle Changes, which include diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, exercise, smoking, depression, and mental exercise; and that’s not including diet because there are so many dietary factors that researchers couldn’t [...]

How “Science-Based Medicine” Gets Vegan Diets Wrong
The Vegan RD - 2 weeks ago
 The latest book to capitalize on anti-veganism is by science writer Mara Kahn (and, yes, of course, she’s also an ex-vegan). It’s called Vegan Betrayal: Love, Lies and Hunger in a Plants Only World. I can’t comment much on the book since I haven’t read it. But I can comment on a review of the […] [...]

Prehab and Rehab Class
Vegan Muscle and Fitness - 2 weeks ago
 We’ve just returned from another great Vegetarian Summerfest – thank you to everyone who attended our presentations! Our most popular class is always Prehab and Rehab, and we think it’s wonderful that so many are interested in incorporating this simple routine into their weekly (or daily) fitness to improve posture and range of motion [...]


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Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Waffles
Simple Vegan Blog - 5 days ago
I'm in love with my waffle maker and I've missed it so much when I was in Germany. It's the perfect kitchen tool for the hot summers of the south of Spain because baking here can be challenging sometimes. Making healthy waffles is easy, inexpensive and they taste amazing, you won't believe they're vegan! This recipe is also low in fat, especially if[...]

Baked BBQ Tempeh
Veggie Primer - 6 days ago
This quick and easy baked bbq tempeh recipe makes a great meat substitute in a variety of gluten-free vegan dishes. Slice, coat and bake in 30 minutes! The post Baked BBQ Tempeh – vegan & gluten-free appeared first on Veggie Primer. [...]

Chocolate Raspberry Dreams Breakfast Parfait
Oh She Glows - 6 days ago
Way back in the day, I used to be all about creating breakfast parfaits. Do any of my long-time readers remember the onslaught of breakfast parfait recipes I posted around 2009/2010? Boy, was I on a roll with those parfaits. (Side note: how the heck have I been blogging so long?) Since becoming a parent, I've usually put parfaits on the back burner,[...]

Roasted Garlic Tahini Crostini
Contentedness Cooking - 6 days ago
Roasted Garlic Tahini Crostini – my new easy vegan recipe for a party snack or finger food. Made from only 5 ingredients in 3 easy steps, this little wonder will become a staple for you right away. My summer vibes are running high, friends!  No wonder about that. I guess it is summery for many of you and even here in the Netherlands, temperatures[...]

Shirataki Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce (Vegan + Pal
Wallflower Girl - 6 days ago
Have you tried Shirataki noodles before? They’re often called “Miracle” noodles or “Zero” noodles because of the fact they contain no calories, fat or carbs! Sounds too good to be true, right? They’re naturally gluten-free and grain-free, meaning they are also suitable for Paleo diets. Suffice to say, they’re[...]

Summer Swirl Superfood Pops
The Glowing Fridge - 1 week ago
I love making homemade popsicles.  HEALTHY TIP: Whenever I make too much smoothie in the morning… which is basically everyday… (when will I learn to make less?!) I pour the extra smoothie into popsicle molds (I use this mold and these sticks) for a healthy frozen snack shared this tip on instagram the other day! These[...]

Broccoli Zunka Recipe - Broccoli & Bell Pepper with
Vegan Richa - 1 week ago
Broccoli Zunka Recipe – Broccoli & Bell Pepper with Spices, Chickpea flour. Broccoli Subzi Indian Veggie Side Recipe. Use spices of choice. Serve with Dals, or over Toast or in Tacos. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free. By now we all know about my hide and seek relationship with broccoli. I am not a big fan so it needs to not be a huge tree in my[...]

Crispy Vegan Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies
Veganosity - 1 week ago
The Crispiest and Chewiest Vegan Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Crispy Vegan Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies! Crispy and chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with walnuts are in the house! They are, they're in my house and I predict that they'll last two days tops. If my kids were home they'd be gone by now, but it's... Read More » The post Crispy[...]

Vegan Banh Mi Sandwiches With Seared Tofu and Pickled V
Crazy Vegan Kitchen - 1 week ago
I’m a huge fan of Vietnamese Banh Mi. However, I do hate how they all come with some sort of animal innard ass paste, also known as Pate. I prefer calling it ass paste. Since Banh Mi is relatively simple to make, I thought I’d try my hand out at making my very own Vegan Banh Mi Sandwiches with Seared Tofu and homemade Pickled Vegetables. For[...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls with Maca
Running On Real Food - 1 week ago
Say hey to these chocolate chip cookie dough balls with a secret superfood ingredient for an extra boost of energy! Summer is in full swing so we’ve been super active at my house lately, meaning I need healthy snacks ready to hit the road with us. Maca as a “Superfood” A “superfood” is a food... Read More » The post[...]

Veggie Fish Pizzas
Fork and Beans - 1 week ago
We are half way through summer and by all means, we need to take advantage. It’s time for all of the summer-themed foods we can think of and what better way to celebrate this glorious time of beach fun and tans than with your very own DIY Veggie Fish Pizzas?! Using Flatout Pizza Crusts, this is one meal that takes less time to make and leaves[...]

Hungarian Potato Casserole
Green Evi - 1 week ago
Layered Hungarian potato casserole is my ultimate comfort food. One of the national dishes of Hungary, Rakott Krumpli, this traditional casserole is originally made with sausage, hard boiled eggs and tons of sour cream. But not this, not here, not today. My version is vegan, oil-free and as satisfying as it could get. This awesome veganized comforting[...]

