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CJ & LC Podcast 3 - New Zealand with Jeremy Staples
CJ & LC Podcast Number 3. This time Chris and Leigh-Chantelle are joined by Jeremy Staples, who just completed a 5-week cycling tour of New Zealand. They speak about various things including vegan food, travelling in New Zealand, cycling, greyhound racing, Japan, community radio, travel, and much more. See Jeremy's [...]
25 Feb 2015
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Miyoko Schinner, the Cheese Whisperer
Miyoko returns to talk cheese, vegan business, and what it took to do a Tough Mudder race + cohost Camille DeAngelis, VLCE, whose latest novel is Bones and All.
25 Feb 2015
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Ricki Heller, Living Candida-Free - 02.24.15
Ricki Heller, PhD, RHN, is an award-winning blogger, educator, recipe developer, and the author of Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free. An associate editor for Simply Gluten-Free magazine, she lives in Ontario. Visit her online at
24 Feb 2015
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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Episode 120: We talk with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau; award-winning author of seven books, including the bestselling The Joy of Vegan Baking, The Vegan Table, Color Me Vegan, Vegan's Daily Companion, On Being Vegan, and The 30-Day Vegan Challenge & host of "Food for Thought," Podcast. We discuss Veganism, [...]
23 Feb 2015
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The Vegan Police: Speaking Up for Animals without Talking Down to People
A small subset of opinionated, passionate, well-intentioned people perpetuate the stereotype of the angry, self-righteous, perfection-focused animal rights vegan when they spew invective at anyone who is not "vegan enough" in their eyes. They are otherwise known as The Vegan Police. Listen to today's episode [...]
22 Feb 2015
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Episode 267: “Revolutions are the locomotives of history.”
  Welcome to the 267th episode of Our Hen House, a place to find our way to change the world for animals. Today’s episode marks the eighth installment of highlights from the Our Hen House TV show, a co-production with […]
21 Feb 2015
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Episode 60 – Interview: Jessica Schoech of Vegan Street Fair
  Episode 60 (Air Date: FEBRUARY 15, 2015) Laura sits down with Jessica Schoech from Vegan Street Fair!!! Like Vegan Street Fair on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and Instagram Please be in touch and let us know what you thought of … Continue reading →
16 Feb 2015
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What’s Wrong with “Free Range” Eggs, “Enriched Cages” and “Meatless Mondays”?
In episode 11, I speak a little about “enriched cages”, “free range” eggs and “Meatless Mondays”. I invite you to check out links to a number of excellent blogs about these issues I discuss. They can be found in the information section. There’s many videos online displaying [...]
15 Feb 2015
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NZVP Ep.125 - random stuff
or here: thanks for listening :)
10 Feb 2015
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From Horse Meat to Agent Orange, Here are The Most Boneheaded Things the USDA Has Approved
One Green Planet - 27 Feb 2015
 What does the USDA even do? Seriously, we hear about this governmental agency all the time but, aside from vaguely knowing that they have something to do with farming somehow,... More [...]

The Church of Veganism
Our Hen House - 26 Feb 2015
 Over the years we’ve featured a number of articles on the connections between various religions and veganism, most recently Lauren Ng’s two articles on veganism and Christianity. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to Lauren’s two pieces, we thought we’d […] [...]

James and Suzy Cameron's Elementary School Goes Vegan
VegNews Daily - 25 Feb 2015
 MUSE school officially goes plant-based this fall. [...]

Horrifying Meat Animal Research Center No Worse Than Most Farms
Free From Harm - 23 Feb 2015
 Before the recent damning investigative report on the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) in the New York Times, few outside the beef, pork, and lamb industries had heard of the organization. Thanks to the front page expose by Michael Moss, however, that's no longer the case. Continue reading → [...]

Upcoming Speaking Engagements
Eating Plants - 18 Feb 2015
   I’ll be speaking this Friday in Boulder, Colorado and this Saturday in Denver. Details here and here. Please attend if you can. I’ll be discussing my book The Modern Savage: Our Unthinking Decision to Eat Animals. [...]

The Power is Ours
Gentle World - 4 Jan 2015
 As we ring out the old, tumultuous year that was 2014, it is tempting to bemoan the current state of the world, and the potential disasters we face at the hands of the powers that seem to be. But the promise of change that comes with ringing in the new demands that we put those thoughts aside, and focus instead on whatever reasons we can find to inspire [...]