Easy Corn Chowder with Potatoes, Red Pepper & Dill
Ordinary Vegan - 1 week ago
This easy corn chowder highlights the savory taste of seasonal vegetables. Fresh and sweet, corn is one of the summer’s greatest pleasures. What I love most about this easy corn chowder is that it’s simple yet hearty and creamy without the cream. I substituted the cream with some Silk unflavored almond milk, and it worked brilliantly without[...]

DIY 3 Ingredient Plant-Based Protein Powder
The Plant Philosophy - 1 week ago
Creating the perfect vegan protein powder combo that’s 100% natural, with no artificial sweeteners or excess fats was a challenge. Most plant-based protein powder sources are naturally high in fat (nuts & seeds) and tend to be costly, but I thought it would be fun to experiment with since I’ve tried just about every single...  Read[...]

Fat Free Refried Beans
Brand New Vegan - 1 week ago
Ever thought about making your own Fat Free Refried Beans? Sure you can buy them easily enough in the store, and …. using dried beans certainly takes longer  – but by doing it yourself you save a ton of money and don’t have to worry about any weird chemicals or preservatives.  Plus they taste AMAZING! Fat Free Refried Beans | Brand[...]


Episode 9: Everything’s Green with Chef Laura Delhauer and Your Hostess, Jasmin Singer!
Hi everyone! It’s Jasmin Singer in Chef Laura Delhauer‘s Kitchen for Episode 9 the Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast!  As you know, Chef Laura has agreed to join me as my chief chef and kitchen tutor for this podcast. What’s more, […]
13 Jul 2016
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Episode 20: Dr. Will Tuttle - Author of THE WORLD PEACE DIET and Editor of CIRCLES OF COMPASSION
SPEAKING OF VEGAN has the honor of speaking with a giant in the vegan world, Dr. Will Tuttle. The publication of Dr. Tuttle's 2005 THE WORLD PEACE DIET was nothing less than a cataclysmic event in the evolution of vegan thought, and that work, along with CIRCLES OF COMPASSION, which Dr. Tuttle has edited, continues to shape the [...]
21 Jun 2016
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#42 Being A Vegan Athlete, Food Talk & Vegan Travel A Conversation with Donta Harris
It was a lot of fun having Donta on the show to discuss his vegan journey, being vegan while traveling, vegan fitness, finding a vegan community, how he inspired his family to make changes to their own diets and mastering the art of tofu. He's on a mission to scatter the stereotype of what a vegan looks out. Check out his video [...]
2 Jun 2016
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VegHist Ep 6: Hinduism. On Indian Vegetarianism, Vaishnavism, Satvik, and Mahayana Buddhism; with Sanjukta Gupta, Deepak...
In the first millennium CE, Indian vegetarianism advances from an ascetic fringe to a mainstream high-status lifestyle. Episode 6: Hinduism How did vegetarianism permeate Indian society? Ian tracks the changes in India’s religious life during the first millennium, following the vegetarian strands of the tapestry that we [...]
5 Jul 2016
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Episode 87 – Reunited and it feels… meh.
Episode 87 (Air Date: June 20th, 2016) Laura is back on the East Coast! And here it is...  the first time Ben and Laura have seen each other in ages!  AND the first time we EVER recorded an episode TOGETHER in the same room (expect for our interview episode with Donny Moss way back in the day, but this is different!) Today [...]
19 Jun 2016
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NZVP Ep.132 - 'The Earthlings Experience' and similar new activism (or is it really new..?)
Please check out the Six Principles of the Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights: http:/ / / about/ the-six-principles-of-the-abolitionist-approach-to-animal-rights/ Please read ALL Gary Francione and Anna Charltons' books: http:/ / / books/ Please read this article about violent imagery in advocacy: http:/ / / violent-imagery-in-animal-advocacy/ #.Vz2nmmMyeA0Here [...]
19 May 2016
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More Vegan Podcasts >>

This section is returning soon!
   This section is returning soon!


What’s Your Vegan Transition Style?
Chic Vegan - 18 hours ago
 “Everyone needs to be vegan right now!” It’s understandable to feel this sense of urgency. Tens of billions of animals are born into a life of misery and murder every year. Preventable lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Coping with dangerous work conditions, abuses from management, low pay, and psychological damage are the norm for [&hellip The [...]

Homemade Cheesy Dill Polenta (pressure cooker and air fryer recipes)
JL Goes Vegan - 1 week ago
 I pulled out my two favorite kitchen appliances - a pressure cooker + the air fryer - to make an easy vegan cheesy dill polenta destined for the air fryer. The post Homemade Cheesy Dill Polenta (pressure cooker and air fryer recipes) appeared first on JL Goes Vegan. [...]

The Cell-Made Man: Menswear & Cellular Agriculture
The Discerning Brute - 1 week ago
 When Fortune Magazine announced that The North Face’s “Moon Parka” collaboration with Spiber would hit shelves in Japan (for the handsome price of $1000 each), I could feel the ground shifting; something truly revolutionary had happened. And then Patagonia announced similar plans with the American company Bolt Threads. Both companies [...]

Gingerbread Cookie Overnight Oatmeal
Glue and Glitter - 4 months ago
 Sweet-and-spicy gingerbread overnight oatmeal is like a cookie that you can eat for breakfast. The post Gingerbread Cookie Overnight Oatmeal appeared first on Glue and Glitter - Vegan Recipes + Crafts by Becky Striepe. [...]

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