27 Feb 2015  
What I Do With Roadkill + Hanging With You in A Sleazy Motel 
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26 Feb 2015  
6 Natural Vegan Body Care Brands 
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26 Feb 2015  
Vegan Taquitos With Shredded Soy Curls 
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25 Feb 2015  
Meyer Lemon Recipe Ideas 
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24 Feb 2015  
Vegan Voyage to Italy: Our Top 10 Favorite Things 
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23 Feb 2015  
Vegan Chipotle Cashew Sour Cream | Edgy Veg 
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My Green Recovery Story
Choosing Raw - 26 Feb 2015
 Hey friends. As I mentioned over the weekend, it’s NEDA week. Last year, I created a lot of long and thoughtful posts for this event. This year, I’m keeping it simple. Rather than ruminating on eating disorders in any abstract way, I’m simply sharing my own green recovery story. Green recovery began in 2011. I wasn’t [...]

Nummy Brownie Bites
Plant Powered Kitchen - 26 Feb 2015
   Hi friends, it’s good to be back! Thanks for your patience while I took an extended break through the holidays and beginning of this new year. That break was really crucial. I’m feeling more restored. and now easing back into work. I’m also preparing for the release of Plant-Powered Families, coming this May! I’ll have [...]

This Rawesome Vegan Life - 25 Feb 2015
  Meet me in the club oreo, it's goin' down. Take me to the candy shop, I'll let you lick my lolly pop oreo. I'm hot 'cause I'm fly into oreos, you ain't 'cause you not, this is why I'm hot. And also this, just because. Usually this is how my mind works: I find a way to incorporate [...]

Slow Cooker Exotic Mushroom Soup
Vegan in the Freezer - 25 Feb 2015
     Exotic Mushroom Soup is turned up a notch with those mushrooms that you have always... get the full recipe ... Click on the blue recipe title above :)   »     ;       &# 160;     [...]

My Book Signing at Omnivore Books On Food in San Francisco
Keepin' it Kind - 24 Feb 2015
 A little over a week ago, I was fortunate enough to do a book signing at Omnivore Books On Food in San Francisco. Since I’m from northern California, I was pretty excited to be doing an event so close to where I grew up. Omnivore is an adorable little book shop, filled only with cookbooks. Sounds The post My Book Signing at Omnivore Books On [...]

Pressure Cooker Pulled Jackfruit
Vegan Yack Attack - 19 Feb 2015
 I know that I did a jackfruit recipe not too long ago, but when I was flipping through JL Field’s awesome Vegan Pressure Cooking: Delicious Beans, Grains, and One-Pot Meals in Minutes cookbook I couldn’t resist making it again. Plus, … Continue reading → [...]

Goodness Graze-ness
Turning Veganese - 3 Feb 2015
 It’s 4pm as I type this and I just snuck a cookie into my mouth. A delicious, dark chocolate-covered cookie. Aren’t snacks the greatest?! I love snacks. They can be sweet or savory, crispy or gooey, eaten with a spoon or… → The post Goodness Graze-ness appeared first on Turning Veganese. [...]

Isa Live: A Vegan Life In 4 Courses
Post Punk Kitchen - 12 Jan 2015
 The dates are fast approaching. NYC, Nashville, Chicago (sold out, thank you!) and Napa, I ... [...]

Reflections on 2014
Former Fish Taco Fanatic - 20 Nov 2014
 I know the year isn’t over yet, but anytime we get close to the holidays, I start to reflect on the past year. You would think that a birthday might make me think on the past year, but it’s always the start of a new calendar year that does it. Honestly, I don’t know how […] [...]

peace out :: final blog post
The Urban Vegan - 8 Nov 2014
 Is my cactus trying to tell me something?This will be the last UrbanVegan post. As you know from this recent post, I've become disenchanted with blogging for a number of reasons. I had hoped changing this blog to a review-only format might help change my perspective, but it hasn't. So many things in life are out of our control; [...]

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23 Feb 2015  
Albany Vegfest 
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20 Feb 2015  
What is candida? How do you beat it? Live video Q&A with Ricki Heller 
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17 Feb 2015  
‪How to make homemade Coconut Yoghurt - with two ingredients!‬ 
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16 Feb 2015  
Avocado Salad Recipe | 1/1000 Salads 
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11 Feb 2015  
Radical Red Smoothie 
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10 Feb 2015  
Valentine's Day in the Pig Barn 
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4 Feb 2015  
Meaningful Paws: New Vegan Apparel Company! 
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2 Feb 2015  
Reducing Glycotoxin Intake to Prevent Alzheimers 
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4 Jan 2015  
VBMC Patreon Campaign 
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4 Jan 2015  
How to Make Vegan Mandu 
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20 Jan 2015  
Favorite website for 2015 
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Are Multivitamins Just a Waste of Money? - 26 Feb 2015
 About one in three Americans take a multivitamin. Is that helpful, harmful, or just a harmless waste of money? In 2011, the Iowa Women's Health Study reported that multivitamin use was associated with a higher risk of total mortality, meaning that women who took a multivitamin appeared to be paying to live shorter lives. But […] [...]

Quick White Bean Chili Served Over a Sweet Potato: It's a Complete Meal in Minutes!
Vegan Muscle and Fitness - 24 Feb 2015
 Recently, we appeared on regional CBS6 to promote Meatless Mondays and share as much as we could about the benefits of going 100% plant-based in the 10 minutes of air time we had! I also shared this recipe for white […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...The post Quick White Bean Chili Served Over a Sweet Potato: It’s a Complete Meal [...]

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines: What Will They Mean for Vegans?
The Vegan RD - 22 Feb 2015
 For those who advocate for animals, the report from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is a bit of a mixed bag. On the plus side, the report makes a clear recommendation for Americans to eat less meat and, in fact, to eat less animal food in general. The committee says that “a diet higher […] [...]

No One Eats a Cholesterol Sandwich—It's Meat, Milk, and Eggs That Make Us Sick
Forks Over Knives Blog - 19 Feb 2015
 The USDA's recent proposal to eliminate dietary cholesterol guidelines has positive and negative repercussions. It also reminds us why government nutritional recommendations are not reliable. In a way, we like the USDA's change, because it supports the notion we should... Read more [...]

Don Matesz: Wheat Myths & The Wheat Belly Grain Brain Challenge
Healthy Longevity - 21 Dec 2014
 The Arab Bedouins traditionally consumed the majority of energy from whole wheat breadA recent large meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies predominantly carried out in countries where dietary fiber is derived largely from cereal fiber, in particular wheat, found that an increment of 10 grams of dietary fiber a day was associated with a 20-34%, [...]

Action Required: Continue Receiving Updates from Dr. Fuhrman
Disease Proof - 15 Aug 2014
 The use of this site,, as the official blog of Joel Fuhrman, MD and as a source for news and articles from Dr. Fuhrman has been discontinued. All new articles will be posted in the article library at; the official website of Dr. Fuhrman. Stay current on the latest health news, events, products and other happenings [...]

How Time Magazine Sacrificed Its Standards to Promote Saturated Fat
Plant Positive - 28 Jun 2014
 How Time Magazine Sacrificed Its Standards to Promote Saturated Fat By Plant Positive June 28, 2014  The editors of Time Magazine want you to eat butter. They said so on the cover of their June 23, 2014 issue. Why would they want you to eat butter? Butter is high in saturated fat so it raises our LDL-C[1], or “bad” cholesterol. The [...]

Street Smarts: Vegan Street's Marla Rose and John Beske
The Thinking Vegan - 24 Feb 2015
 Over yonder on our resource page, we said, “If you lived on Vegan Street, you'd want to live next door to Marla and John.” Marla Rose and John Beske are a powerhouse couple in animal rights. Marla is an authorThe post Street Smarts: Vegan Street’s Marla Rose and John Beske appeared first on The Thinking Vegan. [...]

Is DXE a Vegan Abolitionist Group?
Corey Wrenn - 9 Feb 2015
 The short answer is no. The following meme is being shared on social media networks by a DXE leader: In my opinion, DXE is not a vegan abolitionist group because they utilize welfarist tactics (open rescues, single-issue campaigning, branded campaigning, and a general mirroring of large non-profits like Mercy for Animals, [...]

How Not to Be an Annoying Vegan?
My Face Is On Fire - 30 Jan 2015
 College Education Fail?  Hot on the heels of her article from November called "How to be a vegan without being annoying", Castleton State College's The Spartan's own staff writer Jorah McKinley... [...]

Is Veganism Elitist? No. But Nonveganism Is!
Abolitionist Approach Blog - 14 Jan 2015
 A purported objection to veganism I’ve heard about 12 million times: “But veganism is elitist.” What complete nonsense. Elitism involves promoting a perceived superiority of some sort. It involves the idea of according less moral value to the “inferior.” As 2 seconds of thinking make clear, veganism is not elitist in any [...]

The Journey to Veganism
Snargleplexon - 17 Jul 2014
 Professor Francione puts it best here. Also, I’m testing Facebook “Embed This Post” feature. Post by Gary L. Francione: The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights. [...]

Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness - The Story of a 78-Year-Old Vegan Bodybuilder  
A short documentary film by director Ryan Vance (veganfilmmaker). Opcionales subtitulos en Espaol (optional [...]

Little Kid Doesn't Want to Eat Octopus (or other animals) 
Little kid (Luiz Antonio) saying he doesn't want to eat octopus and then realizes other animals die for food too.

Animals: A Parallel History - Movie Trailer 
A new documentary film by a vegan film maker seeking funding via IndieGoGo.

The Ghosts In Our Machine 
"A cinematic cross-platform documentary that illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued [...]

Baked Eggplant Patties 
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Vegan Greek Omelet 
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Raw Carrot Cupcakes w/ Cashew Frosting 
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Vegan Chipotle Cashew Sour Cream | Edgy Veg 
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Kiwi Gin and Ginger Cocktail with Homemade Kiwi Gin
Glue and Glitter - 27 Feb 2015
 Gin and ginger is nothing new, but making this cocktail with kiwi-infused gin elevates this simple drink into something really special. The post Kiwi Gin and Ginger Cocktail with Homemade Kiwi Gin appeared first on Glue and Glitter - Vegan Recipes + Crafts by Becky Striepe. [...]

Tofu in Colorado Springs, a view of Cincy, and black beans five ways
JL Goes Vegan - 27 Feb 2015
 Today on the blog: Tofu in Colorado Springs, a view of Cincy, and black beans five ways in this week's Real World Vegan Meal Plans newsletter. The post Tofu in Colorado Springs, a view of Cincy, and black beans five ways appeared first on JL goes Vegan. [...]

The Purple Carrot To The Rescue! (and A Special Offer For Chic Vegan Readers!)
Chic Vegan - 27 Feb 2015
 I love to cooking and creating recipes, but sometimes I don't have much time or I suffer from kitchen burnout and want someone else to do the work for me. Fortunately The Purple Carrot recently came to my rescue!   The Purple Carrot is a vegan meal delivery service. Each week they mail the all [&hellip The post The Purple Carrot to the Rescue! [...]

Engineering An End to Poaching
The Discerning Brute - 12 Feb 2015
  Ele-rino, Emptyland by Jaume Montserrat Imagine a world where one would not have to convince others to curtail consumption of things like elephant ivory or rhino horn. Instead, one could simply replace illegal, destructive and cruel (yet sought-after) goods with synthesized versions. Enter Pembient, a bioengineering firm with the goal of replacing [...]

Tumble on Over To Tumblr
The Streets I Know - 20 Jan 2015
 So I'm blogging mostly over on tumblr now, so you can tumble on over there to read about some great vegan style. [...]


ARZone Podcast 85: Kim Socha - Animal Liberation and Atheism
Episode 85 features advocate, educator, and author Kim Socha Kim Socha, who holds a PhD in English Literature and Criticism, is an English professor working in the US. A grassroots animal liberation advocate, Kim is also active in drug policy reform, and transformative justice. Kim is the author or editor of 4 books relating to [...]
23 Jan 2015
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Episode 31 - The End of an Era for the Time Being
Join Stevie and Luc for the final episode of Team Earthling, featuring a bunch of thank yous, reminiscences, a book recommendation (they haven’t read it yet, but it sounds great!), a look at a controversial new children’s book, vegan pregnancy stories, and a guide to spotting anti-vegans. We have had a great time making this [...]
2 Nov 2014
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Working Towards a World Without Slaughterhouses: Activists Discuss Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Campaign at St. Helen’s...
  On November 6, 2014, activists held a peaceful vigil and sit-in with the purpose of disrupting “business-as-usual” at St. Helen’s Meat Packers. Activists, many of whom were inspired by bearing witness with the Toronto Cow Save and other Animal Saves, attempted to block an incoming transport truck from reaching [...]
2 Dec 2014
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Vegcast 121 is the 2014 edition of Sounds of Summerfest, featuring capsule interviews with Jonathan Balcombe, Miyoko Schinner, Michael Greger, John Pierre, Howard Lyman and Anne Dinshah along with some musical snippets from Elizabeth Barnett and other sounds from the annual vegan celebration in Johnstown, PA.
31 Aug 2014
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